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YO,YO,YO, crazychick1313 here! I'm 16 years old and dream one day to become a ninja that makes space cows kill anyone that pisses me off.

My favorite song is Twinkle Twinkle Patrick Star and ya I like Spong Bob, got a problem Bitch?

By the way I like to cuss.:3

I can be happy one minute then the next I'm sad crying for who the fuck knows. But what's ironic is that I'm not bipolar. It's true! I've been tested.

Most of the stuff that comes out of my mouth is just random shit that doesn't make sense half the time.

Favorite amimal: CATS
Favorite way to annoy some one:Take a silver doller and put my A.B.C. gum on one side. Then put the side with the gum on it on the grown. After that watch poeple try to pick it up.
Favorite cuss word:Fuck
Favorite anime: Soul Eater( for now)

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