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Author has written 2 stories for Spyro the Dragon.

I am a Spyro writer as you can see.

I have a very strict way of writing what can sometimes be a weakness:

I never cover anything up. If I put something in that I do that good and full even if I don't like it myself. My chapter are always long and very refined. Because I am Dutch I sometimes can miss spellings and grammer mistakes. However I am doing my very best to pick them out. Mostly I spent like ten times as much time refining my chapter then actually writing it.

Sometimes people can get annoyed by my persistent questions. If you do then just notice me. I am very hard to offend and I will always reply. I have a regular weekend every four weeks in which I am unavailable so if you don’t receive a response then either I am on that weekend or I am to busy. Since leaving school my writing has slowly collapsed and now it has stopped completely.

My future is still very uncertain; I work for a supermarket company now but I don't like it one bit so how long that will stay is the question. Because of my autism a normal education is not an option so we're working like crazy to get something. All of that is putting so much strain on me that writing now is not possible. I don't think I will be writing again this year but I still love being here and comment on stories.

I also have a whole lot more going on so I am doing my best to cope with it all but life can be hard.

My main starting point is deviantart. I have my oppinions about my chapters there as well as all my journals. If you want to know more about me visit my deviantpage

If you you ever want to use anything from me. (characters, events, stuff) you can ask. I will allow a lot but I always want to accuratly want to know what you're going to do with it. If I keep appearing hostile than it is not my intension. Before I agree to anything I want to really know what it is.

My characters (Warning! contains spoilers)

The main, major and minor things refer to their significance in the story: main characters stand on their own. The story is directly about them. major characters have significant roles and can even be the centre of attention sometimes. However they exist through a main characters and don’t stand on their own. Minor characters have only occasional appearances without any significant influence or they appear only during a very short time-frame.

Main characters

Name: ?

Age: ?

Gender: Female

Element: ?

Connections: Seeing her appearance she is likely connected to Cynder in some way, possibly also to Malefor.

Appearance: Looks identical to Cynder when she was under control of the dark master, the only tiny difference is that Cynder still had her green eyes while this dragoness has red eyes. However right now she looks different because she is emaciated and covered with injuries.

Personality: acts very aggressive towards anyone who approaches her. It is still a mystery whatever she is good or evil.

Role in the story: Only made a two short appearances yet so it is impossible to tell. However this might change soon. If she has any special powers like Cynder had and still has is also still unknown.

Name: Georga

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Element: earth

Connections: -foster father: Volt. -Twin brother: Gaius (deceased). –best friend: Oxidus. -Friends: Ember, Cynder.

Appearance: Has a jade green body with a light brown belly and with yellow wing membranes. She has two large yellow horns that are spiraled with a rim. A very long and thin body for an earth dragon. Has a large brown knotted globe on her tail. She has clear blue eyes.

Personality: A pretty common dragoness that knows how to have a good time and doesn’t care much about dignity. Has a love for Taviboah’s and can eat very filthy on non formal occasions. Makes friends very easily and is on good terms with everyone with Flannery being the only exception. She is a kind and very generous dragoness who likes helping others. However she can become very sad and often has problems keeping it together mentally in stressful times. Then she acts very dependant on her friends.

Role in the story: Helps Spyro and Cynder drop their maturity façade and act their age. She lives with her guardian Volt in a totally normal house and doesn’t appear special at all. In the beginning she also serves as a role model for Spyro and Cynder on how to be normal. Although she a bit awed in the beginning, she is the first one to really treats Spyro and Cynder as peers. Not particularly powerful but can sometimes still pack a punch. She also is mentally weak and can easily fall into despair. She works the dragon day-care together with her colleague Zorgna. She is childhood friend with Oxidus and is also starting to develop special feelings for him. Before she had a brother: Gaius. But he has passed and now Georga is very scared that she is losing Oxidus as well as he seems to sink deeper and deeper into his depression. However her friends have given her hope that she shouldn’t give up. Now she tries to help him although she has no idea how. She sees Volt also as her father just like he sees her as his daughter.

Name: Oxidus

Age: 13

Gender: male

Element: fire

Connections: -Mother: Fuoca (deceased). –Father: Thundus (deceased). –Sister: Igüsa. –brother: Furno. –Best friend: Georga.

Appearance: a large fire dragon with a very low build and a light red colour. His height is lower then Spyro but he does have more body volume. He has bright and impressive golden wings and a set of plain orange horns that are curved a bit backwards. He has thick paws and a thick tail. His tail appendix is a large double sided barbed hook that looks a bit like a very nasty fishing hook. He has large bright orange eyes. Some say that he glows because of his bright colours.

