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Author has written 4 stories for Yumeiro Pâtissière/夢色パティシエール, Shugo Chara!, and Naruto.


Age:Between 13-18

Name: For most of my stories, if there is a beginning with me talking to the characters, i will be using Lynn-chan or some sort of nickname from my user name. Lynn is my middle name, I will most likely never say my first name.

Profile Name: -MariseAkuryouNaitoFaiaNeko- my profile name means: infinate evil spirit night fire cat.

Description: I'm not tall, but im not short either. I have short blonde hair.

Personality: If you make me angry you do not want to be around me, kinda like when Utau gets mad, but that doesn't happen too often. My normally personality is kinda like Amu's Cool'n'Spicy facade when I'm around people I don't know that well and in public, but if I'm with my friends I'm really weird and crazy. :)

Hobbies: I sew, play sports, listen to music, read fanfiction, and Facebook.

Sports: I play softball and volleyball, but I have played other sports before.

Favorite anime pairings:

Amu and Ikuto (Shugo Chara)

Utau and Kukai (Shugo Chara)

Yaya and Kairi (Shugo Chara)

Rima and Nagihiko (Shugo Chara)

Ichigo and Kashino (Yumeiro Patissiere)

Haruhi and Tamaki (OHSHC)

Sakura and Syaoran (CCS and/or Tsubasa Chronicles)

Ichigo and Masaya (Tokyo Mew Mew)

Pudding and Tart (Tokyo Mew Mew)

Lettuce and Pai (Tokyo Mew Mew)

My OC's

Name: Akina Tora Suzuki

Nickname: Aki

Age: 9 (for most of my stories, might be younger or older based off of my story)

Gender: Female

Hair color: blonde

Eye color: One blue and one green eye

Hair length: about to her shoulders

Hair style: in childish pigtails

Personality: Is childish, but if a serious matter comes up she becomes instantly serious about it. She loves singing. and looks up to her brother

Style: like Amu Hinamori's but with a little bit more color

Past: Mother died giving birth to her. Father died in car crash when she was 7.

Her mother dieing didn't affect her that much because she really didn't know her mother, but whenever someone talks about their fathers', she starts crying.

Name: Taro Raikou Suzuki

Nickname: Tartar or Rai

Age: 12 (most of the time, might be younger or older based on story)

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Blond

Eye Color: Ocean blue eyes

Hair Length: Short

Hair Style: Spikey, sorta

Personality: Stubborn. The only thing he cares about is protcting his sister. Loves when she sings

Style: Jeans and T-shirt

Past: Mother died giving birth to his sister and since then he's always had the urge to protect his sister. Father died in car crash when he was 10.

His mother dieing resulted in him having the urge to protect his sister and even more after their father died.

Name: Shadou Aichi

Nickname: Shae

Age: 10 (most of time, may change based on story)

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Silver

Eye Color: Reddish/pink eyes

Hair Length: Knees

Hair Style: Pigtails, Ponytail, or Braid

Personality: Cool'n'Spicy. Smiles only in front of people she trusts. Beautiful singing, but makes bad mistakes because of her past.

Style: Purple, Black, & White outfits

Past: Her parents and younger sister died in a car crash when she was 7. Her younger brother was kidnapped when she was 6 and he was 5.

Ever since they died, she has always been confused and uses Cool'n'Spicy to hide it from others. Makes bad descions because of her past.

Name: Sakura (or Hana) Kimura

Nickname: Saki (no nickname for Hana)

Age: 19 (most of the time, age might change due to story)

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Burnt Orange

Eye Color: Bright Orange

Hair Length: Shoulders

Hair Style: Down, or in a side-ponytail

Personality: Sees the bright side of things and is good at making people do what she wants.

Style: Bright Colors, unless has a mission

Past: Never knew her parents, has a younger brother lives with her. Looks on the bright side of things for her brother.

Name: Hikaru Kimura

Nickname: Karu

Age: 9 (most of time, age might change due to story)

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Firey Orange

Eye Color: Red

Hair Length: Short

Hair Style: Flat

Personality: Kind, gentle, and does almost anything his sister asks him to do. Looks up to Sakura and is kinda like Kairi(SC) with following rules and having stats, and stuff like that.

Style: Sorta dark colors, except for red.

Past: Never knew his parents. Surprised when he found out he had a sister. Sakura found him when he was 3.

Guardian Charas I'll Use In My Stories

Keiko- has pink cat features and wears a forest green mid-driff top and shorts and has a bell

Chara-Change Indicator: Pink cat hairpins appear in hair

Chara-Change: is like Yoru in almost everyway, but has little more pervertedness to her

Chara-Transformation: Love Neko, (like Amulet Neko)

(like this but imagine the gray/black parts forest green)

Fifi- wears a mid-driff hot pink with black diamonds shirt with mid-thigh matching shorts with a jester hat that has a cross on the ends of it

Chara-Change Indicator: Black crosses appear in hair

Chara-Change: acts funny and makes everyone laugh, but has a serious side if something bad happens

Chara-Transformation: Crossed Laugh, (like Amulet Joker?)

Mae- wears An outfit like Seraphic Charm, but has a black bow around the waist, and the yin side up of a yin-yang piece on a black crown

Chara-Change Indicator: Yin side up on a yin-yang piece hair-clip(s)

Chara-Change: Mostly nice and talks a lot, can be mean if you make her mad

Chara-Transformation: Sour Yin

Moe- wears an outfit like Dark Jewel, shorts is a skirt, all gold parts are purple and all purple parts are black, white bow around waist like a belt on the skirt, yang side up of a yin-yang piece on a white crown

Chara-Change Indicator: Yang side up of a yin-yang piece hair-clip(s)

Chara-Change: Mostly mean and doesn't talk that much, can be nice if you are nice to her

Chara-Transformation: Sweet Yang

Mew Mew

Mew Buruuberii (Blueberry)

Animals: Snow Leopard and Tasmanian Forester Kangaroo

Description: TFK ears and SL tail, a baby blue outfit, tight shorts with a mid-driff tank that extends in an upside down V shape to knees, with knee high baby blue boots

Mew Momo (Peach)

Animals: African Golden Cat and Dhole

Description: AFG ears and Dhole tail, a light peach outfit, mini-skirt with long-sleeved mid-driff, and flats

Mew Ume (Plum)

Animals: Emerald Swallowtail and Red Panda

Description: RP ears and tail and ES wings, a deep purple outfit, straight skirt with a little flare with leggings to knees with tank and sleeves

Mew Nashi (Pear)

Animals: Iberian Lynx and Polar Bear

Description: PB tail and IL ears, a pure whit outfit, sleeve-less ruffled shirt to right below belly button with ruffled skirt to mid-thigh

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