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# 1 Introduction:

You shouldn't get bored here - unless you are a rock. And you're probably only reading this because, you are in fact bored. Or just interested in finding out some things about me...

Now let's get the rest of this intro over with so we can move onto the fun stuff. :D Or just move on now... Whichever suits you best.

You can feel free to contact me at anytime. PM me whenever and maybe later on, I can give you my Skype so we can talk easily (it’s instant message, you see).

I’m really into writing right now… Must be why I’m an author on here. :) Here’s a message if you’re waiting on an update for one of my stories: I’ll always make sure I finish my fics. If I start one, then I will end it. No matter how long it takes (but it probably won’t take as long as that last sentence sounded).

Just so you know, I am a member of The Society for Finding Awkwardness in Merlin (a.k.a. SFAM). :D

And, since my profile is so damn long, I’ve now given it a contents – contents, I know (mind you, it has no page numbers – only a content number)… They can be found by looking for bolded and underlined words when scrolling.

Or you can type a keyword/content number into your “find/search” bar by pressing “ctrl (control) F” for PC or “cmd (command)/Apple F”for Mac. I’m not sure how to or if you can search using the iPod, or mobile/cell phone.

Just go to any one that takes your fancy :)

Contents of Profile:

# 1 – Introduction (earlier)

# 2 – Latest Update

# 3 – Links to Awesomeness
My YouTube Channel Link
My Tumblr Blog Link (mostly Merthur)
Pictures of My OC, Ryrren, Link
Larger Pictures of My Profile Picture Link
My Merlin TV Series Fansite Profile Link

# 4 – My Stories

Example Snapshot
The Repercussions of Being Ransomed

Sample Passages
Pronunciations of Names
Trading Places

# 5 – Exciting Season 4 Spoilers
Pyre Scene Spoiler
Some E1-4 Spoilers
Dragoon the Great Spoilers
Big Fight Scene Spoiler
The Merlin Embrace Spoiler
Sick Merlin Spoiler

# 6 – My Lists (Updated Frequently and Some Interactive)
Merlin Season Three Character Attributes
Arthur or Merlin’s Side?

The Good and Evil AND Inbetween List
The Awesome People List

# 7 – Updates on Life/Merlin
Information on Profile Picture 1
15th of July, 2011
Information on Ryrren Drawing -
27th of April, 2011
Pen Name Heritage - 3rd of April, 2011
Morgana’s Smirking - 7th of March, 2011
Why I Write - creation day of account date
The Plot Bunnies - creation day of account date
Why I use Music - creation day of account date
How You Can Listen to Music Whilst Reading
- creation day of account date

# 2 Latest Update:

3rd of March, 2012!

Yes! My first update for 2012!!! It's been ages since I've come back on FF.Net.
Anyway, good news everyone (quote stolen from Futurama :))!! I've just started writing for my stories again and I'll be updating soon - but first I'll just make a few chapters in advance so I don't get too far behind. There'll be a whole explanation as to why this is so late in the next update of RBR (The Repercussions of Being Ransomed).
Enjoy yourself amigos! :)

# 3 Links to Awesomeness:

Please tell/message me if any of these links don't work so I can fix them. If they're not working, it's probably because they're out of date and need to be updated. I'll make sure I do that as soon as I can.

My YouTube Channel
My profile name on here is, g2lm4l. It stands for... g2lm4l = Got To Love Merlin For Life!
Link -->

My Tumblr Blog
On here, I'm also known as, CoolCarrot. This blog is mostly Merthur, but fear-not bromance-ers! There are still loads of Merlin & Arthur friendship posts! :)
Link -->

My Original Character, Ryrren, Drawing
The picture of My OC, Ryrren, link, for my story, “The Repercussions of Being Ransomed”. I drew it myself.
This link will take you to my Snapixel account, where you can see my portfolio. Click on the, "Ryrren" named category.
Link -->

My Profile Pictures
This is the profile picture image that I designed and drew it myself. :) It symbolizes my pen name, CoolCarrot. Click the link to see more detailed and bigger images.
This link will take you to my Snapixel account, where you can see my portfolio. Click on the, "CoolCarrot Profile Pictures" named category.
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Please tell me what you thought of all the images. Either in PM, a future review to a chapter or on the website itself.

My Merlin TV Series Fansite Profile
Here is the link to my profile on that website if you want it. It has more interesting information and some of my fictions... :) My profile name on there is, Morgana1.
Link -->

#4 My Stories:

Right now, I have this totally awesome story in mind. I’ve written two chapters and let me tell you. It is good. I want to post it so badly but won’t right now. Not until I get close to finishing at least one fic I’ve started. Otherwise, all the fictions I have going right now will be even more delayed than they already are… I don’t think I’m capable of juggling four stories right now.

At this moment, I’ve written three stories; they’re all Merlin based. I’ll explain about each one. They’re ordered by the newest being first and the oldest being last.

My newest story so far. It seems to be going pretty well. It’s based on season 4 spoilers from Merlin. All I do in this story is take one spoiler and make it into a one/two-shot. For example, maybe I see a sentence on a website about Morgause and Merlin having a magical battle (I haven’t actually seen one of these yet – it’s an example) and I use that bit of information to make a chapter or two explaining how I’d think it would happen – also adding some extra humor or drama to make things more interesting. I’d explain about Merlin’s feeling towards this and what happens in the fight. I’d maybe even make Merlin almost die but eventually win, et cetera.

Example Snapshot (Here is a snapshot of what it would look like)

Spoiler - Merlin and Morgause have a magical battle.

My interpretation - …Merlin stared into the dark eyes of Morgause where she stood some metres away. The night was icy cold. Gentle breezes rustled the green leaves of trees. All was quiet except for the occasional roar of thunder and howl of wind. Rain bucketed down on the warlock as he stood drenched in a muddy clearing. He was in the Darkling Woods just outside of Camelot, no one but the blonde woman opposite him knew he was here.