Personality: A complicated dragon. Is very depressive since the death of his mother but her death doesn’t seem the main reason for his depression. Before he was a enthusiastic and carefree dragon who loved to play with Georga. He loves to fight and always fought with passion. Right now that passion is gone and he fights emotionlessly. He takes great pride in his power and skills and get’s mad whenever he feels mocked. He is very reserved about what he is thinking and very often doesn’t reply if he does not want to answer a question. However his depression hasn’t made him completely shut off and he still shows emotion and caring for Georga and his family. Oxidus can also be ruthless and when he is he is more than capable to rip anyone to shreds who threatens his loved ones.

Role in the story: Lives with his older sister Igüsa and his little brother Furno in an old and small house. Their family is very poor and needs to work hard to earn their living. He is teacher and teaches fire moves at a dojo in the centre of the city. All his students are older then him though nobody cares. He seems very absent minded and very depressive and never tells anyone what he is thinking. Georga, Igüsa and also Spyro and Cynder are all trying to lift him out of his despair but nothing seems to work. He still sees Georga as his best friend but wants to keep her at a distance. He also acts this way towards his family although deep inside he loves them and never wants to hurt them. It is a mystery of what is going on inside his mind. His fighter’s name is Volcano master. His battle abilities are very impressive as he is able to win his first fight in mere seconds. An example of the extent of his power is when he is able to easily beat and afterwards nearly kill a powerful full grown dragon.

Name: Igüsa

Age: 23

Gender: female

Element: Fire

Connections: -Mother: Fuoca (deceased). –Father: Thundus (deceased). –brothers: Furno, Oxidus. –Friends: Frost, Zerzelie.

Appearance: A relatively small dragoness with a sleek and long body. She has a hook tail appendix just like her brother but she only has one hook and it doesn’t have barbs. She has many coloured decorations on her body. Her body is well formed and she sometimes called sexy because of that.

Personality: A very kind dragoness with a soft and sweet voice and a personality to match. She is polite to guests and friendly towards everyone. When someone is in trouble she also puts that person before herself. She mostly acts like an mature adult because she tries to be strong for her brothers. However she is still quite young herself and some girl traces are still left in her. She can still act like a teenager sometimes, especially if she is in a good mood. She also has a very short fuse and when she looses her temper she acts very aggressive and sometimes even violent. This sometimes can get her into trouble. Despite this Igüsa does not like to battle.

Role in the story: Has taken over the role as mother when Fuoca passed. Igüsa is still virgin and doesn’t have maternal instincts. She has observed her mother very well and uses the parenting tactics she learned to educate her brothers. However because she does it from knowledge instead of instinct she sometimes appears artificial when she has to be a mother in emotional moments. One thing that also appears is that the family isn’t parent and child but that they are all siblings of each other. She can sometimes still have sibling quarrels especially with Oxidus. To make money she used to work as a maid for Blizzard. He treated her very poorly and she also hates the job but it was the only thing available to her. When Oxidus nearly kills him Igüsa saves him but Blizzard still fires her nonetheless. Then her friend Frost together with Spyro convince Cyril to give her a new job. She kisses Cyril in her enjoyment when he tells her. Now she is the cleaner at the citadel. . She is friends with Zerzelie who has volunteered to look after Furno when the daycare is closed. Igüsa also feels the pain of her mother’s death but she pushes that away and remains strong for her family. Because of her beautiful and sexy body Igüsa is sometimes harassed but she is never really impressed

Major characters

Furno: Younger brother of Oxidus. Is only 3 and still really a whelpling. During the day he stays at the same day-care where Georga works. Seems oblivious to his mother’s passing and is cheerful and can be quite a handful for both Igüsa and Georga. He does do what he is told but can do naughty things if he suspects that no one is looking. Can’t speak all that well and uses simple sentences. He gives everyone he knows shorter names that are easier to pronounce. Although he is still very young, he already shows the bravery of a real warrior just like his big brother or maybe even more so. He is curious, mischievous and loves to eat.

Volt: The guardian of Georga. He is a colossal and very muscular electric dragon with a very low and a very intimidating voice what makes Spyro and Cynder cringe when he first meets them. He can be a bit harsh on Georga and can sometimes even spank her. However when Georga is really in trouble all his toughness drops away and it is obvious that Georga means more to him than anything. He used to be a harsher parent but since Gaius died he has turned softer on Georga. He truly tries everything he can to be a successful parent but often fails to give the support Georga needs. Although Georga is officially not his daughter he does sees her as such. He is infertile and gets mad whenever Georga brings up anything that has to do with reproduction. He may look big and tough but inside he is just a big softie. He is also an outstanding cook.

