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Author has written 13 stories for Calvin & Hobbes, Kingdom Hearts, Minecraft, Pikmin, My Little Pony, and Dragon Ball Z.

News: Something I thought of

I just realized what the V stands for in Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V! Don't dub it!

Sentences I never thought I'd hear:

1) "Not in front of the fox; he's with the owl!" - Sokka (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
2) "Zuko, I think the past is trying to kill me!" - Aang (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
3) "Sorry, got a bit caught up in gloating. I KILLED CELL!!!!!" - Krillin (Dragon Ball Z Abridged Episode 44)
4) "Hope the diamond doesn't mind when I mine it!" - Toby Turner ("Mine the Diamond")
5) "Dammit, give me your bubbles, sir!" - Dylan Bailey (BananaPieLord / MrHewbz)
6) "No one wants to be in an endless donkey loop." - Ross Scott (Game Dungeon: Arcade America)
7) "CALL ME ISHMAEL, BITCH!" - Gordon Freeman (Freeman's Mind)
8) "Yeah, that fish-in-a-barrel trick doesn't work so well when the fish has a shotgun, does it?!?" - Gordon Freeman (Freeman's Mind)
9) "Okay, no more making copies of yourself after you're dead!" - Gordon Freeman (Freeman's Mind)
10) "I'll be back in about twenty minutes; I need to let the milk melt." - Me (It's funnier if you don't know the context)
11) "I just hover a nipple over one and it fills up the rest of them!" - JackSepticEye (Kerbal Space Program)
12) "I'm like the Nostradamus of f*cking up!" - Adrian Shephard (Shephard's Mind)
13) "That's right, asshole, I'm just a box!" - Adrian Shephard (Shephard's Mind)
14) "You can have the trickle, but there's nothing left." - My sister (Again, funnier without context)
15) "I will squeeze my lightning bug at you until you die!" - Adrian Shephard (Shephard's Mind)
16) "I'm literally feet from the exit, but I can't get out because of this impenetrable wall of Pepto-Bismol!" - Adrian Shephard (Shephard's Mind)
17) "Now I'm not saying I'm Voldemort...but I'm not saying I'm not, either." - ChimneySwift (Attack of the B-Team)
18) "No honey?!? We're in a bear, for crying out loud!" - Varrick (Legend of Korra)
19) "That platypus-bear is pooping money!" - Anonymous Water Tribe citizen (Legend of Korra)
20) "Go rub your balloons elsewhere, Wario!" - Vinesauce (Tomodachi Life)
21) "Oh dear, we seem to have had a case of Spontaneous Dinosaur Combustion." - Me (Watching Doctor Who Series 8 Episode 1)
22) "Even a ghost truck would go over a bridge." - Lewis (Trucking Tuesday: Big Rigs Over the Road Racing)
23) "45 degrees is the angle of maximum win." - Me (Physics class)
24) "The...defense is objecting to...ITSELF?!?" - The Judge (Turnabout Storm)
25) "Sableye just downloads your spirit directly into its face." - JWittz ("Weird/Creepy Pokedex Entries Part 5")
26) "WHY DID I GET TRAMPLED TO DEATH BY BUFFALO?!?!?" - Vegeta (Renegade for Life)
27) "You can't go to church with your clothes on!" - Eleventh Doctor ("The Time of the Doctor")
28) "Did I just kill a bug with time travel?!?!?" - Me (Once again, funnier if you fill in the details yourself)
29) "Potato guns are serious business, man." - A friend
30) "Sheldon, your uvula does not have an STD!" - Leonard (The Big Bang Theory Season 8 Episode 2)
31) "You've got the speed and the power and the donk!!!" - Markiplier (Turbo Dismount)
32) "Sorry, it's hard to hear you over this pig!" - My physics teacher
33) "My bananas are in the fat!" - Josh Jepson ("Super Mario Sunshine Versus")
34) "Of COURSE I enter a monkey zone right as I get the magnet." - Me (Playing "Ooga Jump")
35) "I can live here indefinitely; I've got 20 pork." - Duncan ("Hole Diggers" Episode 19)
36) "Oh sweet Christ, the arm gag is back." - Me (reading "Homestuck" for the first time)
37) "It's nice standing under the crotch, just sheltering from the rain as Simon builds a giant red tube in the sky and Duncan fiddles around with redstone timers in space." - Lewis Brindley ("Hole Diggers" Episode 37)
38) "Don't be fair to the Daleks when they're firing me at a planet!" - The Eleventh Doctor ("Asylum of the Daleks")
39) "So they just hide freaking Cubes in TIME ITSELF?!?" - JoshJepson ("Let's Play Fez" Episode 5)
40) "...did Aladdin just read my mind?!?" - Me (once again, funnier without context)
41) "Spontaneous Alien Combustion. Works for me." - Gordon Freeman (Freeman's Mind)
42) "Is there a reason the eagle keeps making Get Smart references?" - Me (Watching Yu-Gi-Oh! GX)

So I've recently started a new story: Ponyball Z Abridged! Basically, it's a ponification of TeamFourStar's excellent web series "Dragonball Z Abridged", and basically it consists of replacing the DBZA characters with the Mane 6 and switching out the dialogue to make it set in Equestria. The project was inspired by The Wholocked Brony's excellent "Adventures in Time" story, which is a similar project but with Doctor Who. (Incidentally, I tried to upload the story to FIMfiction, but they rejected it because it's "not original content". Still a bit pissed.)