Suddenly, the sorceress threw out a pale hand. She shouted out a rage-filled spell; red sparks flew from her spanned fingers. Merlin smacked hard to the dirty ground as the magic smashed into his chest forcefully…

That was just an example of how my story, SpoilOpilous works. And it would be longer than that; I just don’t want to write a full, random chapter on my profile. Feel free to check it out and drop me a review of what you think. It is friendship based but can be taken in differently – just like the real Merlin episodes. You can take something in as practically anything if you have a large enough imagination.

The Repercussions of Being Ransomed
This is probably my best story. Basically, Merlin and Arthur are captured by ruthless bandits who possess magic. The bandits’ main plan is to ransom Arthur but that changes when one of the leaders finds out about Merlin’s magical powers and realizes that Arthur has yet to discover. He tortures Merlin into confession and exposure.
Will Arthur and Merlin manage to survive the torment they go through? How will Arthur take the reveal of his best friend’s magic? Will the men be able to escape? If they do, what will happen to the bandits? Are they going to hunt the men down?
The story involves a caring Arthur, a lot of Merlin and Arthur whump – more Merlin whumpage. There is also a twist that will come later on in the fiction. Read to find out what happens. It is friendship based but can be taken in differently – just like the real Merlin episodes. Don’t worry friendship-only-stories people. This is right for you (that is if you’re okay with blood).

Sample Passages (Here’s a sample taken from the actual fiction)

“…"So c-c-cold…." stuttered Merlin quietly with his eyes closed. Well, that was a good sign. The man was responding to his surroundings again. The prince needed his friend to stay with him for a little longer. The warmth would be emanating well from the fire by then.

Arthur wasn't feeling the low temperatures as much as the warlock. This was because he was almost completely numb and his body held an extra layer of fat while Merlin was just about skin and bones.

"Merlin?" asked Arthur. He kneeled down before the boy, realizing that he was still unconscious and only talking subconsciously.

The prince needed the fire to gain some more heat fast. Right now, the flames were still small. Arthur jumped up from where he was kneeling and went over to his newly acquired wood collection. He threw another one onto the fire.

When he sat back down next to Merlin, something made his heart stop. Merlin's chest wasn't moving. Arthur quickly took a hold of the boy's wrist; there was still a weak pulse. There was still time.

"Merlin!" he shouted as he slapped the boy firmly across the cheek. "You can't – don't leave me!" The warlock's face was a nasty pasty colour. His high cheekbones seemed more prominent than usual and there was a small gap between his slightly blue tinged lips.

No, no, no, no. This can't be happening…”

End of sample from, Chapter Two: The Rough Rapids of the story, The Repercussions of Being Ransomed.

Pronunciations of Names (these are the names I made up, not necessarily an OC – Original Character. But most are)

Name – Ryrren Pronunciation – Rye/Rai-Er-Rin or Rye/Rai-Rin (which ever suits you)
Name – Edmund … Pronunciation – Ed-Mund
Name – Althadrel … Pronunciation – El-Tha-Drell
Name – Areltorian … Pronunciation – Eh-Rell-Tor-Ri-Ann
Name – Niakh … Pronunciation – Nee-Uh-Kah or Nee-ak (whichever suits you)

Trading Places
My first fiction; I’m planning to re-edit it to the quality of my newer other stories so it will be easier to read and the characters will be more IC (In Character). In this one, Merlin and Arthur’s minds switch bodies. Merlin is now in the form of Arthur and Arthur the form of Merlin. Many things happen to them as they’re like this.
Morgana and Morgause plot to kill Merlin by revealing his magic to Arthur – will their plans work out?
It’s an exciting adventure with the occasional, minor Merlin whump and caring Arthur. This fiction is based on friendship.

#5 Exciting Season 4 Spoilers:

Warning: The following will reveal certain occurrences in season 4 of Merlin. It also will most likely make you squeal with excitment.

I have found some astounding spoilers for season four of Merlin! There is a chance Gaius or Lancelot could be dead by episode two of the fourth season! Yikes! There is also proof of Merlin and Arthur finally embracing. Yay!

Everything was found on a spoilers thread website.
URL Here:
For more season 4 spoilers, click the link.

I just picked out what I thought looked the most exciting and edited parts so they’re easier to read.

Pyre Scene Spoiler

Filming Date:April 29th 2011
2 (season 4)
Filming Location: France, cobblestone courtyard within the castle.
The Rough Plot Idea: A pyre scene is being filmed for those of you who don’t know – a pyre is where lots of wood and sticks are bundled and piled together to burn something or someone – used to kill, for remembrance, a funeral to burn a dead body or for other similar things. It’s apparently what they did to witches in the olden days.
Who’s There: Sir Leon, Sir Percival, Sir Elyan, Sir Gwaine stand in a line in front of the pyre. At least another dozen knights surround them and some twenty Camelot guards form by the pyre as well. Gwen is watching the scene a bit further away. Merlin is standing by Arthur’s side.
What Happens: Arthur places a sword and a Camelot cloak onto the pyre. Then Merlin hands a flaming torch over to Arthur. He throws it onto the pyre. Arthur says, "I'll (we'll?) never forget you, Gaius." (to which the crew laughs).
Best Guesses of What’s Taking Place: The funeral pyre might either be for Gaius (following Arthur’s line) or for Lancelot (since a sword and a Camelot cloak are laid out on the pyre, and Lancelot is the only knight of the round table not present, not even a body double being used. Also, a sword and a cloak represent a knight better than a physician. And the fact that the crew laughs is kind of a hint that it was probably only a joke. Which knowing, Bradley – actor of Arthur – is something he’d do. The reasons for why he did this during the take are currently unknown. If it was actually, Gaius which he needed to say, why would the crew laugh in the first place?).
It doesn’t fully make sense though… I’ve read later spoilers with Lancelot and Gaius in them. So who knows who that pyre’s for? Please PM me if you have the answer or if you have a pretty good idea of what’s going on. I’d put it on my profile where the spoiler are and you’ll get a mention along side it.
Links to picture from the pyre scene are: Here, here, here and here.

Some E1-4 Spoilers
Filming Date:
May 3rd 2011
Episode/s: 1 to 4 (season 4)
What’s Going On: Gwen was tending and providing food in the courtyard to a lot of needy, hungry and tired commoners (refugees?) that arrive in Camelot. They are called "fugitives".
-Sir Leon and other knights see Morgana in the forest, who for some reason is presumed to be dead. She kills some of the knights and Sir Leon and Sir Elyan ride back to Camelot to inform Uther that Morganais still alive.