Frost: A 13 aged dragon who lives in the high parts of Warfang. Son of a rich and famous aristocratic ice dragon, he has everything a young dragon could ever wish for and advance some. However he isn’t spoiled and is an excellent host. Acts like a real gentleman when meeting strangers and especially when meeting dragonesses. He is very popular and is great with the crowds of people. He has great social skills and knows every dragon that is young or means something in the city. He even manages to summon nearly every young dragon in Warfang in just one day. He isn’t on good terms with his father but can’t stand up to him. However despite that his father doesn’t have a very strong hold on him and he can mostly just do what he wants. He advocates for Igüsa but since his father pays her he can’t do all that much. When Frost wants something he get’s it. Not because of his money but because there is nothing that Frost can’t get done. He is good friends with Spyro. Despite that he is very popular he can sometimes be quite lonely as his father rarely shows real love towards him. Igüsa sometimes fills in that role as a kind of repayment for Frost’s kindness to her. While Frost is great with crowds and can play with anyone he isn’t very good in more intimidate situation and tends to easily get embarrassed. When Igüsa is fired he joins up with Spyro and convince Cyril to hire her. His exuberant and all accepting personality is a sharp contrast to his father’s patronizing attitude to all other dragons.

Flannery: A cocky fire dragoness who participates in the Igus fire cup. Has an extremely course build and is also huge in size. Cynder mistakes her for a boy on first sight. Her enormous amount of muscle and her almost masculine voice makes that an easy mistake. Very blunt and invites Cynder to her house after she just met her. However acts like brat at home and isn’t on good terms with everyone. Actually she only has 1 real friend: Inge. She doesn’t like it when het mother looks after Furno and hates it when he calls her ‘Flanny’ so she calls him ‘shrimp’ in return. However Furno doesn’t seem to take that as a insult and her mother prevents her from doing anything more. Her parents are Zerzelie and Globe, this also makes her one of the few young dragons who still has both her parents. She is the only dragon who Georga doesn’t get along with well. She is very boastful and arrogant, however this confidence is not ungrounded as Flannery is an extremely powerful fire dragoness.

Blizzard: Father of Frost and former boss of Igüsa. An elitist ice dragon with a huge swollen head and a patronizing view on all non-aristocratic dragons. This even includes Spyro despite his legendary purple dragon status. Often quarrels with his son because Frost interacts with common dragons and he views that as a disgrace. He tries to keep his son from interacting with lesser dragons but can’t get much hold on his son’s activities. Treats Igüsa very poorly and often barks at her. This finally erupts when he attacks Igüsa after a misunderstanding and then Oxidus almost kills him. When he has recovered he doesn’t show any gratitude for Igüsa because she saved him and fires her. Later on he is forced to pay for all the damage and all bills and get’s thrown out of the exclusive honour box.

Wilmfe: Mother of Ember. Cares for Ember but acts very violent towards her. She has spanked Ember since Ember was little and she doesn’t show any signs of stopping with it. During a spanking she appears totally unaffected by her daughter’s tears or her shouts of pain. She also has no problems adding blows if Ember talks during a spanking or shows even the tiniest sign of rebellion. She can also seems uninterested in Ember sometimes as she doesn’t go to watch her matches or doesn’t show any interest for when she brings friends home. She is however polite and friendly towards strangers and guests. She allows Ember some freedom but always make sure her daughter never steps out of line. Although she seems cruel sometimes Wilmfe actually does care for her daughter and truly wants her to succeed.

Minor characters

Zorgna: An ice dragoness who works at the dragon day-care together with Georga. Asks favors of Georga sometimes and always wants to repay and be repaid for services, she never does anything for free. A very caring dragoness nonetheless and great with young dragons. Has a tendency to gossip sometimes.

Panten: A mole painter who lives close to Georga. Makes the posters for the Igus cup. Has an informal and blunt way of doing business and takes a great amount of liberty in making his artwork. He doesn’t have such a neat shop and isn’t very clean himself. He gives Cynder the nickname: Blacky. What Cynder absolutely hates.

Zerzelie: A fire dragoness who is the mother of Flannery. She is a close friend of Igüsa and looks after Furno now that the day-care is closed because of the tournament. In parenting she doesn't seem to have done a very good job with Flannery's bratty attitude. She is defeated by Ember in the tournament.

