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Welcome to my profile! You're in my world now...

QUICK UPDATE: omfg how are you people still finding my stories I feel bad for you guys why are you reading that odg. I make no promises when it comes to When Love Has No Bounds my soul kinda dies a bit when I look at it I might just end up rewriting from the beginning if I ever do feel motivated enough to get back to writing it.

Here's some stuff about me:

Name: Megan

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Favorite Manga: 1/2 Prince, Fullmetal Alchemist, Skip Beat!, Love in the Mask... and many more.

Favorite Anime: Prince of Tennis, Code Geass, Fullmetal Alchemist, Death Note, Ouran High School Host Club... etc.

Favorite K-Dramas: City Hunter, Time Between Dog and Wolf, Fugitive Plan B, You're Beautiful.

Favorite Books: Fever series, Warriors series, Inheritance Cycle, Iron Fey series, books by Tamora Pierce... WAY too many to list...

Favorite K-Pop Groups: Super Junior, Big Bang, Teen Top, B1A4, 2PM, C.N Blue, U-Kiss, Boyfriend, B2ST

K-Pop Biases: Kyuhyun, Siwon, Donghae, Yesung, T.O.P, G.D, Changjo, L.Joe, Jinyoung, Gongchan

Favorite Actors: Lee Min Ho, Lee Jun Ki, No Min Woo, Jang Geun Suk, Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Hong Ki

Characters I'm in obsessed with: Roy Mustang, Kyouya Ootori, Tezuka, Fuji, Atobe... the list goes on.

"Nothing's perfect, the world's not perfect, but it's there for us, trying the best it can. That's what makes it so damn beautiful." - Roy from Fullmetal Alchemist

"I saw a river flow across the land for the first time. I rode a bike for the first time. I discovered just how enourmous the sky is. And more than anything, I never saw a place with so many people." - Chiaki from The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

"I like this era. You have baseball." - Chiaki from The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

"The only threesome you'll be in is with ore-sama and his reflection. Tell them you're MINE." - The Lucky Jerk by AtobeLover

"Severus Snape couldn't help but laugh. He was alive, Voldemort was pissed, and Harry Potter should've been a Slytherin." Beast Lord by Ceres K.

"I swear to drunk I'm not Merlin!" - Beast Lord by Ceres K.

"I was blind but now I see." - Limitless

"Knowledge is power. Power corrupts...Study hard. Be evil."

"In the dark, no one can see you scream..." - Blizzard Entertainment

"The only reason I haven't killed you yet... *ponders*...*looks up* Well, do you want me to?"

"Mada mada dane." - RYOMA

"Ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies." - Fuji from someone's ff... I can't remember who : /

"Fate rolls the dice but Destiny plays chess, and it's not until you lose that you realize she had been playing with 2 queens the whole time."

"Oh cry me a river; build a bridge and get over it."

"Never think something is idiot-proof because the Universe will just release a bigger idiot."

"I love how, in scary movies, the person yells out, 'Hello?' As if the bad guy is gonna be like, 'Yeah, I'm in the kitchen! Want a sandwich?'"

"You get nothing!" - my very awesome ap euro teacher

"Is there seriously no one else that can see there is something very wrong with what is happening here? Or am I just being biased because I'm the one that has a death threat spray painted on my locker." - Ryoma from someone's ff... It's still going so I'll figure out who it is sooner or later

The memories are endless

The pain can't seem to stop

Being there for my dreams

And pushing me to the top

Then you go and die on me

And my world seems to end

I guess that's what happens when you loose

A brother

A helper

A friend

In memory of Brigader General Maes Hughes - *This was not written by me. I got it from a pic I found somewhere.*

Prince Of Tennis Survey Questions!

Note: You can add your own questions! As long the main ones aren't erased!

Copy and paste this in your profile, if you want.


1. First off! What is your favorite school?

Probably Seigaku, but Hyoutei comes very close.

2. Who is/are your favorite player(s)?

Definitely Ryoma! I really love him!! xD Oh, and Fuji too!!

3. What is your favorite tennis move?

All except Higa's!!

4. Who is your favorite doubles pair?

Golden Pair.

5. What is your favorite tennis game in the series (who vs. who)?

Ryoma vs Sanada, Ryoma vs Atobe, Ryoma vs Yukimura... You get the idea! I mean come on! They were all epic! XD

6. What is your least favorite school?

Higa Chuu.

