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Author has written 7 stories for Naruto, Soul Eater, Ouran High School Host Club, Bleach, and Avengers.


Welcome, my minions, to my profile page! If you look to your top, you'll see a poll that has to do with fans who are sick and tired of my laziness!!! If you look to your left, you'll see my profile pic! No, I didn't draw that, I just found the pic from somewhere and really liked it. But, YES!, I can draw very well, and hope to be a manga-ka someday. Right now, I'm just chillin' and enjoyin' writing stories.

Moving on, if you look to your right...well, I have no idea what you'll see, most likely an ad, but if you see a unicorn or a llama, let me know. Why? Cause they're awesome. Do you really need any more reason?

Looking down, you'll see all this crap...yeah, you can skip it if you want to. But if you want to know a little more about me, keep reading! Also, there's some info about my stories down there, so you might want to read that, if you read anything.

Thanks for reading!

Sincerely, Raven T

UPDATE 6-28-12

Uh...this is awkward.

So, I've been completely and utterly off my game, huh? To all of my fans (how do I have any in the first place?), I'm sorry for all the disappointment! Here's some MAJOR updates on current stories! Extremely important!

1. Here We Go! Will not be updated for the foreseeable future. I've lost the will to write it, frankly. I've read some extremely well-written fics out here, folks, and they make mine look like a Pre-K kid's project. I'm thankful for all of the most WONDERFUL reviews and support, but it's a lost cause for me as of right now. But who knows what I'll think a few years into the future, or even a few weeks? I might just remake it, edit it, and republish it! But for now, alas, it is being put on HIATUS. Effective: immediately.

2. Mission: Fix It Is also on HIATUS. I've got a new focus, and when I have the time and the determination, I'll come back to it.

3. GWT is in need of a massive rewrite, so its being put on HIATUS. And it will NOT be reposted in the nearby future. I'm in the middle of some other, more pressing fics, so its being put on the metaphorical backburner.

4. Incognito is, unfortunetaly, on its Death Bed, and it seems it won't make a full recovery. Any recovery at all, really. I might pick it back up, if I feel like it...and if people really like it :)

5. The Black Blood Rebellion Is something I really shouldn't have posted. Not yet, at least. Jumped the gun on that one, guys, and I'm sorry. It was an idea I had that I rushed to publish, and for mere instant-gratification. For that, my friends, I'm sorry. It's on a temporary HIATUS, but I'll definitely get back to it, once Soul Eater catches my attention again.

Well, that's all for now. I'm sorry to disappoint, but I'm just not into my early stories right now. Looking back, they're mostly rushed, with rubbish plots and unchallenging OC's. I think I'm ready for something a little more mature and intellectually stimulating, and these just weren't cutting it. Thanks, again, to the fans, who boost my dwindling self-esteem, and highly non-existant ego (and its not for lack of trying, I'm just terrible at keeping confidence in myself.)

Sincerely, Raven T

Fav. Animes/Mangas:

-Naruto Shippuden
-One Piece
-Beast Master
-Fairy Tail
-1/2 Prince
-Mamotte Lollipop
-Madotte Mamotte Lollipop
-Vocaloid (Note: Vocaloid is a synthesized singing group. Not an actual manga. Wait...THERE IS A MANGA ABOUT IT!)
-Prince of Tennis
-Shin Prince of Tennis
-Soul Eater
-Soul Eater Not!
-Full Metal Alchemist
-Princess Tutu
-Skip Beat
-La Corda D'Oro
-Princess Princess
-Ouran High School Host Club
-Case Closed/Detective Conan
-Yakitate!! Japan
-Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
-Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler
-Red Raven
-Beauty Pop!
-Saijou no Meii
-Oresama Teacher
-Akuma to Love Song
-Oumagadoki Doubutsuen
-Love So Life
-Houou Gakuen Misoragumi
-Gakkou Hotel
-Buster Keel
-and many, many more that I just can't remember right now, but will surely put on later!!

Favorite Movies!!:

-The Avengers
-Iron Man
-Iron Man 2
-Sherlock Holmes
-Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
-Captain America: The First Avenger

-The Incredible Hulk
-The Complete Star Wars Saga
-Star Trek (2009)
-Spider-Man 2
-Spider-Man 3
-Batman Begins
-The Dark Knight
-Fantastic 4
-Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer
-X-Men 2
-X-Men 3: The Last Stand

Those are the most important, and anything with Robert Downey Jr. in it I love. Basically everything from both the Marvel and DC universes is included, cause they're awesome. I'm of the belief that, if the movie doesn't immediately make you want to read fanfiction of it, it's not your movie. I'm someone who likes almost every kind of movie, lots of comedy, action, romance, horror, supernatural, sci-fi, thriller-type stuff. If its a good movie, I'll most likely like it.

