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Hello people!

The Tender Fury here and ready to make my mark on My friends should be so proud! Anyway, (sigh).

Posting for me will be a pain, I warn you now, mostly because school makes it so.

I am very jumping in what I write. I have everything from books, to cartoons, tv shows, anime (especially anime), and games. Many people will notice that I tend to miss words in my sentences sometimes and most days my grammar may not be the greatest. I'm sorry in advance when this happens and I hope it doesn't bug too many people, however I promise Capitalization and commas (lots of commas). If it does bug you as you read please tell me the line, where it is, and I WILL fix it. I have no problem with suggestions so please do not be shy. However, I will not tolerate flames so be constructive about what you want to say. It's pointless to flame and you don't need to do it.

I will however accept any gushing because I love these characters that I write about and I hope it shows.

I also seem to be a victim of plot bunnies.

Anyway that's what happening with me now. How in the F. Scott Fitzgerald I am ever going to get these stories done, worry about school since I started college is beyond me. That's okay though!


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