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News Update: Really Fast News Update

Just so you know, Hyperdragon97 and I will probably be releasing our new coauthor story in the next couple days or so. It's a Miraculous Ladybug / Pokémon crossover story, and I think you guys will really enjoy it; it's an idea I've wanted to do for a LONG time.

Calvin now has a Tumblr account: Calvin Reads Problem Sleuth! It's pretty much exactly what it says on the tin: Calvin liveblogging his way through Problem Sleuth, a webcomic by Andrew Hussie and spiritual precursor to Homestuck. I like this idea because it allows me to put out some content while at the same time not having to spend days working on a new chapter. Plus, Problem Sleuth is pretty dang funny. So come along with Calvin and witness his slow descent into madness as he encounters magic windows, teleporters galore, and of course pumpkins. (It is indeed canon with The Omniverse Event.)

UPD8: Calvin is now (slowly) liveblogging Homestuck as well! Find the link at the Problem Sleuth liveblog.


The Omniverse Event is a large-scale writer crossover event that anyone can participate in. Under this Event, a (hopefully) large number of stories by (again hopefully) a large number of authors involving a meeting between two universes will take place within the same shared narrative. The narrative prompt for the story is as follows:

Something has gone wrong with the Omniverse. A network of rifts is spreading across it, triggered by some unknown cataclysmic event. In any universe where the rifts appear, things start to change. The rules of one world start to bleed over into another, causing reality to distort. Objects, creatures, and even people from one universe find the rifts and pass through to another, one which is utterly alien to them. And when worlds come into contact, chaos inevitably follows...

So yeah, that's basically the idea. Here are the rules:

1) Before posting your idea, make sure to send me a private message regarding your idea, so that I can approve the story (which I almost always will unless it violates the below rules) and add it to an official list. Also send me a PM when you publish your story so I can update its status on the list.

2) Stories must focus on the basic premise explored above, i.e. the universes of two or more franchises coming into contact via the dimensional rifts. All other story details are more or less up to you.

3) Try to keep stories rated T or lower. M-rated stories may be accepted if I like the idea enough, but know that a large portion of the audience will not be able to read such stories.

4) Stories should try not to directly contradict each other, as this just creates more work for everyone trying to come up with an explanation.

5) I will try to read any and all stories that are part of the Event, but if large numbers of people submit stories I may not get around to it.

6) Stories that are part of the Event should refer to themselves as such in author's notes or other in-story sources.

Other rules may be added if I think of them and deem them necessary.

I personally have a few ideas for stories to be part of the Event, and I will be posting them as necessary. Since my track record with updates is pretty abysmal, I may not end up finishing them. However, in the event that I decide to abandon a story, I will generally attempt to hand it off to someone else who is interested in it, passing along my original plans for the story.

That's about it for now. With that, go forth and create!

Sentences I never thought I'd hear:

