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Author has written 14 stories for Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Tales of Symphonia, and Legend of Zelda.

I am fine communicating with fans of fanfiction over the PM messaging system, but just so you know I will not respond to questions about when I’m uploading. Yes I know my updates rival the frequency of a leap year, but if I rush stuff and put out whatever I churn out, no one is going to like it.

Also if you’re going to make assertions that I’m wrong or doing something wrong, try and back it up with facts. Real facts, not something that is just written down, I know Demelza is listed as being a couple of years below Ginny on the Harry Potter Wiki but there is no mention of her year or age in the books.

It has been some time since I started fanfiction. Back then it was all about continuing the stories of Harry Potter. I love JK Rowling and her work, except the Cursed Child, that was like bad fanfiction. I do what I do, not because I think what she did in the books was wrong, but simply because it’s fun to revisit things. My own Wizarding World is quite expansive and I have come up with theories and notions that have infuriated some readers, though I think I have approached things rationally (or as rational as one can get in a world of magic).

There have been many times when someone has complained that was is in my story doesn’t make sense, and I retort as opposed to what? Magic?

I have learning difficulties so my spelling and grammar may not be so good at times, though I’m not sure agree with some of the assertions made by grammar commenters. Many people seem to have never heard of a minor sentence before. I now proof read by using the text reader on Word (it has an electric voice read your text – very badly with some Potter words)


Upcoming Chapters:- (note words are rounded to the nearest hundred)

We are the Golden Trio:

STORY COMPLETED – I thought about writing an epilogue or something but it’s been so long and this story is complete proper. If you have any questions about what happens to X Y or Z just ask me, otherwise just decide for yourself. So long as it’s Utopian.

Harry Potter and the Third World:

Note:- the next 3 chapters might actually be combined into two chapters, depending on the length. They are going to be exceptionally difficult for me to write as the content is not something I particularly enjoy conceiving but is necessary for the wider context of the story. I should probably say that the reason updates for this have been so sporadic in comparison to everything else is because I’ve been dreading the moment I have to write this.

- Chapter 13 (Not telling just yet, I’ve been looking forward to this chapter since I published this story years ago) – (400 words)

- Chapter 14 – The Haitakas of Hogwarts

- Chapter 15 – Sage

Genis the Hero:

- Chapter 2 – The Castle of Hogwarts (1,900 words)

- Chapter 3 – Bigotry of a different kind

- Chapter 4 – The Rebirth of a Legend

My Brother:

- Chapter 42 – Second Task: N.E.W.T. Project 2

- Chapter 43 – The Oracle Charter

- Chapter 44 – Mana Enhanced Penicillin

- Chapter 45 – Crouch Low and Fire

Harry, the Doctor and the Ponds:

- Chapter 2 - Hitler is unsuitable for babies (1,200 words – may be altered but sentiments remain)

- Chapter 3: - Needs of Love and Protection (may change)

- Chapter 4: - "Sorry I’m looking for a..."

Jessica Black and the Boy Who Lived:

Abandoned and being rewritten the new one will be taken less seriously, because it has taken me years to get what might be half way through my Brother and I cannot keep churning out stories of that length. (See Below for more details)

The Red Orb:

- Chapter 4 - Tolerance, or lack thereof

- Chapter 5 - What is Right and What is Easy

- Chapter 6 - I’m not impressed

- Chapter 7 – A request

The Realm of Passing:

(Note: - I know what I want to happen in the next 4-8 chapters of this story but I’m still working out the order I want things to happen in, so the following may change.)

- Chapter 11 – A shameful connection

- Chapter 12 – Harry’s knack for reckless stupidity

- Chapter 13 – Wrath and Reconciliation

- Chapter 14 – Filling the House

Harry Potter and the Boy Without a Home:

- Chapter 8 – Out in the World (1,400 words)

- Chapter 9 – It is not a good idea to blow up Kings Cross

- Chapter 10 – Who brings a sword to a duel

- Chapter 11 – Are Spiders Flammable

The Quest for Home:

Note: - For the time being I’m not going to be putting up proposed Interlude Chapters, as I’m still unsure what direction the story is going on Earth or how I want things to develop there.