7. Who is your least favorite player?

Horio sorta counts as a player right?

8. What is your least favorite tennis move?

Any that Higa uses!

9. Who is your least favorite doubles pair?

Let me think a moment... I'll come back to this eventually :P

10. What is your least favorite tennis game in the series (who vs. who)?

Also will be coming back to this...

11. Favorite pair (homosexual or straight)? Why?

TOO MANY! FujixRyoma, TezukaxRyoma, FujixTezuka, OT3, OT5, OT6

12. Least favorite pair (homosexual or straight)? Why?

SakunoxRyoma, MomoxRyoma

13. Any crack pairing/s?


14. Any weird pairing/s?


15. Favorite story arc (Kantou Tournament, Nationals)?

Nationals. ;)

16. Favorite catchphrase?

Mada mada dane (Ryoma), Saa (Fuji), Yudan Sezu ni Ikou (Tezuka), Ecstasy (Shiraishi)

17. Favorite TeniMyu?

Haven't watched.

18. Least Favorite TeniMyu?

Haven't watched.

19. Favorite TeniPuri Family and episode?

Can't choose.

20. Least Favorite TeniPuri Family and episode?


21. Favorite Soundtrack?

Last Game, Ai no Uta, Flower, Across My Line, etc (Too many to be listed.. *wink*)

22. Least Favorite Soundtrack?

... O_O How could you even have the audacity to ask this question!

23. Best Filler Episode?

The billiards one!

24. Crappiest Filler Episode?

I didn't really like that one where Momo and Ryoma went to that restaurant and then didn't have enough money...


1. Do you believe in the Ryoma/Sakuno Theory?

No. Period.

2. Do you think Atobe is gay?

Weeeeeell... There's a high possibility of that...

3. Is the Rikkaidai Captain the bottom in his 'relationship' with his Vice-Captain?

Yes. He wants to be.

4. Are all doubles players in love with their respective partners?


5. Is there any team that can beat Seigaku?

Well if Ryoma's not there...

6. Is Jirou a narcoleptic?

No. He just likes to sleep.

7. Can Kabaji speak?


8. Why is Sengoku 'Lucky'?

Why don't you ask him?

9. Does Dan like Akutsu?

He just looks up to him a whoooole lot...

10. Does Horio really have 'two years of tennis experience'?

It's highly doubtful.

11. Is TeniMyu crap or just plain brilliant?

Haven't seen it.

12. Is Fuji really in love with his buchou?


13. Should PoT be a shounen-ai anime?

Yes. End of story.


1. Seigaku, Rikkai, Hyotei, Rokkaku, Yamabuki, St. Rudolph, Fudoumine, Shitenhouji, St. Rudolph, Josei Shonan or Higa?

If it's only one... Seigaku.

2. Golden Pair (Eiji/Oishi) or Silver Pair (Shishido/Ootori)?

Silver Pair.

3. Sakuno Ryuzaki or Ann Tachibana?

Ann... although she's annoying too...

4. Sanada, Atobe or Tezuka?

Are you really asking this question??? DON'T PUT ME THROUGH THIS PAIN!

5. MomoRyo or RyoSakuno?

Sees question and barfs.*

6. Royal (Atobe/Ryoma) or Imperial (Tezuka/Atobe)?


7. MomoRyo or KaidohInui?


8. Left-handed player or right-handed player?

Both is the only correct answer.

9. Tango (Sanada/Atobe) or Waltz (Yukimura/Atobe)?

I don't really like Waltz so Tango.


1. List all of the Characters you've fallen for.

This'll take a while... Ryoma, Fuji, Tezuka, Atobe, Oshitari, Kajimoto, Yukimura, Sanada, Shiraishi... Yep I think that's it!

2. List all the moves that you wished you could do.

Um... All of them? Well except Higa's.

3. Pick ONE character that you would like to meet in person.

FUJI! Give me nao!!

4. Any crossovers in mind?


5. Any lookalike in other anime?


6. Which tennis match showdown would you die to see?

Ryoma and Fuji vs Tezuka and Atobe

7. Any person you would like to have a match with?

Hmmm... I kinda really wanna play Tezuka... *hopeful eyes*

8. The schools you want to be a part of the tennis club.

Seigaku, Rikkaidai, Hyoutei.

