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Ugg... Well I'm not doin' much. I'm working on Oni fanfics, but that's slow and tedious. I just lost one of my pieces of paper that had a new character on it. I'll be making at least two or three brand spankin' new characters up, introducing each one and then wrapping them up into a story...
Oh wait... Only people who have read my trilogy have any idea whatsoever of what I just said. Well then... hmmm... about me? There's really nothing unique to know about me. I'm a sophomore in a highschool in the midwest... It's boring and it sucks. But now my girlfriend keeps me from goin' nuts. Glad I finally met a girl. I was about to snap... Oh right, you don't care about that either... hmmmm... something you would care about?
Well I enjoy alternative music like Greenwheel (their cd rocks if you haven't picked it up) and... oh yeah... speaking of Greenwheel. That band came, together, straight out of highschool, right? Well guess what? IT WAS MY HIGHSCHOOL! Not much to brag about, but hey, what else do I have bragging rights to. I write stories and get all pasty white during the winter 'cause I stay inside all the time. So if you only remember one thing about me, remember that Greenwheel went to my highschool.

Life sucks. You die one minute at a time, and I fully believe in that... My life has gone to hell. My girlfriend is gone. She broke it off for a few months. Everything has piled on during finals. I'm screwed. I feel like someone ripped me into little, broken heart-shaped, pieces.

The Power Struggle Trilogy reviews
This is my trilogy that I wrote to pick up the storyline of ONI, starting after the game ends... I apologize for chapter one having the same title as WJTW's fic... unfortunately I wrote my story before he did, but I just now got a hold of Microsoft Word f
Oni - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Sci-Fi - Chapters: 3 - Words: 14,433 - Reviews: 2 - Published: 12/7/2002