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Author has written 7 stories for Pokémon, Spectrobes, Luna Online, Doctor Who, Glee, World Ends With You, and Sherlock.

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January 9th 2013

Absolutely sorry for delay. I have had so much work to do before and after Christmas and New Years. I've also had to attend a viewing, funeral, and cremation of my cousin, which distracted me from fanfiction writing since the death had unfortunately been exactly a week before Christmas. Even if I didn't cry, it still was in my mind and sort of gave me a bit of a block whenever I thought of anything, so writing a part of a fanfic was not on my mind.

I am right now going to try and make a chapter for the On Hiatus stories and Memories of My Friends. However, the Glee story may not be continued because of my love for the show having dimmed after Season 3. The most likely to be updated is Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, since the chapter has the most progress so far (1/3 finished). It is either meant to be the end of the Exploration, or will be the second part before the end of it. I will also try to revise as much as I can, even though I have to keep my grades up now and do a few projects.

The next two paragraphs were kept before I added everything above.

BONUS for the readers of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky: Due to the story's continuous status of being my most viewed and continuously-viewed-with-no-update, I have decided to write the next chapter of it. The chapter may or may not end the Guild's Expedition, and will be extremely long. If it is immensely long though, I will cut the chapter at a good time in order to give another chapter with the remainder of the expedition.

I have also posted a 'Doctor Who/Sherlock Crossover' that takes place after 'The Angels Take Manhattan' (Doctor Who) and 'The Reichenbach Fall' (Sherlock BBC). The story is a oneshot only, and is the first one shot I've ever successfully written (Therefore meaning that this is not my first attempt at writing a one shot). It obviously contains spoilers, majorly on the Doctor Who side while there are references in the Sherlock side. The genre is a 'hurt/comfort/friendship', and I tried my best for the Doctor and other characters involved be in character, or IC. I will be sooo sorry if they are OOC.

Story Update:

I am considering writing a Clara (Oswin?)/ 11 Fic for Doctor Who, ever since I had watched the Christmas Special. Another idea is for possibly Final Fantasy XIII or XIII-2. The Doctor Who fic is more likely to happen, though. A Sherlock one-shot might happen as well, although if it does, I sincerely hope I don't make it longer into a chapter-fic. I keep adding more to supposed-to-be-one-shots.



I am in love with this game. I mean it. I got the PLATINUM TROPHY! Although, this was BEFORE the DLC Trophies were added, but I still got it :) First game I really managed to get the trophy that was challenging but quite fun. FFXIII, Treasure Hunter... I will get you next!

*Tied for Incredibly Huge Obsession Right Now*


Seriously, super mega awesome cool amazing anime manga story ever! I can't believe I missed it when it came out years ago! Such a cool thing it is! Currently reading the manga and watching the anime (and stopping after I reach the part I am currently at in the manga). Gaaaahhh Light and L! :D


THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU: BEST DS game I have EVER played!!! Honestly, I loved the stories, characters, and gameplay. Play it, play it NOW!!!

Sherlock (BBC TV SERIES): Watch it. The modern day version of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. As I said, watch it now!

=-Story News-=

The Glee Story, Pokemon Story, and Spectrobe Story are now on Hiatus until the TWEWY story is complete!


The chapter I have had the most progress on is for the Pokemon story. Because it has been the most popular of the hiatus stories, I have decided to update it first.

The World Ends with You Story News

Most Recent Update: 11-30-12

CHAPTER 6 HAS BEEN ADDED! I know, it's about time, right? Well, I managed to add it already, and I am glad to see there are still people reading this story.

There aren't any essential memories in this chapter . Much of the chapter takes place at Neku's home, due to the thunderstorm. You will get a hint of Neku/Joshua this time. I don't want to give much away though, since this is supposed to be a longer chapter and much of it I had to give a lot of thought into. I don't want to give a lot of info out.

BUT I will update by the end of the year, before New Year's.

Expect something new in the next chapter... or is it 'Expect someone new'...

