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Author has written 22 stories for Generator Rex, Fruits Basket, Ouran High School Host Club, Inuyasha, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Naruto, Astro Boy, Tokyo Mew Mew, Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow, X-Men: Evolution, Lorien Legacies, One Piece, Peter Pan, Hetalia - Axis Powers, and Young Justice.

~.~HEaR mE, hEAR mE~.~

~.~Peace Out Elves, Fairies, Catipillars, Rabbits, Hatters, And My Other Wonderland Friends~.~

~.~My Name Is ChesirexKittyxCat~.~

~.~My Nickname Is Chesire (~Or As I Got From A WONDERFUL FanFiction~) Cee, If You Prefer That~.~

~.~I'm Also Under The Same PenName In FictionPress.Com For Orginal Pieces Of Stories And Poems~.~
~.~If Only They Had Quizzes Too...~.~

~.~I Am A Big Fan Of C.S. Lewis Quotes And His Wonderful Characters~.~

~.~"A man can no more diminish God's glory by refusing to worship Him than a lunatic can put out the sun by scribbling the word, 'darkness' on the walls of his cell"~.~

~.~My Mother Said I Used To Talk About The World Almost The Same Way, Calling It "The World According To Chesire" I Still Do That, For The Fact That The World Needs More Misfits, Not More Budget Problem. Yes, The World Would Be So Much Better If We Just Looked At Your Neighbor And Smiled "You're Strange, And I Like That About You." Besides, If You're Not You, Who Is Going To? There Are No Understudies In The Stage Of Life My Strange Friends!~.~

~.~ThE WoRLd ACCorDinG tO CHesiRe~.~

~.~"Where Are We Headed?" "Does It Matter?" "No, I Suppose Not." "Good, Because I Don't Know Either."~.~

~.~"Ever Been In A Traffic Jame Before?" "Of Course! We're In One Now!" "Then You Shouldn't Be Complaining If You've Done This Sort Of Thing Before."~.~

~.~"I'm Bored." "Why?" "Because We Aren't Doing Anything." "But We're Sitting Down, That's Something." "I Suppose." "We're Breathing, That's Something." "I Guess You're Right." "So Then, If We're Always Doing Something, Does Nothing Really Exist?"~.~

~.~"Mom, I Have A Question." "What?" "You See The Grey Car In Fron Of Us?" "The Honda? Yeah." "Is It Going Home Or Leaving Its Home?"~.~

~.~"I Like Orange, Green, And Yellow Flavored Candy Best." "Why?" "Because Orange Tastes Like Lemon, Yellow Tastes Like Lime, And Green Tastes Like Oranges." "No They Don't." "I Can Dream Can't I? ... Either That Or I'm Color Blind. But They're All The Same To Me." "..."~.~

~.~"Why Are You Wearing Striped Socks?" "My Pink/Purple Ones?" "Yeah." "The Same Reason Why C.S. Lewis Asked "How A Raven Is Like A Writing Desk?". Because You Just Like The Look On People's Face When You Say You Don't Know Either."~.~

~.~"You're Good At Coming Up With Made-Up Words Chesire." "Why Thank You! They're Not That Hard You Know" "I Only Have One Question." "What's That?" "What Kind Of Flower Is A... Yrrehc Mossolb?" "That's Easy, Mirror." "It Means Mirror? I've Never Heard Of A Flower By That Name." "Neither Have I. What I MEANT Was "Get Me A Mirror". It's Cherry Blossom Spelled Backwards."~.~

~.~"I Have Friends That Only Last For A Year, Because By Next Year I'll Have A New Class, New Teacher, And New Classmates."~.~
~.~"It Is Not That I Try To Be Cruel To Those Of The Year Before, It Is Just That I Believe That Friends Are Like Care-Packages."~.~
~.~"I Take A Group Of Misfits, People You'd Never Put Together, Mix Them Up, Wrap It, And Give Back To Themselves As I Shoot Up The Chimney Like Nick"~.~
~.~"That Is When They Realize That I Have Given Them The Gift Of Friendship That They Would've Never Chosen To Find Without Me"~.~
~.~"But By The Time They Want To Thank Me, I'm Already With The Elves, Carefully, Happily, Creating A New Care-Package For A New Group Of Soon-To-Be-Friends"~.~
~.~"I May Be One Of Those People That Are Born, Forced, To Get You To The Promised Land, But Never See The Place Myself."~.~
~.~"And I Am Fine With That."~.~
~.~"It's Still An Amazing View"~.~

~.~qUOTeS BY wHOm IT MAy COnCeRN~.~

~.~Friendship Is Unnecessary, Like Philosophy, Like Art... It Has No Survival Value; Rather It Is One Of Those Things That Give Value To Survival~.~