Dragoon the Great Spoilers
Dragoon the Great (Old Merlin) Scene:
Filming Date: May 3rd 2011 (possibly later on as well)
Episode/s: 1 to 4 (season 4)
What’s Going On: Old Merlin hobbles out from the shadows.
-Mezzanine corridor: Old Merlin ducks into a stairwell and downs a potion.
-Tunnels: Old Merlin makes Arthur carry him. He kicks him like he was a horse [Can’t wait for this one o. Arthur carries Merlin. Well, Old Merlin – but it’s still the same thing. He carries him! Hope we get to see it!].
-Tunnels: Morgana makes her way down the tunnels into Camelot.
-Street: Old Merlin emerges from the alley way. He joins Arthur;they must sneak into the castle.

Big Fight Scene Spoiler
Filming Date:
May 5th 2011
Episode/s: 6 (season 4)
Filming Location: France, filmed outside of the castle on the grass.
The Rough Plot Idea: One big fight scene was filmed involving all the knights, plus Merlin and Arthur. Merlin is basically goading Arthur into fighting knight after knight, just to prove he can do it.
Merlin: You're not going to fight Percival?
Arthur: (Offended) Are you suggesting Percival ... (something).
Merlin: No!
So, Arthur challenges Percival. They're fighting with maces and Arthur beats him quite easily. Leaving Percival on the ground, Arthur goes back to Merlin.
Arthur: Percival may be strong, but he isn't agile. I need the whole package.
Merlin: The whole package slash suggestive much? Or is that just me…? I’m sorry for putting bad thoughts in your head :( ?
(Arthur says something too quiet to hear)
Merlin: The knights are responding brilliantly to your training, you're a really good teacher.
Arthur: Thank you, Merlin.
(Now Merlin is saying something that’s too hard to hear, but it’s assumable that it was something teasing or offensive because Arthur glares at him.)
Merlin: Gwaine is the whole package!
Arthur: Gwaine? Gwaine has the concentration span of a new born lamb!
He challenges Gwaine anyway. They are fighting with swords, but not before Gwaine pulls off his shirt for no good reason the other knights are making kind of "woohoo" sounds, while Arthur only gestures towards Merlin 'What the hell?' They fight and again, Arthur wins. But when he returned to Merlin this time, Merlin is laughing.
Merlin: He let you win!
(It’s unknown to what Arthur says to this).
Merlin: They're afraid to offend you. After all, you're the king!
Arthur seems a bit upset by this (It’s kind of similar to when Leon went easy on him while training for the tournament in 2x02). So now, he challenges Elyan, but with a different approach.
Arthur: Elyan!
Elyan: Yes, Sire?
Arthur: You will face me as I'm a dangerous mercenary, (...) back beating hard!
They fight with axes and shields, until the top of Arthur's axe just flies away. (The look on his face is priceless!).
Arthur: Merlin! You're supposed to check my weaponry!
In this moment Elyan whips the rest of the axe out of Arthur's hand, while Merlin is not reacting at all. Elyan keeps on fighting, and Arthur is getting a bit nervous.
Arthur: Elyan, I'm defenseless!
Elyan: You are a dangerous mercenary!
Elyan presses on.
Arthur: Merlin! Throw me another weapon!
Arthur is getting more and more nervous and hectic. No reaction from Merlin. Arthur tries to stall.
Arthur: One moment!
Elyan: Cause I will!
And he hits again. Arthur is blocking all of Elyan's strikes with his shield.
Arthur: Seriously? Arthur asks, quite incredulously.
Elyan: I'm deadly serious!
Arthur: Merlin!
Elyan: He can't help you now!
Arthur: Merlin!
This all happens while Elyan keeps on hitting hard at Arthur's shield, and still no reaction from Merlin. But suddenly with a quick twist Arthur brings down Elyan. The other knights are clapping, and Arthur calls it a day. He goes back to Merlin.
Arthur: (in a prat-ish, slightly angry way) Elyan has concentration, strength, the whole package... still I win. What do you say about that?
After that he disappears in the tent.

The following spoiler I am so looking forward to.

The Merlin Embrace Spoiler
Filming Date: Unknown
Episode/s: 6 (season 4) SCRIPT LINK PROOF
Filming Location: Unknown
The Rough Plot Idea:
Arthur and Gwaine are searching for Merlin, sharing some teasing lines. Something moves in the grass ahead and Merlin staggers out of some trees. Arthur gets down from his horse and embraces Merlin, saying that when the rock fall happened they thought they’d lost him [Did you read that? Embraces! Finally! It better be a good one].
Extra Stuff: You can read my story “Spoil-Opilous” if you want more on that scene. Scroll down to the bottom of my profile to see all of my fictions or up to, My Stories, for more information on that fiction. This specific story is based on that scene as a two-shot.

Sick Merlin Spoiler
Filming Date: April 14th 2011
Location: Not sure of the exact place.
What Happens: All the knights were there in the stone courtyard. Sir Lancelot, Sir Percival, Sir Elyan, Sir Leon, Arthur and Merlin.
-Merlin was lying on the ground (in the stone courtyard), looking very pale, like he was sick or injured. Arthur, Lancelot and Leon are talking about what to do. They say something about needing to get Merlin to Gaius but that the citadel was a day away. Lancelot said something about a quest but Arthur seemed surprised that they were on a quest (however, they were smiling when they were rehearsing this scene so it could have been a joke among the actors). All through this scene, Merlin wasn't saying anything, just lying there. Lancelot took care of him for a moment and then Percival was with him. In the background, Gwaine and Elyan were getting horses ready.
-At some point Percival gets injured too.
-The knights and Merlin seemed to be fighting wyverns (Gwaine shouted that) in the Great Tower. Apparently, there was some sword-fighting as well.
-Morgana was in the boat on the lake with a woman that was meant to be Morgause. Both wore different new dark dresses.
Some Dialogue: (Arthur defying Leon to save Merlin's life)
Arthur: We have to get him to Gaius.
Sir Leon: What, and abandon the quest?
Arthur: He saved my life. I can't watch him die.