Yes this story is Neku/Joshua. I like the pairing, and I wanted to try writing a TWEWY story for the first time. I think I will try to make a one shot of the same pairing. I rather enjoy writing this story, so... the chance of that one shot happening is quite high.

Favorite things right now:

Sherlock (BBC)

I can't believe I finally watched the entirety of Season 2 on Memorial Day.

Reichenbach Fall, my gosh that was sad! Season 2 itself was sad, basically! What with Irene and Sherlock's romance that couldn't happen, Sherlock yelling at John that he doesn't have friends and then later saying that John is his one and only friend, and then Moriarty!! :(

NEWEST STORY: Memories of My Friends (The World Ends with You)


I am currently working on:

Memories of My Friends (NEWEST STORY) {Main focus} Third Longest Story

Story Records:

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky (Most work completed so far)

Feelings Grow as well as Friendships (Second-longest work so far)

Memories of My Friends (Third Longest Story)

Spectrobes: Oblivious Fourth Longest Story

NEW! One Shot (s):
Doctor Who/Sherlock Crossover!: The Two Lonely Doctors (Completed)

These three stories are now on HIATUS until Memories of My Friends is completed:

Spectrobes: Oblivious

Friendships Grow as well as Friendships

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky

Gender: Female

Race: Filipino

Loves: Death Note (Heck yeah I love this anime/manga! Must keep reading and watching! The World Ends with You (Yeah, I'm a TWEWY fan, I need more candy cane!), Sherlock BBC (I'm in shock from how amazing this show is... Look, I've got a blanket!),

Likes: DISHONORED, Glee, Batman, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Drawing, Reading, FanFiction, Lord of the Rings (Yeah, that's right!!!), Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Yes, I play it :D), Metal Gear Solid (Yeah, I like the games! :D), Phineas and Ferb, Writing on FanFiction, Reviewing (If I feel like it), Marching Band (no, we are not geeks like some people would portray us), Slash (at times, but all the time for glee-related things!), Art, Creative things like writing, AU stories (if they have a good plot and characterization), Romance genre stories, SOMETIMES tragedy fanfics (Hey, people know they read those from time to time... and cry. I do it sometimes as well... ), Chocolate (yep, totally random fact XD), THE WALKING DEAD

Dislikes: Cruel or rude people, physical violence in front of me, Stories that involve characterxreader, hypocrites, rumors that are not true but are believed, homophobes (What is it with people against homosexuals? Watch glee or something to learn a little!), "haters" of lots of things (But as the phrase goes, "Haters gonna hate")

Favorite DS Games: The World Ends with You, Pokemon (any), Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and Re:Coded, Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar

Favorite PS3 Games: DISHONORED (EPIC GAME), Final Fantasy XIII, Batman: Arkham Asylum and City, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Little BIG Planet, Fallout 3 and New Vegas, Mass Effect 2, InFamous and InFamous 2, BioShock and BioShock 2, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The words in bold next to the story titles are the status for being updated.

1. THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU: Memories of My Friends (Is currently my main focus right now) {Currently Chapter 6, Connections)

=*On Hiatus stories:

1. Spectrobes: Oblivious (On HIATUS until TWEWY Story is finished)

2. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky (On HIATUS until TWEWY Story is finished) (9 completed chapters) (Chapter 10 is being written and is Part 2 of Chapter 9's plot)

3. GLEE: Feelings Grow, as well as Friendships (On HIATUS until TWEWY Story is finished) (7 completed chapters) (Chapter 8 is currently being written and will be added some time before the Pokemon story is updated)

Unfinished/No longer updated stories:

1. Luna Online: Magical Adventures (Will no longer be written due to the game file being erased from my laptop-the only thing I could use for Luna Online)

2. Doctor Who: A Normal Day (NOTE: THIS STORY WILL NO LONGER BE UPDATED. Reason for this is: the season that was running while I wrote my story is finished, along with the season after it. I don't have as much interest in this story nor the pairing at this point since there really is no point to the pairing at all so it's officially abandoned.)

