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Yes, I was formally known as Kindlover123. If you haven't noticed that I changed my name, well I'm sorry to say you need to go to the eye doctor. My profile seemed out of date. I've changed a lot this year. For this year, I will be going to Washington D.C. Boy, it's going to be fun. Unfortunately, afterwards I have to write an essay about it. But my little head can't withstand all that information. I used to have songs on here but that was last year. I've changed it. On my profile I'm going put incoming stories put as soon as I can. I know I haven't undated a lot of stories but hopefully I'll get through some now. Instead, of writing my inside jokes in my stories I'll write them all in my profile. Finally, my name is Amy. I have a middle name also. But I'm not going to tell you mine though. Sorry. Now you may think why did you change your name again? Well, to be honest I don't like it anymore. So it's called Littlemeister.

Hey, so I have been getting lots of comments about the Annabeth Jackson Vs. Katniss Mellark story. I want to say that I've decided to continue it and I'll be posting a new chapter. I know I lost some of the readers and I have to say I'm really sorry I haven't been updating it. So I will soon, I promise. In this case I will be updating Titan's Road and Necklace of Delphi also. It might take a while but I will finish. I now have a Fictionpress account and I will be writing on that too. However, those stories on their will not be relating to other books I've read.

Name- Amy but called me Littlemeister

Grade- 9th grader

Hobbies- Soccer, cross-country, indoor and outdoor track, reading, writing, listening to music, and making fires.

Colors- Green and blue

Favorite type of music- Alternative, Rock and Pop

-I'm pretty witty and sarcastic.

-I hate when I sound like a hypocrite.

-I like being random it's just me.

-Live life to the fullest or you will be stuck think what could be.

*If you love something set it free, if it comes back to you it's yours. If it doesn't, then it was never meant to be!*

*To be old and wise first you must be young and stupid!*

*Don't take life too seriously. You'll never get out of it alive!*

*Life is a drawing, just without eraser and without Photoshop!*

Most Rescent Story Amy VS. Teachers

Amy- (Walks into History- A period- in this classroom with a middle-aged teacher)

Mr. H- "Oh, Good Morning, Amy."

Amy- "Hey..."

Rest of the class walks in dragging their feet as they crossed from the halls into the history room.

Mr. H- "Okay, I can't have this. You guys need to talk. I know it's not even 8 a.m. in the morning but I wish it was later. I want to see you actully talk."

Amy- I whispered to my friend next to me. "He thinks we can't talk?" (Rolls eyes)

Friend- *Laughs*

Mr. H- "Amy, no talking!"

Amy- "Wait, didn't you say you wanted to us talk more."

Class- *Laughs*

Mr. H- "Anyway, I want you to write down something that we could do that would wake you guys up. This will be anonymous so please don't write your name."

Amy- I write. *Please stop cracking your jokes because they aren't funny. If they area funny then we'll laugh.*

Mr. H- *Gets the list of what people wrote. Reads some aloud.*

Amy- *Sitting and staring out the window.*

Mr. H- "Whoa! Who's hatin' on me? Reads, 'Please stop cracking your jokes because they aren't funny. If they area funny then we'll laugh.' What's up with that?"

Class- *Laughs harder then before*

Mr. H- "Who wrote that? What is Kayla?"

Kayla- "No, I said the thing about hot chocolate."

Kurt- "I think that was Amy."

Mr. H- "Amy you hatin' on me?"

Amy- "Ummmmmmmmm..."

Mr. H- *Goes on a tangent*

Class- *Laughs at Mr. H*

Hey, I can't say much of what happened between this teacher and I. Lets just say that everytime I walk in he keeps bugging me about it. I can't be the only one with teachers problems. If you want to tell me your story with teachers, please private message me. I might put it on my profile. Best of luck.


Week of Feb. 12th through the 19th.

Amy- "Ugh, I'm sick and bored."

Dad- "Amy get your book report done."

Amy- "Noooooo I'm too lazy. Plus I have a week to do that stuff."

Dad- "I know you will wait till the last minute and ask me to help me."

Amy- "No I don't. Plus this time I won't."

Dad- "Famous last words."

(Two days before the book report was due!)

Amy- "Holy shitters, I have a book report. Hey dad can you help me?"

Dad- "Ugh fine."

(Night of the book report was due)

Dad- "You should've a plan."

Amy- "I did plan."

Dad- "I've told you two weeks before to work on your book report."

(All in all your parents don't want you to fail even how late you start a project.) I think most people had the same experience with parents. Am I wrong?

On Friday, I was in math class. Don't get me wrong I love math. Unfortunately, we have reviewed all the math we learned already. Fun, right? This was Alegbra class. No, I'm not in the high school yet. Anyway, I was super bored. A friend of mine sat in the back of me because she was talking to the girl who was in back of her. Everytime she turned to talk to her friend I would move her math binder in the desk's self/basket/bin and on top of her desk. My friend that sat across from me put a per-alegbra book on my seat as a joke. I took book and switched it out with the binder. When Cat was turned around. I gave the binder to my other friend who then put the binder in the desk behind her. This is where the conversation starts. Right after math class was over I walked to the desk, pulled out the binder and went into the hall.

Amy- "Hey Cat!"

Cat turns my way.

Cat- "What, Amy?"

Amy- "I think your missing something."

Cat- "No I'm not." While she looked through her bag.

Amy- "You sure? I mean I found this black binder." I showed her the binder.

Cat- "Amy! You took my binder. How did you get it." She grabs the binder back.

Amy- I smiled. "I found it in the trash bin. No I'm kidding."


Hey, I know my profile is longer than I wished it would be. Yeah, I know I would cut some of the stuff but I don't want to.

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