- Chapter 6 – Becoming an Angel (2,700 Words)

- Chapter 7 – Encounter with a Clumsy Assassin

- Chapter 8 – Water Crossings (may change depending on the length of other chapters)

- Chapter 9 – Up and Down the Continent


Works in Progress – Stories I have started writing and intend to publish one day, when they are nearer to completion

Jessica Black and the Boy Who Lived – (Currently referred to as Jessica Black 2)

Jessica Black doesn’t know where she came from but she knows she is in Glasgow. Violent, impoverished and unsafe for children, this daughter of Black is an odd recruit to Hogwarts school, but if Warwick Davies wants her to come, she’ll come. Will he want her to stay though?

In my first attempt at Jessica Black, I tried being creative and experimental, but I made too many decisions short notice. Making Harry a Ravenclaw made no sense in hindsight. I’m taking this story a little bit less seriously, there are no Members of Parliament involved and Harry does not get his first kiss at the age of ten. I should just say that this version of Jessica Black is a complete arse, but I love her.

Pairings: Harry/Jessica, Ron/Hermione, Neville/Luna, Ginny/probably Colin but I’m not sold on that yet.

Harry Potter and the Warriors of Drakan:

After freeing Dobby at the end of year 2, Harry goes missing, so does Demelza Robins. No one knows what connects this boy and girl, but Harry must be found. Voldemort will soon be on the rise, and there is no more pressing evil. Right?

Inspiration, names and other stuff for this story has been taken from a video game called Drakan, however knowledge of this game is not important to this story. In all honesty this probably should be a crossover, but no one will probably remember Drakan, besides I am only really borrowing a few concepts.

Pairings: Harry/Demelza

No More

Harry and his family take James out for dinner, after his First Year at Hogwarts. Next thing they know though, the five of them are in the Great Hall, students and adults of various nationalities are staring at them, and the Goblet of Fire is right there. A scheme is afoot, but Harry will not cooperate he will do whatever it takes to protect his family. He will be used No More.

I actually think I’m being quite creative with this one. It features a Harry who has tried to make peace after the war, but secrets and plots keep on propping up, causing him to doubt the intentions of many who fought with him.

Potential Future Stories (ones I have started)

Harry Potter

My Choice of Fate

Harry went to Diagon Alley, but things didn’t go as expected. A talking amulet in the bank and a violent teenager in the book shop, changes the path others sent him down. Harry seeks to make his own choice of fate, even if the almost the whole world seems against him, can his new friends help him, or are they in over their head.

(Technically a Tales of Vesperia crossover, but it only borrows 3 characters from that series so I think I can get away with it. At least it’s not a Harry/Hermione fifty shades thing)

Pairings Harry/Ginny

Professor Mordio

Hogwarts needs a new Defence teacher for Harry’s upcoming Fifth Year. McGonagall: No, no, NO! I will not allow such an unstable, dangerous, fanatical unstable witch teach at Hogwarts. Dumbledore: The alternative is Delores Umbridge. McGonagall: Sigh, fine how do we find her? – desperate times call for mad pyromaniac with the social skills of a grenade.

(Also technically a Tales of Vesperia Crossover, but only with Rita and no one and nothing else).

Pairings are canon, but I’m thinking Harry and Rita having a big sister little brother like relationship. In this Rita is about 7 years older than in Tales of Vesperia.

Without You

Harry Potter went missing as an infant. No one knows where he went or even if he’s still alive. How will the Wizarding World cope without him? What will happen to Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger?

(This is a story about Ron and Hermione. I’m not sure how to write it without Harry, feels like it’s hollow without Harry, so it may be difficult to write).

Pairings: Mostly Canon, I don’t know what to do with Ginny right now.

Harry Potter/Legend of Zelda

Thanks but no thanks

Travelling the seas, Link and Aryll find Harry distraught having run away from his abusive relatives. He’s scared and upset. They take him with them and with the Pirates travel the seas and refuse to go to Hogwarts, no matter how much the Wizarding World insists.