List Updated and changed on November 30, 1012
One shots
may be written for:

(NOW IN PROGRESS) Corvo Attano and Emily Kaldwin (Dishonored)- Name: Father or Protector (Contains major spoilers for events throughout the game)

Joshua (TWEWY): Name: Change (NOTE: Contains major spoilers)

Neku (TWEWY): Name: My World Rating: T for language (from Neku... duh) {This one takes place before the game- as in, before The World Ends with You actually happens.}

Bioshock (Main Characters: Little Sister and Big Daddy {No specific ones, just random ones you would find in Rapture})- Name of One Shot: Protector

One shots (for pairings) are currently being written for:

Pokemon (MANY Pairings in mind.)- One-shots decided for these pairings so far:

Touya/Touko (English names: Hilbert and Hilda)- Name of One Shot: Playing Together (Also slight Pokemon pairings for the trainers' Pokemon)

Touya/Cheren {I KNOW. No clue why, I randomly like this pairing as well *Slapped across face by Touya/Touko fans*}- Name of One Shot: Intelligence

N/Touko {I also like this pairing. It's cute, and so is N.)- Name of One Shot: Bonds and Friendship

-NOTE: This other Cheren/Touya one shot is actually from my Pokemon Mystery Dungeon story, and takes place during the Ninth Chapter then onwards. I hope I don't make it too long, since the Mystery Dungeon story is in fact my longest one out of the stories I have written.

Touya/Cheren- Name of One Shot: Comfort (Name may change)

*Special Note: There is a possibility I will write a one-shot for Doctor Who. I'm not sure for which character (yes I am, it's the Doctor, what the hell am I saying?) or pairing, but there is just a quite slim possibility. Don't get your hopes up. I just wanted to put this out there. And I'm not sure if I completely want to yet for this fandom since my 'A Normal Day' story for Doctor Who wasn't great, or good, or satisfying for me after I reread it all.*

Romance... NEVER AGAIN do I wish to have a crush. -_-;


The WORLD Ends with YOU info will be here

Current ESP'er Rank: Fallen Angel (A)

Current ESP'er Points: 4,620 (B)

Level reached: All (Completely leveled up to level 100)

Highest Drop Rate: 183 (Increased with Absolute Shadow Ramen and Curious Mushrooms)

Highest Number of Chain Reduction Battles: 16

Highest Number of PP Rewarded in Chain Reduction Battles: 3,582

*Got ALL Secret Reports (YES!!!)*

Most used partner: Joshua

Partner with highest stats: Joshua
*Joshua is now wearing the Angel Feather*

Stats: Joshua's basic Attack and Defense stats are both now 100 (add 104 to attack and 98 to defense with items' boosts)

Stats: Neku's basic Attack and Defense stats are both now 100 (add 73 to attack and 75 to defense with items' boosts)

Stats: Joshua and Neku's Brave (BRV) stats are both at 999 (Maximum)

Shop Clerks befriended: ALL!

Other 'Accomplishments' that I wanted to just write out:
COMPLETED Final Time Attack in Another Day

*REACHED the roof of Pork City AND DEFEATED PANTHERA CANTUS on 4-1-12!*

Completed Another Day's storyline

ALL Noise types have been discovered on 4-6-12

Discovered 94 types of Noises' (Counting any bosses) every Pin Drops

Defeated ALL types of Noise (counting any bosses) at Level 1 on Hard or above

Mastered ALL Pin types

Collected All Item Types

All characters 'Bravery' stats are over 200

Defeated the 'Wizard of Slam' and received the glasses

*Bought My Phones (Neku's Headphones)*

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Bought Kitaniji's headphones at Towa Records

Bought Pinky's (Uzuki's) Lipstick

Bought Lollipop's (Kariya's) Parka

Bought the Hollow Leg and Chain 16 stickers

Bought Your Cap at the WildKat (Beat's skull cap)

