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Author has written 11 stories for Calvin & Hobbes, Kingdom Hearts, Minecraft, Pikmin, and My Little Pony.

News: Sorry for delays.

Hey, at least I update faster than Sherlock. And I give you more content at a time than Doctor Who Series 7. Here's a new story and new chapters of CQ to make up for it. Also, the contests are now closed.

How to install Minecraft mods:

1) Download 7Zip.
2) Find minecraft.jar (easy for me because the .minecraft folder is on my desktop).
3) Copy minecraft.jar several times; this is VERY important, since you will almost certainly @#$% up this process the first time.
4) Open Playlist and start playing "Eye of the Tiger"; this is not technically mandatory, but it will help motivate you.
5) Open minecraft.jar (the original) with 7Zip.
6) Delete the META-INF file. (What is it with that file that mods hate it? *sadface*)
7) Copy the mod files into the minecraft.jar. (This is what all the tutorials tell you to do.)
8) Spend about an hour and a half messing with the minecraft.jar, trying to figure out why the copy/paste method didn't work.
9) Give up for the night and go to bed. (This will give you a rest for the final stretch.)
10) In the morning, go online and download MCPatcher like your friend told you.
11) Go online to find a tutorial on how to use MCPatcher.
12) Scream and rage for half an hour about why all the tutorials are on Macs. (PC FTW!!!)
13) Suddenly notice a little button on the MCPatcher window that says "Add Mods".
14) Execute tactical facepalm.
15) Re-download original mod files since you unzipped the originals and then deleted the zipped file.
16) Use self-expanitory MCPatcher interface to complete two hours of failed work in five seconds.
17) Start Minecraft.

18) Realize two weeks later that you were using the wrong bin file all along.
19) Sigh in defeat.
20) Continue doing Spanish homework.

21) Realize while re-reading this that you could have just gotten the deleted zips from the recycle bin.
22) Punch yourself in the forehead.
23) Remember too late that you hit your head a week ago and punching it would hurt. Derp.

We Need Your Ideas!

Here in the Golden Keyblade plane of existence, we try to always provide the best possible entertainment for you. Sometimes that requires you sending in suggestions when I can't think of ideas! You can submit your ideas as either a comment on the story or as a PM if you want to ask me about something personally. The winner(s) of a submission contest will get their idea used in the story and a shout-out in an author's note.

Stories currently accepting ideas:

No stories are currently accepting ideas. Watch this space!

Concepts for Player 6:

1) "File G": In a story reminiscent of "Ben", a teenage gamer named Mark receives a copy of Super Mario 64 from a strange old man...a copy with some sinister hacks. Soon the cartridge goes from mysterious to scary, but Mark can't stop now: someone- or something- else is pulling the strings, and he can't stop whether he wants to or not... (Concept for development)

2) The Phone: An ordinary game of Luigi's Mansion may be the cause of incredible havoc when a lightning bolt strikes the gamer's house, the ghosts vanish from the game... and a chain of gruesome, sinister murders occur in the town. (Concept for development)

3) Green Box: A boy finds a strange "Special Edition" copy of Super Mario 64, with extra levels and new content. But along with these comes the mysterious Hyper Nozzle and a chilling warning that "Silence will fall when the green box opens." (Concept for development)

4) Immortal: A Kingdom Hearts fanboy can't wait to play the new game. But soon his encounters with an unkillable Lord Kyroo, as related on his blog, turns his KH3D dreams into a waking nightmare. (Concept for development)

5) There Really Was a Cake: A gamer playing Portal begins to notice strange things in his save file. Soon he's chasing mysterious shadows and noclipping in search of a dark figure watching him from the windows. But when he finds himself literally inside the game, there's a lot more than cake at stake. (Concept for development)

6) The Purple One: An old story of mine reborn as creepypasta. Waluigi was meant to be in Super Mario 64 DS, but he wasn't. So he decided to get revenge. That revenge will take form in a teenager's copy of SM64DS...and sinister messages in real life. (Concept for development)

7) No Escape: A college student finds and downloads what seems to be a new Myst game. But soon a chain of psychologically twisted chambers and unbeatable puzzles might send him over the edge. (Concept for development)

Upcoming Stories:

The 39 Clues: Stories of the Sixth Branch
You know about the Cahills, and how they control the world. You know about their Clues. And you thought knew about their branches: the Lucians, the Janus, the Tomas, the Ekaterinas, and even the Madrigals. But there is a sixth branch of the which has hidden in the shadows since the dawn of the Clue hunt: the mysterious Cecilian branch.

