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Author has written 10 stories for Glee, Naruto, Gravitation, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, 2010, and Inception.

I'm at :)

What I'm working on-

7th chapter to the Golden Warrior Alice/Peter (Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan crossover)

Manga I'm Reading:

Ouran (Chapter 12)

After watching the series twice, it will hopefully be the first full manga I read. So far, it almost seems more lovable than the anime. I love the twins Halloween chapter- the only similarity between the anime and the manga there was that it was about Halloween and the twins. XDDD

Shows I'm watching/focusing on-

Naruto Shippuuden (Episode 53)

Favorite Character(s)- So glad I could finally finish Naruto so I can get into Shipuuden with everyone else living an breathing lol. Anyway, I'm trying to think of the show on the terms that I've seen it, not on the terms that I hear everyone else explain it. Though I'm already seeing hints of Sakura's return to the background, I've really come to respect and admire her more this series. Though I'm sure eventually she'll go back to doing nothing, I think she's fairing alright right now, and she certainly gained the strength she didn't have first series, so she has the ability. Didn't care for them spending three episodes on Naruto going mini-kyuubi, it was much too drawn out. Sai is stealing my heart, and as I predicted, my Sasukecrush has disappeared since he left Konoha. I'm not quite sure what about Sai seems very original to me, because I know there are always emotionless characters, I know that they always have some sort of emotion to be brought out, yada yada yada. It's just what I feel, so I'm going with it. Also love Lee and Neji.

Couple(s)- OTP= Going specifically off of Shipuuden, it's really difficult. Don't really like anything but siblingship between Sakura and Naruto- it's just, Naruto's the farthest thing from her type, and Naruto's really only ever imagined all the things he's loved about Sakura, besides how cute she is. It seems to be they'd be the couple to get together, grow and get married, then get divorced cause they couldn't work out as soon as they met the people they were really supposed to be with. I found myself really wanting Sasuke to look at Sakura, because unlike with Naruto (and most respectable male characters I see) I sort of want to see him finding value in something other than power in a person. I like them more after the seriesbreak you see- Sakura's gotten stronger, but she still has all the qualities Sasuke was friends with when they were thirteen. Sakura's not really in fangirl mode anymore- she wants Sasuke back more for the real friendship than the onesided romance. Naruto and Sasuke though, I can't deny I enjoy the thought of. Sai and Naruto are sort of ringing true with me right now. Kabusaku is cute too... and that's about all the ones I've really thought of this season. Besides the Gaanaru friendship. I wished there'd been some Gaalee interaction back in that arc. Oh, and I do have surviving Leesaku feelings- there's just always been something for me about the simple nerd becoming the haughty princess's knight in shining armor. I completely love the unconditional way Lee thinks about Sakura- like when he was so worried about her during his fight with his clone, because she was fighting akatsuki and everyone knows Sakura's weakspot was strength first series- and then there's no preference for her to be the damsel in distress from him when Neji relates that it's an even fight on her end. He's just a little surprised, and unbelievably proud, and has new motivation to take on his clone full force.

The New Girl

Probably my favorite American TV that isn't the Ellen Degenerous Show

Character(s) Jess. Schmidt. Nick. On occasion, Winston and CC. Wow. Small cast.

Couple(s) Have grown to love Schmidt, and he and CC are adorable. Also like Jess/Nick. Winston I don't know who he should end up with though- they actually don't have anyone ready and waiting for him.


Between Whitney and Jess, Whitney and the New Girl have split my personality in two. Brava.

Character(s) Alex. Whitney. But mostly Alex lmao. Also Lily, and Mark.

Couple(s) Alex/Whitney's awesome, but they just can't be a shipping fantasy when they're already together. Loving Neil's bi storyline, but I really have a bug for the idea of him coming back to Lily in the long run. Just because he's exploring the guy side of bi now, doesn't mean he'll never date a girl again, right? That'll just be such an emotional episode if it ever happens. Roxanne and Mark are... okay. I guess I can admit to seeing them. And Mark's simply cute being in love. Have grown an affinity for Mark that I didn't have before.


I've been a fan too long. No matter how bad the writing gets, I'm stuck for life.

Actor(s) Chris Colfer. Darren Chris. Naya Rivera. Heather Morris. Lea Michele. Cory Monteith. Mark Salling. Harry. Jane Lynch.

Character(s) Kurt, though he can sometimes be a prejudiced little douche himself. (I think it's mostly poor writing, but I'd still like them to address it sometime). Rachel, though she's always a douche and her character development never stays long. Glad they brought Sam back, and loving him with Mercedes now. Sort of liking Quinn, but wondering how they're going to take her wheelchair storyline, and if she'll end up with Artie- if so, those really random Quartie fans from season one are going to have proof, anything can happen.

