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DAADAAAdumDDAdumDDDAAAAA...okay, I can stop now.

Hello! I thank you for being bored enough to waste time to read my pathetic bio. I mainly write SpongeBob and Pokemon fanfics. Maybe someday I will be brave enough to venture out onto other subjects, but these are pretty much the only cartoons I ever watch on account of being the best shows ever!...Hey, you, wake up! I also like Captian Underpants and The Far Side by Gary Larson. I wanna be an animator, or a cartoonist, or an author, or a comedian, or an actress, or something for Nickelodeon, or something for MAD magazine, or...Hey!I can dream! Goodbye, useless Earthling, I'll remember you in therapy. BOYCOTT STANDARDIZED TESTING!!!

Let's see...still not satisfied? Your'e gonna get yourself in trouble one of these days with that huge nose of yours.

Age...not really gonna tell you. Let's just say...teens. *reader guesses correctly* D'OH!!!!

Hometown...Earth, North America, U.S., California. That's the most I'm gonna give you. I guess all you people staring out your window, seeing nothing a huge 12-foot-tall mountian of snow can call me lucky, but it kinda sucks when the local weather report is something like this...

"What's the forecast for this year, Jim?"
"Sunny. Back to you, Tim."

Stuff I have(or just happen to have in my house)...dog, 2 cats, fish, lotion that smells really good, a sweater that needs to be washed badly, sixty dollar shoes, glasess(!), a brain(!!!), and the inablity to walk by a peice of blank peice of paper with out doodling on it first.(

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