Basically, here are the characters who have thus far been introduced and/or mentioned, and their corresponding MLP characters:

- Goku: Twilight (brilliant at what they do well, but kind of naive and stupid outside their comfort zone)
- Rainbow Dash: Vegeta (awesome and they know it; totally full of themselves; basically, "I AM THE HYPE!!!")
- Piccolo: Lyra (both outsiders named after instruments)
- Krillin: Spike (more or less there for comic relief and moral support; get physically and verbally abused constantly)
- Bulma: Fleur Dis Lee (succeed by being rich and not getting involved in the action)
- Yamcha: Flash (hated by his "friends" and apparently by life itself)
- Kami: Cadance (basically a god, but has little to no impact on the series)
- Raditz: Shining Armor (brother of main character; has almost no effect on the plot after initial introduction)
- Nappa: Pinkie Pie ("I am hilarious and you will quote everything I say!")
- Master Roshi: Granny Smith (elderly, apparently knows a lot but does very little to the overall story)
- Gohan: Fluttershy (starts out really nervous and reluctant to fight, but slowly gets more confident; when they get mad...look out)
- Mr. Popo: Pinkamena (HOLY CRAP, GET IT AWAY FROM ME!!!)
- King Yemma: Mayor Mare (Authority figure who has exactly zero impact on the story)
- Chi-Chi: Octavia (can easily see being overprotective of family)
- King Kai: Queen Luna (Ultra-powerful, lives on small planetoid, always lonely)
- Tien Shinhan: Applejack ("I am the only serious character on this show. That's the joke.")
- Chiaotzu: Sweetie Belle (martial arts master who looks like a little kid)


Calvin and Hobbes: World Under Siege (might make a pilot episode, most likely nothing more)

It's been three months since First Strike. Three months since the alien force known as the Alliance attacked Earth through dimensional portals over our largest cities. Three months since humanity began fighting a losing battle for control of their planet. Each day the Alliance sends cleverer and stealthier through, and each day the world descends a little deeper into anarchy.

But in at least one city, there is still hope. A pair of heroes defend their hometown from destruction at the hands of the monsters. To most of the world, they are a twelve-year-old boy and an anthropomorphic tiger. But to those who truly know them, they represent the last, best hope for survival in a world under siege.

They are Calvin and Hobbes, and they are Earth's last heroes.

(Basically, this is my answer to the question "What if Calvin and Hobbes was an anime?" I actually Google Translated the title into Japanese and arrived at something pretty cool- "Karuban to Hobbuzu: Hōi-ka no Sekai". Certainly sounds like it could be the title of an anime.)

Yu-Gi-Oh! 4W

It has been many years since the creation of Duel Monsters, since the days of the Duel Academy, since the time of Yusei, of Yuma, and of Yuya. Humanity has spread out across the Solar System; there are great colonies off-world, from the cloudtops of Venus to the distant moons of Neptune. And the greatest of those colonies is Domino II, a sprawling marvel on the surface of Mars. And yet after all this time, Duel Monsters survives and is more popular than ever.

Koda is an ordinary boy living in Domino II...ordinary in all but two ways: his grandparents were the founders of the colony, and his earpiece houses a futuristic AI named Reslienne, created to help him become a better duelist. A chance encounter with Allon Synder, son of the colony's technology development program, leads to Koda's first encounter with Duel Matrices: virtual reality environments in which the players are just as much targets as their monsters. The technology is staggering...but Koda had better learn to adapt fast: his sister has gone missing, and the only hope of finding her seems to lie in winning the most ambitious Duel Monsters tournament ever staged- the Duel World Tournament.

What has happened to Koda's sister? How does the enigmatic Shudra figure into the situation? And what is the connection between the Duel Matrices and the mysterious technology of a long-vanished Martian race? Koda has his work cut out for him, and he'd better find the answers soon. Because there's more at stake than just becoming the King of Games.

The rules have changed, and the line between reality and illusion is becoming blurred...

(REALLY not sure if I'm going to end up writing this one. I've been on a major Yu-Gi-Oh binge the last several weeks; I watched the entire original series in a month, and I'm currently working my way through GX [which incidentally is nowhere near as bad as people say, though there are some cringeworthy lines]. This series sort of came to me on a spur of the moment, and I don't know whether I really have what it takes to write the kind of intricate duels the series features. At the very least it'll probably have to wait until I catch up with the series, which could take several months.)

Question of the week: If corn oil comes from corn, where does baby oil come from?

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