By the present day, there are only three Cecilians left: Max and Eric Cahill, two brothers who are expert Clue hunters, and Emily "Sissy" Cahill, their younger sister. They are a rogue force, working for no one but themselves. With them in the game, no branch is safe.

But then something happens that changes everything: a raid on a Madrigal base reveals something that could reveal the history of their branch. Before they can investigate, the Madrigals strike back, forcing them to flee from their base and escape into the forest. Just as things seem grim, the three get a letter from a mysterious person known only as S. Cahill, who may be another Cecilian.

Desperate for answers, Max and Eric set out on a mission to find answers...but they may get way more than they bargained for.

(This story is also in the form of a movie on YouTube; sadly, the movie has been suspended, but Edly15 and I will be writing the fanfic...eventually.)

Calvin and Hobbes: Illusion Escape (Previous title: Fun and Games)
What if you created a game that could build the greatest puzzles ever? What if you and your friend accidentally got pulled into that game? And what if you had to beat your own system to escape?

In the new story by Golden Keyblade, Calvin comes face to face with these questions and many more. In Illusion Escape, Calvin invents the world's first randomly generated puzzle game, well as a virtual reality chamber which allows him to experience the game as a 3D virtual world. But when a thunderstorm and a mysterious cloaked figure cause the game to malfunction, Calvin and Hobbes are pulled inside a twisted version of Calvin's own maze of fiendishly difficult puzzles.

Soon the truth becomes apparent: an unknown enemy has trapped Calvin and his friends in cyberspace, where he or she can strike at them easily. The only way to survive is to find the way to the end of the game...but is there any hope of escaping a game even its creator can't solve?

This exciting new story, resembling a fusion of Tron and Myst, is the newest addition to Golden Keyblade's Calvin and Hobbes series.

(This story has been put on temporary hiatus.)

Paper Mario: Element Quest

When Mario, Luigi, and Peach go on vacation to the distant island kingdom of Zerdia, they have no idea what is in store. They think they're in for a relaxing stay in Traveller's Town...but instead they find an ancient darkness preparing to destroy everything the islanders know.

The island of Zerdia is the center of power for all ten natural elements: water, life, fire, electricity, ghost, air, earth, poison, darkness, and light. But it is also home to Eris, the vengeful goddess of chaos, who plans to tear up the elements at their roots: the mysterious Fountain of Power, with its ten Gems of the Elements.

Chaos is on the rise, and when the Gems are scattered, it's up to Mario and a band of new allies to find them. From the ocean city of Floatsville to the dangerous Mining Fields, from the Warring Woods to the sinister Eye of the Storm, Mario is up against his greatest challenge yet. Can he and his friends stop Eris before it's too late?

(Book 1 of The Legend Trilogy)


This isn't technically a continuous story; it's basically just Olimar (edit: and later Alph, Brittany, and Charlie) finding all of my original Pikmin species. Idea from Deadly Raptor.

Calvin and Hobbes Timeline: (stories are listed chronologically)

Calvin and Hobbes: Illusion Escape (on hiatus)
Calvin's Quest (in progress)
Calvin's Quest Part 2: The Mystery Continues
Calvin's Quest Part 3: The Glass Orb
Calvin's Quest Part 4: TBD
Calvin's Quest Part 5: TBD
Calvin's Quest Part 6: TBD
Calvin and Hobbes' Minecraft News

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Calvin, Hobbes, and Golden Keyblade get together to give you, my faithful readers, some presents! Thanks for being the greatest fans ever, and I promise to at least TRY to update more frequently in the future.
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Upon prompting from the Silverfish, Herobrine explores the Abandoned Mine Shaft adjoining the Stronghold. There he will find a tragic tale of treachery, betrayal, and loss. Part 3; series has been suspended.
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