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Hi :)

I live in Australia, and love to write, which is why I cam here :) The name is based off a character from a manga I read but I altered it a bit.
I came onto this website over a year ago to try and improve my writing. I've had Literacy teachers that try to knuckle down with me and help me with my writing, but the most improvement I've made has been due to being a member on this website and getting my stuff critiqued.

I like to think that I've improved from when I first joined, and I want to rewrite all my older stuff just to make sure :)

NEWS:I've recently gotten back into Satoshi and Risa, so I want to rewrite O Fortuna, and maybe bring out another fic for them, just because they seem to work so well.

Also, I'll be rewriting a lot of my old stories, because when I read them, I lose all inspiration to continue them because they seem so immature, so I want to fix that- if I can :)



This Mistaken Identity:

Under consideration for being rewritten. When I wrote this, I intended it to be serious, but when I got flamed on the first serious story that I wrote, I kind of lost my nerve, so This Mistaken Identity was lighter than I intended it to be. This makes it difficult to write serious scenes, which is something that needs to happen. So I intend to correct my mistake.

What Would You Do?: Okay, I need to make one thing very, very clear. Nushino Hikari, my OC, does NOT have a Millennium Item; she does NOT have a Yami side of her, and she does NOT have a past life. Just so that readers don't think she's a total cliche...


The Inferno Sparks: I recently did an update, and am rather deflated over the fact that there have been no at the moment; there is no inspiration or motivation that is you will have to wait a bit...unless you review??

Next Chapter:

Sebastian: I'm sorry, but what does your friend have against me, my fair maiden? All I did was rescue you from the Forsaken? Is it a crime to save your beautiful being?

Validus: To him; yes.

My Best Friend's Cousin: I am also working on another chapter and that should also be published very soon

Next Chapter:

Count D: Ah, charmed to meet you...Come over here and sit next to Vlad. Vlad, you're out in the sun too much; you're face is far too red.

Mischief and White Snow: Currently working on the second chapter, which will be called Phenakism. Shirayuki will wake up and meet Loki.

Loki: How curious. Delightful, though I must also admit; it's absolutely perfect that now, when I soon plan to conquer your world, I was granted a special tool that would enable me to neutralize the one thing that could stop me.

Shirayuki: You mean Thor; your brother.

Loki: He is no brother of mine!

Before School: Thank you for all those positive reviews!! I wasn't expecting my humour fic to go down quite so well haha That is just a one-shot, though...

Are We the Normal Ones?: Have written the next chapter, but won't update until I'm a few chapters ahead of what is on here. This is just in case I get writers block, so I can give you guys something to read in the meanwhile.

Next chapter:

Marik: They don't believe me; they think I'm just a nutcase- which I guess I am- but I know there's something more.

Kiria: How can they not believe you? This is pretty hard to ignore.

Golden Memories: I felt a bit deflated when I didn't get that many reviews for the next chapter, so I haven't got any inspiration to write another chapter yet.

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