1) "Not in front of the fox; he's with the owl!" - Sokka (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
2) "Dammit, give me your bubbles, sir!" - Dylan Bailey (BananaPieLord / MrHewbz)
3) "No one wants to be in an endless donkey loop." - Ross Scott (Game Dungeon: Arcade America)
4) "Okay, no more making copies of yourself after you're dead!" - Gordon Freeman (Freeman's Mind)
5) "I'll be back in about twenty minutes; I need to let the milk melt." - Me (It's funnier if you don't know the context)
6) "I just hover a nipple over one and it fills up the rest of them!" - JackSepticEye (Kerbal Space Program)
7) "I'm like the Nostradamus of f*cking up!" - Adrian Shephard (Shephard's Mind)
8) "You can have the trickle, but there's nothing left." - My sister (Again, funnier without context)
9) "I will squeeze my lightning bug at you until you die!" - Adrian Shephard (Shephard's Mind)
10) "I'm literally feet from the exit, but I can't get out because of this impenetrable wall of Pepto-Bismol!" - Adrian Shephard (Shephard's Mind)
11) "No honey?!? We're in a bear, for crying out loud!" - Varrick (Legend of Korra)
12) "Go rub your balloons elsewhere, Wario!" - Vinesauce (Tomodachi Life)
13) "Oh dear, we seem to have had a case of Spontaneous Dinosaur Combustion." - Me (Watching Doctor Who Series 8 Episode 1)
14) "Even a ghost truck would go over a bridge." - Lewis (Trucking Tuesday: Big Rigs Over the Road Racing)
15) "45 degrees is the angle of maximum win." - Me (Physics class)
16) "Sableye just downloads your spirit directly into its face." - JWittz ("Weird/Creepy Pokedex Entries Part 5")
17) "WHY DID I GET TRAMPLED TO DEATH BY BUFFALO?!?!?" - Vegeta (Renegade for Life)
18) "You can't go to church with your clothes on!" - Eleventh Doctor ("The Time of the Doctor")
19) "Did I just kill a bug with time travel?!" - Me (Once again, funnier if you fill in the details yourself)
20) "Potato guns are serious business, man." - A friend
21) "You've got the speed and the power and the donk!!!" - Markiplier (Turbo Dismount)
22) "Sorry, it's hard to hear you over this pig!" - My physics teacher
23) "My bananas are in the fat!" - Josh Jepson ("Super Mario Sunshine Versus")
24) "Of COURSE I enter a monkey zone right as I get the magnet." - Me (Playing "Ooga Jump")
25) "I can live here indefinitely; I've got 20 pork." - Duncan ("Hole Diggers" Episode 19)
26) "Oh sweet Christ, the arm gag is back." - Me (reading "Homestuck" for the first time)
27) "It's nice standing under the crotch, just sheltering from the rain as Simon builds a giant red tube in the sky and Duncan fiddles around with redstone timers in space." - Lewis Brindley ("Hole Diggers" Episode 37)
28) "Don't be fair to the Daleks when they're firing me at a planet!" - The Eleventh Doctor ("Asylum of the Daleks")
29) "So they just hide freaking Cubes in TIME ITSELF?!?" - JoshJepson ("Let's Play Fez" Episode 5)
30) "...did Aladdin just read my mind?!" - Me (once again, funnier without context)
31) "Spontaneous Alien Combustion. Works for me." - Gordon Freeman (Freeman's Mind)
32) "Is there a reason the eagle keeps making Get Smart references?" - Me (Watching Yu-Gi-Oh! GX)
33) "GOD DAMMIT, THE CHESS PIECE KEEPS JUMPSCARING ME!" - Me (Watching Detective Heart of America: The Final Freedom)
34) "How did they inflate the bat?" - Someone in my psychology class
35) "Don't lick the void." - Someone else in my psych class
36) "One is the brains, the other is the frog." - My same friend from earlier (I'm not sure of the context on this one)
37) "That is not a bouncy castle, that is a singularity!" - Me watching a different friend play KSP
38) "Well, that would explain the Cthulhu signal we got a minute ago." - Me, doing science

Yu-Gi-Oh! ΔX Season 1 Upcoming Episode List:

- Episode 10: The Break-In
- Episode 11: The Hunt Begins Part 1
- Episode 12: The Hunt Begins Part 2
- Episode 13: Exit Calvin Part 1
- Episode 14: Exit Calvin Part 2
- Episode 15: TBD
- Episode 16: Dueling With a Champ Part 1
- Episode 17: Dueling With a Champ Part 2
- Episode 18: Deal With the Devil Part 1
- Episode 19: Deal With the Devil Part 2
- Episode 20: Deal With the Devil Part 3

Why ZEXAL is the best Yu-Gi-Oh! series (so far)

1) "Take a Chance" is the greatest theme song of all time.

2) Yuma doesn't start out as the world's best duelist. This is a big deal: Yugi defeated the world champion in the first episode, Jaden out-dueled a Duel Academy teacher during his entrance exam, and we all know about Mr. Yusei "Never Lost a Duel In The Entire Series" Fudo. Yuma starts out as an ordinary duelist; in fact, he's actually a pretty bad duelist at the start. But he learns from Astral and from his opponents, and by the end of the series he has become the King of Games not through innate talent, but through hard work and determination to win.

3) The Number Cards. They're pretty much the most awesome archetype of all time. Giving the villain of the week a Number Card is a great way to turn what would ordinarily be a filler episode into something plot-relevant. Combine that with the fact that ZEXAL was the series where the animators finally went all-out with the CGI integration, and you get some spectacular monsters. (Bonus points for Xyz Summoning just being cool as heck in the anime.)

3a) Number 9: Dyson Sphere. My God, when this thing appeared on the field, I got chills. I had to go back and rewatch the scene a couple more times because it was so cool. The reveal of this card is, to me, a scene on the level with "Exodia...OBLITERATE!" from the first episode of the original series. And then they gave this card a Number C upgrade because it really needed to be that much more awesome.

4) Yuma actually gets together with Tori. It frustrates me that none of the romance subplots in the previous series actually went anywhere. Yugi and Tea's relationship never got farther than the innuendo stage. I don't think Alexis and Jaden even got that far. As for Yusei and Akiza, Ra only knows what happened between them. I normally don't care about romance, especially since shows like this have much bigger things at stake, but if you're going to introduce characters solely to be love interests, do something with them!

5) It combines the things that worked about the previous series, and fixed the parts that didn't work. It managed to have the over-arching storyline of the original series without having seasons-long filler arcs that ultimately went nowhere. It had the light-hearted tone of GX while still managing to get serious when it needed to be. And it managed to have the updated graphics and cooler monster designs of 5Ds while being able and willing to take a chance to make it all the way. (See what I did there?)

