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Lol random moment XD

Anyways, hai! I'm Rachel but please call me Celine. IDK why, I just like that name XD

My old account was AwesomeRandomDreamer so if you see any stories that belong to that account on this account, you'll now know why.

Please at least look at my stories! They may not be the best, but you never know o3o

That's all for now! I'm too lazy to write more XD

You say Edward, I say Vaughn.
You say Bella, I say Sydney.
You say Jacob, I say Sark.
You say Charlie, I say Jack.
You say Forks, I say CIA.
You say "How Romantic", I say "ALIAS ALL THE WAY BABY!"

(I stole this from my good friend ;3)

Random Crap Below

Okay, now pick 13 characters you like from any TV show, book, movie, or video game, then answer the questions below the list:

1: Conan Edogawa (From Detective Conan/ Case Closed)

2: Zak Saturday (From TSS)

3: Heiji Hattori (From DC/CC)

4: Francis (From TSS)

5: Sydney Bristow (From ALIAS)

6: Jack Bristow (From ALIAS)

7: Julian Sark (From ALIAS)

8: Kaito Kid (From DC/CC)

9: RayWilliamJohnson (From Youtube)

10: Shane Dawson (From Youtube)

11: Zak Monday (From TSS)

12: Lin Underwood (TSS OC)

13: Celine Knights (OC)

Here are the questions!:

1: Let's say that you and 1 were trapped in a well. What would 1 do? (Conan Edogawa)

Uhhhh...Get himself out, then get help for me 'cause he is just awesome like that! XD

2: What if you and 2 were trying to figure out a difficult puzzle, the both of you are hand-cuffed together, and the only chance you have to live is if you two figure out the puzzle. Is 2 smart enough to figure the puzzle? (Zak Saturday)

If he can kick Argost's ass, then he can solve a puzzle. XP

3: Let's say that your an adult, and you are about to get married! Does 3 throw you a party? (Heiji Hattori)

Depends. I dunno. :P

4: What if you became a spy, and told 4? What is 4's reaction? (Francis)

...Trust me, he would not care. XD

5: You just told 5 to hug a tree! What would 5 say? (Sydney Bristow)

Maybe for fun? Lawl, I dunno. X3

6: What if you and 6 were dating? Would he/she be romantic with you? (Jack Bristow)


7: What if you found out that 7 was a famous actor/actress? Do you think 7 would have chosen to do this? (Julian Sark)

...Probably. The fame isn't all that bad. XD

8: Do you think 8 can cook? (Kaito Kid)

No. XD

9: What if you were about to kill yourself? Would 9 try to stop you? If so, how would he/she do it? (RayWilliamJohnson )

Probably not, considering he doesn't know me. -.-'

10: Do you think 10 would cheat on a test? (Shane Dawson)


11: Can 11 swim? If either yes or no, what would be 11's reaction if you pushed 11 into deep water? Would 11 drown? (Zak Monday)

Yes. He would probably kick my ass though. >.

12: If 12 had to be either a pirate, or a ninja, which one do you think would he/she would choose? (Lin Underwood)

Ninja all the way. >W

13: What if 13 turned evil? If he/she already is evil, what if 13 turned good? What do you think happened? (Celine Knights)

Well, she is half-and-half. She would not be NORMAL if she was a goody-two-shoes. XP

14: You are drowning in the ocean! What does 1 do? (Conan Edogawa)

Save me, I guess. He saves everyone else. xD

15: You just kissed 2! What is his/her reaction? (Zak Saturday)

Me: ...*Squeels* / Zak: O.e

16: 13 is madly in love with 3. Can 3 feel the same way? (Heiji Hattori, Celine Knights)

Probably not. XD

17: You just had an operation, and 4 is a visitor. What do you think he/she wants? Does this mean that 4 is worried about you? (Francis)

Francis: ...Dumb-ass. -.-' *Pats my shoulder and winks*

Me: o.e

18: You and 5 are mad at each other. What happened? Who started the fight? (Sydney Bristow)

I started the fight. I would've probably slapped her for doing something wrong. XD

19: You just got poisoned and 6 is the only one around to help! What will 6 do? (Jack Bristow)

He would probably take me to a hospital...then leave. xP

20: Okay, so you and 7 are sailing, and suddenly you two tip over! Can 7 put the boat back in place? Does this mean the end? (Julian Sark)

Being the cute, sexy man he is, he'll be awesome and flip it back over. >///

21: Can 8 be a professional bullfighter? (Kaito Kid)

Hell no. God, I am so mean to him. X3

22: 9 has just found out your biggest darkest secret! Will he/she blabber it on to everyone? Will you have to move to Antarctica? (RayWilliamJohnson )

Probably. XD

23: Would 10 go crazy without coffee? (Shane Dawson)

Maybe. I dunno. XP

24: You and 11 just found out that the nice fancy hotel you two are staying in is haunted! What does 11 do? (Zak Monday)

Walk out of there. Simple as that. >.

25: 12 just won 1million dollars! Will 12 give it to charity? Or will 12 keep it to him/herself? (Lin U.)

Definitely share it. She is just awesome like that! XD

26: You and 13 are trapped in a maze! Is 13 smart enough to get you guys out? (Celine K.)

