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Hallo to everyone:

I´m Constanze but here you can find me with the pename of Darksideheart, and in other places with the penames of Equinox, Geisterfahrer, and many other strange names that I change frequently ´cause I dont´want police to find me... ;) Just kidding, I haven´t made anything that bad in my life to be searched by the FBI, at least not yet...

General Info:

-Residence: Humanoid City, Wonderland, my mind and Mexico

-Birthday: December 7th

-Interests: Arts (All of them), gothic styles, Tokio Hotel, and many things I can´t remeber right now.

-Favourite Movie: Many, but Tom Buston´s more!, Also I love Transformers, Lemony Snicket, and the ones with gothic and surrealistic air.

-Favourite Band or Musician: Tokio Hotel and Linkin Park. I have anothers like Evanescence, Nightwish, Panic! At The Disco, and more...

-Favourite Artist: Remedios Varo and many unkown artist ;)

Really I´m not a big fanfiction wirter, I´m just startig so I hop guys you like my sotries, that will be also published on DeviantART, here my account: www.darksideheart.deviantart.com Please take time to look at my art works!