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Author has written 8 stories for Pokémon, Naruto, Elder Scroll series, Harry Potter, Avengers, and Alice in Wonderland, 2010.

Name: Sam

Gender: Female (and proud)

Nickname: Just call me "Kage"

Favorite Shows: I love Naruto, Inuyasha, Pirates of the Caribbean, Sherlock, Merlin, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Pokemon, X-Men, Batman, and Alice and Wonderland.

Favorite Characters From Above Shows: Kakashi and Naruto(Naruto), Sesshoumaru and Kouga(Inuyasha), Jack(DUH!) and Tia (Pirates of the Caribbean), Sherlock and John (Sherlock), Merlin and Arthur (Merlin), 9th, 10th, and 11th Doctor (Doctor Who), Harry Potter, Lucuis Malfoy, and Severus Snape(Harry Potter), Paul, May, and Ash(Pokemon), Wolverine (X-Men), Batman, and The Mad Hatter and Alice.

Favorite Color(s): Crimson, forest green, grey, and silver

Favorite Animal: I love all dogs, wolves, foxes, goats, horses, and llamas!

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If anyone needs help with a story, or needs story ideas, I would be happy to help. My mind is constantly overflowing with ideas and I can never seem to write them all down on paper. I would rather a fellow writer have them than for them to be lost and forgotten in time.

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My current story, Earning Her Name, will (possibly)be the first of five 'books'. The first will be the only non-crossover in the series and then will continue while crossingover with others (not saying which though!).


School is shity right now (aren't most?) and it is difficult for me to organize my thoughts and then transfer them from paper to my laptop. I will be able to (hopefully) update this weekend (2/17/12 - 2/20/12) and maybe (finally) add another story that i had planned to post on here.


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Silent Kage

To my Dear Father….

Part 1

I’m wondering how,

Wondering when,

And how my life went awry.

I think back to,

The days of the past,

Of when I thought I could fly.

But that’s just that,

A thing of the past,

And nothing can turn back the time.

So this is for you,

‘Dear’ father of mine,

Who crushed my heart,

To say Goodbye.

Part 2

This must come,

As a shock for you,

But do not play me as dumb.

I clearly remember the day,

You brought HER into the house,

While mommy was about and away.

To all of the rest,

Whom I choose not to mention,

You will never, in my book, be the best.

Family to me,

Must be accepted and loved,

And you (no offense) cannot see,

How much it pains me,

To try and call you,


To all who can place themselves in my shoes in this poem, you have had to deal with a divorce. For all with fresh wounds, i say to thee be strong, and to those with old scars, what doesn't kill us, makes us stronger.

Just Try to Survive (Skyrim Story)