Inge: A fire dragoness who particiapates in the Igus cup. She is has her own unique attack called the fire whip. She is part of Frost’s gang and friends with Ember. However closest she is to Flannery, from who she is the only true friend. She is a bit shy and passive sometimes but by no means weak.

These OC’s belong to me and if you want to use them then you will have to gain my permission.

Existing characters.

Main characters

Name: Spyro

Age: 13

Gender: male

Element: fire + electricity + ice + earth

Connections: -Foster parents: Nina, Flash. –foster brother: Sparx. -Best friend: Cynder. -Friends: Ember, Frost.

Personality: is a bit jaded in life because he had to fight at a very young age for a very long time. Otherwise has a very joyful and carefree personality. He likes to play tailball and also really likes sparring matches. He is polite to strangers and has never wants to hurt another’s feelings. He possesses a strong will to help those in need.

Info: Spyro get’s annoyed by the constant praising and honouring that all the inhabitants of Warfang give him and Cynder as war heroes. He wants to be just a normal dragon. Sometimes a bit shy and reserved he is however skilled in giving speeches what even surprises himself sometimes. Releases his maturity façade before Cynder and plays around with the toys of the guardians. Isn’t fertile yet and unlike Cynder not sexually active either. Although he likes Cynder he hates it when she flirts or draws very close to him. In the beginning he accepted it but Cynder won’t stop drawing closer and he still wants some distance between him and Cynder. It seems he tolerance grows less and less each time. He keeps denying that he and Cynder are mates whenever someone brings it up. Unlike Cynder he has no problem fighting her as he doesn’t see their battle as anything serious. When Igüsa is fired he comes up with the plan to let Cyril hire her. Recently he is starting to develop a strong friendship with Ember as well. He has the fighter’s name Legendary purple one

Name: Cynder

Age: 13

Gender: female

Element: poison + fear + wind + shadow

Connections: -Best friend/mate: Spyro. -Friends: Ember, Georga.

Personality: Also jaded by life just like Spyro. Is more mature than he is, however she can play with toys if she wants to. She mostly acts less carefree and more serious than Spyro because she never was a whelpling. She has a strong sense of dignity what can sometimes be very burdensome for herself and other characters. She also has a strong sense of justice what can cause her to react very fiercely whenever she suspects injustice. She can also sometimes jump to conclusions too quickly before knowing the full story.

Info: Her past as the terror of the skies never seems to get away from her and she is reminded of it again and again. Because of her lack of a real youth she is very poor with whelplings. She really envies anyone who has parents because she never has had any. She is deeply in love with Spyro and wants to do things like kissing him and cuddling up to him to sleep. Spyro however doesn’t want that and keeps pushing her away. Cynder sometimes has a tendency to keep to much inside. She sometimes has some problems with Frost as she isn’t fund of aristocrats. When Georga turns depressive Cynder tries to help her, the first time she succeeds but the second time she fails. Only when she joins up with Ember do they succeed. Cynder has dreams that are only a voice that somehow seems familiar to her. Those dreams appear at random nights and are about random situations. She most certainly has a lot on her mind for someone her age. She has the fighter’s name Angel of Darkness. When she is disguised she uses the pseudonym Glacia.

Name: Ember

Age: 13

Gender: female

Element: fire

Connections: -Mother: Wilmfe. -Friends: Spyro, Cynder, Georga, Flame, Frost’s gang.

Personality: Ember mostly has a joyful and eccentric personality. She likes to play with her friends and is very outgoing. Her greatest love is battling and she is confident in her abilities. She is a very smart dragoness and can come up with very creative and clever solutions for any problem she is faced with. She has a very strong sense of duty and will help any friend that she feels needs it. If she feels someone needs her Ember’s childlike side all but vanishes and she is very serious and mature. She also is not afraid to use drastic measures or even violence against her friends if that is necessary and seems wise beyond her age. Despite this maturity she is very meek and submissive to her mother and truly fears her. When her signature move is active her personality chances completely, then she is cocky, sadistic, ruthless and almost insane.