Bought Her Stuffed Animal (Shiki's Mr. Mew Stuffed Animal)

Bought Sis's (Rhyme's) Pendant
Bought Red Book Bag (Rhyme's)

Shippings List has been updated to include all stories as of November 18, 2012

Current Shippings in MY STORIES:

World Ends with You Memories of My Friends: Neku x Joshua (MAIN Pairing)_ Merodi x Joshua (Possibly one-sided, whether one-sided or reciprocated will be determined)_ Neku x Shiki (Side pairing, may be one-sided)_ Merodi x Saigo (Mentioned, Past)_ Shiki x Joshua (FRIENDSHIP ONLY)

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky: Cyndaquil x Riolu_Cyndaquil x Mawile (Currently on Hiatus)

Luna Online- Magical Adventures: Lucid Mage x Everell Decri (So far) (Story no longer being continued)

Doctor Who- A Normal Day: 11th Doctor x Amy_Amy x Rory (Story no longer being continued)

Spectrobes- Oblivious: Rallen x Jeena_Rallen x Lunara (Currently on Hiatus)

glee: Feelings Grow, as well as Friendships: Kurt/Rachel (couple, Kurchel or HummelBerry)_ Will/Emma (Wemma)_ Finn/Rachel (Finnchel)_Hints of Brittney/Santana (Brittana)_ Carl/Emma (Carma) (Rarely shown) (Currently on Hiatus)

The World Ends with You

Neku/Joshua aka, my OTP for Games

My first thoughts of this pairing was: Whoa... Really? Then when I saw the cutscene on YouTube from Another Day where Joshua says he and Neku should spend some quality time, and then I thought the pairing was cute.

Note: the next two paragraphs contain spoilers for The World Ends with You. If you don't have the game but want to play it or have the game but are not finished with it yet, please do not spoil the game for yourself and skip them. The game is far too good to be spoiled, and spoiling it doesn't give you the opportunity to feel as much emotion for some scenes in the game as you would if you did not know what will/would happen.*

I like this pairing for only a few reasons (although I still am a fan of it anyway). Neku and Joshua actually bond (more or less) during their week together even though Neku hates Joshua. They also had the same views on the world around them, but Neku did start to think differently after his week with Shiki. They could have possibly grown closer by then had Neku not changed his views on the world around him. I liked that they had this short similarity.

Neku also wanted to apologize to Joshua after he is 'killed' by Sho since he accused Joshua of killing him (that accusation was correct, but he still wanted to say sorry and wanted the chance to say so). Neku was sad when he thought that he would never be able to apologize for his accusation, and along with Shiki, fought for both of them (and later, including Beat).

The last hint I got was the end of the game. Neku could have killed Joshua and had the chance to save Shibuya while becoming the Composer. However, he didn't. Neku probably did not want to kill a friend that he had made, one of the four he had made during three weeks while he was dead. He didn't pull the trigger and kill Joshua, but the other boy did pull the trigger. Joshua then let Neku live, along with Shiki, Beat, and Rhyme, and he spared Shibuya. Now, I know this is not a hint, because according to the Secret Reports Joshua thought that if the 'worst person in Shibuya' could change, Shibuya could as well. But I still like to add a little to it, and this will be mentioned in my TWEWY story. And also, Neku does not forgive Joshua for what he had done, but he still trusts the boy. I think I like this fact most of all. I mean, Joshua killed Neku, lied to him about this, 'killed' him again, and basically got on Neku's nerves most of the time. And yet, Neku trusts him anyway. This fact is what I take as a hint, and as a sign of friendship.

Oh, and no, I'm not a fan of Neku/Shiki. I just don't see them as a couple, even though they kind of remind me of Sora and Kairi. I felt like the Neku/Joshua thing was a little bit more... hm, I don't know the word. But still, both boys are adorable


I only support the friendship between this pair. I don't support the relationship, even though I have completed The World Ends with You.

