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Hello I'm new to this stuff so please give my stories a try. They might not be the best but to me there good. Oh change of subject. Only one question DO YOU LOVE TO PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

10 things about me

1 Love to party

2 love Takis or anytype of junk food

3 love to laugh

4 like sonic charecters and naruto and pokemon

5 love my bffs like crazy and will help them no matter the costs

6 love merry go rounds

7 love to make up stories

8 enjoy shopping at HOT TOPIC

9 love to do art

10 love to have company


Name: Canon

Fur; white

Eyes; Blood red

Species: Hedgehog

Abilities: Speed and Smarts

Personality: Funny, Smart, kind,and trustwothery

Likes: Food, Rock music and wrestiling

Loves: ???????

Dislikes: Working, Pink stuff, and tuxidoes

related to: Lily

Clothes;black finger less gloves, red shirt and black baggy jeans, Nike checkered shoes

Name; Forest

Fur: mint green and forest green stripes

eyes; Emerald green

Species Wolf

Abilities: Healing, Good Aim, Can make plants grow

Personality: Kind, Can do attitude,and good best friend but to over protctive.

Likes; Nature and animals

Love; Greenfinger

dislikes; Mean ppl, smartasses, and being alone

Related to: honeycomb

Clothes: Brown leggings, green skirt, green and brown swirled shirt, with high heeled boots

Name; Drug

fur; vinalla white with black spot on right ear

eyes; Blue

species; goat

abilities; can break her horns and turn them into a weapon, can regrow horns in a minute, climb quickly

personality; Adventureous, Kind, gothic, sarcastic, and sometimes can be annoying

Likes; Circuses, sports, and stabbing enemies

Loves: Unix

dislikes; fussy ppl, jobs, and Draco

Related to: Tobacco

Clothes: Maroon colored shirt, Black baggy jeans, and white and black checkered shoes

Name: Tobacco

Fur; white

eyes; blue

Species; goat

abilities; same as sister drug

Perssonality; brave, fearless, and retarded

likes; video games, rats, and creepy things

loves; Violet

dislikes; being bored and waiting

related to; Drug

clothes; Same as sister

Name: Chess

Species; hedge-echidna

fur; black and red ckeckers

eyes; orange

abilities; can open portals to another demension

pesonalty; neat freak, helpful, and a traveler

likes; clean sparkly thing

loves; goldmist

dislikes; retards exept tobacco, dirt, mud, and other dirty things

related to; no one

Clothes; checkered fingerless gloves, and checkered shirt with gray jeans and neon green shoes

Name; Maria

fur; golden

eyes; crystal blue

species; hedgehog

abilities; strength, speed, choas, and Light

personality; kind, gentle, if you stare at her she will go all bitchy on you, and will protect anyone with her life

Likes; friends, family, and adventures

Loves; Shadow and/or Manic

Related to; Eggman

Clothes; black skinny jeans, blue tank top with the words angle on it and two big blue wings in the back, and black knee high boots





Abilities:Can control the dead and is the ruler of hell

Personality:Evil. Cold blooded, and Mischevous

likes:killing, blood, and Hell

dislikes:love, nice things, and Heaven


clothes:grim reaper hooded robe with sythe

Name:Jack the Ripper

Fur:black with red mane



abilities:Agile and surgery experience

personality:Sneaky, nice at times, and a canibol sometimes

likes:kidneys, killing, and being on the winning team


related:No one alive now

clothes;Top hat, old fashioned cloak and dressy outfit


Fur:white and black stripes



abilities:teleportation, swords manship, and able to feel someone elses' feelings

personality:Likes anyone who isn't evil

likes:Bars, knives, and fishing


related:To no one

clothes:Baggy jeans and neon green shirt with black nike shoes


Fur:Purple and pink stripes

eyes:neon yellow


abilities:Can control someones actions

personality:Kind and gentel

likes:Jell-o, singing, and shopping


related to:Unix

clothes:Simple purple gown with lavender high heels


fur;silver and gold tripes

eyes:gold with a hint of gray


abilities:can turn anyone into silver or gold

personality:Fun, Handsome, and Fearless

likes:PLaying tricks on friends, running, and swimming



clothes:silver tux and gold bow tie and black dress shoes


fur:Mist gold

eyes:metallic yellow


abilities:Can control the atmoshere she is around

personality:fun, shy, and childish

likes:having fun, dates, and being organized


related:Only child

clothes;pink mini skirt, hot pink tank top, and black and hot pink boots


Fur:Emerald green



Abilities:can make plants grow with his reed pipes and flutes

personality:kind, nature-lover, and over protective


likes:plants, music, and traveling

dislikes:animal-wringlers, litterers, and cages

clothes:orange t-shirt, green pants, and green shoes with fingerless orange gloves

Deathling reviews
summary in the beggining...Rated M for lemon, language, and violence. Warning it may suck. Enjoy!
Sonic the Hedgehog - Rated: M - English - Romance/Tragedy - Chapters: 7 - Words: 3,976 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 2 - Updated: 12/6/2011 - Published: 6/7/2011 - Sonic