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What's up everyone, PussyCatMewMew here.

For your information I was only reading your stories I NEVER made not even one review, weird huh? But now I can YAYYYYYYY

My older sis is on fanfiction too she is shadowwing1994, she is an awesome sister and writer too , but all her story's ideas were from me (kidding, not all of them :p)

My name: Mais (you can call me Meso)

I'm a Muslim and I'm proud of it...:D

Age: it's not a secret you know, but I'm lazy to write it every year so here is my birthday 16/4/1996, (lovely isn't it)

Personality: I am really nice and sweet, pretty sensitive too. I am not like that all the time, I have some toughness in me and I always make sarcastic notes, which get on everyone's nerve. I like to tell jokes, but people always say it's not funny and that is mean, so if I tell a joke, laugh at it, or else…

Description: Beautiful. (Self absorbed, huh?)(LAUGH)

Country: AmmanJordan. (I only can speak two languages, mine and English)

I like watching T.V a lot, I mean what else can I do, study!

I have a lot of homework to do NOOOOOOOOO, I love cats 'mew mew'

I'm a good singer too

Animes I like: Bakugan, Blake cat, Tokyo mew mew (I start to love it), the Simpsons (I love it), SpongBob SquarePants (weird huh), Magical DoReMi, Thunder Jet (old, isn't it), Clamp, Digimonl , (There is quit a lot and I'm lazy to write them all)

Note: I love Bakugan so much do not ask me why, I'll only talk about it in my profile; so the next reading is to the ones who like Bakugan like me.

I have a pictures for the brawler all over my room and on my computer and my cell phone.(crazy fan, isn't it)so if you want any pic for any couple just ask me

I watch bakugan in different language so the names of the brawlers are different XD (funny huh, it took me a while to know the real ones)

I like Runo sooooooooooooo much; she is the best (I like Dan too but I hate him know)

Here is what I think 'bout each brawler:

Daniel 'Dan': I like him but he caused Runo ALOT of pain lately so now I hate him. I was surprised when I knew that he ordered a glass of water in episode 1 of BGI, which is soooo weird. He better kiss Runo or I WILL KILL HIM AND FEED HIM TO THE DOGS (Told you I'm not always nice), why he had to move? To make Runo, miss him. (LAUGH)

Runo: I LIKE HER NO I LOVE HER,she is amazing and Dan should thank god that he has a girl like her...not always leave her behind,but she act nicer when he is around...that what I saw in new Vestroia, I miss it when she and Dan used to fight over everything, but now they love each other and they don't fight.(Love changes people) and i just want to say one thing...SHE IS BACK TO BAKUGAN MECHTANIUM SURGE ARC2...I'M SO HAPPY :D WELCOME BACK RUNO...KILL DAN FOR ME :D

Julie: she is so sweet and bubbly too, I love her clothes, showy but beautiful especially on BGI. She is becoming more mature by the season and she is a cheerleader too, amazing. (YAY Julie GO)

Marucho: he is so small but with a HUGE brain, but I noticed he is becoming clumsier in NV and BGI and I like it.

Shun: there is simply no words to describe him; he is awesome, HOT, amazing, wonderful, tough, cold, and silent, a ninja, sweet, caring, I LOVE HIS RARELY SEEN SMILE. I love everything about him, so yes I am another crazy fan girl, who would kill Alice to get him (if they lived for real, on earth, in Jordan, in my neighborhood, next to my house) (LAUGH) just for your information, my sis wrote this, my opinion of him is: he's so silent, yet amazing, it's that simple, but the weird thing is that he actually talked in NV.

Shun: yes, I'm that awesome.

Shadowwing1994: SHUN! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG *squeals happily*

Shun: oh no, another freak! Get me out of here! *scared face*

me grabbing him and ting him up with ropes before he could do anything*

Shun: *surprised: that's not supposed to happen! I am the ninja!

Shadowwing1994: and that's why I love you! *hugs him and shakes him hard*

Shun: X(

Shadowwing1994: are you ok dear?

Shun: *not moving*

PussyCatMewMew: ok, I'm ending this for Shun's sake, now sis would you please go back to your room, STOP INVADING MY PROFILE! *looks at shun* I better call an ambulance.


AliceSHE SLAPPED LYNC, GO GIRL GO, YOU SHOW THEM WHO THE REAL ALICE IS. But I miss her in the show I hope she will appear in the fourth season, and not ditch her and Runo like in BGI.

There is the most three people I hate in bakugan:

1. Ace Grit (I don't care if I spelt it right) I can't stand the dude, don't ask me why I just hate him.(I feel much, much better) but I love his stories with Mira.