Info: Ember is an young fire dragoness that lives with her mother in the dragon city. She has been spanked by her mother ever since she can remember. However she doesn’t hate her mother and still loves her very dearly. She has sort of accepted the spankings as a permanent part of her life, mostly not giving them a second thought anymore. Before she had someone that comforted her when she was spanked. But now that he’s gone Ember has to cry out her sorrow instead of being able to talk about it. She mostly keeps the spankings a secret and avoids talking about it. She is good friends with Georga and also with Flame. She can sometimes look a bit weak and childlike but Ember is in reality an extremely powerful fire dragoness with highly sophisticated battle skills and abilities. Her intelligence and knowledge are her greatest weapons. She is highly excited about the Igus cup and really wants to battle Spyro. She really adores Spyro but is well mannered and mature enough not to be a fan girl. She also is the only one who doesn’t ignore Spyro’s foster parents and is interacts with them. When she discovers that she has to fight against her mother she is deeply shocked. She has chosen the fighter’s name: Queen of burns. This nickname refers to her secret weapon: the thermal coat. When this ability is active Ember’s body is searing hot and she is horrible to touch. She also seems immune to fire attacks and glows slightly. However her horns are not hot and her speed is lowered when this ability is active. She has learned meditating skills to calm her mind. She is the only one who can force Flame to overcome his fears as she makes him enter the cup and also really fight there. Georga really looks up to Ember for her mental strength, power and joyful personality.

Major characters

Name: Flame

Age: 13

Gender: male

Element: fire

Connections: -Friends: Ember, Electa.

Personality: Flame is very shy and panics easily. His abilities in battle often suffer from his shyness. Seems exceptionally bad in social relationships. A good observer might spot what his social disorder is based on. He feels a very uncomfortable whenever a dragoness, mostly Ember, draws near. A thread he shares with Spyro although he has it to a greater extent. In the past he was more shy than he is now. Is often very dependant on Ember. He really likes to battle but doesn’t want to believe that. That’s because Flame is extremely gentle and never wants to hurt anyone.

Info: Flame can get over excited and can completely get jammed in social interaction especially with dragonesses. Often needs the protection of Ember when something pressures him or scares him. He has lived in an orphanage for his entire life. However the orphanage has enough money and he lives a good life there. In spite of his poor social skills he does have friends, including Electa who also lives in the orphanage and of course Ember. Georga is also a childhood friend but since the orphanage moved to a better part of town he hasn’t seen her all that much. Ember has chosen the nickname: Inferno king for him and since it is already official he has no choice but to keep it. Very unsure about his skills but has great amounts of power. Despite that he loses the first round of the Igus cup because he loses it when he is surrounded by the crowd. Ember confronts him with that and he now shows his power. He completely overpowers a very strong dragoness with ease. His mind of often clouded with doubt but when he can focus he is one of the most powerful dragons alive.

Name Terrador

Age: 63

Gender: male

Element: earth

Info: guardian of earth. He has taken over the leading position now that Ignitus is gone. However he also starts to act more and more as a father figure for Spyro and Cynder. He seems to approve their new childlike sides and encourages it. Can take a good joke and isn’t put of by strange ideas what surprises many characters. He is friends with Volt and through him knows a lot about Georga.

Minor characters

Sparx: Foster brother of Spyro. A mischievous dragonfly who can sometimes get on people’s nerves. Sometimes can say the right thing and be the voice of reason but at other times is just annoying. Suspicious of Cynder at first but seeing that she kept her promise, he now trusts her and treats her as his sibling just like he does with Spyro. Gets annoyed when people call him a firefly instead of a dragonfly. He takes his parents to Warfang to watch the Igus cup and to let them see Spyro again.

Cyril: Guardian of ice. He is very proud of his noble Glaciad blood what annoys everyone around him. He is on very bad terms with his cousin Blizzard as he views his patronizing attitude as a disgrace. He tries to appear gruff but is in fact very sweet and cannot refuse favors. He hires Igüsa after Blizzard fires her and even allows himself to get beaten up by Spyro in order to cheer up Georga.

Volteer: The guardian of electricity. Shows Nina and Flash to their house but other than that hasn’t done much.

Hunter: A cheetah who is a good friend of Spyro and Cynder. He get’s an invitation to come and watch the tournament. When he only can take two companions he chosen Meadow who was saved by Spyro and Cynder. And he chooses a female named Bianca who apparently is his mate.

Flash+Nina: Parents of Sparx and foster parents of Spyro. They love Spyro despite that he isn’t their real son or even looks like them. When Spyro meets them again they are struck by how much he has changed. Since they have never left the swamp before they are quite awed by the dragon city. One thing they can’t understand is that dragons enjoy it to fight against their own kind.

I have added the existing characters too because their past, roles in the story, personalities and connections to other characters differ with each writer so they are my creation as well as far as I’m concerned. Also this guide is meant to help the readers of my story so it includes every significant character. No matter if they are OCs or not.

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