Couple(s) Shoot me, okay? Kurtcedes is my OTP. Also love Hummelberry, but those are the only girls I've really liked him with. Liked Hevans but when they made Sam's character straight, it lost some of it's charm... not all of course, but some. Like Kinn a little. Finnchel on occasion. St. Berry was amazing their first season, but when they brought Jesse back and ruined his character, they died for me. Faberry has amazing chemistry. Brittana has it's charms, though I don't like how they just bluntly, unrealistically ended Bartie to jumpstart them. St. Hummel was okay in a few fics I read. Used to hate Artie, but his unlikeableness has quieted a bit and I'm sort of liking his Quinn interaction. Liked Samtana, but then it was confirmed that Santana wasn't bi, so I got frustrated with the misleading foreshadowing at the end of SLS. PIRATESHIPPING FOR THE WIN. I love Dave, and Dave/Kurt is my OTP, should Kurt never go bi for Mercedes or Rachel (which he won't, lol just had to say it) I blandly have an attraction to Raine and Blaine/Brit, but I thought they were going to pursue a bisexuality storyline with him which they completely crushed my hopes for by the end of Blame It. (Oh, did I mention I hated Blaine on a regular basis? Yeah. Oh, what about Klaine? Did I mention how it bores me?) I love Darren Criss. I barely ever even like Blaine. I'm getting tired of this topic, I'll move on for now.

Days of Our Lives

I know, it's a Soap Opera. I really don't have much of an excuse for this one. My mama and nana made me watch it with them, so I've been on it since I was young and innocent. If it helps, every other Soap Opera I've tried to watch has absolutely horrified me.

Character(s) Will Hornton. His gained personality, I fell in love with him, and then he went gay. So are the Days of Our Lives.

Couple(s) I like Sonny/Chad and have a fair amount of affection for the considerably inevitable Sonny/Will. Chad/Mel are cute. Liked Daniel/Jennifer, but dear god, the whole dating both of them thing was only interesting and understandable for a week or so. Daniel was right to break it off, I don't care what any of them say. Really thought Jack/Jen were sort of awesome, till Jen completely lost her character and I began to dislike her. EJ/Nicole was my OTP forEVER. Not anymore, but still would have affection for it if it happened again. Dislike Sami/Rafe, because it makes absolutely no sense in my mind, but whatever. I dislike Carrie/Rafe strongly now that Sami is out of the picture and no longer making Carrie look better. Austin/Abby was actually cute to me in a sick way until she went psycho. Brady/Madison is alright. I can live with it. It's cute as a side thing. (There are too many storylines for them all to be perfect after all.) I really don't give a flying crap about John/Marlena. Or Marlena. Or John. Hearted the pawn/princess Gina, so gaining a small affection for John/Hope defections. EJ's a douche, but undeniably loveable as a television character. Stefano is evil and unforgivable, but I swear there's not one villain on this show (who stays for long periods of time) who is not designed to be loveable in some way. Besides Vivian, and we all still loved Guss. Anyway Stefano's great with Kate, I have no objections if they don't entertain me the most of the show. Wish they would get back together, Ian's split personality crap is annoying. Also sort of like Stefano with Marlena, until I remember I really don't give a flying crap about Marlena.

When I get the chance, WWE Monday Night Raw-

Yes. Complete pride in this one... just need the channel back.-.-'

Character(s) CM Punk for life. The Rock's a childhood favorite. R Truth is awesomeness, and he helped the Miz into awesomeness (as ironic as that is). Would hate the Miz if it weren't for his awesome actor and friendship with R Truth. And by the way? 19-0. (What DID happen to the Undertaker?)

Couple(s) You're not serious, right?

Fandom that must always be mentioned for completeness- Harry Potter

All the books, and most of the movies. Yes. Am a Slytherin on pottermore, Redwood Unicorn Core 14 1/4 inches, quite bendy. Add me (StormRose20725)

Character(s) Luna Lovegood and the Weasley twins FG tie. In love with the twins, and Draco from childhood fantasies. Hermione's cool too. Never really liked Harry, because he didn't have much of a persona. Ginny sucks. They really just tried to develop her character last-second so Harry wouldn't fall in love with Hermione on the trip around the world and steal her from Ron, like very nearly happened, I don't care what people say. At least in the movies, you see evidence of it, but I have a feeling Rowling just didn't care to mention it in the books. Even rereading the books, where I noticed Ginny did have a small, likeable persona to the side, she didn't strike me as a very dominant part of life to Harry till the sixth book. Just a bug on the windshield- Ron's Little Sis, so family when it mattered, but otherwise not much.

Couple(s) Harry/Luna definitely. Harry/Hermione are a close second, Dracomione being third, though it used to be my OTP. Surprising that Harry's nowhere near my favorite character, yet I love so many of his couples most. Like Ron/Luna, don't really like Rone/Hermione though for some themes I can tolerate it.

I'm also a diehard Starkid fan.

Any character played by Darren Criss was probably a near-favorite if not the favorite of the show. AVPM is the only place I love Harry as a character, blandly like Ginny as a character, and completely love Harry/Ginny. Also only like Ron/Hermione in AVPM. Dracomione's still adorable in it. Draco's probably my favorite character and in LWL... you know what, I take that first comment back. Darren/Lauren probably play my favorite characters in each show. Joey Richeter is the only one who can make me like Ron Weasley, though, and I mean that in the most serious of ways.

Animes I have watched in completeness online-

(Not in order of preference, but of finishing)

Sailor Moon-Shoujo

Gravitation -Shoujo

Ouran Koukou Hostobu(Ouran High School Host Club)- Shoujo (Watched Twice)

Peach Girl- Shoujo

Tennis no Ouji-sama(Prince of Tennis)- Shounen

Death Note- Shounen

Code Geass; Lelouche of the Rebellion & R2- Shounen

Fruits Basket- Shoujo

Lovely Complex- Shoujo

Naruto- Shounen

Yes, I know I've watched too many shoujos. Most of them were recommended to me.

So... anyone want a Redvine?

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