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Let's see, I'm a 18 YEAR OLD GIRL from New York, if you hadn't already guessed that. One thing I've learned in my short life is that the world won't change just because I don't like it, so I might as well have fun.

Hair:Brown-highlighted blonde
Weight: 109lbs
Nationality: Caucasion

I like to go to parties just to loosen up for a while and to dance, but I hate it when everyone gets drunk and I'm the only one sober, though it's fun to get people to do things they normally wouldn't do. People get mad at me for it later, but, it works for me. I LOVE ToM CrUiSe and BrAdPiTt!

most lame pick-up line ever recieved: Do you use windex on your pants, cause I can practically see myself in them (no, it didn't work)

Things to do: Basketball and track
Things I love to do: Sing, dance, write
Things I Have No Time for: Country music (blah)
guys who are, well, jerks
crying over someone who would never cry over me

Songs: AWESOMEST SONG: Dosen't Even Matter (Linkin Park)
oh, yeah, and...
It's Been 2 Weeks (Barenaked Ladies)
It's Been Awhile
What Would You Do (City High)
My Life (Bon Jovi)

Goals: *To have something I've done I'm proud of,
something I look back on when I'm older and
think, "Hey, cool, so I HAVE LIVED a little!
*To have a job I love
*To not get too attached to THINGS

Good Things in Life:Chocolate and friends
Bad Things in Life: Telemarketers , Bin Laden, and homework

Quotes: {Salesman shows toaster oven to potential customer} "And There's even a cancel button, in case you decide you don't want toast..."

"Don't promise me forever, promise me for now. Because that is all either of us can do. And if now becomes tomorrow and tomorrow becomes years, you won't have broken your promise. Promise me for now. I hope with all my heart now will last forever." -Kayla Sullivan

"Just let it go..." -My coach

"I am NOT an average girl. I don't try to impress you or act different around other people. I am who I am. Who are you?" -Me, during a fight with my b/f

"It's never where you're going, it's where you are when time runs out." -Christopher Beaucage

"Hell is the person you are meeting the person you could have been." -Patrick Reading

"Holding your breath can kill you. Holding your feelings inside you can kill you, too." -Jasmine R.

"A problem is still a problem, not matter how much you grumble. So SOLVE IT!!!" -Mohd Bashir

"If you put only a small value upon yourself, rest assured the world won't raise that price." -AU

"When you think the world has turned its' back on you, take another look. You most likely turned your back on the world." -Jenn Hilton

"Life is to short to let yourself be considered normal." -Keogh

"I can. I will. Just watch me." -My Best Friend

"Moving on is the easy part. It's letting go that's hard." -Chanel D.

Question of the moment: Why try?

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