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Author has written 13 stories for Neopets, South Park, Death Note, and Hunger Games.

I'm Echos in my head, but please call me Echo.

At the moment, I am reading more than writing. You could say that I'm on a hiatus.

About Me:

Name: Echo.

Avatar Picture: It's a soundwave.

Neopets user: echosinmyhead. It's a side account.

Age: Classified by Earth standards. On FFnet, it keeps changing.

Address: Third planet from the sun, some random galaxy, some random universe.

Gender: Female.

Random Statistics:

Stories Written: 13 so far, more if you include my co-writings published by others.

Years Spent at FFnet: Three.

Have I Evolved as a Writer?: Absolutely. More seriousness, less song lyrics, less things that make me facepalm and wonder why I wrote it.

Am I Planning on Leaving Anytime Soon?: No. However, I am reading now more than writing, unfortunately.

Number of Stories Deleted: None. I am against deleting stories, even if they are crap, because in the end, they're our stories, and something made us write them. Although I consider most/all of my earliest work total shit...

Number of Things Copy/Pasted on this Profile: Other than quotes that I wrote myself on PM threads, none.

Number of Main Fandoms I Read/Write For: More or less eight.

Terrible Updater?: Pretty bad.

Terrible with PMing People Back?: Absolutely.

Terrible Reviewer?: No. And the reviews I give out are normally longer than others from what I can tell. Though recently I've been slow-going with everything.

Writing Style: My earliest work is really crackish and kinda bad. Now I'm a bit more of an adventure writer, definitely angsty, pretty philosophical. I've caught myself trying out writing techniques that I find in literature, even though I dislike analysing literature.

Altador Cup High Scores 2013:

Yooyuball: I think 14-0 against Meridell. Average goals per game is 10.33

Slushie Slinger: Currently 714

Make Some Noise: Not bothering. Too slow on my computer.

Shootout Showdown: 1200

My pets:

Shadowsinmyeyes: Known as Shadow Brooke, and she hates her nickname Shad. She is a shadow coloured Xweetok with grey-black fur and darker hair. Her hair is wavy with a slight fringe, and it goes down to her shoulders. Her eyes are dark blue. She is 5'5" and fairly thin. She tends to wear plain, light colors, to accentuate the darkness of her hair and fur, as the greyness of her fur makes her feel like she looks older than she is. Her outfit can be seen on Whateva876's Polyvore account.

She lives with her two younger sisters and Echo in Mystery Island. Shadow also can age up and down, but no more than the 18-19 range, and normally sticks to 18. Shadow is one of the most normal in the group, as well as being calm and pleasant, a listener and a writer. However, she is irritable, somewhat self-conscious and easily offended, not to mention she appears more intelligent than she seems. She says "what?" a lot, always plays the role of the peacemaker and sighs all the time. Shadow is more of a quiet, friendly person, but being dragged on many adventures with me has given her a bit of a short temper. If she gets angry, it's a very different Shadow.

Her weapon of choice is her rocket grenade launcher. She's afraid of sharp objects, including her knife, and even more afraid of Echo wielding sharp objects, but she hides this very well. Like all members of the Inmyhead/Brooke family, she loves pie, and like all Xweetoks, she loves jelly beans. She also enjoys iced tea, sushi and apples. She's close friends with Whateva's pet Belle, even though Belle is evil, for reasons completely beyond knowledge. She has a crush on Armin from HATIC. Shadow has minor special powers relating to shadows, being able to blend in with the darkness and even teleportation in the right circumstances. She is lacking a bit in physical strength. Her symbols are shadows, a pair of eyes, a pen, a rocket grenade launcher, and the dove (as a sign of peace).

Fireinmyheart: Known as Fire Brooke. She is a fire coloured Usul with smoky grey fur, long ember-coloured hair, and a bright red, orange, yellow and gold ruff of fur around her neck. Her eyes are light blue. She is 5'2" and hates being the shortest of the group. She's very feminine in her clothing choices, going for skirts, dresses and the like, and her outfit is also on Whateva876's Polyvore account.

