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Ok so I've been a member on here for probably two years and I am JUST NOW getting around to doing my profile xD

To start off I am a huge otaku and I read manga and watch anime and cosplay, I even go to conventions with some of my friends ;D

I love to write but I'm so busy that I have to make time to be able to work on my story. Right now I'm working on "Running" and I'm going to have chapter 10 up within the next day or so since I'm working on it as we speak. Drawing is another passion of mine and I've taught myself everything I know. Now for some of my fav anime and pairings and such ;D

Fav Animes

Shiki (Its creepy but I actually kind of like it xD)


Fairy Tail

Aria The Scarlet Ammo (New fav show of 2013 so far xD and I cosplay as Aria)

Sword Art Online

Darker Than Black

Black Butler

Code Geass

Vampire Knight

Little Busters

Hetalia (I cosplay as Taiwan xD)

H.O.T.D (Not the most innocent show o.O but it's pretty good)

To Love Ru

Blue Exorcist

D.Gray Man

Soul Eater

Angel Beats (I cried all through this series T-T)

Uta No Prince-sama


Say I love You


And so on and so forth lol

And then for my Fav Pairings I'm only going to do some from the shows i have listed above

Fairy Tail- Natsu x Lucy

Aria The Scarlet Ammo- Aria x Kinji

Sword Art Online- Asuna x Kirito (Kazuto) (Its an obvious pairing xD)

Code Geass- Lelouch x C.C.

Hetalia- (there are lots xD) UsUk, PruHun, AusHun, LietPol, Taiwan x Hong Kong, Taiwan x Japan...Oh yea and a crack pairing me and my role-play friends came up with Romania x 2P!Romano (we call him romeo and the pairing name we came up with was VampireTomatoes)I can't think of anymore but I know there are more o.o

D.Gray Man- Lenalee x Allen

Angel Beats- I will have to look back at their names later since its been about 1 1/2 years since I last watched this show xD

Thats about it for now, I might add to this later.

One last thing, People I have cosplayed as

Yuko Kinoshita- Baka and Test

Taiwan- Hetalia

Aria H. Kanzaki - Aria The Scarlet Ammo

Vriska Serket - Homestuck! (Help I've been sucked into the fandom xD)

Belgium- Hetalia

Mizore- RosarioVampire

Louise De La Valliere- Zero No Tsukaima

Female Rin Okumura- Blue Exorcist

On another note I also go to local conventions (I'm gonna start going to further away ones like AFW when I'm old enough to drive myself and my friends around...and when I can afford a hotel room...)

There are 2 cons I go to with my friends, Naka-kon (Overland Park based con) and Motaku (Kansas City based con) these two cons are my heaven where I can cosplay and act however I want and not be looked at weird for dressing up!!! :D

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