(Post Wind Waker Zelda crossover, some dumb idea I had long, long ago. My idea of Harry having something better to do than go to Hogwarts. What I have right now I’m not even sure if it’s geographically possible (in terms of boats sailing up rivers).

Potential Future Stories (ones I haven’t started)

Makings of a Blood Traitor – how Andromeda fell in love with Ted and left her family, touched on in Jessica Black.

Multi Harry’s fic – where Harry’s from different dimensions suddenly appear out of no where with varying degrees of sanity. – Pairings Harry/Ginny x3, Harry/Susan and Harry/Demelza.



I can be quite territorial about my pairings. Just so you know.

Harry Potter

Harry/Ginny – They are meant to be together. Rowling said so, and before anyone comments she did not say Harry would be better off with Hermione she just said Hermione might have been better with Harry than with Ron. Which is fair, because Harry would be better than most boyfriends, not just Ron. But ultimately I think Ginny is better than Hermione.

Ron/Hermione – I know, lots of people hate Ron, I even hate him myself sometimes, but at the times I do, guess what, I hate Hermione just as much. For the most part I actually like them both well enough and I can’t really envisage a story where they are not Harry’s best friends. I also think they are ideal for each other, simply because they each hold qualities the other lacks and that they are good at helping each other like that. Love em, or hate em, I cannot under any circumstances see them apart.

Neville/Luna – I know that this never came about in the books but until the books finished most of us expected it, and it is easy to see why. Neville is quite sensitive and Luna has a heart of gold and would be good for Neville’s self-esteem.

Tales of Symphonia

Lloyd/Sheena – I’m just not that fond of Colette and I think that Sheena’s fiery personality match Lloyd’s gruff but kind nature.

Genis/Presea – Sometimes I think this is a bit pie in the sky, but considering this series features a bisected world, a tower that rose to (and possibly docked to) a comet above the atmosphere, pies in the sky might not be so farfetched. Presea is so lonely and for reasons dumb or not, Genis cares about her and I feel may be the key to her moving on in life.

Emil/Marta – Upon reflection, Symphonia 2 might not have been the greatest game in the world, I think they could have done so much more, but there is something about Emil and Marta that warms my heart. Also if I ever get a black cat I’m calling it Tenebrae, it’s irrelevant but for some reason I feel like writing it here.


My Other Characters (OCs)

Harry Potter and the Third World:

- Sparrow Haitaka and Hawk Haitaka - collectively known as SparrowHawk. The name "Haitaka" comes from typing "sparrowhawk" into goggle translate and having it spit out the Romanised Japanese word which turned out to be "haitaka"

Sparrow is the most excitable of the sisters, the closest life form I can compare her to is that of a little girl whose overdosed on Irn-bru (a fizzy drink in Scotland, or soda as I think the American's call it, I’m not sure). Sparrow is highly intelligent, has a photographic memory but that particular quality is generally overlooked thanks to her "I love everything in the universe and must shout about it".

Hawk is more withdrawn, she is not the same Hawk as the Alice's lieutenant in the Vanguard, she spends most of her time in the Library reading books. If Sparrow is highly intelligent then Hawk is 'uber' intelligent. Her memory is eidetic but her she tends to keep her emotions withdrawn and can seem 'analytical'. I know this type of character is clichéd but I really wanted to put a Hawk next to a Sparrow.

Horatio Malakai – Malakai is an OC I invented for the sake of giving Harry and the Symphonia group another enemy in the Vanguard.

As Magnar’s Lieutenant in the dwindling Vangaurd army, Malakai was arrested in the wake of Half-Elves being released form captivity in the Imperial Research Academy in Sybak. He was found to have conducted experiments that killed and maimed countless Half-Elf’s and his crimes shocked even some of the most prolific supporters of the Tethe’allan Caste system. Whilst authorities debated his apparent lack sanity should disqualify him from the capital sentence, Malakai met and formed a relationship of mutual respect with the Magnar, the self-appointed leader of the Vanguard and looks up to him as a father figure.

- Wendy – A teenage girl held captive by the Vanguard, the impact she has on Harry will affect him for the rest of his life.

