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Welcome to my profile! Home of the longest Lucky Star story on the site!

Okay, so I never wrote this before... I never really figured I needed one! I suppose I still don't, but still. So... Profile information!

Name: A. C.

Age: What do you think? No really, I'm curious.

Sex: Yes! Wait... No. Wait... Just read above.

Race: Often! I run all the time!

Parents: 2

Eyes: 2 as well

Speaking: Sometimes

Hearing: Slight

Sight: Lol, that rhymes with slight... And it is. Or is it... DUN DUN DUN!

And just so you all know, I'm forgetful. Like, extremely forgetful. In fact, I had a joke for this literally thirty seconds ago when I started writing it. I can't remember what it was.

Favorite Anime: Besides Dragon Ball Z, my favorite is Lucky Star. I refuse to count DBZ because I basically grew up with it. It just isn't a very fair comparison. Since those two are probably my favorites, you can imagine my surprise at finding Lucky Star Z in the fanfiction list. I'll speak more about that later.

Writing Fanfiction is actually quite hard in it's own respect when compared to writing an original story. It's hard because there are already set boundaries and a framework along with characters you have to work with while keeping the story believable and in character. A good writer can work within these boundaries and come out with a good story. However, a great writer can work around those barriers. And then there are a select few who can do so to such a skill that the characters will evolve past what they were, hereby erasing the previous boundaries that were set. And do all of that within the canon story. When someone can do that, they clearly deserve to be noticed and gain my respect and a hat off. Below are some of my favorites.

Favorite Fanfictions (More in depth and in no particular order)

Lucky Star Z - I've read several Lucky Star and DBZ crossovers before. They were ill conceived and didn't last long, nor were they well written. You can imagine my skepticism when I saw this. I chuckled heartily to myself and went along my merry way. It was a while after I saw it for the first time I actually started reading it. Holy crap. It blew my expectations way out of the water. Now, this story ranks in my favorites because Lucky Star and Dragon Ball Z are two completely different worlds, and Killa meshes them together masterfully. I'm very fortunate in that I can Beta for this story as well.

Lucky Life Series - This series is nothing short of incredible. I've read my share of Lucky Star Konami fics. This one, however, was different. The twists Flygon puts in, the story he weaves with Konata and Kagami, the seamless integration of characters that either had no part of the series or were mentioned in one instance in the source work and then never again is truly something to behold. Again, this story is simply amazing, if you like Konami, this is definitely a story I highly recommend. I also have the fortune to be able to Beta for this story too. I'm lovin every minute of these first two.

Falling Stars - A crossover between Fallout 3 and Lucky Star. What a silly idea, this being successful is about as likely as a half-decent Lucky Star and DBZ crossover being written! Oh wait a minute... To be perfectly honest, I loved this story. Tastychainsaws did one of the best writing jobs I personally have ever seen. He inserted the characters into the story perfectly, had each of them grow and develop, and did so while staying true to both stories. I can not describe how well I think this story is written. If you play Fallout and like Lucky Star, read this story! I must recommend this on my word as a writer, I made this account initially only so that I could read and review it. One thing led to another, I read a few more and decided to start writing myself. So this story got me to make my account. One last time, I recommend this story.

Lucky Future Series - Ah, this one. RezleVettems wrote this, a few of you if not all of you have read this one. This was the story that originally got me thinking about writing myself. For those of you who haven't read it yet, the trilogy starts with Lucky Summer. This story was another of incredibly written stories. It's not only quite long, it keeps you hooked the entire time and is the former ranking champion as far as story length, if you count the entire trilogy. The new champ? Yours truly, but this section isn't about me. I highly recommend this if you don't mind being in it for more then a hundred chapters.

Standing Between Luck and Oblivion - Armorblade wrote this one. A crossover between Oblivion (One of my favorite games) and Lucky Star (My favorite anime). My interest was caught, as I had read good things about it. Armorblade did a fantastic job of incorporating the Lucky Star characters into Cyrodiil. I could say a lot of good things about this story, but I would basically be repeating what I said about the other stories. Suffices to say, I recommend this story and feverishly await updates.

A Challenger Appears!

Beyond Friendship - Finally finished this one, I've been reading it for several months now. Not because this story wasn't very good, but because I didn't have much time and could only read on my phone. This story has swiftly become one of my favorite stories, I thought I could drag out a day XD Again, there are a lot of things I could say about this story. The bit that was unique that I saw was the way he portrayed Konata's mentality, if I can say that without spoiling anything. I always meant to read this one, along with a few others that people say are amazing, but I never really had the time. In fact, I read 28 chapters on my phone while I didn't have a computer available to me. I'll admit, the only reason I did go to the effort of starting it was because someone gave it a glowing recommendation that I couldn't ignore. After the first couple chapters, I saw what they meant. This was quite a nice story, I'm not entirely sure what I can say without giving anything away that I haven't said in the other story reviews. I recommend this story very much, as I have all the others.

I think I'm missing some, but I'm sure they'll come back to me. As they do, I'll add them in. Keep in mind, if you've written a story that you know for a fact that I've read and it's not on here, don't take it as an insult. The above are masters in the stories they've written. I mean no offense by this list.

I'll put more later, I'm tired right now. I think I'll go to bed. By the way, there are 37 references(In a row?!) in this profile. Actually, that makes 38. I make a lot of references. Can you find them all?

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