2. Klaus Von something: I hate him, he is such a gentlemen and love to kiss chicks. I can't believe that he sent Chan to check on Alice, whom he thinks himself, Shun!

3. Spectra: I hate him, who does he think himself kidnapping Runo then asking Dan to join him! AND HE TRIED TO KILL DAN, THAT'S MY JOB. (LAUGH)

4.Mira:stay away from Dan you * what are you doing in bakugan Mechtanium Surge? WE DON'T NEED YOU TO CHEER FOR HIM, WHERE IS RUNO TO KILL YOU? I HATE YOU (>.

I think you knew the couples I like:

DanxRuno: (I hate you Dan, no I love you you're every thing that any girl want, you are funny, handsome, strong, caring to every one but Runo, and I don't want to forget 'BAD BOYFRIEND' (sarcastic, isn't it)

ShunxAlice: there are sooooooooooooo cute together and their stories are so romantic; I hope someone will be like Shun one day if you know who I mean *cough*Dan*cough*. (LAUGH)

BillyxJulie: I Love Billy's hair it's sooooooooooooo cute, Julie is so lucky, I WANT BILLY*crying like a baby, but they don't have a lot of stories, SO WRITE FOR THEM MORE.

AcexMira: I hate them both but they are a canon -_- I still hate you both D:

ShunxRuno: they are such funny and romantic couple, but don't worry I don't believe in them together, I just love to read their stories.

ShadowxMylene: weird couple and funny too hehehe. (Not much to say)

Baron: his stories are so funny and I like it when you made an OC for him, and I like that his sister Maron love Shun, she kissed him hehehe (lucky Shun he got a kiss)


PussyCatMewMew: what are you doing her, AGAIN?

Shun: I was wondering what you are doing UNTELL I saw what you wrote

Dan: don't take it personal; look what she wrote about me, I'M A BAD BOYFRIEND, SAID WHOM?

PussyCatMewMew: Dan too, who else in my profile, Runo? WHERE IS SHE?

Dan: She's not here.

PussyCatMewMew: *frowns* oh, and Dan, you are a BAD BOYFRIEND, Runo told me.

Dan*leaves crying when he hears that Runo said he is a bad boyfriend*

Shun: poor kid, no one like MY Alice

PussyCatMewMew: I knew that she accepted to go with Klaus on a date; I think she doesn't like you like you think

Shun: *leaves heart broken when he hears that, and go to kill Klaus*

PussyCatMewMew: poor kid

Shadowwing1994: I HEARD SHUN'S VOICE *squeals happily*

PussyCatMewMew: he isn't here and STOP INVAIDING MY PROFILE

Shadowwing1994: *leaves crying*

PussyCatMewMew: poor kid too

I hate FabiaxRen; 'cause Fabia had a love before (A.K.A Jin) and I feel getting over him and moving on is so mean, it's hard you know to lose a love (I lost one before) BUT I love RenxOC or FabiaxOC (work with it)

I noticed that a lot of girls have a crush on Dan but Dan doesn't like them, that because Dan has a great girlfriend 'Runo Misaki' (He loves her)

I Love Bakugan

Runo: thanks for reading this girl's profile


Runo: hi...shun sent me to see if you are writing bad things about him

PussyCatMewMew: Shun again! He always wants to spy on me, I start to hate him


Runo: here is shun again

PussyCatMewMew: Shun, that is SO rude I was talking to Runo

Runo: go shun before I call Alice

Shun: you wouldn't...

Runo: try me *holding her phone*

PussyCatMewMew: okay stop it you two, shun go before I call my sister

Shadowwing1994: did I hear my name?*calling from her room*

Shun: do I hear my grandpa calling? I have to go *running like a fox*

Runo: what a boy, anyway I came here to thank you too, 'cause you made Dan cry; I was trying to find him to kill him

PussyCatMewMew: what did he do now?

Runo: he ate the last piece of pizza

PussyCatMewMew: *sweat drop* idiot boy

Runo: what to do, he never learns

PussyCatMewMew: Again, thanks for reading my profile, bye

For all the writers UPDATE SOON

and if u want to talk to me u can pm me or send me an e-mail on pussycatmewmew@hotmail.com, I love talking to people, hehehe :)

and you can also find me on youtube...well I didn't make videos yet, but my channel is full of cute DanXRuno and ShunXAlice videos...I didn't make them, my friend did, but you have to see them, I'm sure you will like them all :)...so go there if you want :) http://www.youtube.com/user/PussyCatMewMew?feature=mhee


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