My Brother:

- Obviously Emma Lily Potter – an OC, Harry Potters Younger sister born exactly 2 months before her parents were murdered and exactly 13 Months after her older Brother making her Birthday 31st August 1981 in case you're wondering.

There are several what you might call unfamiliar characters in this story as well. I wanted a list of everyone in Emma’s year so there is a list of forty people in that year spread out equally by gender and house. It’s on chapter 9 of My Brother.

- Katy Creevey – Colin’s Mum. Makes up one half of the parents of Colin and Dennis Creevey. A full-time nurse, but with strong mothering instincts and concern for Colin’s friends. Lives with her family on the Creevey milk farm in North Yorkshire. A Nurse by profession, she represents the central guiding body in the family and makes most of the big decisions. Her strong mothering instincts as well as her gratitude for the loyalty of Colin’s friends shown to him during the Chamber of Secrets incident and afterwards played a key part in her decision to offer Demelza sanctuary when her father cut her out of the Robin’s family.

- Ruth Clearwater – sister to Percy’s girlfriend Penelope Clearwater. Originally in the story as Rebecca Clearwater but I kept on finding myself calling her Ruth (no idea why) so I changed it. Although not a founding member of the Defence Guild, she has stable friendships with the members including a friendly relationship with Luna Lovegood.

- Zack, Max and Eilidh Robins – Demelza’s siblings. Her older brother’s Zack and Max were most vocal and most protective of her when she protested her parents decision to send her to an old fashioned all-girls school and when she chose to join the Magical World against the express wishes of her Mother and father.

Zack has graduated from university with a degree in engineering and is at the beginning of his life as an independent adult. Though he does not know the first thing about raising a girl on the brink of becoming a teenager, he does offer Demelza support wherever he can and sends money to the Creeveys to help with her upkeep.

Max an unnaturally tall young man. Like his other siblings he protests his parent’s stance on Demelza’s education and status as a woman in the last years of the 20th century. But he combines his opposition with his ultra-rebellious nature to the extent he starts causing new worries and new woes for his sister and the rest of the family.

Eilidh, though too young to fully understand the conflict her sister was presented with, was also immensely supportive but remains confused over why her father is being so difficult. With help from Emma, her brother’s confirmed that she was indeed a witch like her sister and would therefore would join her in the magical world when the time came.

Jessica Black and the Boy Who Lived:

- Jessica Marlene Black – My daughter of Black. Born to the Marauder Sirius Orion Black and the Death Eater Erin Lysandra Rosier as a result of circumstances that are as of right now not entirely clear (meaning only I know). Jessica has had a chaotic upbringing. She grew up in foster homes from the age of one when her father disappeared. A disruptive and aggressive child by nature, not to mention mischievous, prospective foster parents found her difficult to manage and issues were only exacerbated by her accidental magic. By the time she was six she was ‘handed over’ to the Regals. A couple who by all rights should not have been able to manage an unruly girl like Jessica, however the Regals had the undeniable advantage of living in Little Whinging near Harry Potter. Harry was the first person to understand Jessica and he was the first person to see her true self. At an age probably too young to happen, Harry and Jessica declare their love for one another and make a vow to always be together.

- David and Selena Regal – Jessica's Foster parents. David Regal is a politician and an MP in the Muggle Government. Selena is his supportive wife, she can't have children of her own but is not the least bit bothered by that restriction. They decided to foster a child as a political ploy to gain public approval. When things went well they officially adopted Jessica as their daughter. Although no love exists between them, the foster parents have a relationship of mutual respect with Jessica. Both characters play minor parts in the story but considering early chapters I thought it best to mention them.

- Erin Lysandra Rosier – (Jessica’s deceased Mum) I originally misheard the Death Eater "Evan Rosier" being called "Erin" so this OC was that Death Eaters sister. Erin was also a Death Eater. She and her brother died around the time Jessica was born questions about how she linked with Sirius Black for the time being remain unanswered.

The Realm of Passing:

- Elira Topali – Elira is an eight-year-old girl who lives with her father Loran in Përmet, Albania. She meets Harry for the first time after he uses the Floo to travel between Tirana and Përmet. Although she speaks no English and Harry speaks no Albanian they somehow form a close friendship while Harry is in Albania. Elira is easily bored and a little nosy, qualities that see her unknowingly drawn into one of Harry’s adventures.

