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Author has written 8 stories for Mass Effect, Elder Scroll series, Warhammer, Dragon Age, StarCraft, and Misc. Games.

I'm a college senior with a long and abiding love for history - particularly of the medieval period and (even more specifically) the Early Crusades. Some people might find boring the decade-long debates about the inception date of the stirrup or when and where the traction trebuchet was superseded - not I.

It is only recently that I have begun my first forays into the world of fan-fiction, and it's been a little rocky. I like to think of myself as an above-average essayist, but writing fiction is a little (a lot) outside of my customary demimonde (if you will). Nevertheless, I stride forward in the hopes that every little trip and fall will translate into a lesson learned or a danger to be avoided. Reviews are precious to me; please tell me what you did and did not like about my work. I write not just to explore new worlds and (let's face it) gratify my sense of wish-fulfillment, but also to improve my writing ability. Constructive criticism helps me to grow as a writer, and for spending your time in doing so I am ever grateful.

Despite my interest in history, I love science-fiction, and a large part of my future work will involve various stories which have been evolving for a significant time. Whether they are ever written remains to be seen.

As a blanket statement, all of the settings in which my stories take place undergo some degree of alteration, based on my own preferences and interests. Most of the time these are minor lore changes, and concern equipment or other "background" topics which have relatively little overall effect. Some people may find such changes objectionable, but I do not mark stories so altered as "Alternate Universe." I believe that one cannot take a universe at face-value simply because of the limitations which are forced upon it through the medium in which that universe must exist: namely, hardware and gameplay restrictions. As such, I will change and re-interpret settings so that they make sense in my own mind, while still falling in line with what I perceive the intentions of the author(s) to be. Thus, those stories which I mark as "AU" will contain significant divergences from the established "canon" of events.

In progress:

A Wreath For Dragons - What happened to the Hero of Ferelden when he followed his love Morrigan through the Eluvian? [?]

The Winter King - A study of a Charlemagne-like figure in Chris Moeller's Iron Empire. Written ca. 725 HE and includes annotations and an introduction by the editor. [?]

King Under the Mountains - A different king, under a different mountain, considers his life. Tar-Pharazon sees the end of the world, and he must lead his men to one end or another. [?]

Blade of the Emperor - Edward of Farrun, sword-brother of Titus Mede II, remembers his part in The Great War and the battle of The Red Ring. Set in 4E201 OC/Delphine. [?]

A Life Worth Living - Follow Colonial Magistrate John Hall as he is dragged from his backwater post of Mar Sara to the cockpit of events which will determine the fate of a galaxy. Explores the viewpoint of the Player Character introduced in Episode 1 of the Starcraft single-player campaign and continues through to Brood War and possibly beyond into WoL and HotS. [?]

Floating on the Edge of Dream - Set in DP9's Tribe 8 Universe, a team of 21st century soldiers awaken in a world transformed by the power of dream. [?]

Indra's Arrow - Continuation of Fire from Heaven. [?]

These Things I Have Done - A Taiidan commander remembers the end of the Empire, and the sins he committed in order to defend the land under his charge. Will he join the nascent Taiidan Republic under Captain Elson, or will he stand with the Empire's remnants? AU. [?]

Fear in a Mote of Dust - The backwater Lythian worlds, occupied for eighty years by the New Anglian Confederation, become the center of inter-stellar intrigue. Tuffley-verse. [?]

Of My Home They Made a Wasteland - The vessels of the 59th Battlestar Group flee the destruction of the Twelve Colonies and search for the mythical Thirteenth Tribe. Heavily AU. [?]

Anyana's Lament - Medieval adventure/romance set in N Robin Crossby's Hârnworld. [?]

A Red Dusk Before the Dawn - Elder Scrolls story detailing the last days of Indoril Nerevar (Chapter Three of The Sun's Despite) [complete]

Points of Light - Vignettes from Mass Effect 2 that don't fit in the other works. [?]

Elysian Fields - The story of the Skyllian Blitz as told through the eyes of a man who was there. [?]

The Hound of Heaven - A reworking of the Mass Effect trilogy which attempts to iron out some of the inconsistencies in the plot. [Presently coincident with The Rapture]

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