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Hi. (By the way, I'm a girl.)

Age: 16

I know strange things for a girl to like, but I'm Unique and I like the way I am, if anyone likes these movies great if you don't fine, if you want to read books from my imagination than go to fictionpress and look for Lycan95, if you think my stories are good here, than you might actually like the ones that i think of, the frightening mind of me, haha :P

Quotes from my favorite movie ever: Gone in 60 seconds

Sway: I've got two jobs. I've discovered that you have to work twice as hard when it's honest.

Sway: What do you think is more exciting , having sex or boosting cars?
Memphis: Having sex or boosting cars... Um, oo! Uh. How about having sex WHILE boosting cars?

Memphis: [Gesturing to Sway] Still looking amazing.
Sway: While *you*... still look like a bible salesman.
Memphis: [Reaching out and touching her forehead] You're healed.

Quotes from 2 Fast 2 Furious:

Roman: You're not gonna do what I think you're gonna do.
Brian O'Connor: Yeah, I think so.

Brian O'Connor: So, Dunn, looks like we're gonna be partners, bro. Could you tell me right quick what would be a better motor for my Skyline, a Gallo 12 or a Gallo 24?
Agent Dunn: Um...
[clears throat]
Agent Dunn: 24?
Brian O'Connor: I didn't know pizza places made motors.

Roman Pearce: What you checkin' her out for?
Brian O'Connor: I'm not checkin' her out.
Roman Pearce: Yes, you were.
Brian O'Connor: No, I wasn't.
Roman Pearce: I seen you checkin' her out man.
Brian O'Connor: Ok, I was. Now shut up.
Roman Pearce: You shut up. Don't tell me to shut up.
Monica: Both you girlies shut up.

Quotes from Hancock:

Michel: Asshole.
Hancock: [leans in close to Michel] Call me an asshole one more time.
Michel: Asshole.
Hancock: [grabs Michel and launches him into the sky; turns to chubby kid] You got a problem Thickness?
[chubby kid shakes his head; turns to kid with glasses]
Hancock: How about you Goggles?
[kid with glasses shakes his head]

Hancock: Call me an asshole one more time.

Ray Embrey: [shows Hancock a comic book with a picture of a spandex clad superhero on it] What do you think of when you see this?
Hancock: Homo.
Ray Embrey: [shows him another comic with a hero in red spandex] And this?
Hancock: Homo in red.
Ray Embrey: [shows him a third comic with a blonde-haired hero] And this?
Hancock: Norwegian homo.

Hancock: I hate to burst your little crazy-lady bubble, but it most not been all that great, 'cause I don't remember you.
Mary Embrey: Call me crazy one more time.
Hancock: Cuckoo.

There is one thing I do find easy to live by, like when you're afraid to approach someone, just keep this in mind, you just need 20 seconds of insane courage, heard that off the movie We Bought A Zoo, its a cute movie and what the dad says is true, that's all you need is 20 seconds to do or say what it is that you need to.

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