It was always There:

- Melody Reid – a girl living in Iselia. This is the name I have given to the girl that Genis mentioned sneaking food to during a skit when he and Lloyd went to see Marble (the one Lloyd thought was a dog). Currently she only features in the first chapter of It was always there but I may introduce her to other stories, including the Crossovers.

Not Quite OCs

As there are so many characters in Harry Potter and other stoires for that matter there is only so much that we know about some minor or moderate characters, so like most authors on this site I have taken liberty with some of them.

- Demelza Robins – As the name is Cornish, I have made her Cornish as well, is that lazy? Probably, but no one cares, and if they do then they should stop. My most detailed Demelza is undoubtedly in the story My Brother.

Demelza as I know her is a Muggleborn struggling with the transition between magical and non-magical worlds. She is the third child in her family and the first one to go to Hogwarts. Her parents are not keen on her going to Hogwarts, but under Wizarding Law can’t stop her from going if she wants to. As she progresses throughout school she becomes more and more estranged from her parents, but remains close to her older brothers who are quite protective of her.

As some of my stories are not related, Demelza’s character may vary at times but fundamentally she is the Muggleborn who struggles with her Muggle roots as she enters a new and incredible world of magic. Those she leaves behind don’t react as supportively as other children do. At times Demelza is lonely, but she is strong and brave. She sees the prejudice against her kind, but she does not accept it. Unlike Hermione she is not afraid to fight violence with violence in the conflicts to come.


HP spell list

Defence Spells

Seaweed hair jinx – “Algacapillos! = This is a jinx I invented myself, the function being that it turns someone’s hair into seaweed, currently it’s only mentioned and I’m not sure whether or not I’ll use it but you never know, I Haven’t even introduced Zacharias Smith to a story yet.

Cutting curse – “Circumdatos! = Many people like to use “Diffindo!” for the cutting curse but I’ve gotten hooked on the series primarily through the video games, as such, “Diffindo!” will always be the severing charm for me.

Flagrante curse – “Comburet! = I’ve haven’t found the incantation for this curse so I came up with this one. Consider this more powerful than “Flipendo!” but not as powerful as “Expulso!”

Explosion curse – “Confringo!

- more powerful than Expulso

Blasting curse – “Expulso!” = Some people use this for the blasting curse and some use “Confringo!” I’m using this but I have enhanced Confringo so it’s more powerful

Red sparks spell - “Flipendo!” = Spell in First and Second Video games call it the knock-back jinx but I’ve always thought of it as the beginners red spark spell and I have become quite fond of it so expect it a lot. Yes I know it’s called the knockback Jinx but in the Philosophers Stone video game it looks like red sparks and it’s used to fight pretty much all the enemies.

- also see “Flipendo Maxima!” for massive fireworks display of red sparks

Stinging hex – “Fodio! = Again couldn’t find the incantation for this so I invented it.

Slug-vomiting curse – “Limaxos!” = This is the curse Ron Weasley used against Draco Malfoy in the second book. I’ve merely created an incantation for the story My Brother.

Worm-vomiting curse – “Vermisvomitum! = this spell is made up by me.

Bat-bogey hex – “Vespertilio Mucosarum! = my chosen incantation for Ginny Weasley’s infamous signature spell.

Non-Defence Spells

Match to Needle transfiguration spell – “Ad Acus! = the first year spell that everyone learns from Professor McGonagall.

Magic-Detection spell – “Cerno Enodo!” = a crude spell I made up for Harry in the Realm of Passing. Designed to detect magic, it’s effectiveness is dependent on that caster.

Fill in a hole in the ground – “Funero! = A spell I made up designed to be the counterpart to the Charm Defodio which creates a hole in the ground.

Rock to chest transfiguration spell – “Lapidem adcista! = I (or rather Harry) needed a short notice way of creating a box that could be buried underground.


