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Bonjour my dear friends/enemies/neutral acquaintances! It is my distinct honor to have you visit my profile page. As you already know, I am, at the moment, TechnoBabbleBlitz! Yes it is an awesome username, be jealous.

Anyway, seeing as you visited this page to learn more about me and my (spontaneously large) ego, so you shall.

Name: Like I'm going to tell you, you'll probably search me up on the Internet, find out where I live, and stalk me.

Gender: Take a guess, there's a 20% chance you'll get it right.

Description: I am a 20 foot tall black-but-really-more-on-the-dark-grayish-side dragon who wears big nerdy glasses. I breathe out itching powder and sneeze out mint flavored toothpaste. Seriously, I'm not even kidding.

Age: Sorry, I lost track a few centuries ago.

Favorite colors: Black (no, I'm not emo), white, blue, and red.

Favorite snack: The dead carcasses of unicorns and trolls that I kill myself. (Preferably burnt)

Favorite drink: The blood from the dead carcasses of unicorns and trolls that I kill myself. (Preferably fresh, not the day old stuff)

Weaknesses: Grammar *shudders*

Strong Points: Coming up with witty retorts and bad jokes that everybody laughs at anyways.

Things I despise:

- Mary Sue's

- Authors Notes

- When people take years to update their stories. (I may live for an indefinite amout of time, but I still find it irritating to wait that long.)

- Any and every shade of pink, orange, and neon colors

- Vegetables

Shows/comics I like:

- Teen Titans (Yes, I do enjoy that show, a pity they canceled it.)

- Naruto (Mmhm)

- Pokemon (I especially like all the dragon pokemon.)

Favorite Characters from shows/comics listed above:

Teen Titans~

1. Raven (I can't help but love her whole 'holier-than-thou' aloof attitude. It's so funny and interesting to write, more so than Starfire's happy-go-lucky personality. But that's just my opinion, which should be cherished and loved. *COUGH COUGH*)

2. Malchior (He was a perfectly good character, why did they make him evil? I find it rather offending seeing as how the dragons are always the antagonist in most cases.)

3. Red X (Yes, I like him, it's a shame he didn't appear more often, would've liked to see him humiliate Robin more.)

4. Rorek (He didn't actually make an appearance, but he was already awesome, for being Malchior's counterpart and for having a British accent.)

5. Robin

6. Aqualad (He didn't say much.)

7. Jinx (I was glad when she converted to the 'good side'. A formidable opponent I might say.)

8. Argent (I like her accent. New Zealand, Eh?)

9. Bushido (He didn't have any speaking parts, but I still like him. And if you have no clue who he is, he is the 'asian dude with the wicked sword'.)

10. Kid Flash (I like his sense of humor.)


1. Gaara

2. Sasori (Puppets are an interesting weapon.)

3. Hinata

4. Sasuke

5. Sai (Painting is cool.)

6. Kakashi (It's funny how he is obsessed over cheesy romance novels.)

7. Shikamaru (He's is very mild.)

8. Sakura (I find it hillarious when she is scolding Naruto.)

9. Naruto (Eh.)

10. Ino

Pokemon (trainers only)~

1. Paul/Shinji (I don't know why, but he reminds me of a male version of Raven.)

2. Dawn/Hikari

3. Lucas/Kouki (He should have appeared in the show.)

4. Reggie/Reiji (Authors portray him so hillariously! He's like the gay but not gay weird older brother that seems to stick his nose in everything you do!)

5. Volkner/Denzi

6. Zoey/Nozomi (A good source for advice.)

7. Kenny/Kengo

8. Jupiter (From Team Galactic.)

9. Drew/Shuu (I just think green is a cool hair color.)

10. Ash/Satoshi

And now, we move onto my. . .

Favorite Pairings:

Teen Titans~

-Raven/Robin- A cute little pairing that I find very amusing. The one thing I don't like about this couple is the way people twist Starfire's personality. I honestly don't like Starfire, but it is a little cruel the way some people portray her, often making her the antagonist of the story by making her to be the 'jealous bitch'.

-Raven/Red X- I happened upon this particular pairing one day while scrolling through the characters list. I had never really given thought about the types of fics that might revolve around the character Red X, so I decided to make a quick check. And after I read my first Raven/Red X story, I was 'hooked'. As one of my reviewers (the-writing-vampire) pointed out to me on the topic of Red X/Raven Vs. Robin/Raven, "Red X, who is basically Robin's alter-ego in every way, thus appealing to the darker side of Raven." which i totally agree on.

-Raven/Rorek- Less than one page of this pairing! PLEASE WRITE MORE OF THIS! It deserves recognition!

-Raven/Malchior- It is depressing to see how very little stories there are on this pairing because it is indeed one of the best pairings that i have read. I still curse the producers for making him 'evil'. More good dragons I say!

