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News: (10/23/2011) Well well well FFnet, here we are again. I still get the very occasional review from people stumbling across my stories, and I thank you for that. Unfortunately I've mostly fallen out of pokémon fandom. I toy with the idea of continuing Gods and Demons occasionally--I have a nearly complete Chapter 23 on my harddrive-- but if I did, I would need much more free time than I do now, and the continued story would be much different. Retcons would abound that I definitely wouldn't have the time to go back and justify, as once I did. I started Gods and Demons when I was in eleventh grade, and I am currently in the middle of my second university degree. So I'm a little different now. Yeah. Plus I found myself unable to handle the cognitive dissonance of pokémon ownership-- I started to write that in to Gods and Demons, but it got so hard to justify, and eventually some of the explanations were so far from pokémon that I started to think about original fiction. Which is, by the way, what I've done with my scraps of free time and energy since quitting fandom. So. We'll see about that. No promises, and thank you for all the love over the years.


NEW! The Starters by WhiskerWing, colored by Whivit.

Maia Fight by Acidic-Fire

Lady of the Lake by Swiftwhippet/Novadog

Xyleon by the maintainer of the Fake Pokémon Club on dA (Request)

Sprites by Myst Icedragon, who I unfortunately have lost contact with: Sylpup, Cayvine, Borfang, Seakitt, Suiline, Tibyss, Volcalf, Volbine, Oxhaust, and Raigar.

Swimming Tibyss by Acidic-Fire

Different Tibyss Colorschemes by Acidic-Fire

My own crappy drawings can be seen in my dA Gallery and Scraps sections. Mostly in the scraps section.

All my fanart makes me squee like crazy. Big thanks to everyone who has seen fit to spend time tinkering with my creations. I'm not woooorrrrthyyyy~ :D

Name: Blair D

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Location: In Front Of My Computer, Canada

For now, I only do pokémon fanfiction, but I also like a number of other video games including the Mario, Warcraft, Metroid and Zelda series. I have ideas to write World of Warcraft-universe fanfiction, but I am reluctant as it may hinder my ability to continue with my current work, as well as due to the fact that my understanding of the lore/history is not very good; I haven't played any of the other games. I'm also quite the Narutard and a Harry Potter freak, but I'm afraid of venturing into those fandoms. They're scary places, I hear.

I read books like no-one's business; my favorite authors are Terry Pratchett, J.K. Rowling, Neil Gaiman, Phillip Pullman, John Grisham and Guy Gavriel Kay.

Other than that... I spend too much time daydreaming, RPing, playing World of Warcraft when I can, reading Naruto and Bleach, reading webcomics, stalking people on DA and on message boards.

There are a lot of things wrong with FFnet, not the least of which is my continued perusal of it. But anyway... if you're writing or know of decent original trainer fiction, send word! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! ...heh. I usually scan the newly submitted stuff, but 95 percent of it is crap and/or stuff about characters from the anime. Rargh!

Things That Annoy Me in Pokémon Fanfiction:

- Starting a new 'fic with some sort of plot summary or sign-up sheet for character submission.
- Gratuitous spelling errors or other evidence of a lack of re-reading.
- Script format.
- Fics with so many ways of indicating different types of dialogue that they have to give freakin' glossaries at the beginning of their chapters.
- Fics that center on characters from the show (and even, occasionally, characters from the games)... create your own characters, honestly.
- People who make their own characters, but then try to make their version of events square with the anime or crossover.
- Fics that are not only about characters from the show, but are set in the future, thus giving the author an excuse to horribly butcher the personalities of said characters. Translation: Ash has never and will never be, in any way, shape or form, six feet tall and totally badass.
- Mary-sues. No. Just no.
- Crossovers. (cough)wasteoftimeandspace(cough)
- People who explicitly state "no flames" in their summaries or elsewhere. Get a fucking backbone.
- People who think a "flame" is a response that isn't 100 percent praise.
- People who think Kanto is the same size as it is in Japan. I've never been there, but somehow I get the feeling it isn't large enough to hold nine towns of varying sizes and takes a year to walk around to all of them.
- People who randomly substitute Japanese words into their english-language 'fic. This often involves the gratuitous and wildly incorrect utilization of words such as 'baka'...mostly baka, actually, and suffixes such as -chan, -kun, -san, etc. Doing this does not make you look Japanese; in fact it makes you look like a 35-year-old with an affinity for wearing too-small Hello Kitty shirts and a minimum-wage job. Or an airheaded 13-year-old fangirl. Equally bad, really.
- People who write 'fics that would be funny on a forum, maybe, use far too many capital letters and exclaimation points, and go so far to commit the grevious crime of asterisked actions. Acceptable in a joking one-shot, maybe, not if you're putting on airs of seriousness.
- People who think that "I wrote it when I was insert age here/x months ago" is a valid excuse for their 'fic sucking the big one.
- People who think "OMG if u new waht was goin on in mai lief ud understadn!11!1!11one" is a valid excuse for their 'fic sucking the big one.
- When the first person point of view changes every other paragraph. I think I've read maybe one BOOK (AKA published work) that did that occasionally and was actually good. Nobody cares what your sue-trainer's pikachu with the barest fragments of a personality thinks. Seriously.
- Clones, i.e. Raichutwo, etc... Seriously. What a cop-out! If you're going to make up your own pokémon, make up something new. Fusions of two different pokémon might even be worse.
- When people use the concepts of pokéballs or healing machines to excuse their own nonsensical technologies. There is a difference between not necessarily being supported by scientific fact and not making any sense.
- People who state, in the summary or elsewhere, that they think a story that they have written is good. Whether or not your story is "good" is something that should be determined by the reviewers, and saying it yourself just drips with conceit.
- High school 'fics. Sweet cheese.
- People with a long series of excruciatingly unfunny quotes in their profile.
- C²s only containing 'fics written by the creator/staff.
- Obvious, unabashed self-inserts. They seem to annoy me even more than the regular kind.
- People who describe their 'physical appearance' in their profiles (i.e. I'm 5'10" and I have silver hair and jade eyes...)
- People who insert entire songs into their 'fics. Guess what? Evanescence is a generic, teen-oriented band that is so very meaningful to you because its songs conform to your generic, teenaged angst. You are not special; no one cares.
- People who think biblical allusions equal OMG!insightfulness.

The Overused/Overdone List:

Name:I've read about eighty billion 'fics (that I've had to put down in disgust after a paragraph or two) where the OT is named Crystal. Why is this such a popular name? Is it because of the heroine of Pokémon Crystal? It-just-makes-no-sense! Also, I can't wait for the new games to come out so there won't be so many of these Mysterious Girl Emerald 'fics around.
Starter Pokémon: Eevee (Instant sue starter, usually), Vulpix (Same as eevee...), Charmander (There's nothing wrong with starting with a Charmander, but I can't remember the last 'fic I read where the trainer started with a Bulbasaur or Squirtle. o_O)
Starter Pokémon Name: Blaze (If I had a penny for every charmander/growlithe/cyndaquil/overused fire pokémon here I've seen named Blaze, I would put them into little flaming burlap sacks and attack the people who wrote them), Kitsune (It's the only thing you're allowed to name a vulpix--"Blaze" is too rough-sounding for TEH KYOOTNESS!1), Blade (Scyther. And they keep it when they evolve, even though they lose the blades and get those lobstery pincers).
Professor Names: Pine (Why are made-up professors ALWAYS called Prof. Pine? There're thousands of trees and other plant names (Prof. Ivy anyone?) for them to choose, and they go for the dumbest one. I boggle. Palm is just as bad.)
"Abused Child Runs Away From Home" (I'm seeing a LOT of these, lately.), "Overprotective Parents Finally Give In", "Prospective Trainer Wakes Up, Gets Pokémon and Leaves That Very Morning", "OMG, I Must Save T3h W0rld N0w3", "Renegade Pokémorph on the Run From Team Rocket Does...Stuff", "IM T3h CH0Z3N 1, OMGZ!1!", "OMG a girl form teh real wordl falls in2 teh pokemon wordl!11!1", and stop with the "OMG GURLS CANT B TRAINERZ" thing. It's dull, it's incredibly overdone in both fanfiction AND original literature, and frankly, there is absolutely nothing from the show or the games supporting any sort of stigma directed at female trainers. STOP.
Type Specialty:
Dragons (everybody and their grandmother has a dragon trainer, and there isn't much variety so by rights you should get taken down by the first kid to walk up with an ice and an electric type...), flying-types, occasionally water-types (well, you get the most variety here, but Misty already did it so you look like a damn anime copier)...
Criminal Organizations:Stop with the "Team Sky" thing. First, it's getting old, and no one does it right. Second, it doesn't fit. "Magma". "Aqua". Two syllables, both end in -a. "Sky". Which of these things is not like the other? Team Shadow. Also overdone. TRY HARDER.