~.~"Why Does Mr. Plotz Want To See Me?" "Because You Ate His Conferance Table Wakko." "But I Was HUNGRY."~.~

~.~"Aren't You A Bit Young To-" "Why Yes, Yes We Are."~.~

~.~"Somewhere In Communist Russia I'll Bet There's A Little Boy Who Has Never Known Anything But Censorship And Oppression. But Maybe He's Heard Of America, And He Dreams Of Living In This Land Of Freedom And Opportunity! Someday, I'd Like To Meet That Little Boy...And Tell Him The Awful TRUTH ABOUT THIS PLACE!!" "Calvin Be Quiet And Eat The Stupid Lima Beans."~.~

~.~"Knock, Knock." "Who's There?" "Max" "Max-Who?" "Max Wants To Come In And Go Crazy!" "See, That's Not Funny Because It's Not Really A Joke." "It Is If You Know Max." "But You DON'T Know A Max." "If You Did You'd Be Laughing."~.~

~.~"I Think The Surest Sign That There Is Intelligent Life Out There Is That None Of It Has Tried To Contact Us."~.~

~.~"Let's Pray That The Human Race Never Escapes From Earth To Spread Its Iniquity Elsewhere"~.~

~.~"My Name Is Nobody. Nobody Is Perfect. Therfore I Am Perfect."~.~

~.~"I'd Rather Be ANYTHING But Ordinary Thank You"~.~

~.~"No Master! Let Us Defeat Tei Lung, This Is What You Trained Us For!" "No! It Is Not Your Destiny To Defeat Tei Lung! It Is His! ...Where Is He?"~.~

~.~"To Infinity--AND BEYOND!!"~.~

~.~"Who's In Charge Here?" "The CLAAAAAAW.."~.~

~.~"I Like The Name Nemo.."~.~

~.~"All Dreams Lead To The Ocean, Kid"~.~

~.~"Fish Are Friends, Not Food."~.~

~.~"Can We Keep Him? Please, Please, PLEASE?" "No." "But It's A TALKING DOG!!"~.~

~.~"You're Right, Prospector, I Can't Stop Andy From Growing Up... But I Wouldn't Miss It For The World"~.~

~.~"He's Brave, Like A Cowboy Should Be, And Kind, And Smart, But The Thing That Makes Woody Special... Is That He'll Never Give Up On You.. Ever. He'll Be There For You... Forever."~.~

~.~"So Long, Partner..."~.~

~.~"Fear Of The Unknown... They Are Afraid Of New Ideas... Their Morals And Predjudices Are Not Based On Anything In Reality, But Based On That If Something Is New, I Reject it Immeditly, 'Cause It's Frightening To Me. What They Do Instead Is Just STAY With The Familar. Well, To ME, The Most Beautiful Things, In All The Universe, Are The Most Mysterious.."~.~

~.~"Mike Wazozki!!"~.~

~.~tHErE IS No sUch THInG aS a BAd QuEStIoN~.~

~.~"What Is A Synonym For Thesarus?"~.~
I Would Guess Tyranasaurus.

~.~"After Eating, Do Amphibians Have To Wait An Hour Before Swimming?"~.~
Well, After Making Syrofoam Peanuts, Where Do They Ship Them? The Answer Lies There Somewhere, You Just Have To Be Crazy Enough To Figure It Out!

~.~"Before They Invented Drawing Boards Where Did They Go Back To?"~.~
Easy, To Being Bored.

~.~"What Do You Say To God When He Sneezes?"~.~
Hi, I'm An Anthesit.

~.~"What Was The Best Thing Before Sliced Bread?"~.~
Normal Bread Of Course!

~.~"If One's The Lonelist Number, Two Is A Couple, And Three Is A Crowd, What's Four?"~.~
What You Say Before Hurling A Golfball At Someone's Head I Believe.

~.~"We Know About The Speed Of Light, So What's The Speed Of Dark?"~.~
Forty-Two, Ah Yes, Let's Go With Forty-Two..

