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WWE Forum~! Anyone who loves the WWE...should totally join ;) Frick yes. Click!

Alias: Ali

Gender: Female

Age: How about you take a wild guess, darling?

Birthday: Around the month of say...February?

Adored colors: Pink, pale blue

Music I Hold Dear: Millionaires, Def Leppard, 3oh!3, Lady Gaga, Queen, Boy George, George Michael, 1980's pop-metal, showtunes

Movies I Hold Dear: Clueless, Never Been Kissed, The Stepford Wives (not the remake ) The Wedding Singer, Little Shop of Horrors, Clerks, Clerks II, and oh, a little movie called The Beautician and the Beast

Television Shows I Hold Dear: E! News, mostly anything on the shopping network , Degrassi, I also have a fondness for cartoons made in the 1990's.

Books I Hold Dear: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, The Pretty Little Liars Series, The Private Series, The Lying Game, Grimm's Fairy Tales...and I'm pretty much a junkie for any trashy teen drama.

Is Fond Of: Chocolate. Boys. Spearmint Jelly Candies. Shopping. Blondes. The 1950's. Plaid. Bow-ties. Theatre. Classical music.

Is Not Fond Of: Maths. Dark colors. Meats. The dark. Frightening movies that I watch over and over again until they are engrained in my mind.

I also adore Ventrillo Harassment. It brings me great joy on rainy days.

Bizarre Fandoms to Which I Belong: Degrassi, Harry Potter, WWE

I want Wade Barrett. And also Randy Orton. And maybe The Miz.

Original Characters:

Harry Potter: Angelina Antoinette Templeton (Sixteen, Slytherin, Generally Cantankerous)

Degrassi: Pierrette “Pepper” Perreault (Sixteen, China Doll, Pompous)

WWE: Charlotte Heenan/Alison McMahon/Simone McMahon (My sweet, dear darlings. PM for info ;3)

Her name is Missy. She is my oldest, dearest friend. She is also the other half of The Blondtourage. However, she decides to operate beneath a different name.

She is:

Harry Potter: Marshell Elizabeth Salt (Sixteen, Slytherin, Volatile)

Degrassi: Briana-Leigh "Bri" Baudelaire (Seventeen, Silver-Tounged, Obnoxious)

WWE: Philomena Padmore (Twenty-six, Cold-Hearted, Provocative)

Missy, my darling.

I adore her. You should, as well :D

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Community: OC Darlings :)
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