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Canon Patchworking with Uchiha Ren by MissDiRed reviews
A woman from our world dies and then wakes up as an Uchiha brat. Cue freakout. Featuring whole Naruto Cast and a sprinkle of OCs. AU, Self-Insert, Fix-It. (And a lot of Canon-Breaking) Full summary inside - one per every next series at its start. (It's degree of crackishness varies from chapter to chapter, from something fully serious to downright parody at times.)
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Family - Chapters: 67 - Words: 181,322 - Reviews: 1742 - Favs: 2,592 - Follows: 2,999 - Updated: 10/15 - Published: 9/11/2016 - Genma S., Team Seven, OC
Uzumaki Naruto: Dawn of the Gamer Remastered Edition by Legend of the Kyuubi reviews
At a young age, Naruto grew up with little to no friends and because of this, he developed a love of video games. One day he somehow woke up with the ability to view life as a video game. Naruto had no idea what to make of it, but quickly learned of its perks and decided to roll with it. Watch out world! The Gamer has arrived. Naruto/The Gamer Crossover.
Naruto - Rated: M - English - Fantasy/Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 8,852 - Reviews: 5154 - Favs: 9,062 - Follows: 10,420 - Updated: 9/28 - Published: 7/16/2011 - Naruto U., Ino Y., Hinata H., Anko M.
Can Your Friends Do This? by Watermelonsmellinfellon reviews
Tsume Yuki's, 'Ain't Never Had a Friend Like Me' prompt. MoD Hari is sealed inside a genie bottle and tossed into the Veil. Only the interference of Death stops her from being enslaved. When Naruto comes into possession of the bottle and frees Hari from her prison, she gets attached and decides to help him, changing everything we know. A/N: Har/kashi Naru/Sasu. Deal With It!
Crossover - Harry Potter & Naruto - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 19 - Words: 278,219 - Reviews: 1677 - Favs: 4,600 - Follows: 5,205 - Updated: 5/11 - Published: 1/18/2016 - [Harry P., Kakashi H.] [Naruto U., Sasuke U.]
Chasing Shadows by silenceia reviews
It has been two years since the girl that was once Jasmine Potter last set foot into Konohagakure. Now she finds herself surrounded by sinister plots, and dangerous foes are on the rise. With old and new allies by her side, she'll fight to protect everything she has ever loved. Now if only it were so easy to unravel who is friend and who is foe... Sequel to 'Growing Strong'
Crossover - Harry Potter & Naruto - Rated: M - English - Chapters: 24 - Words: 148,392 - Reviews: 2052 - Favs: 3,505 - Follows: 4,235 - Updated: 4/1 - Published: 11/6/2015
Runaway With My Heart by Ashleigh148 reviews
Kayleigh Leanne returns to her home, Skyrim, after 13 years and she's to deal with Dragons and the Imperials. As she gets closer with dealing her horrid past, maybe a certain Stormcloak might be able to help her with it. A story of strength, trust, commitment, love and family. Main, Daedric, and Stormcloak Quests, and post-Skyrim. (CURRENTLY BEING REWRITTEN, NOW AT CHAP 33)
Elder Scroll series - Rated: T - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 112 - Words: 204,761 - Reviews: 563 - Favs: 272 - Follows: 184 - Updated: 1/27 - Published: 2/25/2012 - [Dragonborn/Dovahkiin, Ulfric Stormcloak] Sheogorath, Molag Bal - Complete
Beautiful Harmony by LunarButterfly121423 reviews
First waking up in the body of a character in Naruto, then meeting their inner personality was never a good thing. Follow Kazumi Yukimura as she lives her life as Sakura, trying to redo past mistakes and save people's lives. Will she ever get her body back? Will she want to go back? Will Inner ever stop drooling over boys? Find out in this humorous story! Sakuxmulti, Saku-centric.
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Humor/Adventure - Chapters: 80 - Words: 758,918 - Reviews: 1197 - Favs: 1,360 - Follows: 1,334 - Updated: 1/18 - Published: 12/30/2013 - Sakura H., OC
Game Over by Mya Uzo reviews
This isn't happening except it was. Bella's life is not a game...except it is. Oh what the hell, Bella might as well enjoy it. Gamer style Bella fic. Yes, this is happening...
Twilight - Rated: M - English - Humor - Chapters: 15 - Words: 28,606 - Reviews: 1017 - Favs: 2,005 - Follows: 2,342 - Updated: 1/14 - Published: 1/21/2015 - Bella
The Gamer of Sunagakure by Zturm reviews
After his death by a sandwich, a SI/OC finds himself reincarnated in Sunagakure with gaming mechanics.
Crossover - Naruto & Manhwa/Korean Comics/만화 - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 13 - Words: 148,211 - Reviews: 1220 - Favs: 3,455 - Follows: 4,003 - Updated: 6/21/2017 - Published: 3/27/2015 - OC
Menagerie of Birds by xfireflyskyx reviews
After the war, Harry decided to leave Britain to start a bird of prey sanctuary in California. He didn't go alone, Fawkes and Buckbeak left with him. Very soon the park became so famous that Harry became a well known name in the Zoological world. Could this Science Fair he was invited to participate in in New York possibly change his rather lonely existence?
