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yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay i got my old profile back!!!!

Jude's Really Cool, :D

She's Skinny,


And She Has Emo Guy Flippy Hair.


She Likesss Yaoiiiiii

She Likes Kabuto/Orochimaru And Kakashi/Sakura Fromm Narutooo. [And Others.. Butttttttttt.]

I'm Juss Sayin :DDD

ILoveLoveLOVEE This Chickkkaa.(:

She Writes ALL The Time, And Has Like, Notebooks Full Of Written Stories. So, Expect Stuff From Herrr.(:

Well, This Was Alisaaa!! :DD [ Alisa Loves You - O.o ](Minus the Spaces)

And Welcome To Jude's Profile.(:

hey this is Jude I do have to say I've been in love with David Bowie sense i was 5 because of Labyrinth lol Also Tom Cruise,Hugo Weaving,Christopher Walken,Mark Harmon,Michael J. Fox,Christain Slater,Brad Pitt,Denis O'Hare are all sexy amazing people I would do them in a heart beat lol except Tom and Denis their gay rofl lmao I have proof on the Tom part lol

my favorite parings!!!


























my favorite people

Sasori,Hidan,Zetsu,Ino,Hinata,Izumo,Hayate,Genma,Iruka,Mizuki,Kankuro,Temari,Shino,hatori,shigure,jo,joeyhaku yowane,mr.suietengu,atsunobu,ace,shun,klaus,axel,saix,Falkner,Volkner,gary,sidney,sesshomaru,kyoya,eyes rutherford,sven,seto,jack,ryo,crow,rex,yaten lights,sailor Uranus,sailor Neptune, sailor Mars, sailor Saturn, Minto,lettuce,zakuro,oki,Alaude,Superbi Squalo,hayato gokudera,Mukuro Rokudo,Kawahira,Kyoya Hibari,Chikusa Kakimoto,Chrome Dokuro,koga,Ciel,howl,Retasu Midorikawa,Minto Aizawa(Japanese) Lettuce Midorikawa,Mint Aizawa,Deep Blue(blah) Bridget Verdant(lettuce),Corina Bucksworth(Mint)(English),Byakuya,Toushiro,Ulquiorra,captain Ukitake,Mabashi,Izuru,Gin,tatsuki,isane,Aidan,Bishop,Garlan,Lancel,Tyrion,liara,thane,garrus,zaal'koris,orsino,kaal'reeger,tevos,kurin

i also hate hate hate Eve,Saya,Akita,saskue,lee,misty,hige,tobe,roxas,

i love Ino i don't know why she goes good with Enaki my character well mike already explained sooooo have fun reading!!!! I LOVE YOU ALISA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XD ok well my character Enaki is gunna be in most my stories so ill tell you about her so i don't have to do it all the time ok so here we go


AGE:18 (original Naruto) 21 (shippuden)

BIRTH DATE:10/31/89

EYE COLOR:violet(right) grayish violet (left)

HAIR COLOR:White,the back of her head her hair goes up to the bottom of her ears,emo bangs that go down past her jawbone.

OUTFIT:black glasses,mini black sleeveless top,half long half short skirt,ninja boots that come up to her knees,bandages that go up her legs,headband around her neck(original Naruto)black mini top that covers only her breast,short white kimono that goes up to the bottom of her breast with black trim,short black pleated school girl skirt,black knee high boots,black glasses,headband around her neck(shippuden)Also wearsa necklace with a kunai on it's chain

PERSONALITY:Shy,caring,kind,loyal,smart,very loving,worries a lot,kinda a prevert

OCCUPATION:sensei at the academy has no team but goes on what ever mission with whatever team she wants because of her abilities,skills,healing,and power

LEIKO TENTH TAIL: giant white wolf like Naruto's fox,has a black x on it's chest harnesses the wind

BAD HABITS:Smoking, Closet pervert ex.reads Ichi: Ichi: Paradise,goes into minds,reads thoughts,knows if they want someone in a bad way ;) XD hahahahaha XD,tends to go into peoples minds randomly

LOVES/LIKES:Sasori(loves sorry Alisa but i do)Hidan(loves)Zetsu(loves)Ino(loves)Hinata(loves)Izumo(loves)Hayate(loves)Genma(loves)Iruka(loves)Mizuki(loves)Kankuro(loves)Temari(love)Shino(loves) (likes as a friend Kiba,Neji,Naruto,Tenten,Shikamaru,Orochimaru,Haku,Kabuto) (hates Lee,Choji,Guy and Sasuke)

TRANSFORMING:If Enaki gets too worked up she will either A go into full fledged Jinjuriki or B a second solid Enaki aka Leiko her evil other half/Jinjuriki will come out making Enaki useless and blacked out. Leiko looks different then Enaki Leiko has slicked back white hair,foot long black nails,blood red eyes,sharp teeth that go down to her chin.Now if Enaki has too emotions at the same time like crying and anger depending on how strong she's feeling Leiko will come solid body and Enaki will be aware and alert. Call it a dopple ganger with it's own mind. She also can turn into any person she ever met once and can turn into a huge 7 foot wolf.