Yes. We're just amazing and magical like that! >:D

27: 1 just found out that you only have a few days to live! What is his reaction? (Conan Edogawa

We have a strong friendship (Not XD) so he'll be distraught...Then get over it after i'm dead. XP

28: You and 2 are out shopping, and you see something expensive you want REALLY bad. Will 2 try to buy it for you? (Zak Saturday)


29: 3 notices that you have been acting really depressed lately. Would 3 try to cheer you up? (Heiji Hattori)

No. Instead, he'll blabber about seeing Conan again. >w

30: Congratulations! You are now a parent! What is 4's reaction? (This is of course when your old enough to have kids) (Francis)

He'll make me get Gerber's Life Support. XD

31: You and 13 have found this music that you two like, but 5 thinks it's stupid. Will 5 tell you what he thinks? (Celine K./Sydney Bristow)

Yes, Sydney would and then Celine would try to kick her ass, but fail. :P

32: 6 is reading, and you suddenly tag him and exclaim; "TAG! YOUR IT!" What is 6's reaction? (Jack Bristow)

Lecture me on 'Private Time'. -.-'

33: 7 thinks that 10 is cute! Can the two become a couple? (Julian Sark/Shane Dawson)


34: 8 seems to be a fan of Twilight. Do you agree? (Kaito Kid)

I would beat his ass. XC

35: Can 9 dance? (RayWilliamJohnson )

Kinda. :>

36: You are doing 10's laundry and find out that all his/her white clothes turned pink due to accidentally putting a red sock in the washing machine. How will 10 react? (Shane D.)

Laugh about it. Then make me buy him some new clothes, even though he might wear the clothes. ID

37: 11 is invited to a pool party! What is 11's reaction? Is 11 excited? (Zak Monday)

Yeah...I guess...

38: You just got hit by a car! Will 12 rush you to a hospital? (Lin U.)


39: You and 13 are playing chess, and you win, and now 13 owes you 50 bucks. How does 13 react? (Celine K.)

She wouldn't pay me jack. xD

40: You and 1 are hanging out, it starts to rain, and you two are in the middle of the woods, so you two have no place to go. What will 1 do? (Conan Edogawa)

Conan, being the smart, dorky kid he is, would make a tent out of twigs. Then talk about Sherlock Holmes. -.-#

41: You and 2 are walking around town, and suddenly some guy with a gun comes up from behind you, and threatens to kill you with it unless you both give him your money. What would 2 do? (Zak Saturday)

I would trick the robber into buying Car Insurance...THEN Zak would kick his ass. XP

42: 3 calls you up, saying that he's/she's depressed about something, and wants to talk to you about it. Are you dreaming? Would 3 really ask for advice from you? (Heiji H.)

Yes, I am dreaming. I dunno why...But I am. :P

43: 4 is visiting you, and suddenly the power goes out! Quick! You need light! Is 4 too lazy to light the candles? (Francis)

Hell no. o3o

44: You need help with your hiccups. How will 5 help you? (Sydney Bristow)

Scare the crap outta me. :

45: You just caught a cold! Will 6 visit you? (Jack Bristow)

Nuuuuuu. .3.

46: Someone is out to kill you! What will 7 do? (Julian Sark)

Protect me. Simple as that. :P

47: Will 8 ever become claustrophobic if he isn't already? (Kaito Kid)


48: Awwww! You have found your true love! What does 9 think? (RayWilliamJohnson )

Wouldn't care. :P

49: You and 10 are at the beach, and you realize that you forgot your sunscreen! Can 10 help? (Shane D.)

No. >.

50: 11 accidentally broke your Grandmother's most prized vase! Will 11 admit this? Will he/she pay for it? (Zak Monday)


51: You need help with your math homework! Will 12 help you with it? Can 12 even do math? (Lin U.)

No. XD

52: You and 13 notice that there is an injured dog in your front yard. What is 13's reaction? (Celine K.)

Break down in tears and help it.

53: It's your birthday! Will 1 celebrate? (Conan E.)


54: 2 owes you a lot of money, due to borrowing too much. Will 2 pay the price? (Zak S.


55: 3 is shivering on a really hot day. What does this mean? (Heiji H.)

He's a whimp. :P

56: 9 is furious at 4. What do you think 4 did? Is 9 just over reacting? (RayWilliamJohnson/Francis)

Call Ray's show gay and immature.

57: You and 5 are racing in the ocean on sailboats. Who do you think would win and why? (Sydney B.)

Beat me. No argument there. XD

58: 6 has been acting really weird lately. What does this mean? (Jack B.)

Something happened to Sydney. e.e

59: You and 7 are at a party, and someone of the opposite gender of 7 asks him/her to dance. What is 7's reaction? (Julian Sark)

Yeah...Only if it's a blonde chick. X3

60: 8 just broke his leg, and now he has to wear a cast for 6-8 weeks! How does 8 react? (Kaito Kid)

He wouldn't care. No more stealing for the rest of the month. :P

61: You have lost a few pounds, and now 9 can't stop staring at you. What does this mean? (RayWilliamJohnson )

I call the cops. XD

62: You and 10 are watching a scary movie while there is a thunderstorm, and you are starting to believe that the movie is real. What will 10 say? Will 10 agree? Or would 10 just think your a wimp? (Shane Dawson)

Whimp. :D

63: You and 11 are going to the amusement park. Just as you walk in, someone dares you two to go on the most extreme ride with him. Would 11 want to do this? (Zak Monday)


64: You and 12 just got home from the worst movie ever! What will 12 say? (Lin)

She wouldn't care. >W

65: HOLLY CRAP! You and 13 are being attacked by a bear! How will 13 react? (Celine K.)

Celine would kick the bear's ass, throw it in a nearby pond, then walk away. XD

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