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1-2-19: Hi everyone, due to life circumstances, I'm on more or less permanent hiatus from fanfiction. Nevertheless, I am always happy when people discover my old stories and leave feedback. It's great to know that someone has discovered and enjoyed something I wrote ten or twenty years ago. HOWEVER, anonymous, abusive, ungrammatical screeds will be deleted. Honest criticism is one thing, but juvenile twaddle that someone composed with their thumbs on a cell phone is something I have no obligation to tolerate. Create an account, sit down and compose something thoughtful, and allow me the opportunity to respond; otherwise I refuse to take anything you have to say seriously.

8-17-17: Hi everyone, it's been a long time, obviously, since I posted anything here. I've been taking a long break from fanfic. Most of the stories here are also posted at Archive of Our Own, and since I've edited things there and not here, the more polished versions of my stories are at AO3. If you're interested in reading my stories over there, search under authors for EAWeek.

1-22-16: Last week I posted my latest fanfic, a multi-chapter Labyrinth story called "Pax Deorum." I was literally in the process of editing the final couple of chapters when the news broke that David Bowie had passed away on January 10, two days after his 69th birthday. Bowie was a huge influence on me, as he was for so many people; I'd "discovered" him when I was 16, and he shaped my media/ entertainment tastes for years to come. Like pretty much everyone, I was stunned by the news of his passing. I hadn't intended for this story to be a tribute to him, but quite inadvertently, it has.

4-23-15: Hi, everyone. I'm in the process of reformatting and reposting some of my older stories, which all seem to have developed inexplicable glitches, like having the text underlined, boldfaced, or in italics. Also, the section breaks seems to have vanished, so the sections of the stories all run together in one big undifferentiated pile of mush. These are mostly stories from the Hercules and Xena days. I've also, after a long spell of not really writing anything, begun a new Labyrinth fanfic, a sequel to my story "Semi-Charmed Life." It's a story idea that's been knocking around inside my head for a couple of years, but details of the plot were slow to arrive. It's still early days on this story, but I anticipate having something posted by the end of this summer. Stay tuned!

Also, unless otherwise noted, ALL my stories are complete. For some weird reason, the complete/ in-progress setting defaulted to "in-progress" on my older stories, which I didn't catch until I found the other formatting issues. I went in and changed the settings on the older stories, so please don't skip over things if you think they're not finished.


About my fandom interests: My first real “love,” fan-wise, was the original Doctor Who series, which I discovered thanks to a couple of college friends in the long-ago summer of 1988. From there, I went on to the lovely UK TV series Robin of Sherwood—still, to my mind, the best version of the Robin Hood legend that has ever been filmed. Seriously, if you’ve never seen this wonderful show, it’s out on DVD, and I highly recommend it. I also had interests in other British TV offerings—Monty Python, Blackadder, Mystery. After finishing graduate school, I discovered The X-Files, Xena: Warrior Princess, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Angel: The Series. When I finally stopped watching The West Wing, I hit a dry patch where nothing on TV seemed to interest me. Then, in the summer of 2005, a friend I’d met through Robin of Sherwood fandom brought to my house a complete set of DVDs from the new Doctor Who series. I was immediately re-captivated! My descent into drooling, gibbering fangirl idiocy was cemented when David Tennant took over the role of the Doctor—I loved all the others, but to me, Tennant IS the Doctor. In a strange way, my fannish interests have come full circle, and I’m right back where I started.

About my stories: I mostly write about whatever catches my interest at the moment. I don’t have any kind of grand scheme. Some of the pieces posted here were originally posted at other (now defunct) web sites or in fanzines. Yes, I’m old enough to remember fanzines! For those wishing to read my Doctor Who fic in keeping with the show’s chronology, they would be: “A Day in the Life,” “I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight,” “Long Way to Happy,” “Sympathy for the Devil,” "Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word," "Beyond the Sea," "Angels of the Silences," “Eyes on a Moon of Blindness,” and “The Ground Beneath Her Feet.”

Non-fiction: I’ve posted a lot of reviews at amazon.com. Check them out here:

Favorite Music: Counting Crows, David Bowie, Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, REM, Rolling Stones, Sting/ Police, U2. Also: Billie Piper, ABBA, Bruce Hornsby, Christina Aguilera, The Clash, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Dire Straits, Don Henley, Doobie Brothers, Dropkick Murphys, ELO, Elton John, Fleetwood Mac, George Sarah/ THC, Gin Blossoms, Green Day, James Taylor, John Mellencamp, KC & The Sunshine Band, Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band, Massive Attack, Moby, Pink, Poe, Prince, Santana, Seal, Sheryl Crow, Simon & Garfunkel, Single Gun Theory, Smash Mouth, Steely Dan, Talking Heads, Third Eye Blind, Tom Petty, The Who.

Fun Musical Facts: Anthony Stewart Head (Giles on Buffy, Mr. Finch on Dr. Who) recorded a wonderful CD called Music for Elevators. Billie Piper used to be a singer before she became an actress: check out her CDs Honey to the B and Walk of Life. John Simm (Life on Mars, State of Play, Dr. Who) also used to be a musician, and his band Magic Alex has a CD called Dated and Sexist that’s available for download at iTunes. I highly recommend the song “Animal Magic.”

Player: iPod version 2.3, 20 GB, purchased in 2003. It’s practically an antique! Does it have a title? “White Girl Went to College in the Eighties.”

Favorite Movies: Four of my all-time favorites are: Picnic at Hanging Rock, Breaking Away, Henry V, and The Talented Mr. Ripley, all of which raised my awareness of what good storytelling, acting, cinematography, and atmosphere can do. Other favorites include—in no particular order—Big, Jurassic Park, The Mummy/ The Mummy Returns, The Bourne Identity/ Supremacy/ Ultimatum, Seabiscuit, The Italian Job, Bend it Like Beckham, Underworld/ Underworld Evolution, Match Point, Calendar Girls, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Queen, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Pleasantville, Catch Me if You Can, Only Lovers Left Alive, all the MCU movies except the Hulk.

Favorite Actors: David Tennant, John Simm, Johnny Depp, Matt Damon, Chris Cooper, William H. Macy, Tobey Maguire, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Jude Law, Seth Green, Anthony Stewart Head, Michael Sheen, Tony Curran, Bill Nighy, Kenneth Branagh, David Morrissey, James McAvoy, Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi, Tom Hiddleston, Chris Hemsworth.

Favorite Actresses: Helen Mirren, Kate Beckinsale, Natalie Portman, Julia Stiles, Penelope Wilton, Billie Piper, Sophia Myles, Rachel Weisz, Joan Allen, Emma Thompson, Keira Knightley, Catherine Tate, Dawn French, Polly Walker, Kelly Macdonald, Helen McCrory, Jenna Coleman.

Favorite Books: Rebecca, the Harry Potter series, the Brother Cadfael series, the Nero Wolfe mysteries, Lord of the Rings, Girl with a Pearl Earring, Three Junes, Girl in a Swing. Non-fiction: The Darwin Awards, The Snow Leopard, Two Years Before the Mast. This is not an exhaustive list!

Favorite Websites & Blogs: Boston.com, BBC, NY Times, Sports Illustrated, Miss Conduct's Mind Over Manners.

Astrology: Gemini, moon in Virgo, Libra rising.

Favorite Sports: Swimming (to participate in); figure skating (to watch). Favorite team: Boston Red Sox. Favorite athletes: Johnny Weir, Adam Rippon, Meryl Davis & Charlie White, Michael Phelps, Aaron Peirsol, Dara Torres, Missy Franklin, Nathan Adrian, Jean-Luc Baker & Kaitlin Hawayek.

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