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Hello. I'm just an amateur at these kinds of things. Let's see ... I'm horrible at writing romance and all that crap. I make up names, but for the love of God, barely use them. To make up names, I look on some name sites that also list the meanings. I have way too much free time for my own good, so usually, I'm typing, sleeping, playing games, at school, eating, or watching anime. There's a good list of them, but right now, I'm focused on KHR.

Now for a bit more self introductions!

Name: I use Alice (There's no way I'm going to tell you my real name. Though it starts with the same letter.)

Grade: High school

Gender: Female

Birthday: April 3

My top ten favorite anime/manga are (in no particular order):

Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Fairy Tail


One Piece

.hack (any of them)

Soul Eater

Shaman King

Rave Master

Inuyashi (which I haven't watched in a long time)

D Gray Man

Naruto used to be on it, but it got really annoying.

I've already typed up a fair amount of chapters on my KHR story. And I usually add an OC. Except some might still be developing in name, appearance, personality (which I'm bad at showing), and abilities. I'm not putting in any yaoi, for all you yaoi fans. Good luck to me.

Fanfiction I have posted (or will post)

Shadows and Reflections (SaR): Tsuna has a twin in this one. Ah, but this is undergoing a lot of revision. Sorry, readers. Oh, don't worry. This copy will be kept and maybe updated. Prepare for some confusion. And scratch that out. We're sticking to this being the discontinued version.

Tsuna's Thoughts on Fanfiction (TToFF): And Tsuna is the reviewer along with me. We get some guests, some unwanted. This is updated every other week on Thursdays according to my timezone. And the only casualty we had was me and another author (both by Hibari and one almost by HDWM Tsuna)

Twin Trouble (TT): The revised version of Shadows and Reflections.

Memories of Famiglia (MoF): The first angst story I have ever written. I scare myself with this one. I really do. It makes me, the person who cries only when she hates herself very much (don't ask), almost cry. That's scary. Anyway, the only summary I am going to provide is: Tsuna commits suicide. I am going to be killed by fangirls.


Forest's Canvas: A 100xOC fic. I'm scaring myself with the ideas I come up with this one. If this ever gets posted and the fans like the OC...then they are not going to like the ending. 8-10 chapters. Takes place before the Future Arc.

Monochrome Canvas: The planned sequel to Forest's Canvas, which will take place after the Shimon Arc. The prequel's not even posted yet and I already have the sequel planned out. Alice, you should probably stop talking now.

Oneshots: Maybe. If I can figure exactly what to write about.

So basically, the only thing you need to know about me is that I can be optimistic, pessimistic, indecisive, picky about grammar, bad at keeping promises, and a bit emo. Oh, and I have self-hate issues. I am a confusing person.