The Tempest Road
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A grey sky,

above a grey city.

It casts grey light,

on our grey lives.

the rain drenches the concrete roads, turning them a darker grey, the black cement wet enough to caste our images, our faults. we carelessly step on each other own reflections, distorting what is already distorted, obliviousness. Oblivious to our oblivion. Pay no mind to the people who lay against the walls, despair, or the box of abandoned kittens next to the entrance of an alley. Our world is dying.

Those nice girls, they are a ray of light in the grey atmosphere. They laugh and talk, different than the blank faces in the crowd. They blend in so perfectly. The box of kittens, shabby, cardboard, it's enough to catch their short attention.

"Oh my gosh! they're so cute!"

"Who would just leave them here? Abandoning them here..."

"Abandoned?! that's so horrible!"

"Ah, they're soaking wet, let me give them my umbrella."

the kittens purred and mewled, the sight would melt your heart. the girls petted and fed them until they had run lest they missed their bus. the umbrella remained on the box, leaning against the side to provide a good shelter.

The three did spare a glance at the dying, starving man on the other side of the wall.

those girls will go home, they'll hangout with their friends, they'll do their homework, they'll eat with their family, tell them about how they saved the litter of kittens. what good deeds they did. those kittens wont eat four another 4 days. they'll die off, and the remaining cat will eat their siblings, or the man will devour them, if he hasn't died himself. The box will float away, to be used by another human being without a home.

those girls will be so delighted when they come back and see the box gone, Aww I bet someone found them a nice home. They were so cute.

In the end, nothing changed, the three will return home, they'll forget about the box of kittens, to busy with their petty problems. the homeless mans body wont be discovered, it will rot away, like the cardboard of the box.

this city will not change, this world will continue to die, it will not stop.

all I can say is...

what a waste of a perfectly good umbrella.

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