Crossover - Harry Potter & Avengers - Rated: M - English - Fantasy/Romance - Chapters: 20 - Words: 79,008 - Reviews: 772 - Favs: 3,211 - Follows: 4,597 - Updated: 6/13/2017 - Published: 12/24/2014 - [Harry P., Iron Man/Tony S.] Fawkes, Loki
Mr Holmes by Zanchev reviews
After the wizard war, Harry Potter is once again sacrificed for the public's peace of mind, and is locked away in Azkaban on his eighteenth birthday. Four years later, he is visited by the British Government and offered freedom in exchange for his unique views and skills. Armed with his new identity, Harry is released into Muggle London and pointed towards the nearest corpse.
Crossover - Harry Potter & Sherlock - Rated: T - English - Humor - Chapters: 10 - Words: 19,227 - Reviews: 551 - Favs: 2,102 - Follows: 3,111 - Updated: 5/30/2017 - Published: 7/1/2014 - Harry P., Sherlock H., John W., Mycroft H.
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AU; Fem!Harry: After dying of old age, Death decides his mistress' next great adventure should be special. So Violet Potter is reborn as Uzumaki Sachi, and her story writes itself anew.
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Sentiment by LokesLove reviews
Amber thought it was a good idea, moving to New York. There were some minor setbacks, however. Alien invasions, Norse gods, a giant hole in the sky.. Well, perhaps moving to New York wasn't such a good idea after all. And then there's the God of Mischief. She kept running into him, and there was something not quite right about the whole thing... (There shall be fluff!) COMPLETE
Avengers - Rated: M - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 20 - Words: 46,578 - Reviews: 203 - Favs: 498 - Follows: 287 - Updated: 4/7/2017 - Published: 1/18/2016 - [Loki, OC] - Complete
From other realm by Nice Egan reviews
Katrin was an auror and the daughter of a dwarf from Erebor. One day she decides that it's time to venture through a certain portal that leads to Middle Earth and get to know her father heritage. Will she be welcomed by her father's kin? The summary is not very good and it's my first Hobbit fanfic but I hope it'll make you curious!
Crossover - Harry Potter & Hobbit - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 24 - Words: 84,363 - Reviews: 103 - Favs: 168 - Follows: 207 - Updated: 4/2/2017 - Published: 6/24/2015 - OC, Thorin
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Crossover - Harry Potter & Naruto - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 17 - Words: 61,709 - Reviews: 758 - Favs: 2,442 - Follows: 2,867 - Updated: 9/11/2016 - Published: 3/14/2015 - Harry P., Naruto U.
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After a life of war and adventure, all she wanted to do was live a fairly quiet existence running her little café and avoid inquiries on future children from Mrs. Weasley. She didn't expect Tony Stark to wander his way into her life and decide to never leave. FEM!Harry/Tony Stark
Crossover - Harry Potter & Avengers - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 6 - Words: 24,966 - Reviews: 1329 - Favs: 6,660 - Follows: 8,885 - Updated: 6/8/2016 - Published: 7/11/2012 - Harry P., Iron Man/Tony S.
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Dovahkiin of Old by Jaquie Moreau reviews
Dominae had never imagined she would be the almighty Dragonborn, the one foretold to save the World. It was every Nord's dream. However, there's something strange about her connection to the dragons, something that she can't put her finger on. Thankfully, she has the help of the Companions to keep her strong.
Elder Scroll series - Rated: T - English - Romance/Fantasy - Chapters: 45 - Words: 106,075 - Reviews: 88 - Favs: 131 - Follows: 117 - Updated: 6/8/2016 - Published: 8/14/2012 - Dragonborn/Dovahkiin, Farkas - Complete
Solving a Riddle: A-Z by pneuma.of.fresh.air reviews
When Zia finds herself in 1927 London, England she soon realizes that it is no dream. After realizing that this London is the London of her favorite book series, Harry Potter, she embarks on a mission that not even Dumbledore could fully complete. The task: Solving a Riddle. The only question Rated T just in case. After all, this is Tom Riddle we're talking about.
Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Humor/Family - Chapters: 38 - Words: 61,701 - Reviews: 516 - Favs: 1,107 - Follows: 1,231 - Updated: 4/19/2016 - Published: 6/2/2013 - Tom R. Jr., OC
Twins: A Different Life by Jessiikaa15 reviews
When Voldemort attacked he didn't kill Lily and James. When he met his downfall they mistook Harry's twin as the GWL, they send their son away to the Dursleys but he doesn't quite make it in to the Dursley's loving care. Harry will take Hogwarts and his 'family' by storm and by the time the 'light' realize their mistake it will be too late for them to fix. OOC!Dark!Powerful!Harry.
Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Drama/Adventure - Chapters: 33 - Words: 266,203 - Reviews: 4197 - Favs: 8,564 - Follows: 9,474 - Updated: 3/22/2016 - Published: 1/4/2013 - Harry P., Sirius B., Remus L., Voldemort
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It's not all that likely to be reborn in the Narutoverse. And it's definitely not likely to go back time in the Narutoverse after being reborn there. So then why, pray tell, does it still happen? AU / Sequel of Sakura / Time travel.
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Humor/Parody - Chapters: 17 - Words: 79,178 - Reviews: 2542 - Favs: 3,500 - Follows: 3,635 - Updated: 3/1/2016 - Published: 10/31/2013 - Sakura H., Madara U., Hashirama S., OC
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PART 2: She slayed the dragon, reclaimed the Mountain, birthed a forest, and won a war. But that was just the beginning. The past has a funny way of coming back to haunt you. Horcruxes and Dark Lords and quests to destroy them both, this time though, she's not alone. She has a Fellowship at her side.
Crossover - Harry Potter & Hobbit - Rated: T - English - Drama/Adventure - Chapters: 32 - Words: 150,539 - Reviews: 3498 - Favs: 5,128 - Follows: 5,214 - Updated: 11/3/2015 - Published: 6/21/2014 - Harry P., Thorin, Bilbo B.
Naruto: The Gamer Files by MaxFic reviews
Naruto has always had video games to fall back on growing up while the rest of the village pretty much treated him like garbage. What happens when Naruto wakes up to find his life has become one of the video games he loves so much. Naruto/The Gamer crossover. All Chapters Revised.
Naruto - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Humor - Chapters: 35 - Words: 217,812 - Reviews: 5571 - Favs: 10,819 - Follows: 11,628 - Updated: 7/18/2015 - Published: 7/28/2014 - Naruto U.
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New York City; the place where dreams come true. Apparently it's also where men with eye patches think they can drag you out of your home, reveal your freaky mutant powers to a group of equally strange people, and then make you save the world. I swear to God, if it wasn't for that hot scientist, I would not be taking any of this. Bruce/OC
Avengers - Rated: M - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 15 - Words: 60,099 - Reviews: 157 - Favs: 485 - Follows: 524 - Updated: 5/24/2015 - Published: 12/27/2013 - Hulk/Bruce B., OC
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Fili has heard the whispers, between his uncle and his men. There's going to be a quest, a quest to reclaim Erebor and he wants in. The warrior witch he meets in his dreams doesn't seem to think it's a good idea for him to go though. At least, not alone. Eventual Fili x FemHarry
Crossover - Harry Potter & Hobbit - Rated: T - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 26 - Words: 67,291 - Reviews: 2167 - Favs: 4,231 - Follows: 4,699 - Updated: 5/17/2015 - Published: 12/6/2014 - [Harry P., Fíli]
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Appearing in strange worlds is nothing new for Kagome. So when she awakes in an unknown place, she isn't as worried as she should be. Getting the proper equipment needed to survive and meeting a Hobbit with a kind heart, shows what luck she seems to have. But then her new friend is called on a quest. How could she leave her hobbit to face this on his own? She couldn't! AU Kagome!
Crossover - Inuyasha & Hobbit - Rated: M - English - Romance/Fantasy - Chapters: 10 - Words: 54,231 - Reviews: 340 - Favs: 541 - Follows: 597 - Updated: 2/22/2015 - Published: 7/24/2014 - [Kagome H., Bilbo B., Smaug]
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There he was ready to accept his departure to the dying lands when he wakes fifty years old again and a naked as the day he was born baby Frodo by his side with all ten little fingers. Bilbo is going to make everything right for his new son, that means he doesnt have time for meddlesome wizards and dragons or even dwarrow Kings that his foolish old heart still yearns for even now
Hobbit - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 2 - Words: 8,056 - Reviews: 66 - Favs: 389 - Follows: 451 - Updated: 12/6/2014 - Published: 6/25/2014 - Thorin, Bilbo B., Frodo B.
The Blind and the Unseeing by Stunning Sunset reviews
When two jutsu clash, Sakura, injured badly, is sent careening through time to the past. Blind, she has to survive alone in the form of a child. Until she helps a man. And then her peace is destroyed and he won't leave her alone.Rated M just in case.
Naruto - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 126 - Words: 293,843 - Reviews: 5451 - Favs: 4,053 - Follows: 3,065 - Updated: 9/20/2014 - Published: 10/14/2010 - Sakura H., Itachi U., Kisame H. - Complete
