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Author has written 3 stories for Naruto, Highlander, and Supernatural.

Reviews are definitely super-ultra welcome, as is passing on LF to anyone who you think would enjoy it.

Logical Fallacies was inspired by Less Wrong's Harry Potter story:

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality Chapter 1: A Day of Very Low Probability, a Harry Potter fanfic - FanFiction.Net

Story Background-

This is an alternate universe concept in which Shikamaru’s parents divorced, with his father staying in Konoha, and his mother moving to a small village in the Fire Country, where he was secluded from all things related to Ninjutsu, and his school teachers taught him to regard the mysticism of Konoha with “respectful” skepticism.

Shikamaru made a deal with his father when he was 12 that he would fund Shikamaru’s attendance at Fire University, where he would learn about Science and the Logical Fallacies, in return for Shikamaru periodically moving back to Konoha and learning to be a ninja. As a result, he is a more rational genius than in the series.

I’m trying out this idea in a single story with three parts, to see how much awesome it contains. If it contains a sufficient amount of awesome, then I’ll go back to the beginning of Naruto and start my alternate Naruto universe over from the beginning. Several characters in the story are considerably more rational than they were in the Canon, which make many elements of the overarching story different.

Obviously this version of the world of Naruto is Americanized somewhat, though some effort has been made to keep the original Japanese flavor.

Examples of changes if a second run-through occurs are; seeing a whole lot more of the Uchiha since the massacre never occurs, different initial team organizations (i.e. besides Naruto-Sasuke-Sakura, etc.) and Sasuke as a hero (from Konoha’s perspective at least), instead of a budding villain/anti-hero. This could also entail an alternate Episode 1 that leads Naruto down a fundamentally different path that's more true to his character.

If the awesome quota is met, each episode would pit a more rational Shikamaru and his allies against not only the machinations of more rational incarnations of Kishimoto’s villains rotting Konoha from the inside, but also a new Logical Fallacy that blocks them from using the sword of Reason to the fullness of its power.

General Story notes-

"A cognitive bias is a pattern of deviation in judgment that occurs in particular situations."


"A fallacy is incorrect reasoning in argumentation resulting in a misconception."


NOTE- I use "fallacy" and "bias" interchangeably for simplicity’s ease, since their definitions are very close, and I'll include any fallacy, bias, or misconception based on faulty logic as a Logical Fallacy. Fallacies are technically more often used in debates as opposed to perception, and a cognitive bias is technically measured against the "normal" which may not be what is most logical.

I hereby decree that for our purposes a Logical Fallacy is any idea or conception that causes a mind to stray from that which is Rational.

Chapter Notes- Shikamaru versus the Impact Bias Part 1

Shikamaru Versus the Impact Bias is set at the end of the first fight between Team Asuma and Hidan/Kakuzu. As a result it contains SPOILERS for everything up to that point in Naruto Shippuden. The only background that is relevantly different at this point is that Kabuto is still in Konoha, having never been driven out, and a rationalist Shikamaru worked with Kabuto to have a series of radio towers installed throughout the Fire Country to improve radio range (both TV and radio have been confirmed in the series, so the tech is already available, just not implemented in this way in Konoha in the canon). I should also say that you will have a hard time understanding this if you haven’t watched or read Naruto up to this point in the canon, since this picks up almost exactly where canon leaves off after Asuma slices Hidan.


Litany of Gendlin


(Lines such as “Reality is true no matter what you think” are Litany-inspired.)

Fallacies Defeated:

Functional Fixedness--


Functional fixedness is something we don’t have when under the age of 7, though it’s probably mostly because of a lack of understanding of the world: objects haven’t been assigned boxes yet. But after that point we spend the rest of our lives trying to stay out from under the Functional Fixedness box.

Or at least I do. Mental boxes are my long time arch-enemy.

Chapter Notes- Shikamaru versus the Impact Bias Part 2

I was going to edit this more, but I might as well post it now or I'll never finish my little experiment. Hopefully it's passable anyway.


Impact Bias


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