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I have decided to give my profile a complete revamp! Yay!

Er, anyway, HI 8D

You know there are some people out there who have these amazing profiles that are totally hilarious or really cool or something? Well, I apologise because if you are bothering to read all this random rambling of mine in hopes that this will turn out to be one of those profiles, it's not.

Oh, believe me, I've tried. But in the end, all I can say is about my profile is that it is utterly, completely me.

FACTS ABOUT ME (that you may or may not want to know):

#1. I am WEIRD 8D But then again, I find the nicest people often are. Like my closest friends. Or maybe it's because I'm weird and they're weird too that I find them nice? Hmm...

#2. I'm a pretty moody person, and random (or maybe I'm random cos I'm moody? Argh, all these chicken and egg questions...) Sometimes I'm like the happiest, perkiest, most irritating creature on the planet, sometimes I'm this dark creature huddled in a corner surrounded by some sort of strange aura and emitting despair and negetive energy, and then there are days I'm just really snappy and pissed at the world in general, while sometimes I'm just a little...okay, kind of...I mean, quite...well, absolutely hysterical bordering the edge of psychotic.

#3. I love manga, anime, books, and of course, fanfiction. In fact, I live on them.

#4. It's terrible, I know, but I'm a born slacker. I procrastinate all the time. Like by doing this profile instead of preparing for my exams. This is also the reason (albeit a very weak one) I take so long to update my one multi-chaptered fic. I won't write until I am suddenly hit by the inspiration and drive (which is not something that happens very often, sad to say) That's why I'm better at one-shots, which I can write within the first hour or so after getting zapped by that strange energy called perserverance, which I could really use more of.

#5. FOOD. Some people eat to live, I live to eat. Hehehe if you catch me in an oddly contemplative mood and ask me what I'm thinking about, I'll either say "My life," OR "Fanfiction," OR "How much I'm screwed for this algebra test," OR "What I should eat to celebrate the end of the exams, although that is more than a month away," I prefer savoury foods to sweet, but I do occasionally have my sweet tooth cravings.

I have two awesome friends in school, who are fangirls and otakus, just like me! We're a trio, and we all just happen to sit together in class in a sort of laterally inverted "L" shape. We're a happy, crazy bunch, happy to do crazy things together. Hehe sometimes I like to liken us to the Bad Touch Trio in Hetalia. I'm Gilbert, cos I'm awesome. Duh. My chirpy friend is Antonio, though she's not a pedo, even if she did adopt Taemin as her baby. My other friend is Francis, though she is in no way a rapist. Even if she does read yaoi and smu-- er, never mind. I think we're kinda like those three cos we're kind of childish, a little perverted, and most importantly we're always there for each other.

Oh gosh, I discovered I am a huge sucker for war romance stories. They always make me cry! Me, who almost never cries, no matter what. Give me Romeo & Juliet, and I'll just say "Aren't they underaged? And Romeo's such a player, I mean, at first he was all like dpressed and heartbroken, but then he suddenly decides he's in love with this girl he's met once (and she was wearing a mask too!) And seriously, dude, check if he's breathing first before you just happily kill yourself!" Don't get me wrong, I love Shakespeare, but this is not my idea of a fantastic romance. But war romances...young and excited and passionate but yet...all the uncertainty! And then he's sent for war and you never know if he's coming back, and you hear things, and you don't know wether to believe it, and you're so worried and...and...ALL THESE FEELS.

Some of my favourite book series:

-Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer. An action packed series, chock full of awesome technology, spunky fairies, amazing butlers and you just gotta love an evil billionaire teenage genius ;)

-The Abarat series by Clive Barker. This series is just brilliant. Seriously. Dark, whimsical, and phantasmagorial, the Abarat and its inhabitants are completely out of this world and I just love it.

-Harry Potter by J.K Rowling. Heehee the world famous boy who lived, with his magical world so close to our own. It seemed all so simple at first, then it got all complex and dark and serious and when the whole thing ended, I was just like...woah.

-Septimus Heap by Angie Sage. Also one about wizards, but I love the world Angie Sage creates. The castle, the ramblings, the wizard tower...If you enjoyed Harry Potter, I think you'll like this too.

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