Danger Signs (severity decreases as you descend)

Title: Using the words "Legend", "Prophecy" or "Destiny" in any way. Using the word "Extreme", especially if the first e is omitted may be even worse. Using the trendy-language (read: Japanese) equivalents of these words is usually much worse.
Starter: Anything rare, powerful, or evolved (if they haven't been personally training it). Specially colored or shiny pokémon are dangerous as well.
Song Lyrics:
Using lyrics from contemporary, popular songs. Folk, classic songs/hymns or obscure contemporary music may be acceptable.
Being able to understand all pokémon, with little or no explanation why.
Popular Culture/Brand Names:
Grafting current popular culture/brand names into what is clearly an alternate universe or another planet and therefore far in the future.
Copious, paragraph-long description about what the main character is wearing.
Legendary Pokémon Sightings:
Ranging anywhere from "occasional" to "copious". Even "rarely" may be pushing it.

The Role-Play versus the Fanfic

- RPs often have no immediately discernable plot and no chapter structure. 'Fics do.
- In an RP, every single character is a Mary-Sue. Short of god-moding, your character may do ANYTHING. In fact, it's almost encouraged that you have a Mary-Sue because SO WILL EVERYBODY ELSE. In a 'fic, Sues are not tolerated because the reader does not have their own Sue to distract them from the fact that the main character has rainbow-colored hair, curves in all the right places, is lusted after by every male character who meets her, is a relative of every character in the anime, had a legendary for a starter, captures rare pokémon every other paragraph and... and everything else that just screams "OMG SPECIALNESS!11!"
- RPs are therefore a self-glorification of the participants. We in fanfictionland despise self-inserts, because they are never actual self-inserts; they are avatars for the ideals and wishes of the author. If you manage to write an actual self insert, where you are portrayed with all your weaknesses and failures out in the open, please send word.
- When the RP does finally develop a plot, it is often something having to do with the legendaries, or saving the world, or the characters being the chosen ones for some as yet undefined task (usually saving the world). In a fanfic, this is frowned upon because it has been overused by the anime and other people with no imagination.
- In an RP, you can declare that your pokémon are as powerful as you want, because if you do battle someone, it will be heavily moderated and end up not really mattering; the other guy's raichu will still destroy your fifteen-foot, genetically modified charizard. In a 'fic, you can, technically, do whatever you want.
- Having said that, when writing a 'fic you must keep in mind that what people really want to read, and what is most worthwhile to write, is the struggle. All the hard times, all the bad days, all the grinding work, all the nasty weather, all the emotion. You can't just rattle off a list of things that happened. We want to see them happening! We want to feel the pain and the joy and the pride and the disappointment. Take the gray seas and snow-covered pines and fluttering auroras burning in the darkness behind your eyes and convert them into text!
In an RP...well, ultimately, it only has to be real for you. What the other people are saying is merely a temporary interlude between your own thoughts.

To hold a pen is to be at war. ~Voltaire

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