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Helloooooo, my name is Mikari in my anime stories but my real name is Michelle. I'm 17 years old (final year of high school)and a Slovenian/Canadian. I truly enjoy watching anime and reading manga, i also like to edit pictures, making them into my oc. You can see my pictures at I have a few favourite animes and games like: Naruto, Bleach, Shaman King, Yu Yu Hakusho, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon and many many others, cant possibly list them all.

Bleach OC Background Information:

Name: Mikari Shihoin

Age: Unknown, over 100 years old

Looks: Mikari is shorter than Hitsugaya and will not tell anyone her weight. She has chocolate brown hair and bright gold eyes, sometimes her hair is tied up into different styles with a red ribbon she got from her sister. In the past she used to wear pigtails, then later she wears her hair normally down and then in a gigai, she has her hair tied up by the ribbon. Normally in the Sereitei, she wears the normal shinigami uniform, though she has a red ribbon around her waist instead of a white obi. Then she wears the division haori that she is part of over top. In a gigai, she wears white shorts and a dark blue dress shirt. Everyone says she also looks adorable and has a cute body, she does look like a child but her boobs have grown to a good size and she has a mature face too. The one thing that extinguishes her from others is the white wolf ears and tail on her body.

Race: Shinigami

Rank: Taicho

Division: (Past) 10th (Present) 5th

Partner/Lieutenant: (Past) noone (Present) Hinamori Momo

Birthday: August 25

Zanpakuto: (Shikai) Amaterasu - appears as a golden staff with a sun cross on one end and a blue ribbon on the other (Bankai) Amaterasu Omikami - a spinning mirror with flames appears on Mikari’s back, instead of the staff, there is a giant lightning sword that can split into two and finally on her hands and feet is white energy claws like Shunko

Family: Yoruichi, Shihoin clan

Friends: Yoruichi, Urahara, Ukitake, Kyoraku, Hitsugaya, Matsumoto, Rukia, Renji, Ichigo, Momo, most of the shinigami(taicho’s, fuku-taicho’s, and others), Ichigo’s friends, and workers of Urahara’s shop

Enemies: Aizen, Gin, Tosen, Arrancars, Hollows, Mad scientists

Love: Hitsugaya Toshiro

Personality: Mikari is mostly hyper and child-like with her friends, enjoying to tease others and have fun. She even drinks, though doesn’t get drunk easily, but usually switches the sake with milk or another drink Though she can be whiney in a playful way, she gets easily pissed off and doesn’t like to hold back. She also enjoys training and having a good fight but can be rash in a fight and is taken to the hospital many times, though she hates the hospital. The only time Mikari is ever scared is where there is a thunderstorm, when she sees her friends dying or when she remembers the scientists.

Fighting Style: Mikari usually fights with a combination of kido and hakudo(like Shunko, wolf like if pissed off). She only uses her shikai if necessary and then she uses bankai if an emergency or if she’s extremely pissed, but she can’t use it much as it badly damages her body if used too long.

Backstory: Over 100 years ago, Mikari died and arrived in the Rukongai, forgetting her life in the human world. She was then found by some scientists and was taken in as an experiment. There wolf genes were injected into her and more experiments followed. But thankfully, she was rescued by Yoruichi and Urahara, and then was adopted in the Shihoin clan. After becoming a shinigami, she was promoted to the 10th division taicho after an incident. The downside was a few years after, an arrancar named Diablo attacked the Sereitei and Mikari sacrificed herself to save her home. 100 years later, she was saved by Ichigo and Urahara to face Diablo again. She and her old friends finally defeated Diablo, and Mikari was finally back to her home and new friends. And not too long after, she becomes the new 5th Division taicho. More of her life is said in the story: (Bleach) Awake and Alive.

Normal and Singing Voice: Sounds like Nana Mizuki(one of my two favourite japanese singers, the other is Romi Paku/Toshiro's voice)

To see any pictures of Mikari, just go to or type in Mikari Shihoin into photbucket*

Naruto Oc Background Information:

Name: Mikari Ookami (My OC)

Hair: Chocolate Brown

Eyes: Normal: Bright Gold Tailed Beast: Blood Red

Birthday: August 11

Age: Part I:12-13 Part II:15-16

Height: Part I: 143-145cm Part II: 155-157cm

Weight: Part I: 34.5kg Part II: 45.6kg

Blood: A

Clan: Ookami

Village: Home: Iwagakure(Hidden Rock Village) Loyalty: Konohagakure(Hidden Leaf Village)

Classification: Jinchuriki(Has Tailed Beast sealed in her)

Rank: S-class/ANBU

Kekkai Genkai: Super senses, can sometimes tell if someone is lying.

Elements: Affinity: Lightning Others: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Illusion(Gobi's), Advanced(Mixed)

Fighting Style: All around type. Mostly a close range fighter for her wolf techniques in taijutsu but with her element powers, she can combine the elements to her taijutsu but can also use them to attack long/wide range attacks as well. Also she is able to use many other techniques to go with the current situation at the time. And she will easily kill an enemy in her way and not care about it. Lastly she can go into tailed form from the Gobi no Houkou whenever she wants, though its only for emergency or with a strong opponent, and can control quite well though if Gobi gets pissed then he can start controlling her actions causing berserk fighting. And takes major hits for others cause she doesn't want to see anyone else get hurt or die.