And I also found out that Morgana finds out about Merlin's magic and that there will be a mega battle between them both - I'm 75% sure. Amazing source and soundtrack song. I recommend you click the link - the music is amazing. Click right here :)

Also, there will be a point where Merlin is powerless and has no magic - another amazing soundtrack - click here guys :D

And another great sound track is this one (Merlin/dragonlord and Kilgharrah soundtrack). It's brilliant!

There's way more stuff that I haven't put on my profile! I can't wait for season 4! :D And it comes out in September or October 2011. That means they haven't finished filming yet, which means there's more to come! I can't wait! WOW!

# 6
My Lists (Updated Frequently and Some Interactive)

List No. 1: Merlin Season Three Character Attributes:

Basically, this list is a tally of certain season 3 character attributes (this is throughout ALL of season 3 and season 3 ONLY):

- Merlin saving Arthur right there and then (for example, Merlin slowing down time and saving Arthur quickly - right there and then)
- Total: 13 times

- Morgana and Morgause calling each other "sister”:
- Total:
19 times

- Gaius saying "You need to rest" or somthing along the lines of that, as his cure for the sick or injured:
- Total:
5 times

- Arthur getting knocked out:
- Total:
6 times

- Morgana's evil smirks and grins:
- Total:
83 times [Whaaaaat? I know right – those writers…]

List No. 2: Arthur or Merlin’s Side (Interactive)?

If you had a choice between Merlin's Side and Arthur's Side if they were against each other in a certain situation, which side would you pick? It can be if you’re always on a certain side when they banter, if you just like one of the character's more or another reason completely...

Please message me on which side you chose and why. I’ll put your name and reason onto the list as soon as possible :)

List is in chronological order of when the person told me they'd like to be on this list.

Come on! Free advertising for your name! And then you might get more reviews on your stories! Wooo!!!

Arthur's Side:

- Someone - because...

- Someone - because...

Merlin's Side:

- CoolCarrot “because Merlin is the name of the show, he is so sweet and kind (in real life too), he is smarter than Arthur, he has magic and he is so going to show Arthur off with his skills one day. I can picture Arthur's astounded face perfectly 3:) Yeah, that's why I chose Merlin.”

- doctor-emily001 – “because he’s Merlin [That definitely is a good enough answer].”

- Kitty O - "Because Arthur can be quite mean, and besides, he has all the power, so Merlin is the underdog that must win by wit and charm alone! And because I'm sorta in love with him [That makes two of us]."

List No. 3: The Good and Evil List AND Inbetween (Interactive):

PM me if you'd like to on this list. It's turning out to be a battle of the foods (that reminds me of Smosh). List is in chronological order of when the person told me they'd like to be on it.

Good Side (the side with ice cream and/or goodie-goodie-gum-drops):

- PoisoningPigeonsinthePark - “because I’m nice like that. When I’m not torturing people. Not that I do the torturing, of course. That's all Merlin. *coughs awkwardly*”

- Kratos-god-slayer-101 - “because Merlin seems kind of lonely [I agreed. Why can't this guy be on the good and bad side (he was on the dark side first, for those of you wondering)?].”

The Inbetween Side (Marshmallows?):

- Kitty O - "The in between side. Because I'm a semi-evil sorceress, if you remember, and because Uther's my favorite character, and he's in between!"

Dark Side (the side with cookies):

- CoolCarrot - “because cookies are awesome and so are smirks. Smirkgana all the way! Do you like my new name for Morgana? Except for Merlin who wins by a smile. I would go for Merlin if it was between him and Morgana but I still like that witch's smirks...”

- Kratos-god-slayer-101 - unknown reason [it must be because of the cookies].

- zammierox – “because it sounds badarse-y and plus there's cookies.”

- doctor-emily001 - “I am definitely on the Dark side. They know my weakness and give me pie :D Also because the Dark Side is so much more... enthusiastic about everything! At least, all my fav. villains are! You watch Doctor Who right? You know the Master? (TARDIS smites you if you don't) He's the reason I went topside :D There we go. My reason for being on Dark Side is cause of the Pie and The Master. Oh, and Nimueh. I am ashamed to say that I just recently finally figured out why Nimueh looked so familiar when I first saw her. Michelle Ryan? Nimueh? Also played Lady Christina DeSouza in 'The Planet of the Dead' Doctor Who.
I think that may be it... Ugh. I'm tired. Time to hit the hay :P” [Love the answer].

- Redlily188 - "Yes, cookies. I've been at the dark side for a long time. I was with them when they came out with the dark M&Ms [Is this list about food or somthing? I think so :D]."

List No. 4: The Awesome People List:

This is ranked in no particular order. I am actually looking at all of my inbox messages on hotmail. So most of it is in a chronological order – which I suppose is actually an order, now that I come to think of it... So the point is that you are all awesome. Not in awesome order. Remember that. :D

Loopstagirl - Love her stories, YouTube videos and review replies!!!

- Emachinescat - Her fictions are AMAZING. The ideas are brilliant and the writing’s so descriptive and easy to read. How does she do it? All updates are on time for all of her fictions. I wish I could do all that… I really enjoy her review replies and reviews.

- Niphrehdil - Whom has an amazing Merlin trilogy and YouTube videos. Also very kind :)

- fernazab - Who are really kind peeps and have really quite enjoyable Merlin fics. :D They get better with every post.

- Kratos-god-slayer-101 - You are one of the best people I have ever had a PM thing going on with.

- redlily188 - Whom has the greatest random stories, which is good if you don't want to read a real long fic. And if you're reading this, I'm waiting on Merlin and Arthur's Facebook page :P [I'm pretty sure they've posted it now, but anyway...]

- Christina B - For her great Merlin fics. I love them! :D

- Kitty O - For her AWESOME stories, amazing-smile-bringing-review-replies and best ever reviews. They’re extremely helpful. Probably the most beneficial I’ve received! Thank you! :D

- Ultra-Geek - For that amazing story which I'll probably never get over. It was, To Serve and Protect if anyone's wondering. And then all of those other Merlin!Whump ones. :) (Why did I just use a smiley face?)