- I know, everyone else says “Patronuses” or “Patronus’” or however they spell it. I also know Rowling does to, but “Patroni” rolls off the tongue better, just compare and try.

Elemental Patroni from story My Brother: (these get their names from the centurion cores in Tales of Symphonia 2).

- “Ignis Patronum!” = The Patronus representing the element of Fire, it’s caster can adjust the strength of it’s flames. When at it’s strongest, the flames can turn metal into liquid on contact.

- “Aqua Patronum!” = The Patronus representing the element of Water, the Patronus holds the form of the it’s caster’s animal (much like a normal Patronus) however Aqua can dissolve into normal water and reform itself.

- “Ventus Patronum!” = Though all Patroni can reach the speed of magic Ventus, the Patronus of Wind, can accelerate much faster than the others. A Wind Patronus is an animal made up entirely of wind phenomena concentrated in the form of it’s casters animal. When Ventus charges, winds follow in it’s wake, the greater Ventus’ speed, the greater the strength of it’s torrent. Anything caught up inside a wind Patronus will be assaulted by it’s blades of air, like with Ignis, the caster can intensify the ferocity of Ventus’ power.

- “Tonitrus Patronum!” =The Patronus of Thunder, arguably the most terrifying of the elemental Patroni at first glance. Though lie the others Tonitrus takes the form of its animal while being made up of pure lightning, anything that is within a few meters of the Patronum is in danger of being struck by the thunder strikes that randomly strike anyone and anything within the immediate raidius, save the caster as the magic in them and the Patronus are the same and cancel each other out.

- “Solum Patronum!” =The Patronus of Earth is made up entirely of rock. The most physically robust of any Patronus, the prospect of rock shaped like an animal charging at high speed against it’s target lends a crude but doubtlessly effective attack. If Sulum breaks then it can reform by magically dragging its parts and pieces back together, but the extent of it’s destruction affects how quickly it can be brought back together, a badly destroyed Earth Patronus can leave a strain on it’s caster.

- “Glacies Patronum!”= The Patronus representing the element of Ice, Glacies upon it’s summoning looks like a beautiful hand crafted sculpture. At it’s warmest Glacies is no colder than any other ice, but when a caster enhances this Patronus, the immediate weather around it is equivalent to that of frozen a blizzard, anything the this mode touches freezes and the Patronus can be tracked by the frozen footprints it leaves behind.



“…it matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be!” – Albus Dumbledore in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

“Bad leadership is all about being more single minded than others, good leadership is about eating large quantities of cake.” – Albus Dumbledore in the Chamber of Secrets (Video Game)

“You criticize and attack people for their birth and upbringing - things they cannot change. It is you who are not human.” – Presea Combatir in Tales of Symphonia

“I am Mana, and I am the Giant Tree; I am a symbol of the many lives sacrificed to the Great Seed.” – Martel in Tales of Symphonia

“Courage is the magic that turns into reality. A friend. A foolish, naïve friend with a few screws loose taught me that.” – Richter Amend in Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

“…Going it alone might be tough, but we’re not alone. If one person can’t do it, then we do it together. I finally learnt that we can walk together like that.” – Karol Capel in Tales of Vesperia

“Guys! We’ve really got to go quite quickly. I just accidently got engaged to Marilyn Monroe.” – Dr Who (Matt Smith) in A Christmas Carol

“To die for one's people is a great sacrifice. To live for one's people, an even greater sacrifice.” – Ambassador Chuchi in Star Wars the Clone Wars Season 1 Episode 15 “Tresspass”

“This is Berk. It snows nine months of the year, and hails the other three. What little food grows here is tough and tasteless. The people that grow here are even more so. The only upsides are the pets. While other places have ponies or parrots, we have… dragons.” – Hiccup in How to Train Your Dragon.

(This one made me cry a bit)


“Will you STOP WHINING! No, I don’t “understand”! You snap at people! You… You tried to eat me! But… You’re also kind… And you’re filled with life! I don’t understand a single thing about you! But you gave me a name, when I was a number! You gave me that compass! You taught me what it meant to be alive! That’s why I care about you, Velvet! I’ll protect you for my own sake!”