~.~i CRy, YOu CRy, THe woRLd COntiNUes OnWArd~.~

~.~People Don't Like To Copy Down Sad Things, And Make Their Profiles Inexplictantly Happy~.~
~.~The World Is Never Happy, Fate Tightens It's Grip On Both The Innocent And Guilty~.~
~.~People Drink, Smoke, Etc. To Forget, To Finally Cry, But You Are Just Running Away~.~
~.~Every Person On THis Earth, Has A Small Person Who Looks Up At Them, Be A Good Example~.~
~.~Cry, Cry Naturelly, Cry Because You Need To, Not Because You Are Addicted To~.~
~.~Men Cry, Women Cry, Children Cry, The World Continues~.~
~.~What Is Your Sad Day, Is Another's Best Day~.~
~.~There Are 365 Days In A Year, And Many More People, Thus Everyday Is Someone's Birthday~.~
~.~Someone Was Born On Christmas, Someone Was Born On 9-11, Someone Was Born At 12/11/10 At 9:08~.~
~.~A Baby Is Greeted Everday, Everday Someone Dies, Someone Cries, Someone Laughes, Someone Is Broken Hearted, Someone Is Being Married In True Love~.~
~.~Cry Because You Need To, Not Because You Have To~.~
~.~So Mister Mad Hattesr, Red Queens, My Dear Alices, March Hares, And White Rabbits, Along With My Friends; The Flowers And Catipillars With Butterfly Wings~.~
~.~When You Cry, Smile Right After, Even If It Hurts, Because Someone Out There Needs A Smile And A Hug More Than You~.~
~.~And In Return, Someone Will Send You A Smile And A Hug~.~
~.~But For Now, Smile Every Moment Of The Day, The First Thing To Heal Somone's Heart Is Smile~.~
~.~The Best Gift For A Newborn Baby, A Happy Couple, A Birthday, To Thank Someone For Their Smile...~.~
~.~Is To Smile~.~
~.~Copy This Down If You Wish That One Day, We Will All Smile On This Earth, United, No Wars, Just Peace~.~
~.~Copy This Down And Add Your Own Reason To Smile Along With Your Pen Name Or Wonderland Name Below~.~
CHESIREXKITTYXCAT: Because I Have My Own Smile, It's Mine And No One Else's, I'm Unique, Strange, All Of The Above, And All Of The Below, It's My Smile And No One Can EVER Steal It From Me.

~.~tHE eSsENcE OF mAN~.~

~.~I Am A Snowflake~.~
~.~Unique And Exquisite~.~
~.~I Am Born To Explore The Cold, Cold World Out There~.~
~.~Not Stay In The Hearth~.~
~.~For Then, I Become Like Everything Else~.~
~.~A Single Drop Of Water In The Bucket~.~
~.~And Water Is Water~.~
~.~Just Like A Snowflake Is A Snowflake~.~
~.~Neither Are Good~.~
~.~Blizzards, Hurricanes~.~
~.~Neither Are Bad~.~
~.~Snow Angels, Puddles~.~
~.~So I Am Not Evil~.~
~.~But I Am Not Good~.~
~.~I Am Man~.~
~.~And Man Needs No God~.~
~.~We Do Just Fine On Our Own~.~
~.~And Man Needs No Devil~.~
~.~We Do Just Fine On Our Own~.~