- Cassy27 - Because I really like that story, Blindsided. Different and interesting. Love the ending! Made me so happy I almost cried. But not quite – I have yet to cry from reading something. I don’t even think it was meant to be that emotional, but meh… I loved it. :)

- AlbusProngsRebeccaPotter - because of their great one shot and PM. Yeah, this person is pretty cool. Nice pen name, by the way.

- Aislinn101 - This person is super friendly and I love their Merlin fics to bits. I also love this person's OCs.

- nobleignominy - Some of the best review replies ever and is really friendly. I love their story Heads Will Roll and their OC, 'Carrow'.

- sesshouluver - Their great short story was great. Oh yeah!

- PoisoningPigeonsinthePark - Because of their fics and awesome review replies... also, I think I'm soon to be mentioned in one of their stories!!! Yay, for PoisoningPigeonsinthePark!
And if you're reading this, PoisoningPigeonsinthePark... that's okay... because you probably are, since you said that you stalked me a bit... now here is a weird fact to you and anyone else who's reading this...
I actually don't mind being stalked online (in real life, yes. Online, no)... Weird, eh? I feel kind of honoured that someone is interested in what I randomly write here and in my stories... makes me feel very happy.
So send me a message anytime... I love to talk... even if the message is "Do you like cookies?". Okay, maybe that's a bit strange... But, meh... I don't really care... Now onwards to the other mentions :)

- Viktobi - Because of their awesome RPF (real person fic - there you just learned something :D I think…).

- RunawayToaster - Their stories are brilliant! Loving them to bits!

- Katherine Moonhawk - I really loved this one Merlin fic! I really like the pen name too, and if it’s your real name. It’s pretty damn awesome. But if it’s not your true name, not to worry, I’m sure it’s great. :)

- Vegetableswillhavetheirrevenge - I haven't got around to reading any of your fics yet but I've heard about you through a story involving plot bunnies and other Author's Notes. All, I have to say is that your pen name is awesome!

- Hibernian Princess - Ilike this person a lot because of their awesome Merlin fics :)

- zammierox - A very nice Merlin fic and is totally awesome!!! They have great stories and are a really brilliant to talk to!!!

- doctor-emily001 - For being a keen, lovely reviewer :D Their PMs never cease to make me smile.

- Cennamace - For their beautiful reviews, amazing English language skills (it’s not their native language you know) and amazing PMs.

- llLethell - For their amazing drabble fiction, Fractions, their friendliness in review replies and wonderful PMs.

felulu - You know why, don’t you? You’re an extremely good friend :)

- TheJunebug1218 - A brilliant reviewer and PM-er. :D A lovely person.

- Alaia Skyhawk - Love the A Question of… stories. Brilliant idea. The way you write is so fantastic! And your updates are on time.
I also like your pen name, and if it’s your real name. I like it more. It's so awesome lookin’. But if it’s not your true name, don’t worry. I’m sure your real name’s cool too. (I feel I have said this before… déjà vu, you know?) :D

- Viridis Lupus - To which I am absolutely in love with their story, The Last Dragon Egg. I think it is the best Merlin fanfiction I’ve read. :) Did you know it's my most favourite story of all time - even if it is fanfiction. I reckon they could easily get that fiction out on the market. You can do that you know, just give the BBC credit and all. Loads of people would buy it. And it might even be made into a movie! I totally reckon all this should happen - it's just that great.

- ArodieltheElfofRohan - Omg, they're awesome! They're fantastic to talk about Merlin with and just, so great! I love their fiction, You Know You're Obsessed With Merlin When... It's amazing! Worth checking out, and if you're reading this, I'm sure you ARE obsessed with it. Did I mention they're also an absolutely fantastic reviewer!?

There sure are a lot of '-insert word here- 101' pen names :)

Also, if you want me to un-mention you, if your name is mentioned. Just let me know. I will also do the same to those who haven't been mentioned and would like to be. Don't worry. I won't think you're being full of yourself by telling me to pop your name up. In fact, I'd like to create an even bigger list. :) Also, I may not update the list for a while because it takes effort even though it may not look like much. But I WILL most definitely update it if you PM me about it, for unfortunately not being on the list because I clumsily forgot you (real sorry if I did, please forgive me) or have just met you.

# 7
Updates on Life/Merlin (they’re old Latest Updates pushed down to here every time a new one comes up – packed with loads of fun stuff to read)

For the Information on Profile Picture 1 topic, scroll down to the 15th of July, 2011.
For the Information on Ryrren Drawing, scroll down to the 27th of April, 2011.

For the Pen Name Heritage topic, scroll down to the 3rd of April, 2011.
For the Morgana's Smirking topic, scroll down to the 7th of March, 2011.
For the Why I Write topic, scroll down to the creation day of account date.
For the
Plot Bunnies topic, scroll down to the creation day of account date.
For the Why I use Music topic, scroll down to the creation day of account date.
For the
How You Can Listen to Music Whilst Reading topic, scroll down to the creation day of account date.

Date: 11th of November, 2011!

Yes, it's been a while... and for that, I'm sorry. I had a heap of things going on in my life right now - I also have many mental decisions to make. And no, I don't mean the crazy way, although, some of you may think that I am a little bit mental... jkbaetfgaobgteo*keyboard spasm*. Anyway, I will try and update soon.

I'll also say that I'm struggling with some form of writers block. I know where my stories are going but I just can't seem to get it down on paper at the moment. And the only time I can, is when I have homework. And let me tell you, we have had SO much homework recently it's not funny.

So that's why, I haven't been updating. And if you're wondering why I'm not reviewing your stories, it's because I'm so busy and don't have time. And when I do have time, I use that for replying to PMs (maybe going on a little YouTube) and reviewing Astiza's, Awkward Moments fiction - it just gives me a bit of a break from reality, that fic does :) So thanks for your patience, and sorry for the wait! D: Btw, "Watching Merlin" isn't involved in my list of 'What-I-Do-When-I-Have-a-Break-From-Homework' (a couple of sentences above) because it is a necessary part of life, I hope you know. :P

Date: 23rd of September, 2011!

