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Author has written 7 stories for Pokémon, Spectrobes, Luna Online, Doctor Who, Glee, World Ends With You, and Sherlock.

DeviantArt account: Crossreality-dreams:

AO3 account: letsrunawaytogether

*June 22, 2015*

I have now officially returned to full time

This means that I continue certain stories that I have left here. Since I am now 17 and have drastically improved as a writer, I will be editing early chapters of my Pokemon and TWEWY story. I have been out of the loop with FF.Net for three years now, so I have to catch up with these two stories. I have no interest in finishing the Glee and Spectrobe story at the moment, sorry about that. However I will be trying to finish up the other two stories in the meantime. I will be more active during the summer, so I cannot guarantee that I will be the same when school starts up again since I will have to deal with my all AP Class schedule.

I have also recently joined Archive of Our Own. Please note that the stories contain more language compared to my stories here and are mainly slash stories. My AO3 account is: letsrunawaytogether.

*Much of my profile is now changed as of June 22, 2015. You'll find the statuses of specific stories below and if they are still being continued.*

As of my return to FF.Net, the following stories will be continued after having their earlier chapters heavily improved:

-The World Ends with You: Memories of My Friends; currently has seven full chapters; will be continued after improving all seven chapters and editing character information.

-Pokemon Explorers of Sky: Explorers of Sky (Title to be Changed later); currently has eight chapters with chapter nine being the author's note announcing it's previous hiatus. Please note that this story will take much longer to re-update due to the fact that I need to remember the information that I used in the story itself and go over the plot and where the story will be headed. I intend to have it follow the plot of the game, but also add in newer storylines as well for the other characters besides Cyndaquil and expand on Cynda's backstory even more.

=-Story News-=

The Glee and Spectrobes stories will not be updated like the Pokemon and TWEWY stories. I have not played Spectrobes in years and am now seeing how low quality the writing is compared to my writing now. I have also found myself to dislike the story itself, so I am not sure if I want to delete the story or change it completely.

I have not watched Glee since the end of Season 3 (when many of the original members of the club graduate). I have lost interest in the story and the pairing itself (Hummelberry) but may be willing to update it again because of the reception it's received, as it is my third most popular story. However, for now, both stories are still officially on hiatus until further notice. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The World Ends with You Story News

Most Recent Update: 11-30-12

Update as of June 22, 2015

'Memories of My Friends' is still going to be an active story. I fully intend to finish up this story. I have to go over the original characters, their backstories, and where this story is heading, as well as the ending. This will take some time, so bear with me. Because of the fact that this was a much more recent story compared to the others, the writing will not need to be as heavily edited. However it will still take awhile to actually add a new chapter to this.

NEWEST STORY: Memories of My Friends (The World Ends with You)


Updated as of June 22, 2015

I am currently working on:

Memories of My Friends (NEWEST STORY) {Main focus} Third Longest Story

Story Records:

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky (Most work completed so far)

Feelings Grow as well as Friendships (Second-longest work so far)

Memories of My Friends (Third Longest Story)

Spectrobes: Oblivious Fourth Longest Story

NEW! One Shot (s):
Doctor Who/Sherlock Crossover!: The Two Lonely Doctors (Completed)

These three stories are now on HIATUS until Memories of My Friends is completed:

Spectrobes: Oblivious

Friendships Grow as well as Feelings

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky

Updated as of June 22, 2015

The following stories will remain on Hiatus until the completion of Memories of My Friends and Explorers of Sky:

-Spectrobes: Oblivious

-Glee: Friendships Grow as well as Feelings

Personal Information Heavily Edited as of June 22, 2015

Gender: Female

Race: Filipino

Loves: My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way, Frank Iero, Final Fantasy XIII series, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, Marching Band/Band in general

Likes: Archive of Our Own fanfiction works/writers, Tumblr

Favorite DS Games: The World Ends with You, Pokemon (any), Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and Re:Coded, Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar

Favorite PS3 Games: Final Fantasy XIII series, Fallout 3 and New Vegas, Mass Effect 2, InFamous and InFamous 2, BioShock Series, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

=*On Hiatus stories:

As of June 22, 2015, these stories will remain on Hiatus until the completion of the Pokemon and TWEWY stories.

1. Spectrobes: Oblivious (On HIATUS until TWEWY Story is finished)

2. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky (On HIATUS until TWEWY Story is finished) (9 completed chapters) (Chapter 10 is being written and is Part 2 of Chapter 9's plot) This story is out of of Hiatus and will be updated with the TWEWY story

3. GLEE: Feelings Grow, as well as Friendships (On HIATUS until TWEWY Story is finished) (7 completed chapters) (Chapter 8 is currently being written and will be added some time before the Pokemon story is updated)

Unfinished/No longer updated stories:

1. Luna Online: Magical Adventures (Will no longer be written due to the game file being erased from my laptop-the only thing I could use for Luna Online)

2. Doctor Who: A Normal Day (NOTE: THIS STORY WILL NO LONGER BE UPDATED. Reason for this is: the season that was running while I wrote my story is finished, along with the season after it. I don't have as much interest in this story nor the pairing at this point since there really is no point to the pairing at all so it's officially abandoned.)

Shippings List has been updated to include all stories as of November 18, 2012

Updated as of June 22, 2015

Current Shippings in MY STORIES:

World Ends with You Memories of My Friends: Neku x Joshua (MAIN Pairing)_ Merodi x Joshua (Possibly one-sided, whether one-sided or reciprocated will be determined)_ Neku x Shiki (Side pairing, may be one-sided)_ Merodi x Saigo (Mentioned, Past)_ Shiki x Joshua (FRIENDSHIP ONLY)

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky: Cyndaquil x Riolu_Cyndaquil x Mawile (Currently on Hiatus)

*Cyndaquil x Riolu will be changed to become a platonic ship/friendship only pairing. This will be incorporated into the story officially in a later chapter*

Luna Online- Magical Adventures: Lucid Mage x Everell Decri (So far) (Story no longer being continued) DISCONTINUED

Doctor Who- A Normal Day: 11th Doctor x Amy_Amy x Rory (Story no longer being continued) DISCONTINUED

Spectrobes- Oblivious: Rallen x Jeena_Rallen x Lunara (Currently on Hiatus)

glee: Feelings Grow, as well as Friendships: Kurt/Rachel (couple, Kurchel or HummelBerry)_ Will/Emma (Wemma)_ Finn/Rachel (Finnchel)_Hints of Brittney/Santana (Brittana)_ Carl/Emma (Carma) (Rarely shown) (Currently on Hiatus)

All information about ships in my TWEWY story are now kept on a document for myself. I will be using this to help me review what i had previously planned for the characters and story.

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