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hurray new description time soooo...

hello i am dark i like pie and trains and sonic and trains and uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... i know the dope ass Disney train

oh hello Mr insanity long time no see how are you

bull crap chain profile things (with witty remarks):

1.For people that hate stereotypes: If you think people should just shut up and stop, put this on your profile. (BOLD the ones you are.)

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soooo are you still reading this shouldnt you be reading the storys down there i meant they are right there go read them... wait don't go im lonely... i mean you could read my oc details

OC DETAILS (also known as cheap way to get people to look at my profile)

sonic universe


dark (alpha):ability to turn into a chao, can control fire, chaos ability, super speed, super form, anti form, infinite form, super form (but his is silver not gold :O)phycokinisis (like silver :D)
light(alpha):ability to turn into a chao, can control water, chaos ability's, super strength, super form, anti form,phykokinisis, infinite form
dull(alpha):ability to turn into a chao, can control earth, chaos ability, flight, super form, anti form, phicokinisis, infinite form

maria(alpha): can control air, chaos ability, super speed,super form
anti form: an anti form occurs when one of them gets really angry, their appearance changes to pure black except their eyes witch glow a colour depending on who (red for dark,blue for light and green for dull), they also grow claws and loose control of their powers, an anti-form is the only thing capable of creating a chaos obliterate (pretty much a f*k you lazer beam that kills anything it touches (comes from hands),when they come out of this they tend to be weaker then when they went in
infinite form: all three of them merge into one form and become invincible and can literally tear a hole in space time if required, needs all 15 emeralds to power it. (by 15 i mean chaos, super and master

other details:

name:light joy the chao
desc: most responsible of the triplets. hedgehog/white tiger crossbreed (mostly black with a few fluro green patches). love interest is shadow. has fingerless gloves

name:dark misery the chao (alpha)
desc: slightly insane hedgehog/white tiger crossbreed (same colours as a white tiger).is also smart. weaknesses include most likely to go into anti-form and water due to not being able to use most of his powers. love interest is maria (the oc not the dead person). also has black fingerless leather gloves instead of the usual white ones

name:dull twilight the chao
desc: extremely sarcastic hedgehog/white tiger crossbreed (same colours as shadow but with the red on his arms and legs). love interest is Amy (this is 2 years after the games). has fingerless gloves

name:maria the seedarian
desc: slightly insane seedarian (one flower on back of head).

the reason only dark has weaknesses is because i haven't figured out everyone elses

also all the ocs wear clothes

ps: the bracketted word next to any characters is for cross overs with more then 1 of that charactor

harry potter universe

maria (beta) potter:

appearance: short black and light green hair. blue eyes (like dark she wears a blindfold but to hide the fact that she is actually blind and covered in scars across her eyes) otherwise almost exact replica of a female harry

battle clothing: slightly armoured jeans and a black jacket (again armoured slightly)

abilities: magic(excels at potions unlike her brother), hand to hand combat, weapons combat, link with the worlds magical aura

dark misery (beta)

hybrid of: human angel

appearance: spiked white and black hair, red eyes but uses a blindfold to focus powers (due to his powers increasing to make use of the sense that isn't used) wings of a similar colour as his hair on his back (can be folded to be almost unnoticeable)

battle clothing: black armoured cloak with holes in back for his wings (basic angel of death look)

abilities: wings/flying, auras (as of now he has 5, a black one, a white one, a blue one,a multi coloured(that doesn't actually contain any of the other colours that are separate one and a red one each holding a different attribute and can septate temporarily from him), well rounded combat ability, magic, link with the worlds magical aura

light joy (beta)

hybrid of: human angel

appearance: long black hair, gold eyes, black wings

battle clothing: short white armoured dress

abilities: wings/flying, auras (as of now he has 5, a black one, a white one, a blue one,a multi coloured one(that doesnt actually contain any of the other colours that are seperate) and a red one each holding a different attribute and can septate temporarily from him), well rounded combat ability, magic

dull twilight (beta)

hybrid of : human angel

appearence: identical to dark but with full black hair and silver eyes

battle clothes: cant think of anything so ummm how abut i rip off roxas twilight town clothes

abilities: wings/flying, auras (as of now he has 5, a black one, a white one, a blue one,a multi coloured (that doesnt actually contain any of the other colours that are seperate) one and a brown one each holding a different attribute and can septate temporarily from him), well rounded combat ability, magic

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