“I don’t care if you’re malevolent! Or if it was pointless! If the world says it’s a mistake to love you, I’ll fight the whole world! I don’t care how much pain you feel! It doesn’t matter! A world without you, Velvet…Ggggnngh… is the one thing I couldn’t bear!”


“Let me go… My hand will…”


“Eat My arm, I don’t care. Just… leave me the other one. I need it to clobber the jerk who made my Velvet Cry!”


“I… I loved them all…I loved Laphi, and Celica… Arthur, everyone… To have it all stolen from me… Why them? Why not me? It hurt so much!”

Tales of Berseria (specific scene where text was lifted):

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Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Family/Friendship - Chapters: 42 - Words: 507,771 - Reviews: 1339 - Favs: 2,384 - Follows: 2,441 - Updated: 5/28/2020 - Published: 9/23/2011 - [Harry P., Ginny W.] OC, Demelza R.
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At the end of his Second Year, an artefact reacts adversely with Harry, not only destroying the scar Horcrux but transporting him, Ginny, Luna and Hedwig to the world of Sylvarant a month before the Oracle arrives. Trapped on a dying world, they team up with new friends and try to save Sylvarant, whilst trying to find a way back home. But things are more complicated than they seem.
Crossover - Harry Potter & Tales of Symphonia - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 5 - Words: 45,269 - Reviews: 28 - Favs: 60 - Follows: 67 - Updated: 4/26/2014 - Published: 4/2/2013 - [Harry P., Ginny W.] Lloyd I., Emil C.
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Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 10 - Words: 102,309 - Reviews: 601 - Favs: 1,636 - Follows: 1,978 - Updated: 10/15/2013 - Published: 6/11/2012 - [Harry P., Ginny W.]
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Rose is just born and Al is due. But after finding an ancient mirror, Harry, Ron, Hermione and baby Rose are sent back into their 11-year-old bodies the night before they first met. Trapped in the past and wary of the Wizarding World, they seek to kill Voldemort as soon as possible. Together Harry, Ron and Hermione shall show the past who the Golden Trio really are.
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The story of the Life and Love between Jessica Marlene Black and Harry James Potter from when they were children onwards through Hogwarts. Will eventually contain limited Sex and Sexual themes but not outside of rating or against policy. Don't like, don't read. Please leave reviews. H/OC R/Hr N/L GW/CC - Abandoned and under rewrite.
Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 8 - Words: 66,435 - Reviews: 134 - Favs: 271 - Follows: 325 - Updated: 3/17/2013 - Published: 1/10/2012 - [Harry P., OC] [Ron W., Hermione G.]
It was always there reviews
The Vangaurd Rebellion has been defeated, the Ginnungagap has been sealed and now Genis, after catching up with an old friend want to tell Presea how he really feels. Meanwhile the 765 days since Presea closed the Iron maiden are nearly up. Can be considered as a prequel to my Third World Series or as a standalone set after the games.
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Now that the Worlds have been reunited Genis wants to go to school. Origin recommends Hogwarts. The year is 1942, both muggle and magical Britain are at war but there is a problem at the school. As students are being attacked and an old and terrifying legend emerges into play, Genis discovers the true meanings of courage and cowardice. Genis/Minerva friendship, not romantic.
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After the war Harry set about making sure that all those who suffered at the hands of Voldemort are remembered in some way, including the muggles. He starts with one of the greatest injustices: the murder of the riddles and the man framed for that murder. Hope you enjoy.
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While the doctor is searching for Melody the TARDIS picks up readings that take the Doctor to Godric's Hollow just as the Killing Curse backfires on Tom Riddle. The Doctor discovers Harry needs help, help that he just so happens to be able to provide. H/G
Crossover - Doctor Who & Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,246 - Reviews: 22 - Favs: 85 - Follows: 157 - Published: 3/7/2012 - 11th Doctor, Harry P.
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Before going to drop Harry off at Privet Drive Dumbledore addresses the great hall and tells them about defeat of Voldemort.
Harry Potter - Rated: K - English - Fantasy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 771 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 23 - Follows: 9 - Published: 9/22/2011 - Albus D., Harry P. - Complete
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