Taijutsu: 5/5(wolf techniques and attacker)

Ninjutsu: 4/5(Better at Nintaijutsu then ninjutsu alone)

Genjutsu: 2/5(only good at it when Gobi takes over)

Weaponry: 1/5(More front line)

Personality: Mikari is mostly a hyper-active girl who has a need for...many things. But she can easily become very pissed off at someone and cold to others. Also, she can get very blood-thirsty in battle if she wants to and can go berserk and lose control of herself especially if pissed when she uses the tailed beast power. Other then that her personality can change quite quickly as well to go with how she feels or how the moment is. She could be shy, aggressive, flirty, emo, and much more but is mostly a nice, kind girl who wants to have fun almost all the time.

Biography: Mikari is the last survivor of the Ookami clan which was killed when she was 6 years old right in front of her eyes including her parents. Also, when she was about 3 years old, the Gobi no Houkou(5-Tailed Dog), was sealed in her as a favor asked by Gobi. Other then that, she doesn't remember much of her past cause she locked up her memories so she wouldn't have to feel the pain and suffering of her clan. Though she does remember that she was taken to the Hidden Leaf Village by Kurenai and Asuma-sensei and met Kakashi and Gai-sensei as well. Also at the time she also met again Hana Lumara whom she met in the past and remembered that they were really good friends from their clans. After that, Mikari and her best friend Hana had ranked up all the way to ANBU in about a year and became one of the youngest at that as well. With that she had gone on many life and death missions with some of them affecting her in the future. And now Mikari and Hana have returned from one of their missions and are about to begin a new adventure with meeting many new people and maybe someone from her past who will make her unlock her memories.

Name: Hanako (Goes by: Hana)Lumara. (BFFs OC)

Hair: Dark Purple

Eyes: Mainly emerald green but change with mood. Green(normal/happy), Blue (sad), Dark Blue (depressed), Black (possessed/lust), Red (mad/angry), White (pissed), Yellow (scared/shocked), Orange (jealous), Purple (confused), Pink (shy/embarrassed), Bright Green (excited), Grey (tired) and Brown (sick) Tailed Beast: Bright (lightning) Blue

Birthday: November 29

Age: Part I: 12-13 Part II: 15-16

Height: Part I: 145-147cm Part II: 158cm

Weight: Part I: 32.6kg Part II: 43.6kg

Blood: A

Clan: Lumara

Village: Home: Kumogakure(Village Hidden in the Clouds) Loyalty: Konohagakure(Hidden Leaf Village)

Classification: Jinchuriki(Has Tailed Beast sealed in her)

Rank: S-class/ANBU

Kekkai Genkai: Has changing colour eyes, can read minds, can do telekinesis, can see through other people's eyes and is able to have a conversation through select people's minds.

Elements: Part I: Fire Part II: Fire, Earth, Wind, Death(Nekomata's)

Fighting Style: Hana fights mostly with her kekkai genkai and specializes in Ninjutsu. She is not at all good atcreating genjutsus but is able to tell when in one. Hana is pretty good at taijutsu but she does not need to do it often because she is more of a long-distance fighter and better at spy missions. In part II she learns how to use a katana which she only uses when up close. Hana is able to control Nekomata well but when she's emotional she is easier to control.

Taijutsu: 3/5

Ninjutsu: 5/5

Genjutsu: 1/5

Weaponry: 4/5

Personality: Hana is happy, very smart, kind and cares a lot about her friends. She likes to tease people and have fun but can become very angry when things bug her or dont go according to plan. Hana tries not to be too emotional but sometimes can't help it. She always puts friends needs and wants before herself. She can sometimes be lazy but likes to stay according to plan and keep things organized.

Biography: Hana was born and raised in Kumogakure and after 2 months of being born, the 2-tailed cat demon, Nibi no Nekomata, was sealed in her. She lived with her mother, father and sister until her 7th birthday when her clan was killed and her home set a flame. With nowhere to stay she left the village and travelled to Konohagakure where she found a new home and life with Kakashi Hatake.

If you want to see pictures, you can go to photobucket and just type in our oc names in the search and look at all the pics.

Oh yeah none of the animes that I use belong to me, only the characters belong to me, though Hana Lumara belongs to my BFF.

Note to Flamers: I've been getting reviews from people, and this message is for all flamers of my bleach story especially he one who started it and i will keep deletin ur reviews if i must. The zanpakuto Amaterasu's name is based on the japanese sun goddess' name and her wolf appearance is based off of the game Okami...but her personality is not based on either of these things, she acts as i want her to act, she is a representation of Mikari so she can have her fiery attitude but can sometimes be calm so get over urself! She does not have to act as the name given to her or a character from a game i truly love. And also u can say that Mikari is a mary-sue, so wat. there are many mary-sues out there. I write this story for the enjoyment of others and myself too. so i will protray my characters how i want to go with the ideas i have, its just a story not real life! so just get over urself and move on with ur life! this is my story and i will write as i please! unlike u, there are perople who enjoy my story!

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