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Author has written 4 stories for Dark Souls, and Dragon Age.


May write when I feel like it, I dunno.


Soulsmas one shot.

Some Fallout thing.

Potentially, a proper Dark Souls/Dragon Age crossover. Or Dragon's Dogma/Dragon Age.

Maybe some Mass Effect thing with OCs because I find Shepard to be the most boring thing to ever be called a character.

About me

I like video games. Old and new. I have a massive backlog too. Baldur's Gate 1, Icewind Dale 1&2, Fallout Tactics, Morrowind. I'll finish them around the heat death of the universe. I am afflicted with resartitis for all of them.

Books. Who doesn't like books? My favourites are definitely anything Discworld though.

A few movies. Like They Live! Has anyone seen that movie? It's so bad, but so good.

I do watch a few youtubers, but only the ones that don't scream abnormally loud. Mainly the ones that are funny without being retards.

TV shows are Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones (but not lately. Quality went off a very high cliff). Not much else. I don't really like TV. I was going to watch Walking Dead, but I disliked it heavily.

I also love this quote from a website I visit frequently that amply sums up my feelings on the modern games industry. It's one of the truest things I have ever read.

"Take your gold, you greedy old son-of-a-bitch. Take all of it, no need to say thank you. Because this is for every developer's decision based on market research. This is for every unasked-for innovation. This is for every piece of marketing bullshit that claims human beings are all too stupid to understand basic maths and that removing core elements isn't dumbing down. This is for every excuse, every lie, every justification for making bad games, bad RPGs, and getting rich off the profits from them."

Fanfics I like

I despise most romantic stories. Other than that, "anything goes" really.

My Penname

It's "Chimera" with an extra era on the end. Very witty of me. I'm a lazy bastard by nature, so that's the best I could do.

Random thoughts on my favourite games

This section people won't care about, but I'm putting it here anyway. Because I can.

Dragon's Dogma: One of the best action RPG's I have ever played. This game is the definition of a flawed gem, but that doesn't stop it from being good. Everything works so well. The combat is smooth, responsive, and it's actually challenging at lower levels. If you have the Dark Arisen version of the game, you can be max level and still get stomped. It's sort of like Dark Souls I & II. Except some of the expansion is harder than anything in either of those games. Yes, that's right. Eliminators will leave your anus quite tender for a looong time. Also, it has the best boss battles of any video game ever. "You see that dragon? YOU CAN CLIMB IT!" And, it has a good story too. ESPECIALLY the expansion: The final boss' story is extremely tragic and the little tidbits of lore you get are pretty scary (in a good way). For example:

"I had only to listen…

What was once only fog is now as a spring day to my eyes…

What was once only noise, now as a song to my ears…

It whispers the answers before I need even ask questions…

I must continue the sacrifices.

And so come the Arisen to this place, like salmon climbing down a great, dark stream…

They aid not in life, but in death… their blood fulfilling my promise and my duty…

...I had only to listen."

That's not the whole thing, because my profile is too big as is.

Dark Souls 1 and 2: They are both great. Seriously awesome games. Of course, no game is without flaw; DKS1 was rushed near the end of development and DKS2 is questionable in some ways. However, I consider them both to be the same in terms of quality.

Fallout: The game that started the Fallout franchise. If you can't get into it because of graphics or whatever, shame on you. You're missing out on one of the best RPGs ever. There are some things that aren't good, like imbalancing and uselessness of some stats, but it is still a great game with an excellent story (if you like that stuff), is dripping with atmosphere and has a great soundtrack. And, it has one of the creepiest final bosses ever. "Join! DIE! Join! DIE!"

Fallout 2: While arguably not as good as the original and far too goofy, this one's still great. Gameplay improvements, FRANK MOTHERFUCKING HORRIGAN, the ability to become a championship boxer, this game has it all. I like it mainly for the stupid shit you can do. And because it's awesome. Just play it. Soundtrack is new and has some returning tracks as well. But it's better because of "My Chrysalis Highwayman."

Fallout: New Vegas: First off, I don't care what people say about bugs, "bad story" and broken gameplay (though it IS broken). I think this game is on par with the originals, and Obsidian are far more competent than Bethesda. Before you say "but bugs!", you do realise the game was made in 18 months, right? It's nothing short of a miracle it turned out as well as it did. Hell, it actually has MORE content than Fallout 3, which was made over a longer time period. I can forgive a few bugs. And, the DLCs are FAR superior (your mileage may vary with Old World Blues though). Dead Money is the best DLC I have ever seen: the atmosphere is so thick you could cut it with a knife, the characters are well written, and the Ghost People are some of the most chilling enemies I've encountered in a video game. Maybe it's because of the fact that they never make a sound as they mercilessly hunt your ass down; maybe it's because you can only kill them via dismemberment, or because they are permanently trapped in their hazmat suits.

Armored Core: Verdict Day: So, I see a lot of bitching about the fifth gen ACs. VD is the first one I've played though so I don't have as big a problem with the movement. Anyway, this game is excellent, even if the multiplayer is a complete ghost town as far as NZ based players are concerned. I have a few issues with it, but I wub it regardless. I mean, come on: it has mechs shooting the shit out of each other, badass music, challenging gameplay, the works. My opinion may change if I ever get my hands on copies of ACFA and AC4.

So, yeah, that's about it.

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