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Hey everybody! I'm dutchessdaydreamer(it came from a story a friend of mine was writing). I am a pint-sized, dancing, writing, daydreaming, musical flute playin' machine. I love fantasy and fiction(whether historical or realistic). My dream job is to be either a writer or actress. If neither works out I have my backup plan from when I was 5. To be the 1st mailcarrier on the moon!

20 Things I Love:

20.) Magic

19.) Romance

18.) Superheroes

17.) Shakespeare

16.) Grimm

15.) Dancing

14.) Anything with Johnny Depp (do i need a reason?)

13.) Star Trek

12.) Michael Jackson (May he rest in peace)

11.) Cats

10.) Harry Potter

9.) Glee

8.) Pirates of the Caribbean

7.) Lord of the Rings

6.) Supernatural (vampires, ghosts, werewolves, etc.)

5.) Chocolate

4.) Music

3.) Band

2.) Books

1.) My family

20 Things I Hate:

20.) Twilight (WAY overrated)

19.) Miley Cyrus

18.) Irish Step dancing

17.) Remakes of old movies

16.) Charlie Sheen

15.) Serial Killers

14.) Stephenie Meyer's POV on vampires (they do not sparkle!)

13.) Smoking

12.) Racism

11.) Barbie (Why does she have to be so perfect?)

10.) Jerks

9.) People who act like they know everything ( it insults those of us who do)

8.) Kanye West picking on Taylor Swift

7.) Winter

6.) The girl from The Exorcist ( didn't even see the movie. The head turning around was enough!)

5.) Horror movies

4.) Mean people

3.) Markers ( I love them, but they get all over me even if I just pick one up)

2.) Kristen Stewart

1.) Snooki ( she's like a basketball. She's round, orange, and gets passed around by sweaty men)

Things You Didn't Know About Me:

1.) I love to dance

2.) I have a little stuffed lamb named Lamby (I was 2) that I still sleep with

3.) I am second chair in my flute section at school

4.) I want to be an actress

5.) I have had serious arachnephobia since I was 3 and I woke up with a spider crawling across my legs

6.) I love watching crime shows especially CSI: Las Vegas and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

7.) I have 3 cats (Buddy's 13, Dusty's 3, and Charlie's 3) and a 3 dogs (Pogo's 4, Tater's 10 months, and Barkly's 10 months)

8.) Dusty enjoys biting me in her free time

9.) I am all for gay marriage, transgenders, bisexuals, and others along those lines

10.) I am a US citizen

11.) My favorite actresses are Zoe Saldana, Helena Bonham Carter, Kate Winslet, Julia Roberts, and Sandra Bullock

12.) My favorite actors are Alan Arkin, Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Leonardo DiCaprio, Zachary Quinto, and Morgan Freeman

13.) I dislike Justin Bieber songs, but I do think he is a pretty good actor

14.)My favorite word is antidisestablishmentarianism

15.) I have ADHD (Ooh, shiny!)

16.) I love music

17.) I have a soft spot for the Jonas Brothers, because their song lyrics are awesome

18.) I love MLIA

19.) I'm a band geek

20.) I firmly believe Morgan Freeman should be president, Jamie Foxx vice president, and Mr.T secretary of defense

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