Small but Terrible
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Small but Terrible...

So, you're reading, huh... let me tell you what.

I'm the owner (of course,), the creator, and the editor of all I publish, k? It's a quite a hard time editing over and over. So, please read this "warning" carefully. :|

WARNING: Already by the pen name, terrible, you'll know what I'll be saying. If you're the kind of reader who read and judge poorly, better not continue. Any Flames, I'll be accepting. But, remember this. You'll be paying. Not money. Not things. Well, I guess, I'll be starting with the word, hack.

PS: I know how to hack, my dear friend.

Hey! So... where do I start. Fan Fiction, I guess. Well, I learned about this site through my 39 clues-addicted friend! She was crazy about making stories on Dan. I was thinking, What is this Fan Fiction thingy? Some sort of site where you make stories? It bothered me all along because I'd like to try my own story. Until I have the time that I was not in mood to open my Facebook or Gameclub account. I tried to sign up on this website. I learned all about how to use it. I realized, I'm already onto it... Well, that's how.

Okay, now, about me. I'm a 1/4 Japanese. Wait, maybe 1/8. My great grandfather's half Japanese. Anyway, enough of Japan. I'm a 1/8 Japanese (don't bother the exact) and a Pinay. And I'm really really proud of it! Maybe the foreign would not understand if I'd be stating Filipino on my profile (neat!), so, I'm sorry if some Pinoy would have a long time nose bleed. Peace!

I'm a graduating elementary student, or in other words, I'm on grade 6. I study in Xx Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx. To tell you on me, I really don't like making stories. But I love books, especially on Sherlock Holmes and Mary Osborne's. I'm kinda in on playing. Playing online or playing outside. Food, actually, brings out the Filipino blood in me. I love eating halo-halo, pastillas, yemma, puto and calamay. They're Philippine delicacies. Enough with food. Some more you need to know about me, I'm not an easy friend, okay? So if you wanna be mine, think again.


Name: Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx

Birthday: Sept. 13, 1996

Gender: Female

Branch: Lucian-Tomas

Phy Appearance:

Height: 5 Weight: xx lbs (ewan?)

Hair: Pure black, wavy. Length to shoulders

Eyes: Black, normal (malamang!)

Etc: (imagine a pre-teen)


Bikes . Rackets 'n Balls . Food . Junie B. Jones . Twilight :|


Boring or annoying teachers . Feelers . Flirts


"You can learn lessons in the right way. And you learn lessons the hard way. But sometimes, you learn lessons in two ways"

~Taylor Swift

"I you love someone, let him go. If he loved you more, he'd go back"

~Selena Gomez [Alex Russo]

"Not everyone is a good cook. But a good cook comes from anywhere"


"When you eliminated the possible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth"

~Sherlock Holmes

"Don't think about what they can do to you, think about what you can do to them"

~John F. Kennedy


To those who'll be reading,

Please don't judge my compositions cruelly. They're just a beginner's story, okay? It's my very first time to make some like this. Imagine a book hater (not that much), making this. Tight, huh? Well, I know, It's not that good, but don't make me feel like I'm a total disaster. Just... read. :)



[ PS: I hate Bieber! I hate you if you like him. Just kidding! ;) ]

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