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Author has written 2 stories for Star Wars.

Kyrr Geron is a Mandalorian bounty hunter living in luxury on Coruscant. Since the Clone Troopers arrived on the planet following the start of the Clone Wars, they have caused trouble for the criminal underworld, and almost crippled Coruscant's once-thriving bounty hunting trade. Now Kyrr's money is slowly running out as he struggles to find work... But a run-in with the law will prove money to be the least of his problems!

Please read my Star Wars fanfic, Kyrr Geron. A 'review' would be very nice too, even if it's just to say you read it and liked (or didn't like) the story. Thank you!

A bit about me:

I'm an avid fan of Star Wars who enjoys essentially everything Star Wars (Except for the 3D animated Clone Wars cartoon)

My writing is very much inspired by Karen Traviss's Republic Commando novels. I've been writing off and on for several years, and although I will occasionally try to write an original story, I find writing to be easier for me when set in the Star Wars universe that I have come to know and love.

I try to give reviews of fan fictions that relate my opinions in a constructive way, although I understand I may come across as offensive to some people. I am highly critical, and will occasionally nit-pick people into oblivion.

I would like to be a Beta Reader, as I feel I can look things over with a critical eye. I'm also good at spotting continuity errors in Star Wars fanfics (unless they are based on the Clone Wars cartoon). If you have a Star Wars fanfiction you're working on, I'd gladly look it over for you.

Fanfictions I've written:

So far, I've started writing several Star Wars fan fictions, including one about my own made up squad of Republic Commandos (from the game and series of books by the same name.) Once I designed their armor colorations and came up with their names/numbers, I actually modified Star Wars: Republic Commando (for the PC of course) so that it showed my squad, instead of Delta. I changed the names, numbers, and textures (the colors painted on the armor.)

After doing this, I started writing journal entries for the squad leader, named "Chief" (Yeah, I know, real original, right?) from his training on Kamino, to his first deployment on Geonosis, to... well, that's actually as far as I got, really.

I gave up on it after about 8 pages in Microsoft Word...

I've stopped writing after 8 pages for at least 5 different stories before. I call it "the eight-page curse!" I just get a little stumped on what to write next, then I start to edit what I have... Then I realize what I have is in need of major improvement... "That word there should be this word instead, this phrasing doesn't sound right, this plot doesn't make sense," I think to myself. Eventually, I edit it into oblivion, destroying anything I actually had and turning it into a pile of mush. Then there's really nothing left to do with it, so I give up and move on with my life, then after a while I have another story idea and the whole cylcle starts over again...

Fortunately, I face-palmed myself enough times to actually get a braincell working, and realized I should always have at least a rough plan of what to write. Seems obvious, right? Of course it is. Unless you're me, and you don't know how to write.

I haven't posted anything else on this site, other than one story, because all the others are at that devastated, "edited-into-oblivion" stage, or I just don't feel interested in continuing the stories I started.

Now I've learned to stop stupid plot ideas before they have a chance to spew out my fingertips and onto the screen.

This one story I've been writing is called "Kyrr Geron." The story's namesake is a Mandalorian bounty hunter living on Coruscant, who is starting to struggle to find work. He's been very successful thus far, making tons of money and renting out expensive apartments, and even buying himself three custom airspeeders (the Star Wars equivalent of cars.) He hasn't had to leave Coruscant in a very long time. But when the clone troopers showed up on the planet following the start of the Clone Wars, they begin to cause problems for Coruscant's criminal underworld...

This meant that they started helping the Coruscant Security Force (essentially the police) enforce the law, and Kyrr's associate and boss, who informed him of any high-paying bounties that cropped up, was found and arrested. Now, since Kyrr can't find many high-paying bounties anymore, he is slowly running out of money. After a run-in with the law, money becomes the least of his problems.

Please consider reading it, if you haven't already. I actually planned out the plot, so I've been able to write a whopping forty pages of it so far! That's over 11,000 words. Only about 9,000 are currently up, though... Anyway, I think it's the first time I've actually broken the "eight-page curse."

INTERESTING MATH FACTS (disclaimer: might not be interesting)

-The length of the sum of my reviews on FanFiction is more than a 1/3 of the length of my entire Star Wars fic, "Kyrr Geron," so far.

-In the 17 reviews I have written on FanFiction as of this profile update, each review is an average of about 267 words long.

-My fan-fiction, "Kyrr Geron," is currently 12,681 words long. A sum of all words in my reviews so far comes out to 4,565.

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