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NEWS -- (this section should be updated regularly so be sure to check back)

- I finally bought a new computer! Now I have no excuses. I have all the time in the world to write and a computer to do it on. Someone stop me from being so lazy.

Thoughts Box -- (any stray thoughts or ideas I may have/wouldn't mind chatting about)

- If anyone wants to get in touch with me, I'm on tumblr far more than anything else. My url is @eminzu. Shoot me a message if you want!

Hi, my name's Emma, and you can either call me that, or Torkette, if you like. Honestly, you could call me anything you want and I (most likely) wouldn't mind. Nick-names are fun to have, anyway.

Obviously, I love the Monkees. I have for about 6 years now, in fact. Classic rock was my first real obsession (name any group, I probably loved them at some point), but - along with the Monkees- The Beatles, The Who, Bee Gees, and Queen were my favorites.
Of course, that's not all I listen to - I'll listen to pretty much anything.

My favorite Monkee would be Micky. Though, I have days where I'm torn between all four. I can never be too sure, really.
Right now, the only fanfiction I'm comfortable writing (/sharing) is for the Monkees. But who knows, that may change.

I write original stuff sometimes. My FP acc is eminzu, if you're interested. Nothing new recently; hopefully I can rectify that.

If you want to ask me a question, or just talk, go ahead. That PM button is there for a reason.
"Babe, you need all the friends you can get, I'm tellin' ya."

Speaking of, if you have any ideas for what you would like to see happen in any of my stories, just say so! I don't bite and I will gladly take the idea into consideration - constructive criticism, too! goodness knows I need it - I'm all ears.
And, don't forget, if you have a bigger idea (like an idea for a sequel, etc.) that you suggest to me, I will give creds where they're due. Alright? Alright.


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