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~Um, yeah, they kind of decided to take away the AIM thing...So, if you really want to talk to me, I'm Orange Hoody9! :3~

Heyas and welcome to my lair of all that is insane and pointless! I hope you enjoy your stay...but please remove your shoes. I do not need a mud trail on my new pink carpet. ^.^


Real name: Melody, preferably Mel. I'll give you pudding if you ever guess my last name correctly. (Which you never will, so more pudding for me!)
Nicknames: Mel, Mel-chan, Melonhead, Heartless (my mean brother called me that before), Galadriel, Pika, Kool-aid, Pudding obsessed freak
Online Alias: Pikastarr, Orange Hoody9
Age: 16. Oh my god, I know, I HAVE MY DRIVER'S LICENSE!! Stay off the road. Seriously, I'm legally on it now!
Date of Birth: 6.27.88
Hair color: Brown with blonde and red streaks. My hair is not black, you colorblind people!
Eye color: Brown
Location: I would tell you, but then you would totally stalk me for my sexy body...^_~
Likes: Orange stuff, talking Australian like Wally, volleyball, badminton, a boy who shall remain anonymous for the time being, Codename: Kids Next Door, Harry Potter, fluffy fanfics, writing (particularly in her diary. Sue me for keeping my emotions hidden away in a book--I think it's fun), drawing, cartoons, YOU!
Pet Peeves: People who try to look in your car, people whose tag is showing on the back of their shirt (FIX IT NOW!), peole who can blab on and on about nothing and not realize the person they are blabbing to aren't even listening, people who say they worship Satan just to be cool, being "athletically challenged" as I like to call it, any guy who has someone else break-up with someone else for them, preps (I'm sorry, but someone has got to tell them they aren't the only living things on planet Earth), people who flame fanfics without giving advice, myself, YOU!
Best Song There Is: "You Say It Best When You Say Nothing at All" by Allison Krauss
My Advice to you: Write good fanfics...oh, and look both ways before crossing the street. And, and, don't talk to strangers! Unless it's me! ^_^


1. Operation: THEKISS -- On temporary hiatus. Please don't yell at me...it's just that school has started back up, and it's hard to keep up with silly writings like this any more...it will be continued in the future, however. Just don't expect it any time soon. :/
2. Twenty-Four Hours -- Chappie Eight! w00t w00t! Let us celebrate by eating the pudding of happiness! XD


1. The Operative Diaries -- Codename: Kids Next Door -- (This is just proof that you know you are way too obsessed with the Princess Diaries books...) Numbuh One is starting to lose control for some reason and forces Numbuh Five to keep a "log". Numbuh Five is against this and refuses to put anything secretive in this "log", but the more she finds herself using it, she realizes that this "log" could have more of her personal life than she thought... Many, MANY pairings...muahaha...
2. The Deal -- Codename: Kids Next Door -- When Numbuh Four successfully gets Numbuh Three as his new girlfriend, a certain villain of the Kids Next Door notices...(Nope, NOT Sandy!) And he kidnaps Numbuh Three, and just when you thought this was going to be a normal 3/4 story, everything turns around -- this villain makes a deal with Numbuh Four that if he gives him "love lessons" then he'll release Numbuh Three...but who is this villain in the first place? Some 3/4, I guess, just not much.


1. Codename: Kids Next Door -- * 3/4 , * 1/5 , 2/86 (AAAHHH, don't ask why! Operation: PINKEYE did it! It seemed so cute!), 2/5, 1/Lizzie, 1/86, Chad/Cree, 2/Cree, and
2. Harry Potter -- * Harry/Hermione , Ron/Luna, Draco/Ginny
3. Teen Titans -- * Raven/BeastBoy , Robin/Starfire (how can people like RobRae?!)
4. Rocket Power -- Twister/Reggie, Otto/Clio
5. Xiaolin Showdown - Rai/Kimiko
6. Real Life - * Me/Mystery Man * -^_^-


1. Adam: * smacks computer tower * Stupid thing!
(The computer makes an odd whirring sound.)
Adam: Um, are computers supposed to make that noise?

2. Me: I'm not high! I'm very short for your information!

3. (Operation: BRIEF, Numbuh One is in the bathroom, making disturbing noises.)
Numbuh Four: Ugh, sounds loike number two...
Numbuh Two: * walking in * But I'm right here guys.

4. (Operation: SUPPORT)
Numbuh Two: What's a bra?
Numbuh One: * suspiciously * And what's it training them for?

5. Me: Life is so confusing. I mean, the little blue and pink people are always falling out of the damn van!

6. Me: * reading choices of soda at rollerskating rink * Pepsi...Pepsi...Pepsi! I think I'll have a Coke!
Me and Em: Hahahahaha!
Em: I think I'll have a Mountain Dew!
Me: Okay, you just went too far that time.

Adam: * turns around * What?! I mean, that's not my name! Don't call me that!

8. Me and Celine: BRIANA! BRIANA! BRIANA!
Me: Maybe she can't hear us or something.
Celine: Oh no, SHE'S BLIND!!

9. Mom: Melody, you are not allowed any Snickers bars tonight.
(Fifteen minutes later.)
Celine: Aunt Lynn! Aunt Lynn! Mel had four Snickers bars!
Mom: WHAT?!
Me: No, I didn't!! I had FIVE!

10. (Operation: I-SCREAM)
Numbuh One: Numbuh Three, what are you typing?! "I love parties"?
Numbuh Three: You, too?!

11. (Operation: GHOST, one of my favorite KND eppies ever!)
Numbuh Four: Wait a minute...Ah got one (soda) back because ah kick butt! (singing) The stupid 'amsters! Didn't get the soooda! 'Cause they're so stuuupid! An' ah'm so coo-ool!

12. (Operation: LICE)
Numbuh Four: Ah'm cool, ah'm cool. No, ah'm cooler than cool. Ah am ice, baby...Loice don't mess with ice because ice ain't noice! So listen 'ere, you cruddy loice! Don't mess with meh because ah am not noice! (not entirely correct, but you know...^^;)

13. (T-shirt)
Front: Want to know how to keep an idiot busy? Look at back.
Back: Want to know how to keep an idiot busy? Look at front.

14. (Operation: TEETH)
Numbuh Four: Freak! (This always cracks me up for some reason...)

15. (Operation: KASTLE)
Numbuh Two: Man, that King Sandy has a weird taste in women.
(Numbuh Three whacks him with the SPLANKER)
Numbuh Two: OW!
(Numbuh Four whacks him with the SPLANKER)
Numbuh Two: Hey, what'd YOU hit me for?
Numbuh Four: Nothin'.

16. Amber: ...oh, like your old relationship with Bailey?
Adam: OW!
Amber: What? What's wrong? All I said was...* mischievous grin * Bailey.
Adam: OW! * holds neck *
Amber: It's so much fun to torture you.

17. Ella: Adam is just a mean little gay boy.
Everyone except Adam: * laughs stupidly, then silence *
Adam: ...Hey! I'm not mean!
Everyone Adam: * looks at each other and fall over laughing *

18. Me: I have an idea! Let's turn Pirates of the Caribbean into an opera!
Ella: Okay!
Me and Ella: * same exact moment, same exact tune, so scary! * Sorry, Jack! I'm not gonna be your leverage anymore. Anymore!!

19. Ella: I wish I had a twin...
Me: ...that could finish my sentences.

And for now, that's all for my bio. Tune in next time for the next new episode of Codename: Kids Next Door! And if you think I'm serious, make your way to the mental institution...unless the line is too long or something. ^^;

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