Her personality is mixed; on one hand, she's girly, and that gets annoying sometimes. But there's another side to her... Like with a real fire, if you do something wrong, you'll get burned. Fire is social and feminine, and more intelligent than she lets on. She speaks her mind when she wants to, she's confident and organised, and she has one of those laughs that makes others laugh when they hear it. Unfortunately, she's also melodramatic and judgmental, a bit obsessed with success (actually, she's pretty obsessive in general) and is easily angered. Nevertheless, she laughs easily and makes people around her happy most of the time, even if she has the annoying habit of playing matchmaker.

Her weapons of choice are her machine gun and her switchblade. She is a germphobe, and a bit of a perfectionist, and despite her confidence, there's a part of her that is extremely self-conscious. She loves pie, rare steak, pasta and coffee. Will is her best friend in a weird sort of opposites-attract way, and she gets along well with most females, even if she gets competitive over small things. She's more or less straight, but there's a bi-curious part of her that acts up now and again. As much as she plays matchmaker, she doesn't have a boyfriend of her own. Fire also has minor powers relating to fires and flames, and she's a bit of a pyromaniac. She is also lacking in physical strength. Her symbols are flames, a heart, a makeup brush, a book, a switchblade and a machine gun.

Strengthofmywill: Known as Will Brooke. She is a silver Wocky, the colour chosen because it is the colour of metal, representing the "strength" in her name. She's entirely silver, but not a very bright, annoying silver. It's more muted, but silver all the same. It reaches her eyes, which are a pale grey color. Her hair goes a little past her shoulders, but Will likes putting it in a messy ponytail. Needless to say, it falls out a lot. She is 5'7" with a thicker build than the others. Will wears mostly black, and a lot of dark colors. Her outfit is also on Whateva876's Polyvore account.

She is the youngest sister living in Mystery Island with Echo, aging only from 15 to 16 years old. Will is easygoing and carefree, a little apathetic and blunt, stubborn, childish and a tomboy, despite the fact that she's very beautiful. She's also a bit dim, easily angered, violent, outspoken and sarcastic. Not to mention she has an annoying habit of randomly defying logic. Sometimes she draws on tables for lack of things to do, or she steals things and returns them before anyone notices it's gone.

Her weapon of choice is her dagger. She's afraid of Spyders, but if you make fun of her for that, she will cause you severe pain. She also has an irrational hatred of ice sculptures. She likes pie, cheeseburgers, pizza, smoothies and pineapple juice. Fire is her closest friend, and she gets along well with the boys, but she doesn't like a lot of people. Will is bisexual, but not interested in relationships. Tomos is attracted to her, but she doesn't understand that and just thinks that they're good friends. Will's ability to defy logic is pretty much all the minor powers she has, with the exception of her extreme willpower and good physical strength. Her symbols are a shield, a rubik's cube, a cloud, a dagger, and a shark.

Progress Reports of Echo's Stories:


Desert's Ruin or the Brightvale Plot (or DRBP): Finished. Has many typos, song lyrics and those stupid '1's replacing exclamation marks because I thought that was funny back then. Now I find it obnoxious.

Pirates of Neopia: Curse of Maraqua (or PONCOM): Finished. No '1's this time, and less song lyrics, but plenty of things that I found funny at one point and no longer do.

TFR on Facebook: I have to say, this may be one of my most successful stories. Not too bad.

Just Another Stupid Adventure (or JASA): Discontinued. I attempted a re-write, but I'm afraid it's too far gone.

Echo's Challenge: A challenge for myself, given by the readers. Really slow going.

When Life Couldn't Get Any Weirder (or WLCGAW): Crackfics also written with Whateva876. Discontinued due to Whateva leaving this website.

What If?: And another fic written with Whateva876. This one's more like a character study, even if it is humour. Discontinued due to Whateva leaving this website.