~.~mY prOgReSS~.~

(Posted Series)
"Lovely Wishes" (Ouran High School Host Club): With all the pollution and city lights in the air, you can't see the stars. So, just wish on an airplane. It'll carry your wish for you; first class. Even if it's "just" about a boy you like. One-Shot Series. OC's Accepted!
Lovely Wishes Is Running Along Smoothly, Though I Haven't Even BEGUN The Next Chapter... xD
"Time Knows No Bounds" (InuYasha): Kizzy is an alibino, hemophobic scared of blood , bullied, female wolf-demon. She's shy and calls people "Lady" & "Lord", especially her pack's leader, Lord Koga. And Koga has got his own problems to sort out, most including... wait, they include KIZZY?
I Have The Notes Down For The Next Chapter, It's Just That I Am Bad With Beginnings And Battle Scenes Both Of Which The Next Chapter Is Supposed To Have... Sadly, I Have Made No Progress In Even Beginning The Next Chapter. OTZ
"The Story Of My Life" (Generator Rex): My Name Is Lopez. Like The Comedian. First Name, Tobio. I Believe In God, Angels, Mothers, And Bread. I Was 7 Years Old When My Parents Died And My Brother Went Missing On Christmas Eve, All At The Same Time. My Life Sounds Great So Far, Doesn't It?
Even Though I Have A Request For The Next Chapter, I Have Tried Several Times To Complete It And Failed Every One, So I'm Taking A Break Until My Writer's Block On This Story Goes Away. ^^
"The Delinquents" (Young Justice): Basically It's Where There's A Team Of Teens, Same As Young Justice, But They're Of The Villians Of DC Comics. They're All OCs Created By Me And WeirdGirl14, Edited By KawaiiKittey. I Want To Finish Writing Out The Whole Series Before Posting It, Because Then I Can Take My Nice Sweet Time On It Without Any Rabid Readers. Aaaah~ ^^
"Anna-Banana" (Summer Wars): A Temporary Title. Anyway, It's Basically Just About Kazuma Meeting A Girl Online In America In OZ, And How She's Watched Him Grow From Being Her Partner In The Computer-Library To Being The Ultimate King Kazma. It Will Be A Crazy-Long One-Shot, You Have Been Warned xD
"Kid Lantern" (Young Justice): Where Hal Jordan Gets His Very Own Clone. The Differance Between His And Superman's? His Clone Is In A 6 Year-Old's Body, It's Body Is Going Through This Cell-Destruction Phase, It's Brain Has Gone Through Amnesia, It May Or May Not Be "SPECIAL", And IT'S A GIRL. Needless To Say, She's Going To Be A Handful. Won't Be Posted Until It's Finished. IF I Ever Go Back To It And Finish It xP (I'm On Debate Whether Or Not To Continue)
"NO TITLE YET" (One Piece): A Request By Violentyetawesome In Which She Asked For 50 Luffy + OC Drabbles. I'm Still Having Trouble With Drabble Prompts And The OC's Personality, But I'm Trying My Hardest! No Definite Plot Yet Though All Of My Drabbles Were Made Up As I Went Along. xD
(Still In The Thinking-Process, May Or May Not Ever Be Written/Posted)
"NO TITLE YET" ('The Outsiders' by S.E. Hinton): A Story About Dally Meeting This Mouthy 8-Year Old Girl Playing Cards In Front Of His House. In Which This Smart-Mouthed Girl Turns Out To Unknowingly Save Him/the Greasers Several Times. Bad News? Dally Doesn't Like Kids. Other Bad News? She Doesn't Like Gang-Members. Good news? Neither Are Going To Stay Like That For Long~ xD
"NO TITLE YET" (Ed, Edd, and Eddy): Nazz Once Attempted To Write A Petition For Cuter Guy-Janitors, Though It Was Never Taken Seriously. Now That One Is Working There, She's Decided To Do The Number One Best Thing Pre-Teen Girls Are Good At. Stalking And Fangirling. I Just Came Up With The Idea Today After Hearing Nazz' Petition For Cuter Janitors, And The Idea I Have For The Janitor's Personality Mixed In With Nazz And The Gang Made Me LMFAO xDD

~.~jUsT SO yOu aLL kNoW~.~

~.~I Do Accept Requests~.~
~.~The Only Rules Are: ~.~
~.~1. No Sue's Or Gary's, God May Love All His Children, But Even HE Must Hate These "Characters"~.~
~.~2. If It Is On Something I Don't Know, I Won't Do It, I Am Sorry. But I Will Still Keep The Request In Mind In Case I Do Watch/Read It Later On-- So Have No Fear!~.~
~.~3. You Can Ask For OC/Character, But Even Though I Support Them As Real People, I Do Not Write Yaoi/Gays Or Yuri/Lesbians. This Is To Mean No Offense, And I Will Make Exceptions If I Too Like The Pairing Or It's Just So Plain Hilarious. Funny-Ness Rocks Mountains ^^ ~.~
~.~4. It Can Not Be A Series, Only A One-Shot--Maybe A Two/Three-Shot If It's Good/Funny Enough Or Enough Other People Request It~.~
~.~5. You Can PM Me Or Tell Me In A Reveiw Of What You Want (I Prefer The Latter)~.~
~.~6. You Can Suggest Chapter Ideas For My Stories Already In Progress Or Sequels To My Other One-Shots, But I'd Prefer it If You Did Not Request For Your OC To Appear In Them Unless I Make An Exception Or Ask For It~.~
~.~7. I Only Do Gift-Fics/Fiction-Trades With Friends~.~
~.~8. You Must Read All These Rules Before Asking For A Request, I'm Sorry~.~
~.~9. I Reserve The Right To Decline Requests~.~

~.~nATioNaL NoVEl wrItiNG MOnTH~.~

~.~Also Known As NaNoWriMo Or NaNo As I Have Been Told~.~
~.~Where In The Month Of November,~.~
~.~Where Your Goal Is To Write 50,000 Words By The End Of The Month~.~
~.~I've Joined In, Will Any Of You?~.~

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Iron Hammer of Justice by CSpacian reviews
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Generator Rex - Rated: T - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 17 - Words: 62,703 - Reviews: 118 - Favs: 142 - Follows: 52 - Updated: 7/17/2011 - Published: 10/4/2010 - Rex S. - Complete
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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Lovely Wishes reviews
With all the pollution and city lights in the air, you can't see the stars. So, just wish on an airplane. It'll carry your wish for you; first class. Even if it's "just" about a boy you like. One-Shot Series. OC's Accepted!
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Inuyasha - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Romance - Chapters: 5 - Words: 14,212 - Reviews: 14 - Favs: 20 - Follows: 16 - Updated: 12/21/2011 - Published: 5/21/2011 - Kōga
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