-Raven/Aqualad- I was skeptical at first, but I soon grew to love this couple. They have much in common when you come to think about it actually.

Raven/Speedy- I have only just recently come to enjoy this pairing. It's the defenition of the saying, 'oppoaites attract'.

I bet you see something that they all have in common. And if you don't, you're IQ is dangerously low.



-Sai/Naruto (Heheh)

Not too many for this show.


-Ikarishipping (Dawn/Paul)

-Sinnohshipping/Scafshipping/Fortuneshipping (Dawn/Lucas)

-Twinleafshipping (Barry/Dawn)

-Deathshipping (Giratina/Dawn)

Interesting names, am i right? Of course I am.

Pairings that I utterly despise and hope rot in the darkest layer of Hell for all eternity:

Teen Titans~

-Starfire/Robin- The naive alien princess and the serious ex-sidekick of the Dark Knight himself, TOGETHER? Oh God No! I have absolutely no idea what on earth was running through the comic creators head when he/she suggested making them a couple! Not only is it terrifying to watch, but read? *Shudders*

-Terra/any person, place, thing, etc.- That blue-eyed-b*tch can die a million times for all I care! GRR! I a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y hate, hate, HATE Terra! That no-good, lying, poser! Thinking she can just betray the Titans and then try killing them and then GET A SECOND CHANCE?! I am outraged I tell you! Outraged! Please excuse me while I vent.

-- A few minutes later--

-Raven/Beastboy- I have not read many fanfics based around them, and I know there are many, but I just don't like the idea. They don't 'click' and it is rather boring to read. Plus, whenever there is a Beastboy/Raven fic, Terra is bound to be close by *Growls menacingly*. And imagine how embarrassed Raven would be for having fallen for Beastboy.

-Raven/Cyborg- *eye twitches* Seriously, seriously? That would NEVER happen. Raven see's Cyborg as the 'Big Brother' figure, not the love interest! Get it right people!

-Raven/any other female- WHO IN THE NAME OF DANTE CAME UP WITH THAT!?!

-Red X/Starfire- Don't even get me started.

-Raven/Slade- Slade is a creep, simple as that.


Well, there aren't any that I loathe with intensity, so none here.


-Pearlshipping (Dawn/Ash)- They're both too bubbly and cheerful for each other. Ash needs someone moderately serious to keep him in check.

-Cyrus/Dawn- Did you know that HE IS HER FATHER!? That's just sick!

-Oldrivalshipping (Gary/Leaf)- I don't like both characters.

-Heattagshipping (Conway/Dawn)- Conway is a stalker.

Well, I'm done here.

Just some math problems because I'm a total sucker for equarions:

Raven + Rpbin = Cute moments and an understanding relationship
Raven + Red X = Passion and one heck of a jealous Robin
Raven + Malchior = Malchior begging on his knees for her to take him back, resulting in a fiery kiss
Raven + Rorek = MAJOR LOVE TRIANGLE! Oh how I love the never-ending drama!
Raven + Aqualad = Aqualad pondering how on Earth he managed to score her

x Raven + Beastboy = Raven smiling devilishly while standing at the foot of a certain green changeling's grave
x Robin + Starfire = Robin tearing his hair out and clawing his eyes at the ignorance of his 'girlfriend'
x Red X + Starfire = Same result as Robin + Starfire
x Terra + Malchior = The legion of Raven fans and Terra bashers bending lampposts and smashing cars out of anger
x Terra + Aqualad = the apocolypse
x Blackfire + Malchior = The day Justin Beiber proclaims his undying love for the Smurfs on national television
x Blackfire + Robin = Me destroying the computer with a rock like the 'Flinstones' do it
x Red X + Blackfire = Hacking up my lunch in the authors face

And most importantly,

The continuation of Teen Titans + TV = Smiley TechnoBabbleBlitz :)

Now that you have read my personal information, you will be kept 'up to date' on my current stories in this section of the page.

Teen Titans
1. JLU Year I: Drilling the Neophytes
An AU story which focuses mainly around Raven as she attends a school for superheros. (An overused plot, I know.) The current pairing is Raven/Robin (by readers demand). There will be a little surprise competition near the end of the school year, and during which a secret about Raven's heritage is revealed. (Bet you can guess what that is.)

Teen Titans
2. The Probability of Possibilities

Malchior is one of the original six (Rorek included) Titans, eventually, he begins to feel as if no one understands him. That is, until he meets a certain violet haired sorceress trapped within the pages of a book. So basically, how it all started in 'Spellbound' except the roles are switched. And of course, I'm going to add my own special twist to it.

And here we are at the end of my profile. I know, it's tragic, I mean, who wouldn't want to know more about me? Afterall, I am a 20 foot tall black-but-really-more-on-the-dark-grayish-side dragon.

But alas, I am too lazy to type any further, so it is goodbye for now.


TechnoBabbleBlitz, or 'that emo dragon'

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