WIND:wind scythe ultimate jutsu,sonic wind wave,shadow mind wind bomb

FIRE:fire bomb wind,fire wall,fire charge

ELECTRIC:Spark lighting bomb,lighting charge

MIND:she can read minds,go into dreams,find anyone at anywhere,find out your dreams,fears,wants,needs,she can send you images,go into your mind and see,hear,feel what you do without you noticing,she can control puppets with her mind make them breath,talk,move,blink just like the real person she made the puppet to look like they look so real that you can't tell if its a puppet or real. she also knows seal jutsu's that she can seal your chakara.she also knows a new jutsu called flash teleport that anyone can use it just takes more chakara for ninja who don't have any mind jutsu's,also can read emotion.

HEALING:Enaki can heal any types of wounds she can heal broken bones in 12 minutes which it takes a long time to heal broken bones. organ and brain problems in 19 minutes scraps,cuts in 1 minute, wounds that need to be sewed up 4 minutes,poison 20 minutes. she can use sonic heal wave,flower heal blossom and she is the best healer in the land better then lady Tsunde, Sakura, Kabuto. She can't however heal herself which is not always good.

PUPPETS:read above the mind part also she knows the jutsu's moves of the people her puppets look like but only when that puppet is out is the only time she knows the jutsu's,she has all the Akatsuki in puppet form,Sasori helped Enaki make her first puppet

BIO: Enaki lived in the sand when she was 5 her step sister kidnapped Enaki along with the help of Aurora's(sorry my sister love Itachi) boyfriend Itachi. Enaki lived in the Akatsuki 5 to 12 years old Hidan was her sensei taught her everything and healing Sasori took care of her and protected her he taught her puppet master jutsu even though she already knew it but never found out till Sasori told her.She babysat Tobi when Tobi's boyfriend Pain couldn't she made friends with everyone but Kakazu,Kisame,Itachi,and Aurora.Enaki is partially blind in her left eye is shot it has a scar that goes from her forehead down to her cheekbone that her long bangs cover her scar.Enaki after leaving the Akatsuki went to the leaf by force. they dropped her there to gain more power before she could be a member. She meet Kakashi at the gate she trained in the academy and became a sensei at the age of 18. she became great friends with Iruka,Kakashi,Genma,Hayate,Mizuki,and Izumo. She had Ino,Sakura,Shino,Neji,Tenten,Hinata,Naruto,Shikamaru,Kiba,Lee,Choji,and Sasuke in her class. She doesn't have a team instead since she is the best ninja in all the land she goes with what ever team she wants as back up and on what ever mission. Her nindo is "Protect the ones you love,heal the ones you protect" she is shy around Ino,Hinata,Shino,Kiba,Lee,Choji,Kankuro,Temari,Gaara,Genma,Hayate,Mizuki,Izumo,And Iruka. She trained in the sand for three years with team Baki Where she met Kankuro,Temari,Gaara. Temari gave her a giant fan to help her with wind ability and Kankuro fell in love with Enaki because of her strength and puppet skills Ino thinks she amazing and beautiful because of her mind and looks. (Enter Shippuden) She strongly supports kakashixsakura,Orochimaruxkabuto,Painxtobi,Shikamaruxtemari(even though she likes her)narutoxhinata(likes her)nejixtenten,and hates,HATES Sasuke with a passion and thinks he should die.Enaki is so good at going into minds that she could be in your mind and still talk to you with her voice and interact with you...(CREEPY!!!! XD) she stared smoking at the age of 18 she used her mind to manipulate them or asked Asuma her goal is to protect the ones she loves and never let anyone down

KITSUNE MASHIWAGI (fruits basket)


OUTFIT:black schoolgirl skirt,grey dress shirt,knee high boots, short white hair,blue eyes

PERSONALITY:shy,uneasy,kind,caring,worries,clumsy,a smoker


AGE: Same age as Itachi

PERSONALITY: shy,outcast,alone

OUTFIT:when first meets Itachi again black over sized hoodie,black shorts wears kunai necklace. glasses short emo hair,blue eyes

BIO:loves men with white,black,gray,or red hair. He was an outcast in the village hidden in the leaf his mother use to beat up on him till he killed her with his fire jutsu he then went to find the Akatsuki he ran into Itachi and they ended up going out after awhile. He knew Itachi from the academy and he always loved him. he is blind in his left eye from his mom before she got killed. He met Itachi on a cold dark night and Itachi was injured by his door step he took care of Itachi properly he could have token care of Itachi easily but he wanted to spend as much time with him as possible. He has the same powers as Enaki except wind and electric.He joins the Akatsuki and gets put in with Itachi and Kisame he never gets along with Kisame they fight a lot.



PERSONALITY:Hyper,Nice,Caring,Loving,Mean at times

I was turned in 1775 I was born in 1744 I'm a cornor in the Sulfork Country hospital in 2011 I have a huge scar on my back my scense of smell is shot I can only smell things that I can see I LOVE my boyfriend puppy aka Josh Radcliff I love the smell of wolf I'm obssessed with warmth I'm very protective of the people I love i'm a vampire i was a nurse in the revloutinary war and world war two i love love my boyfriend i love werewolves their sooo cute I was on the titanic in 1912 when it sank

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