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Melissa: So who are you?
Jesa: I am a nameless person, as I sold my name on eBay
Melissa: Ok…
Jesa: So, who are you?
Melissa: Rose Hathaway :D
Jesa: Riiiiiight
Melissa: It's true!
Jesa: Yeah, and I'm Barney the dinosaur
Melissa: No kidding?
Jesa: *slaps forehead*
Melissa: Ooh guess what!
Jesa: *exasperated sigh* what?
Melissa: I'm a ninja penguin from Antartica!
Jesa: You've had sugar, haven't you?
Melissa: Pffft no way *looks at the ice-cream tub in her hand*
Jesa: Uh huh, suuuure. Anyways, I’m Jesa, you can call me Jes for short if you want, I don’t mind :) If you want to check out my personal stories, my name is Littlewerepire7. I'd love for you to read my stories :) And here with me is one of the coolest person I've met on this site: Melissa :)

Melissa: Awwww thanks Jes :D She's an awesome writer :) Should we tell them what we like and dislike?
Jesa: Yep :)
Melissa: Okay, I think it's fair to say that we both-
Jesa: We sure do :D
Melissa: And I like House Of Night, Fallen, though I'm currently reading Torment so everyone shhhhhhhh!
Jesa: I didn't mind that book. Ooh I like the part when-
Melissa: SHUSH!
Jesa: Oops, sorry. Continue :)
Melissa: *Clears throat* Anyways, as I was saying. I like the Twilight series, Perfect Chemistry, Vampire Kisses, The Host, Beautiful Creatures, The Hunger Games, Night World, The Summer I Turned Pretty.
Jesa: I like the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness, Jessica's Guide To Dating On The Dark Side, and the Shamer's series. Got others but couldn't think of them atm...Wait! I absolutely LOVE the Evernight series :) And others, but that series just popped into my head...

Melissa: So if any of you have any questions about our upcoming stories/one-shots, please don't be afraid to ask :)

Jesa: Yeah, we'd love to hear from you :)

Both: Catch ya later! :)