In These Tiled Halls: The fourth story Whateva876 and I decided to write, another character study in a way, but it's still pretty damn crackish. Published by Whateva. Discontinued for the same reason as the previous.

These Moments Between Us: Four-way collaboration with Popgum99, Amethyst3232 and Whateva876. I'm going to try to make my chapters deep and thoughtful, while also trying to keep some of my random humour. Published by Popgum. Probably discontinued, as Whateva has left and Popgum hasn't signed in for the past year.

Camouflage: Niki's backstory. Slow going.

NTDT: Totally Legal: Whateva876 and my totally legal remake of NTDT. Discontinued.

Beyond the Pyramids: The Lost Ones: I'm still trying out new things, and this story idea wouldn't leave me alone. This is one of my favourites.

South Park:

Hey, At Least We're Together: One-shot experiment. Shitty.

Time Paradox with Kenny and Cartman: Another random one-shot I decided to write. Somewhat better.

Death Note:

Death Note with a Hint of Insanity: Somewhere to put the rest of my brainshit. I no longer find it funny.

Hunger Games:

Then and Now: A short story about Clove's final moments.

Story ideas:

None at the moment.

Me talking (expect to see randomness here):

If I'm sleeping, don't wake me up. Unless you don't want your arm attached anymore, then feel free.

Sarcasm: It's beautiful, it's free, and I love it. Best form of humor.

People are always watching you, especially if you think that they aren't.

Next time you see a spider, don't smash it. All you do is take a life that you can't give back, and get bug guts all over your shoe.

Pop musicians are really running out of things to sing about.

If everyone was normal, the world would be incredibly boring, and we wouldn't notice.

I don't copy/paste things on my profile. Even if they're pure genius...Especially if they're pure genius.

Stabbing the wall is my trademark.

Stay out of my head. Really. For my privacy and your safety.

I am only myself when I am alone.

If I don't favorite you or your story, don't feel sad. I just don't favorite anything. I do review, however.

Being multilingual is fun. What's not fun is learning the languages.

Break the fourth wall. Go on. I dare you.

There shall be explosions.

Weapons are awesome.

Just don't question anything I do. If you do, you will find yourself with a long, complicated answer that makes little to no sense.

I am a hypocrite. I actually admit it.

There's something oddly satisfying about seeing the Moltara Yooyuball players trapped in giant ice cubes.

The same goes for Terror Mountain Yooyuball players, but for a different reason.

Poking dead things with a stick is oddly satisfying.

Overdoing brainshit does not help a story to move in the right direction. In other words: Too much brainshit = No plot.

If you value your sanity and peace of mind, never ever give me Armin's French Toast. (Don't ask... again...)

I have a lot of random quotes...

I can't even count how many times I have died from reading chain e-mails and crap like that. Oh wait... I'm still alive. "Send this to 25 people or you will DIE!" things are total crap, people. I'm living proof of that.


I find that I have a tendency to write formally, but also to switch to slang and cussing at random intervals in time. Maybe that's why I like writing crack, because sometimes I can make the characters sound entirely serious, even when they're in ridiculous situations.

Echoes can't die. They fade, but never die.

The human mind is amazing. It helps us see, hear, taste, smell and feel. It helps us learn, remember and understand. It's with our minds that we all came together on this website to share our stories and continue or add on to the ones we love. It's with our minds that the greatest and the most terrible ideas came from. It's with our minds that we set ourselves apart from other animals, and from each other. My mind is different from yours, and the other way around. Instead of kicking ourselves for ideas we didn't have, we should congratulate ourselves for the ideas we did have, even if they were total shit.

I'm grateful for everything. Without everything, what would we have? It's because of everything, the good things and the bad, that we are who we are.

Life gives you lemons, you look at the lemons for a while, procrastinate even though you know you need to make lemonade (because you're thirsty or some shit like that), and then life gives you even MORE lemons and you're like "DAMMIT!" so you make some damn lemonade and then you wish you had less stuff to do.

*trademark wall stab*

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