I don't really support this one for some reason. I don't like it as much as Neku/Joshua and the only real hint I got was that Shiki was Neku's entry fee for the second Game. Yes I know that the entry fee is the most valuable thing to a player, but Shiki might be Neku's entry fee because of how close they became as friends. Plus she is the first friend Neku makes before anyone else. I take the things that happen between them throughout the game as friendship things rather than relationship hints.

Neku and Shiki do remind me of Sora and Kairi (Neku kind of looks like Sora and Shiki looks like Kairi with a similar personality to hers). The relationship between Neku and Shiki, in my opinion, is platonic (however it probably is canon in the game).

List for this game is complete

Pairing Descriptions in TWEWY Story

Updated as of November 30, 2012

MAIN PAIRING: Neku x Joshua

The majority of the hints of this pairing will come from Neku. I've felt like pairing up these two in a one shot after completing Week 2, but decided to write a longer story after completing the whole game. There will be more hints of the pairing though as the story goes on. They will bond with each passing chapter.

Neku is getting along with Joshua currently. Even though Joshua still tends to piss him off, Neku has gotten used to the Composer being back. He hopes that his friends- mainly Shiki and Beat- can do the same. He has already had a slight affection for the ash blonde, but where has that 'affection' disappeared to?

As Neku trusts Joshua, Joshua trusts Neku. To what extent? Well, that's what readers will learn. After all, he is sharing information with Shiki. How much does Neku truly know? Does he know everything the Composer has confided in Shiki? Still though, Joshua is attempting to reach out- subtly. He is still a 'prissy boy' to Neku, but gets along with his ex-proxy. Joshua already has a bit of a 'friendship' with Neku growing, and it seems that's what Merodi hopes for.

In the recent chapter (Chapter 6), Joshua and Neku somehow connect a bit more. In this chapter, the reader and Neku learn that Joshua did in fact have friends while he was still alive, before he became Composer of Shibuya. He does remember what their names had been, but can remember their voices and their appearances. Due to rules set by the Angels, Joshua does not have anything that will remind him of his past connections.

At the end of the chapter, Neku learns that he cares for the Composer, despite not wanting to reveal that to the teen himself.


As of Chapter 6, I have officially decided that this will merely be a friendship pairing. These two are simply 'friends' as Shiki thinks, since Joshua is not very good at saying the word itself. They will have interaction, but not as much as Neku will have with Joshua.

Joshua seems to have trusted Shiki with information while Neku was sleeping against the wall in Chapter 5. This however, isn't the only information that Joshua has told the girl. She doesn't intend to tell Neku any time soon though.

SIDE PAIRING: Merodi x Joshua

Of course I had this pairing. Merodi- the Conductor- has had a history in the past as a Reaper. Joshua has barely given any kind of attention to her and would never think of her as the future Conductor of Shibuya after Kitaniji. If it hadn't been for Mr. Hanekoma, Merodi wouldn't have taken the position in the first place. Sanae had noted that her 'admiration' for the Composer could be more than that. Joshua hasn't shown signs of reciprocating the affection she has. Merodi does not seem keen on looking deeper into her admiration either, and appears to have a goal of some sort. It may involve helping Neku's own relationship with the Composer.

Merodi cares for Joshua and, as respecting him highly, only calls him 'Composer' rather than his real name. She is concerned when she learns of Joshua's Punishment from Mr. Hanekoma in Chapter 6.

SIDE PAIRING: Neku x Shiki

Since this is TWEWY, I kind of figured I needed this pairing. Truthfully, I didn't see Neku and Shiki as a couple- just as friends. I saw the two as 'just friends' even before I ever bought the game. However, my ever so 'slashy' mind came to Neku and Joshua. The game itself gives you hints for all couples you can see, so why not?!
This pairing won't be shown as much like a relationship. You could say the role of this pairing is 'platonic-ly' canon in the story, since the story centers on Neku x Joshua. I will have a few more 'romantic' hints between the two sometime.