Not so good news for you guys... I'm going on holiday for 2 weeks shortly. That will probably mean no updates, reviews to your fictions from me, review replies, or PM replies because there's no internet. BUT, I might be able to update - probably not review reply though. It won't be easy finding internet from where I am, but there is a chance. 25% or something? Better than 0%.

So it's annoying. My update was actually going to be on time for once but that's going to have to be postponed again. And I miss out on the first 2 Merlin episodes of season 4, damn.

Date: 9th of September, 2011!

I've been really busy lately with assignments but just when I'd finished them all, I get sick :/ So, that is why there is no update for SpoilOpilous and The Repercussions of Being Ransomed. Also, in case you didn't know, I have Trading Places on hold for I've got to really edit some of the earlier chapters before continuing. It was my first fiction and I've learned lots since then. I'm getting over my illness and should be writing again soon - I feel so terrible, that it's hard to write even this... So, updates should be soon. :)

Anyway, I can't not say this: I seriously cannot wait for season 4 of Merlin to air. Sure, I may not live in Britain but that doesn't mean I can't not view it online (waiting until 2012 will just take too long) ;) Let me know if you don't live in England and want the website. I'll be happy to give it to you! Plus my anti-virus system says it's all clean :D Even better :)

Date: July 15th 2011! Information on Profile Picture 1

Hey, I’m back from my holiday. It was lots of fun as holidays usually are… I should now be able to update a lot more. You also may have noticed that my profile’s format is very different. I completely reorganized it so it’s easier to read, more interesting and simpler to find things. I even added a contents section :)

You also may notice that I have a new profile picture. I designed and drew it myself. :) Go to the links section to see it bigger. If you're not sure of exactly what it is, it’s meant to be a random carrot with the words “CoolCarrot” on it. That symbolizes my pen name.
I got a bit carried away and added lots of other stuff like: Hair, eyes, legs, arms (yes, I made it into a living carrot), a cape, a staff, a quill, a purple plot bunny, a sword and scabbard, a belt, a skirt, boots for the legs, a Merlin book, an ink pot, a hand that has magic powers (like Merlin’s), a necklace and some random marks on the carrot. Yes, I got extremely carried away.

Date: July 1st 2011!

I'm sorry guys... No more chapters for two whole weeks... :/ Why? I'm going on holiday - little amount of internet there. But should be able to update much faster when I get back because I would have written up a few chapters :D
Sorry for the inconvenience guys...So that's why I won't be replying to PMs and reviews... I also doubt I'll be reviewing other fictions... Let alone even reading them... :/

Date: May the 22nd 2011!

I was watching Merlin today, as where I live Merlin comes on much later unfortunately... and something made me glow. At then end of the episode they advertised for the next Merlin episode with some promos. They went on about what would happen, blah, blah, blah, but then they throw in this extra bit. The voice presenting ended with, "and what will Merlin do to save his best friend?" (referring to Arthur obviously).

It just makes me very happy. All that needs to happen between Merlin and Arthur now is for the prince to admit that the warlock is his best friend. I'm also awaiting a hug. Hopefully it will come in the fourth season. :D It's as important as Arthur finding out about Merlin's magic. It would make the show even more awesome than it already is. I've just got to see the prince's reaction - even though I've read so many on FanFiction, I've just got to see it. :D

Date: May the 4th 2011!

Today, I need to tell you something that involves Trading Places. I haven't given up on it but have just been busy on my other story coz people like it more, which makes it more important to update. I will write another chapter soon, it's just the homework I've been given takes up so much of my time. I haven't even been able to write as frequently for The Repercussions of Being Ransomed or read others fics. It makes me sad. :(

So, don't worry my fans (ooh, it's nice to have people who read my stories. They may really be called readers, but, meh. Fans sounds better to me. Bradley James seems to like it too, eh? ("Hello, Merlin fans!") There will be an update for all my stories shortly :)

Date: April the 27th 2011! Information on Ryrren Drawing

I'm back everybody. Man, was that a holiday. I think I did more homework than ever in that time! So, I hope everyone's well (thanks Kratos :))

I have a picture of Ryrren, from my Merlin story, The Repercussions of Being Ransomed. I drew it with pencils and I reckon he looks pretty cool. Apart from the fact that his hair looks like Jasper's (from Twilight) and he looks like an evil sith dude (from Star Wars). Just to let you know, it's not the greatest picture since I am no artist. Sorry guys... But it's kind of how I imagined him. His face isn't how I wanted it exactly but I think it'll do.

Please review the picture some how. Please? If it's through the website it's on, or with the story review or a PM I don't care. Just please review it somehow!

[The links have been moved to the top of my profile for easier access]

Also, for those of you reading Trading Places... I haven't given up. I've just been preoccupied with other things... So don't sweat! The next chapter will come. I'm finishing it right to the end!

Date: April the 3rd 2011! Pen Name Heritage

To whomever reads my stories: I'm sorry I haven't updated in a while. I've just been super distracted with my social life and haven't had much inspiration - it's a first for me. I do believe that my stories should be posted later this week. Thank you.

Now to people who are into my randomness and heritages of pen names: ;)

A friend of mine - on - gave me a great piece of inspiration! zammierox sent me a PM asking how I came up with my pen name. I told them in the PM but thought it was a good idea to tell you guys - well, whoever reads my profile - about the heritage of how my pen name came to be.

Well, it all started with another plot bunny attack - that's how I came up with my pen name.

One night I was falling to sleep and I had a thought about writing stories for fanfiction so I started trying to think of good pen names by linking things together.

When I thought of fanfiction, I thought or plot bunnies. When I thought of plot bunnies, I thought of well ... bunnies. When I thought of bunnies, I thought of carrots. When I thought of carrots ... well, I didn't think of anything. I just thought I should have the word "carrot" in my pen name. It's nearly always the first vegetable everyone thinks of too. I then wanted to make my pen name more interesting than carrot, so I tried to think of words that went with it (like an alliteration).
I thought of "crazy" first, but was like, "Nup, makes me look mental."
Then I thought of "cool" and was like, "Yeah... Everybody likes a cool carrot. Carrots are just cool that way." *nods in deep thought*.

