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Poll: In regards to the timing of the sequel of "When They Were Young". Should I post the new chapters of "The Hooded Boy"... Vote Now!
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Im taking up the pen again after the loss of most of my chapters of "The Hooded Boy" and "When We Met". So far I was able to redo the beginning I had teased y'all with at the end of chapter 11 of "When They Were Young". I've started a whole new story arch to "The Hooded Boy" from that starting point so once I have it nailed down I will refer to the poll on whether to start posting or not. So far I have the first two chapters done and awaiting beta readers or editing by one of my helpful friends and family. still would like to put this through a zelda fan that is familiar with "Twilight Princess" so I can get tips and pointers on the content.

The Who, What, Why of "onyxpilot"


As of now I would like to invite Ya'll to add me on Xbox Live and or Skype so long as you clarify where you found my gamertag. This is something new I'm trying but depending on how much I get chain letters or the likes, I will change my stance on this idea. That said if I can't determine why I'm receiving a message or a friend request I WILL REPORT the user and possibly block, as has been my policy for a long time now. Only my friends call me Jonathan but I go by onyxpilot on here and everywhere else however, due to some Microsoft shenanigans about not giving your previous name back to anyone including the old user, "OnyxPilot" is my Xbox live account (no quotes O and P has to be capitalized). My skype adress is obtainable by message using xbox live which can be achieved through Xbox 360, Xbox One, or a computer by searching my gamertag and messaging me through xbox live website. You can always private message me here and have me just message back and forth but I don't have regular access to this site, or a computer. I do have regular access to Skype and Xbox 360 and Xbox One.


I am a Zelda fanfiction reader and support Ilia & Link as well as Saria & Link to an extent. For skyward sword I like the Zelda & Link Pairing but haven't read any yet. I Always pout after a game comes out and Link is finishing up saving all of Hyrule. He almost always ends up with no reward or happiness but "Twilight Princess" hints at something more, so does "Skyward Sword" , so I turn to fanfiction for what before or afterward stories that could have been.I specifically like love stories or any story that fulfills a good pairing of characters, even if it isn't a Zelda fanfiction or one of my pairings in a Zelda fanfiction. My first posted fanfiction is "When They Were Young" the other two are going to be called "The Hooded Boy" is a sequel to "When They Were Young" . There is also "When They met" which is about some of my own characters I throw into "Zelda Twilight Princess" pre-twilight incident and is a prequel to "When They Were Young". Barrining in mind I don't know which one is coming out first though. They will be complete before the first chapter is posted however.


Well thats a multi pronged question. I suppose in the interest of time ask me the specifics of myself on xbox, or private message me on here. I digress, what I do want to say is why I'm offering up the two above paragraphs of who and what. I want to restart my writing process of making stories. Whether its my short story book I have been working on, or if its editing "When They Were Young" which I need to do, I'm sorry no excuses, or even finishing one of the two fanfictions that goes with my first. I want to write simply enough. To accomplish this I am opening up a more direct means of communication so I can hear from my critiques and in some cases, my friends. I want people jumping in xbox parties I'm in and asking me to get off my lazy butt and write the next entry in a book. I want help role-playing or brainstorming the next character interaction or challenge . I want criticism, I want ya'll to tell me what you want in my next fanfiction or if i should work on my own stuff. I don't want to be on high horse I don't want praise. I want the truth and the honesty that strangers can give me. So many reasons that led me to wanting to befriend ya'll on social media that's why I'm giving yall the who section. So you know if Ya'll even want what I write I wrote the second section. So as of May, 30th 2016 I open up, for now, this door. A way to talk and collaborate not just on my stories, but on my friends stories and any other writer looking for help or encouragement. We all need to express ourselves. some do it through music, songs, art, film, but for people like us, we express through stories , our stories. don't give up and don't abandon your love,your baby, keep writing . I'm out a computer and have to transcribe my work at the library. If you are reading this then you can write. oh and for mobile users I wrote my opening to my short story book on text. Then sent it to one of my proof readers. so write. That's longer than I wanted but to reiterate. I am doing this so I can take in feedback for my writing , give feed back, and get help brainstorming and role-playing scenes.

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