9. What do you like about PoT?

Absolutely everything and anything.

10. Why is PoT the best anime there is?

Did you not notice the hot guys in every episode? If you're unaffected, go somewhere else please. xD

Add Your Name in this List, if you used this survey: icEbLuE20, Mitsukai20, patrengkee, Serthia, KaiCarterIsMyName, Yullenxneko-chan, AnimelovingCat, Yokuseithehedgehog, aNiMeLoVeRs21, amberstorm

Effective Ways On How To Annoy/Scare/Weird Out The Living Daylights Outta People (on elevators, in computer labs, etc.)

1. Repeat everything the person says in a question.
2. Whistle the first seven notes of "It's a Small World." incessantly.
3. Crack open your briefcase or purse, and while peering inside ask: "Got enough air in there?"
4. Offer name tags to everyone getting on the elevator. Wear yours upside-down.
5. Stand silent and motionless in the corner, facing the wall, without getting off.
6. When arriving at your floor, grunt and strain to yank the doors open, and then act embarrassed when they open by themselves.
7. Greet everyone getting on the elevator with a warm handshake and ask them to call you Admiral.
8. On the highest floor, hold the door open and demand that it stay open until you hear the penny you dropped down the shaft go "plink" at the bottom.
9. Stare, grinning, at another passenger for a while, and then announce: "I've got new socks on!"
10. When at least 8 people have boarded, moan from the back: "Oh no, not now, damn motion sickness!"
11. Meow occasionally.
12. Holler "Chutes away!" whenever the elevator descends.
13. Walk on with a cooler that says "human head" on the side.
14. Stare at another passenger for a while, then announce "You're one of THEM!" and move to the far corner of the elevator.
15. Wear a puppet on your hand and talk to other passengers "through" it.
16. When the elevator is silent, look around and ask, "Is that your beeper?"
17. Say "Ding!" at each floor.
18. Say, "I wonder what all these do." and push the red buttons.
19. Listen to the elevator walls with a stethoscope.
20. Draw a little square on the floor with chalk and announce to the other passengers that this is your "personal space."
21. Announce in a demonic voice: "I must find a more suitable host body."
22. Make explosion noises when anyone presses a button.
23. Wear "X-Ray Specs" and leer suggestively at other passengers.
24. Stop at every floor, run off the elevator, then run back on.
25. Ask every passenger that goes up if you can press the button for them.
26. Log on to a computer, wait a sec, then get a frightened look on your face and scream: "Oh my God! They've found me!" and bolt.
27. Laugh uncontrollably for about 3 minutes & then suddenly stop and look suspiciously at everyone who looks at you.
28. When your computer is turned off, complain to the monitor on duty that you can't get the dang thing to work. After he/she's turned it on, wait 5 minutes, turn it off again, & repeat the process for a good half hour.
29. Type frantically, often stopping to look at the person next to you evilly.
30. Bring a chain saw, but don't use it. If anyone asks why you have it, say "Just in case..." mysteriously.
31. Every time you press Return and there is processing time required, pray "Ohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohplease," and scream "YES!" when it finishes.
32. If you're sitting in a swivel chair, spin around singing "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" whenever there is processing time required.
33. Print out the complete works of Shakespeare, and then when it's all done (two days later) say that all you wanted was one line.
34. Put a large, gold-framed portrait of the British Royal Family on your desk and loudly proclaim that it inspires you.
35. Send e-mails constantly to the person next to you.
36. When there's only one other person in the elevator, tap them on the shoulder and then pretend it wasn't you.
37. Push the buttons and pretend they give you a shock. Smile, and go back for more.
38. Ask if you can push the button for other people, but push the wrong ones.
39. Drop a pen and wait until someone reaches to help pick it up, then scream, "That's mine!"
40. Bring a camera and take pictures of everyone in the elevator.
41. Ask, "Did you feel that?"
42. Stand really close to someone, sniffing them occasionally.
43. Swat at flies that don't exist.
44. Dance, while drumming noisily against the walls.
45. Lay in the elevator in a sleeping bag with your pillow in your pajamas with one of those eye mask things on, and pretend to be asleep and snore loudly.

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