So that is where my pen name came from :D

Date: March the 17th of 2011!

Have you checked this site out? I think Nimueh's returning! Yay. That's if the site is correct. Go evil. And Freya! Yay. I hope she really, truly returns! Arthur could maybe even find out that he killed Merlin's girlfriend... I wanna see his reaction :)

And Morgana, and Alvarr and Mordred are apparently returning! Yay! Evil... Merlin is going to have a very tough time. He's like the only person on Merlin who is a good magical person in Camelot. So many people he has against him. It didn't say Morgause was coming back but it didn't say she was going to go either. Let's hope for my sake she is, and for Merlin's sake that she's dead.

Today I had an idea... Make another list, because I really seem to love my lists these days. Kind of like Marshall Eriksen and his charts on How I Met Your Mother.

[This list has been moved above this category, Updates on Merlin and under another category called, My Lists]

Date: March the 7th of 2011!

As some of you probably already know. I don't seem to possess the ability to, "shut up". Since there is no real word... I call it "Pasenmesuredesetaire", and if you want the pronunciation, look it up on Google Translate. It is actually "Pas en mesure de se taire" all put together. And those words are translations from English to French which mean... "Not able to be silent". Feel free to use it. Maybe it'll even become a new word. I highly doubt it though... :/ Or you can call it un-shut-up-able. *shrugs* Either one. Whichever suits you best.

Anyway I have already told Emachinescat about this new facsinating word but for those of you who don't know about the word, there it was. And Emachinescat probably thinks I'm real strange, now that I mentioned her in my profile - that is if she didn't already think I'm strange and if she's reading this. But I'm not strange. I just like to write and ramble. And when I ramble, that make me look strange. Not others... Just me sadly. If you do have a proper conversation with me, though. You will find that I'm totally normal. Not that I'd want to be the same as everybody else. I mean who would? Maybe some, yes, but not me!

So if you instant message me on Facebook... Which would be difficult because you don't know who I am on Facebook. And for those of you wondering. My email for Facebook is not "" because that's not my email address. This website is the only one where I use my pen name as "CoolCarrot" and if you want to check me out on YouTube, go look at the top of my profile. My username there is, 'g2lm4', which stands for 'got to love Merlin for life' because I am a Merlin fanatic. As some of you may have already noticed...

Yes, I know I haven't posted any videos there either and I haven't really posted anything at all anywhere, but I will. And yes. You may be thinking I will never get around to doing anything but I will eventually and that's a promise. I'll speak more about me and my delay of posted stories and videos below this and before the first day I ever posted something on my profile, okay? [This is old (look at the date it was posted). I have already started posting stories]

And may I add that Loopstagirl has the most amazing stories. One which I particularly enjoyed, 'Turning Back'. She also makes the most amazing videos on YouTube. Love all of her work. She also always makes me smile when she review replies.

So back to the point - Emachinescat. Aren't you glad that you're now the topic of discussion? But don't worry! I'm a normal teenage girl who most definitely won't say her exact age on here but will say this. I'm not old and wrinkly, got it? Some of you may already know how old I am and can probably tell by my style of writing with the way I say I still go to school, whoops... Well to make Emachinescat maybe just a bit happier because she's probably frowning at this speech of mine but will hopefully be smiling at this special mention soon.

Emachinescat is one of the most awesome writers I've ever seen! And for those of you wondering who this great writer is... Look her up on fanfiction. I guarantee that she is one of the most ultimate writers of all time.

Now for those of you feeling lonely... I would like to say who those real nice people are that have made me smile from every message they've sent me or story of theirs I've read. Some people on the list, I just enjoy talking to and are very kind.

[This list has been moved above this category, Updates on Merlin and under another category called, My Lists]

Anyway, now let me post some new more exciting information if some of you viewers have already visited my profile before. :)

Firstly, I would like to say I am sorry to anyone who would like to read a story of mine. Now are you ready for the terrible excuse? I have had loads of school work. Yes. I know most of you reading this probably have other things in your life to but I just haven't had the time. Sorry. I promise when I do get onto it. I will try to make it really good. Promise :) [I have already written fictions, I posted this when I first made my account].

I'm getting loads and loads of inspiration but much less than before. *lets out an exasperated sigh* I mean, thank the lord. Do you know what it's like to get your pen and paper out every second of the night! Not to mention the blinding light! (haha, that rhymes) But you know, the light you need to turn on to actually find the pencil and paper? Well, it's better then no ideas, I guess. But right now is just the right amount ... *nods and smiles* yeah..., Just the right amount.

And... I've got a great one from an idea I got from reading one of Loopstagirl's fics. And dreams and plot bunnies. I can't wait until I get them into writing!

Morgana's Smirking: [Go to, My Lists, up above and under, List No. 1: Merlin Season Three Character Attributes, there will be a tally of how many times Morgana has smirked in season 3 so far…]

dancing super cheerfully* Who can't wait until Merlin season 4!?

begins whining* And it's only coming out in 2012! Why??? [It’s now confirmed that it’s coming out in September 2011]

stops whining* I do like 'Doctor Who', especially the one with Colin Morgan *wink, wink* ;) but I don't like it how it delayed Merlin :(

narrows eyes* Nothing or no one delay's Merlin and gets away with it.

I need to figure out my revenge.

grins evilly* That's right. My revenge. I think I turned to the dark side after watching all of Morgana's smirks.

rolls eyes* I mean, come on! Stop woman!

throws hands in the air* We get the picture! You're evil! We know that now, okay? [It’s now been confirmed that the writers tell Katie (actor of Morgana) to do all of those smirks. It’s not her random input at all]

opens eyes wide* Okay? Get it? Got it? Good.

smirks evilly* She's made me turn evil, I tell you. I smirk all day long now (and am doing it now because I'm thinking about it). I kind of enjoy it actually 3:) And please, do join me on the dark side. I love cookies and I bet you do too! Ice cream for the goodies (mentioned by Emachinescat) or goodie-goodie-gum-drops. I need a list for who's on the good and dark side. Tell me if you'd like to be on a list and why you chose that side :)

looks up thoughtfully with an evil grin* Yeah, that's what I'll do. Another list... I'm beginning to like lists :)

I have, oh, so many ideas for videos and stories now.

shouts* Go Morgana! Evil all the way!

hand on chin* I wonder is Morgause is dead? I think she is and am pretty sure Nimueh's gonna come back. Yay. Loving the evil!

