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Hey everyone. I'd like to say again that im still looking for an artist to do some character drawings for the Freedom's Cry fic. I would love anyone to enternity if they do. It could be like an art trade thing, however the only catch to that is that i can't draw worth a damn so i'd be willing to write a story for you as best as i can.(writing is also art isnt it?) Or if you just would like to draw them, that would be great too. The characters i would want most specifically are Zelda, Link, Navi, Nabooru, and a couple others. If you are interested, please email me at tiefighterplt181st@yahoo.com and we can talk about it. Please someone respond to this, i would really like to get some illustrations for this fic.

Anothing thing. I'm also looking for someone to co-write a Zelda fic with. It would preferably be a Zelink story but any other pairing is ok with me. Again, if anyone is interested, email me and we can discuss possible plots.

Favorite genres: action/adventure, romance, humor, other time settings

Favorite settings: Legend of Zelda, Star Wars

Favorite ships: Zelda/Link (Legend of Zelda)

Projects Underway:

Legend of Zelda -Freedom's Cry- (LOZ) Set in the future where Hyrule is a planet and the various species have colonized the solar system. War ensues when a group of colonists attack the Hylians. Link, Navi, Zelda, Ruto, Mido, Saria, and the rest find themselves embroiled in this war. Romance, action/adventure, and lots more in this story

Legend of Zelda: 1776: (LOZ) It is the year 1776 in Revolutionary America and Link is a soldier in the Continental Army. After participating in the battle for New York he is injured and accidentally left behind for dead in the hurried evacuation. He is found by a rich Tory merchant living in New York and his beautiful daughter who nurse him back to health, but what happens whena romance forms that shouldn't exist. Zelink!

The Legend of Zelda: Passing of Time:Tragic L/Z fic with action/adventure. At the age of 17 Link leaves Zelda and sets off to find Navi. However when he returns five years later Hyrule is a much different land than he remembered. It is under control of a brutal dictator who is expanding Hyrule's borders at the expense of other countries, while oppressing the Hylian people.

Legend of Zelda: Two Sides to a Line:Another AU Zelink fic, hehe i love these. This fic is set in teh early part of WWII. It is 1940 and Hitler's war machine has completed its blitzkrieg invasion of France and is now poised to invade Britian which is the last stronghold against Hitler. The burden of defending the Home Islands now falls to the pilots of the Royal Air Force. Flight Officer Link is but one of these young pilots, eager to prove his worth and to protect his home. However, during an engagement he is shot down, injured, and taken to a hospital where he encounters a beautiful young nurse by the name of Zelda. (i know this sounds cliche so far, but there is a twist so bear with me here) The only problem with this situation is that Link is in a German hospital in Nazi occupied France and the nurse he meets is the fiance of the German pilot he just killed. What happens when two people who are enemies are thrown together in this manner, is it just coincidence, or will something else happen?

New Projects:

Legend of Zelda: Love, War, Duty: Hyrule's Last Stand (Legend of Zelda): Hyrule faces an old enemy from many years past and is at the brink of destruction. Yet, the Hero of Time comes forth once more to save the world. However his journey will force him to collaborate with the Princess Zelda with whom he had a falling out in years past.

The Innocence of Youth: A legend of Zelda fic in a high school setting. Zelda is the acknowldeged "princess" of Hyrule High. She's beautiful, smart, a cheerleader, the best soccer player ever seen, and is going out with the Captain of the Football Team Gannondorf, who is the hottest guy at her school. But what happens when a new boy by the name of Link comes to her school?

The Legend of Zelda: Specter of the Past: A romantic fic based a lot on the book The Count of Monte Cristo written by Alexander Dumas. Link is a soldier in the Hylian Army. Fortune smiles upon him as he is on the fast track to promotion and is betrothed to his beloved, the beautiful Princess Zelda who loves him dearly. However during a campaign he is betrayed by his jealous comrades and is captured by the enemy. Seven years later, after a long captivity he returns as the mysterious Wanderer of the East, fueled by the desire for revenge and to reclaim his lost love.

Fics on Hold:

Past, Present, Future (Star Wars):starting up on this one again basically from scratch.. I am working on Chapter 1 now and will continue work on the future chapters until the completion of this fic.

Projects Completed, please review:

Standing in the Shadows (LoZ) one-shot L/Z romance, read and review! Several years have past since the defeat of Ganondorf. Since then Link has become Zelda's bodyguard, but what happens when he comes to the realization that she might not need him anymore?

A Simple Wish: (LoZ): another one-shot. Link is married to Zelda but his love for her is not requited. What happens when he is granted one wish by the goddesses? Comes as two parts, the first one ending in a more dark manner, and an alternate ending in which the guy gets the girl.

The Ring of Grass (LoZ): Zelink oneshot that starts out with a cute little scene from when Link and Zelda are nine and they are playing a game. Moves forward nine years into the future when Link is a recruit in the Army and Zelda is a princess who is about to discover that her dream of finding her perfect prince might be a little more complex than she thought.

Another Chance: (SSBM): SSBM Zelink oneshot with Zelda, Marth, and Link as the main characters. Zelda and Link were the best of friends ever since they knew each other in Hyrule and continued to be so in the SSBM world. But what happens when the dashing and handsome prince from Altea, Marth, shows up and Zelda falls for him. Link gets depressed but with the advice of another (who will take you by surprise) he mounts one last ditch effort to win the heart of the woman he loves.

Favorite Characters:

Link: Just your likeable hero kind of guy, brave, kind, funny, and caring

Zelda: What's more to say about her, she's smart, beautiful, and other things that i cant remember right now.

As you can see I'm about to start a bunch of new projects which is going to take a lot of work so I ask you to be patient and bear with me.

Some thoughts:

When you're feeling sad remember it takes 42 muscles to frown but only 4 to stick up your middle finger.

Life is like tennis in that Love means nothing.

Love is friendship set on fire.

Work like someone's watching, dance like you're hurt, love like you need money.

If wit were shit you'd be constipated.

Killing for peace, is like screwing for virginity.

Teamwork is nature's way of identifying the weak.

Sanity is overated.

Recommended Reading:

Slumbering Princess of Hyrule: Great romance fic by Lady Kumiko. Its really emotional, and as much as i hate to admit it, i cried when i was reading several parts

Paper Dragon: written by Terachi Kaishaku, wonderful story about Link who goes in search of Navi and finds the rest of the Sheikah along the way.

All of Sawyerzelda's fiction: simply the some of the best LOZ fiction out there. Deep plotlines, great characters, and description, this author has it all.

Any questions, requests, or things like that, email me at tiefighterplt181st@yahoo.com

also check out my lj:

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