The Final Countdown by Atalanta Harthome reviews
Bruce Banner didn't expect to meet an Englishman in Brazil talking to a 8 foot python. Nor did Harry Potter ever expect to meet an angry giant rage monster. And neither of them expected to be saving the world as the Hulk or a giant black magical panther. Some may call it fate and others destiny. But they just call each other, friends. Updates on Wednesdays and Saturdays!
Crossover - Harry Potter & Avengers - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Friendship - Chapters: 6 - Words: 6,980 - Reviews: 177 - Favs: 1,056 - Follows: 1,790 - Updated: 8/18/2014 - Published: 3/22/2014 - Harry P., Iron Man/Tony S., Loki, Hulk/Bruce B.
Learning About Her by AshPash1392 reviews
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Sherlock - Rated: K - English - Friendship/Romance - Chapters: 8 - Words: 6,361 - Reviews: 17 - Favs: 26 - Follows: 45 - Updated: 7/27/2014 - Published: 9/28/2013 - Sherlock H., OC
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When Thor is banished to New Mexico, a second person also falls through the Bifrost. Drawing from Marvel Cinematic Universes (X-Men, Amazing Spiderman, Avengers).
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Crossover - Pokémon & Naruto - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Humor - Chapters: 8 - Words: 55,549 - Reviews: 586 - Favs: 1,909 - Follows: 1,874 - Updated: 6/3/2014 - Published: 4/7/2013 - [May/Haruka, Naruto U.] Minato N., Kushina U.
Clearing Mist by shadownumera reviews
I have the worst luck ever. First off, I die. Then I get reborn into the Naruto universe. Yay right? WRONG. Nobody ever said you get to be reborn into Konoha. Which makes finding out where I am in the story line that much harder. I don't know if I can change anything, or if the bloodbath is far behind me. One thing's official though. I'm screwed. SI/OC Warning
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 64 - Words: 193,787 - Reviews: 3640 - Favs: 3,977 - Follows: 1,977 - Updated: 2/28/2014 - Published: 12/20/2013 - [Kisame H., OC] - Complete
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Avengers - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 6 - Words: 23,772 - Reviews: 92 - Favs: 155 - Follows: 237 - Updated: 11/10/2013 - Published: 8/28/2013 - Hulk/Bruce B., OC
Earning her Name by Silent Kage reviews
Lilly Revere was just your average 16 year old girl...well...she was. Until she was changed into a five year old and thrown into another world. No pairings...yet. Rated for language, rating may go up in later chapters.
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Naruto - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 5 - Words: 39,057 - Reviews: 278 - Favs: 1,219 - Follows: 1,482 - Updated: 8/19/2013 - Published: 9/27/2012 - Naruto U., Minato N.
Easy Like Sunday Morning by odmonkey reviews
For Sakura it had been an easy choice to return to the madhouse that was the Akatsuki Base. A collection of one shots documenting the many things that Sakura was sure she'd have to one day recount to a therapist. - Sequel to Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting! (I own nothing herein and am very open to inspiration!)
Naruto - Rated: M - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 3 - Words: 12,838 - Reviews: 70 - Favs: 361 - Follows: 375 - Updated: 11/8/2012 - Published: 10/17/2012 - Akatsuki, Sakura H.
Searching for Memories by Whisper292 reviews
Sorscha awakens on a cart bound for Helgen with no memories other than her name. She is fascinated with the man next to her, Ulfric Stormcloak, and feels a strange connection to him. After the black dragon attacks and saves her life, she embarks on a quest to find out who she is and why her memories were stolen from her. Characters and settings c.2011 Bethesda Softworks, LLC
Elder Scroll series - Rated: M - English - Fantasy/Adventure - Chapters: 24 - Words: 74,756 - Reviews: 21 - Favs: 39 - Follows: 11 - Updated: 9/7/2012 - Published: 8/14/2012 - Dragonborn/Dovahkiin, Farkas - Complete
Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting by odmonkey reviews
"It would have been difficult to say who was more unpleasantly surprised, Haruno Sakura or the five members of the Akatsuki, when she walked into the back-end of nowhere bar". Filthy words and sexy talk are all part of a day's work for the Akatsuki.
Naruto - Rated: M - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 15 - Words: 60,804 - Reviews: 744 - Favs: 1,903 - Follows: 996 - Updated: 8/10/2012 - Published: 5/27/2010 - Akatsuki, Sakura H. - Complete
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NarutoXInuyasha. "So, will you join the Akatsuki?" The old her would have immediately said no, but the new her gave them a thoughtful look. Killing things. Taking hostages. Torturing people. Yeah, Kagome smiled, she could do that.
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