Date: The first day I ever made my FanFiction account

The first day I created this profile... I can't remember when… It starts below:

I try to write my best and I just got into writing stories at the end of 2010. I haven’t got too much writing experience so, therefore, forgive me if I make mistakes; anyway, that’s one of the ways people learn. :D And also, I don't have the best spelling and grammar in reviews. I just put down what I can and only worry about that stuff in stories.

Why I Write:

My writing and I all started on a day when I was in my first year of high school. The teacher taught us about similes and metaphors and I was immediately hooked. The teacher then made us write an essay; ready to give to her after the seven week holidays. I worked hard on it the entire time; even though I didn’t have to. I just loved writing so much and couldn’t think of anything else to do except write.

When I had finally finished my essay, I was happy and sad. Happy, because I had at last completed it; sad, because I had nothing else to write and didn’t want to make up an entire story from scratch. Life was pretty same-old same-old until I found out about this website.

Writing and reading were my favourite things to do in the world but I knew that I couldn’t just read for the rest of my life. I needed to write as well! That was when Merlin came into the picture.

I had always watched it on T.V. but never thought of it as really interesting. When I found out season three had come out, I watched it online and really enjoyed it. Since I had forgotten what had happened in season one and two, I watched them all online as well.

I suddenly found myself hooked onto Merlin and realised that just watching episodes repeatedly wasn’t enough. I decided to watch some films on Merlin and how they made it. That was really interesting but amazingly, I still wanted more…. *sigh*

Ever since I had watched season three, I had always been wondering what would happen to Merlin if, Arthur found out about his magic (I wanted to see what others thought). I Googled it and found the most magnificent stories on I read loads of peoples creations for ages and then had an idea of my own.

What if I could write my own story? I should not just read others creations but create my own stories. =P

It was brilliant. I wouldn’t have to write from scratch and I would be able to write about the one and only Merlin. Yes, I could finally write again! I always could write but I had no idea what to write about. :)

The Plot Bunnies:

Nearly every night, whilst I am lying in my bed, I can’t sleep for a while. Why? Because of the plot bunnies!

It’s wonderful, because I have loads of stories in my mind and never ending ideas. It’s also terrible though, because they won’t keep quiet and I have to keep writing my ideas down before I forget them.

Here is an example of what happens to me nearly every night (no matter how tired I am); sometimes it even goes on for hours!

The bunnies: *whispers* Get rid of that last boring bit and make Merlin reveal his magic to Arthur.

Me: *sigh* No, I need more action in the story first and those boring bit are needed for the story to make more sense.

The bunnies: *mutters* The readers will get impatient if it doesn't happen soon and if they have to read through the boring bits.

Me: *snaps* Well, alright then. *Picks up note pad and scratches out the last few lines of the story. Then writes 'Merlin - reveal - magic - Arthur...'* Happy, now?

Well, the bunnies usually have better ideas and plots. They also take me through the whole story a couple of times. Focusing on some parts more than others. But that was just an example... :)

I still love it how those mischievous bunnies enter, my mind though. They give me my inspiration to writing Merlin stories. I shouldn't be sad about something as silly as that. After all, I have a roof over my head, clean clothes, a bed, food, water, my health and other luxuries. Since I have all those great things, I reckon I am in the top 1% of the 1%. Therefore, I shouldn't be complaining just because I keep getting wonderful ideas. Yes, it may make me really tired but some people can't even get one piece of inspiration.

Therefore, thank you my fluffy, carrot-munching friends!

Why I Use Music:

I use music with my writing because I believe it make the story 100x better! I also use the same music whilst I write because it gets me into the swing of things well.

I choose music that I think fit the scenes best. Oh, and by the way, some of the music’s lyrics don’t always fit the scenes but I usually choose the song because of the way it makes you feel. For example, if it were a happy scene I would choose an upbeat, loud song. If it were a sad scene, I would choose a slower, softer song…. But I do try fit the lyrics best I can…. But sometimes it just doesn't happen….

If you cannot read with music already, I urge you to practice doing it! I remember when I could not read with music and wondered how people did it so, I started practicing and after a day of reading and listening to music, I could do it! It did not take long at all and if you have a noisy sibling in the house, it blocks the noise out! :)

By the way, just so you know. I have made sure that my first Merlin Fic - Trading Places - has songs with nearly no lyrics at the start of the story. This way you can get practice in by reading with music, just for those people who have never done it or struggle to do it. It is much easier to read without lyrics so I have tried to keep it that way for the beginning - except for the very first song because it goes so well with the story.

How You Can Listen to Music Whilst Reading (For Most of My Stories):

Just in case you don't know how to get the music up, I will tell you my way of doing it. You can stick to your way if you find it easier but this is just my way. Okay, I already have all the songs on my iPod, so maybe you might have a few of them on you Mp3 or iPod. If you do great, use them. If you don't, fear not... iPod and Mp3 people may even find this easier, except for me because I have playlists. =D

Just open a new tab and go onto YouTube (sadly you can't always listen to music and read at the same time if you are on your on a handheld device, I just needed to say that. Even if you already knew). Then type in the name of the song and the composer/s (recommended songs will be listed just before each chapter in most of my stories). Set up a playlist for yourself so the songs don’t stop. Or go onto my channel (link specified at the beginning of the profile) and play the playlist with the recommended songs (the chapter name and story will be the title of the playlist).

Do this right until the chapter ends. Please note that each song will not always finish on time. It depends all on how fast you read.

Tip: Listen to music with headphones. For some reason it just sounds better than out in the open. Probably because it’s clearer, the quality’s better and you can hear those extra background synthesizers/instruments which really give the song that much more awesome oomph. :)

Well, anyway. That’s it for now. I am going to start posting stories soon [I’ve already have started posting stories but this was when I posted this when I first set up my account].


CoolCarrot :)

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