6) It's the one that's going to come true, at least from a technological standpoint. The hologram technology was always the part of the show that most strained my suspension of disbelief, especially when you had holograms straight-up punching people. Ancient Egyptian sorcerers summoning monsters from their souls to do battle with evil shadow forces from another dimension? Sure, whatever. But a hologram being projected freely with no obvious projector or scattering medium, sometimes from a moving vehicle? Not okay. Not okay at all. ZEXAL fixed at least the first problem by introducing the Duel Lens, the technology of which is not only possible, but exists right now in the form of the HoloLens. Between that and the fact that the "spirit guide" of the series is actually an alien, this series placed Yu-Gi-Oh! firmly into science fiction territory. And I just like that.

7) The ending. Sweet troll Jegus, the ending. Screw the people who complain about "cheap resurrection"; this is the single greatest ending to a series I've ever encountered. Maybe that's just because it comes at the end of the relentlessly depressing sixth arc, but seeing all the major characters of the series- even the former villains like Vetrix and Vector- joining forces and flying off to Astral World to combat some new threat was a heartwarming scene. Incidentally, this is one of those scenes (along with Dyson Sphere's introduction) that I think the English dub did better than the Japanese version. Why? Because they played "Take a Chance" in the background, that's why!! (Incidentally, any guess as to whether The Omniverse Event will delve into the nature of this new threat? Wait and see!)


The God Tiers Must Be Crazy

Rose and Karkat aren't quite sure how to react when they awaken on a street corner, apparently on Earth. Their confusion only deepens at the discovery of a black-walled eldritch complex known as "the Dog Park" which no one is allowed to enter, or the fact that no one seems to consider Karkat out of place. Soon they find that they aren't alone: Sburb and Sgrub players living, dead, and yet to exist have been summoned to the strange, impossible town of Night Vale for purposes unknown.

As the kids and trolls struggle to find each other and discover the truth of their surroundings, they begin to form friendships with some of the locals- particularly local radio host Cecil Palmer and his scientist boyfriend Carlos. But sinister forces are at work, and not just the usual government-mandated ones. What force has brought everyone together in this town? Who is the mysterious hooded figure who keeps trying to contact them? And what is the nature of the mysterious signal interfering with the radio broadcasts? As worlds begin to converge and plans are set into motion, the group soon realizes that someone or something has set in motion a plan which places in danger not just the town of Night Vale, but the entire universe- and beyond.

Something has gone wrong with the world, and it's going to take everything they have to fix it.


- Calvin's Quest by me (prequel)
- A Theory of Timelines by Meer-Katnip [Doctor Who Extended Universe / Skulduggery Pleasant]
- A Theory of Perseverance by Meer-Katnip [Doctor Who Extended Universe / Undertale]
- A Theory of Darkness by Meer-Katnip [Doctor Who Extended Universe / Fairy Tail]
- The Rift Effect by Meer-Katnip [Bernice Summerfield / Calvin and Hobbes]

In Progress
- The Q Effect by Seska1729 [Calvin and Hobbes / Star Trek Voyager] (on hiatus)
- Yu-Gi-Oh! ΔX by me and Meer-Katnip [Calvin and Hobbes / Yu-Gi-Oh!]
- It Takes One to Divine One by me and Meer-Katnip [Psych / Harry Potter]
- Digimon Abridged by Seska1729 [Calvin and Hobbes / Digimon]
- Duelist Foundation by me and Meer-Katnip [Yu-Gi-Oh! / SCP Foundation]
- Calvin and Hobbes: Voidtrapped by me and Meer-Katnip[Calvin and Hobbes / Homestuck]
- The Five Miraculous Stars by me and Hyperdragon97 [Miraculous Ladybug / Pokémon]

- The God Tiers Must Be Crazy by TheBigCat and me [Welcome to Night Vale / Homestuck]

Indefinitely Suspended
- The Angels of Misthaven by me and UltimateMaxmericaShipper [Maximum Ride / Once Upon A Time]
- Artemis Fowl: The Homeworld Directive by me and Meer-Katnip [Artemis Fowl / Steven Universe]

- "Calvin Reads Problem Sleuth" by me [Calvin and Hobbes / Problem Sleuth] (starts between Calvin's Quest and ΔX, continues into the latter)
- ask . fm / NWildman by Seska1729 [Star Trek Voyager] (basically an askblog for Naomi Wildman)
- remembrancedaleks . tumblr . com by Skeska1729 [Digimon Tamers] (spin-off of Digimon Abridged)

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Something has gone wrong with the world. When a rift causes the spirits of Pokémon to become lost in an unfamiliar world, it falls to Paris's two young superheroes to stop them from causing damage. It's a pretty sweet job, but Marinette can't shake the feeling that there's something familiar about all this... Part of the Omniverse Event; coauthored with Hyperdragon97.
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