PAST PAIRING: Merodi x Saigo

Saigo and Merodi had a close relationship at the end of their own Game. Their personalities clashed earlier, in the beginning of their week. Merodi had been unfeeling and somewhat cold to her partner, while Saigo was cheerful, but also quiet. Throughout the first few days, however, Merodi began to form a friendship with her partner, and started to feel emotions slowly again- which had been her entry fee. Eventually, their feelings for each other started growing. Unfortunately, there came Saigo's untimely erasure and Merodi's acceptance to Reaper-hood. Merodi's new affection for the Composer, Joshua, also stems a bit from the fact that Joshua slightly resembles Saigo, with a few differences in appearance. While the vast difference between the two boys' personalities is evident, Merodi still sees a slight resemblance between Joshua and Saigo through their appearances. The similarity may be something that pushes Merodi to have a liking to Joshua, since she connects his appearance to her original feelings for Saigo.

New Ship in Chapter 7!



Sherlock (BBC TV SERIES)
Sherlock x John (That's Right!) Widely Known as Johnlock


Yup, I am one of those girls who ship these two together. I at first didn't expect to like this couple, but after watching just season 1, I realized how adorable and sweet this pairing is, whether they are friends or shipped together. I bet there are more hints but I have to watch season 2 to see them. This pairing is the most popular one in the Sherlock fandom, which I know for fact. Who can blame the fans who pair them together? I mean, I ship them together and I love their 'bromance', and I love how there are just so many characters who thought they were together. It's just so funny but cute, and Sherlock doesn't pick up on it or John is spoken to by a character who thinks they are a couple. Plus, Sherlock doesn't deny it anyway, so that just gives fangirls, except me shockingly, more 'evidence'. Clearly their 'relationship' is supported by many characters, and I love that the creators decided to add those hints in because it is just hysterical.

I usually don't 'fan girl' over things like slash or anything unless the pairing is actually worth supporting. This pairing though, is WORTH IT!

Hee hee, I'm such a fangirl, and I think I might just like this pairing more than any other pairing out there.

The moment I shipped these two was in 'Study in Pink', when Sherlock thinks John is hitting on him in the restaurant. It's just way too cute and funny. I mean, come on Sherlock! "I'm married to my work", how can you resist the adorableness of John Watson (or Martin Freeman for that matter)?!

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Forever and Always by Funeral.Bell reviews
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Memories of My Friends reviews
It's been a month since the end of his Game. Neku was with his dear friends. Life was good. He didn't think the person he never thought would enter his life again... would return. Now he's got the Composer of Shibuya to deal with again and a new Conductor to see. He even experiences memories now, along with his friends, and a new friendship too. NekuJoshua, Spoilers
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Feelings Grow, as well as Friendships reviews
Mr. Schue has the members of New Directions work in partners to create their own mash ups involving romance. But things go wrong for Rachel and Kurt, since they have to work with each other. New friendships start, and feelings grow! Kurtchel AND Wemma!
Glee - Rated: K - English - Romance/Friendship - Chapters: 8 - Words: 51,375 - Reviews: 13 - Favs: 12 - Follows: 12 - Updated: 4/9/2012 - Published: 5/15/2011 - Kurt H., Rachel B.
Magical Adventures reviews
Lucidea Mage is traveling after a tragic incident in her life. She soon meets a friend who has a dark secret, and romance blossoms, and drama follows. OC/OC
Luna Online - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 2 - Words: 3,020 - Reviews: 3 - Updated: 4/6/2011 - Published: 3/21/2011
A Normal Day
The Doctor, Amy, and Rory return to Leadworth. However it's not the Leadworth they remember, and an old enemy does Amy a favor. Takes place some time after 'The Big Bang'. Warning: References to many episodes... DISCONTINUED
Doctor Who - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Friendship - Chapters: 2 - Words: 7,501 - Updated: 4/3/2011 - Published: 3/31/2011 - 11th Doctor, Amelia P./Amy
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