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Author has written 3 stories for Demonata, and Ranma.

-Hair: brownish red
-Eyes: choclate brown
-Skin: White
-body: thin
-sexuality: Bisexual

-Story strength: Description
-Story Weakness: Bad speller

I am not quiet sure if I'm insane or not so obviously I'm not
really the kid that you absentmindedly mess with now and then. I am extremely well educated
on how to break bones when necessary considering how I had wrestled for
three years, however I don’t really beat a guy or gal up unless I have to…*sigh*
Sorry, I had to get the scary me out in the open so that my parents can stop freaking
out that some weird creeper will find me and steal me away in the night. Pfff, parents...

But no, in truth I have a bubbly
personality so sorry if I scared you (most likely I didn’t but still). Anyway, my
friends call me out on my sense of humor so I guess I am pretty funny and I've
got some great qualities such as knowing how to have a good time. Really, I'm
hardly ever bored so however I happen to be with is most likely amused. There
is one thing I should warn you about though. I'm a pleaser. Can’t help it, that’s
how it’s always been and its really kind of hard to break because when I'm
praised I'm a happy camper. So, if you haven’t realized already, I am a very
much a tomboy and am utterly naive in almost every subject. No joke, my report
cards not pretty. -_- ALTHOUGH!! I do have a pretty nice vocabulary thanks to all
the fascinating books I read so take that report card! …because you know, that
makes sense. OKAY! Enough about my personality cause right now I’m getting
bored with it meaning I need to do something random……

Me: *Throws a roll of toilet paper at a random stranger* Find me on Pluto!
Stranger: What the hell?!
Me: COFFEEEEEEE!!!! *shoots web out of hand like SpiderMan*
Stranger: * gets hit with random web*
Me: Power to the People! *climbs wall*

-Ranma 1/2 *recommend!*
-Maid Sama
-Spice and Wolf
-Vampire Knight

-Favorite author:
-Darren Shan

Favorite Book Series:
-MorganVille Vampires
-Demonata series
-Cirque Du Freak
-Cronicals of Vladimir Todd
-The Saga of Larten Crepsley

Cartoons I like:
-South Park (fav!)
-Archor (funny as hell)
-Ed, Edd, N' Eddy
-Grim adventures of billy and Mandy

-Beauty and the beast(fav!)

-The Bravery

-Favorite Colors:
-Blood red
-Baby blue
-Crystal white

Stories published...

-The Unfortunate Painter-
Summary: In the year 1134 a famous painter by the name of Ranma Saotome was demanded by King Tendo to live in his castle as the royal artist. But things take a odd turn when King Tendo orders Ranma to wed his third daughter, Princess Akane. Will he do it? Does princess Akane even what to do it?

-Care to Join the Insane?-
Summary: What If Darvish never came for me? If I were forgotten, left for the insaine? Are demons real or not? Who is this man who asks me to remember...Remember what? Im alone again, all alone... *SPOILERS*

-Demon MasterPOVLord Loss-
Summary: I am Twisted and Solemn... Rated K- Fantacy/Poetry

Stories Coming soon...

-Bittersweet changes-
Summary: What would have happened if Akane and Ranma switched places? Akane is really the one stuck with the curse. So, when dosed with cold water, Akane turns male but when dosed with Hot water she turns back to female. How will Ranma handle this mess? Hell, How will Akane? RanmaxAkane, Romance/Humor Rated- T

-Sleep is everlasting-
Summary: After countless attempts, Lord Loss finally captures Grubbs and has set to work on torturing him in the most unimaginative ways. It seems almost surreal to Grubbs, He thinks its just a dream. But is it really? Grubbs G. / Lord Loss, Horror/Angst Rater- T

Im exited to be apart of this website and I hope you all enjoy having me. :)


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