My Stories!!:

1. "A Girl, the Worlds, and the Troubles" - A crossover fanfic including Naruto, Bleach, and Soul Eater. It's mainly about my OC, Sara Koboyashi, as she gets sucked up into the craziness that is anime/manga. It's set in modern times, and includes action, fantasy, romance, and humor. rated T for no particular reason. Please read and enjoy! HIATUS

2. "Here We Go!" - A Soul Eater fanfic about my two OC's, Sara Koboyashi and Joelle Koboyashi, as they mysteriously travel to the Soul Eater universe. Having no clue as to how to get back home, they just stick it there with all their favorite characters! Contains action, fantasy, romance, drama, and humor. Rated T for nothing in particular. Read and enjoy! HIATUS

3. "Incognito" - An Ouran High School Host Club fanfic about my OC, Sara Koboyashi, as she deals with the Host Club, assassins, nosy reporters, her past and lineage, and her psychic powers. Oh. Yes. Contains action, fantasy, romance, humor, suspense, and drama. This is supposed to be humorous, yet also action packed and suspenseful. Trying to figure out pairings along the way. Rated T for nothing, really. Read and enjoy! HIATUS

4. "Dopplegangers, Paradoxes, Etc" - A Naruto and Soul Eater crossover. One-shot for contest hosted by BitterSweetCrimson for her story Scrumdidleeumptious, both of which I DO NOT OWN!!! But you guys should really check out her story, it's awesome! _ This one-shot is about Sakura as she goes to an anime convention, and then weird happenings happen! Well, you could probably tell that from the title. Contains humor, parody, fantasy, and idiocy...wait, idiocy wasn't part of the genres! Wait, what?!

5. "Mission: Fix It" - A Bleach fanfic about my OC Satsuki Kobayashi. She's a 21 year old college student that's dissatisfied with the Bleach ending. She decides to make a list of all the things she wants to change, but with no real way to do it. She falls asleep in the middle of making the list, but wakes up only to find herself in the Kurosaki Clinic! Now in the exact place she needs to be to change the story, what could go wrong? Answer: everything. Contains action, adventure, drama, humor, and maybe some romance. YOUR IDEAS MAY HELP/CHANGE THE STORY, SO PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU WOULD HAVE WANTED CHANGED IN THE ORIGINAL BLEACH MANGA AND/OR ANIME!!! (Caution: I MAY NOT USE ALL IDEAS IF IT DOESN'T COMPLY WITH MY PLOT IDEAS, SO PLEASE DON'T TAKE IT PERSONALLY IF I REJECT YOUR SUGGESTION!!) HIATUS

6. "The Black Blood Rebellion" - A Soul Eater fanfic about a sinister plot brewing in the recently rebuilt DWMA, where loyalties and perceptions shift, and a new evil awakens to shake the very core of our heroes' world. Contains action, adventure, drama, and humor. HIATUS

IMPORTANT!! My Poll(s):

The poll up top is whether you all want me to update or not.

About Raven T (the inside scoop):

I'm a girl. Big shocker, I know. I'm an anime nerd, I love to draw (and I've been told occasionally that I'm pretty good), and like to write (and I've been told occasionally that I'm talented). I enjoy watching Tobuscus on YouTube, and I have a TOBUSCUS SHIRT AND HOODIE!! YES!! I'm quirky, though I try to act cool, and when it comes to Mountain Dew or chocolate, I'm a complete nut. I've recently been turned a Trekkie (however tenuous the title is for me) by both the amazing actors Chris Pike and Zachary Quinto in Star Trek (2009). I'm now addicted to their fanfiction. Also, I'm in love with both Tom Hiddleston, and Benedict Cumberbatch. Never have I rooted for a villain more than while watching the newly released, and utterly incredible: The Avengers. And the TV series Sherlock? I've watched both seasons a total of three times each. Each episode, to be precise. So, that's around 18 hours of Holmes, eh? Oh, and Robert Downey Jr.? He equals love. Otherwise, math wouldn't work. At. All.


Well, I hope you enjoy(ed) your experience on my page, and that my stories are to your liking! PM me or review my stories to let me know anything you think I need to know, or about anything you're confused about! Please fly jet Raven T again soon!

Thank you for reading!

Sincerely, Raven T _

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Soul Eater - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,978 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 4 - Published: 2/2/2012 - Death The Kid, Soul Eater
Here We Go! reviews
Sara and Joelle are two very close friends who wind up in the Soul Eater universe by accident. Now that they have no way to get home, and are surrounded by their favorite characters, what are the two to do? Simple really. Anything they want. HIATUS
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Crossover - Naruto & Bleach - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 11 - Words: 23,631 - Reviews: 28 - Favs: 19 - Follows: 13 - Updated: 7/12/2011 - Published: 1/14/2011 - Gaara, T. Hitsugaya
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Ouran High School Host Club - Rated: T - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 4 - Words: 10,008 - Reviews: 18 - Favs: 11 - Follows: 8 - Updated: 5/13/2011 - Published: 4/20/2011
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