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OBSASP UPDATE 12/11/2013

Hey! I'm so sorry for letting and all my readers down. My mom's health declined big time and then, as she was getting better, my grandmother (the wonderful woman who I lived with) passed away. I've been so busy and I had to deal with a bit of depression. I'm finally getting back on track, and since I'm all caught up on the school that I've missed, I'm hoping to get back to the story. I am full of ideas! Again, I am so sorry for causing the trouble. And thank you all for reading! Please pass this message on to whoever you can! Thank you again, lovelies!


Uhhh, hey there! My name is Jennifer, my Tumblr is XxWithBrokenWingsXx, and needless to say, I love writing! ]

I seem to write a lot. Whenever I'm not busy with homework or stupid high school, you can find me with pen and paper in hand! :D

I don't have too many stories, but I'm working on getting more up.

Anyways, thanks to any of you who actually like my stories! Or even those of you who don't really like them, but kindly tell me your issues with them. It really helps me become a better writer.


So... the following is the rough draft I've been talking about. It just gets to hard to PM it over and over again! xD So- PLEASE PM me what you think, or if you'd actually read it! Thanks! (;

SNEAK-PEEK (The Hidden?) --

Kurt watched through the almost non-existent peek hole as a heavily built man paraded through the house, looking along walls and knocking on them to attempt to find hollow spots.

He was the third man to invade his home and do the same thing in the past month. Kurt knew that some of the far off neighbors must be getting suspicious.

Suspicious that the Hummel-Hudson household had more than one child, and those curious people were right.

Though illegal, Kurt was, in fact, a Second. About nine years before, the government had began to worry that Earth would soon become over-populated. The recent birth rate had shown that it was.

So they passed a terrible law, banning all families from having more than one child. Not even the rich could get away with having more than one child.

Though nearly no one agreed to the law, there wasn't much that common people could do. It didn't matter if they went on strike, or verbally fought back, the government refused to remove the law.

It was exactly one year after the Law had been passed when men from the government began invading homes and stealing away Seconds. And in some households, that had to take away Thirds, Fourths, and so on.

The men sent to take these children were commonly known as Officials. It was very rare to come across a kind Official. Most were quite heartless, but that's what their job called for. No one who had a conscience or a heart would be able to bear taking a child from his or her parents.

The job of Official was only for the cruel and ruthless.

Some Officials were 'better' than others. Not better in their personality, but better at their given job.

Most knew what they were doing, but there were a few that were clueless and couldn't find a Second if they were right in front of them.

Obviosly, the Official in his house right now was one of those few.

Kurt watched as the present trailed his hand along the wall- the one he was currently hiding behind- for a third time, before turning to Burt Hummel, who was standing in the doorway, looking on nervously.

Of course, Burt was masking his actual feelings, but Kurt had spent enough time with the older man to know what he was feeling.

Kurt spotted Carole and Finn behind Burt. They were Burt's second wife, and first son.

Finn was a First. He didn't have to hide away and he wasn't forced to eat alone, cautious of anyone that may surprise them during dinner. He was also able to go to Public School, which Kurt- no matter how much Finn complained about it- aspired to attend.

Finn was in the school's Glee Club, and that was one thing that Finn would teach Kurt when they were both locked away behind one of the thick walls.

According to Finn, Kurt was an amazing singer. Finn also admitted that Kurt sounded like he definitely belonged in the Glee Club, but maybe more of as a 'countertenor' as Finn had heard his friend, Rachel Berry, call a high-voiced male.

Kurt sighed. Though he often got jealous of the simplicity of Finn's life, he was an amazing brother to Kurt.

He attempted to give him vocal lessons, and he would spend half an hour every day telling Kurt about Public School; the classes sounded the same as Kurt's home-school courses, but there was more drama and people.

Yes, Finn was an excellent brother, and they got along well enough. Though, Kurt hadn't always been with Burt, Carole, and Finn.

In fact, right after he was conceived, his mother- Elizabeth- had fled from Burt after she had suspected Burt's affair with another woman. Elizabeth had been unknowing to the child growing within her.

Later, she had gone to the doctors and found that she was four months along. It was then that she went back to Burt, ready to tell him.

When she had arrived back at Lima, though, she spotted her ex-husband and had lost all courage. She then fled back to the airport in Columbus without speaking a single word to the man.

It wasn't until six months after her beatiful baby boy- Kurt- was born when she attempted to tell Burt again.

She travelled across the country and went to their old house. It was there that she found Burt, hand-in-hand with another woman- Carole. The woman had a child- which had been Finn- in her arms.

Elizabeth had lost all resolve and left once more, going back to the large state of California. It was where here sister and her family lived.

Elizabeth had mentally decided that she would never tell Burt of Kurt.

But then she had begun to get sick. Very sick.

Around the same time that she got sick, the government started to ponder the possibility of over-population, and ways to resolve it.

Elizabeth knew that she'd have to do something about Kurt, because she also knew that her intimely demise was inevitable.

Eventually, she decided to leave Kurt to her sister, Marie, who was expecting a baby girl.

The Law had yet to be passed, so she had no worries about her kind sister's amount of legal children.

Less than a week after this decision was made, Elizabeth died, leaving a heart-broken, eight-year-old Kurt with Marie.

The next day, the Law was passed.

Kurt- though young- remembered that day perfectly. Uprisings and strikes began everywhere. People found this to be an overly-extreme movement. They all had thought that the Official's sudden decision had been too rash. They all found it to be terrible.

Yes, nearly everyone tried fighting it. Until their opinions brought them death. One day, during a large strike in Washington D.C., the Officials lost patience and shot into the crowd. That was when people stopped fighting it and were practically forced to go along with it.

Anyways, in the end, Marie was not allowed to take Kurt in.

That's when Marie- who didn't know of Burt's life, wife, or First child- took Kurt back to Lima, Ohio. Kurt remembered that day clearly, too.


Kurt trailed nervously behind a very pregnant Marie up the walkway towards the midsized, white house. He hid behind her when she knocked, only having the courage to peek when someone answered the door.

"Oh, hello. Can I help you?" A kind, female voice asked.

"Yes, I'm Marie Caster. I'm Elizabeth's sister."

Kurt watched as the older woman's face paled. Then, the woman turned into the house. "Burt, Honey. Come here!"

"Coming," was the only word called back from within the house.

Kurt's eyes widened as a large man stepped into the door-frame. Though large, he seemed kind. Kurt inwardly realized that this man was his father. The man that he had always asked his mom about. He was finally meeting him.

"What is it, Carole?" Then, the man looked up and spotted Marie. Recognition covered his face. "Marie? Is that you?"

Marie smiled and nodded. "Nice to see you again, Burt. I just wish it was under better circumstances."

Burt's smile broke. "What do you mean?" Then, he spotted Kurt. His eyes passed between Kurt and Marie's oversized baby bump. His eyes widened. "Oh, Marie. What are you going to do?"

"Huh?" Marie asked.

"Well, that terrible Law was just passed. You have a First child already. What will you do with your Second?"

Marie frowned. "Burt, could I come in? I need to tell you something very important."

Then, the man and woman welcomed Marie and Kurt into the warm house. The woman, who Kurt heard Burt call 'Carole', offered them both food and drinks, which they both denied.

They all sat in the living room. After a long silence, Burt asked, "So what do you need to tell me?"

"Well," Marie began with a sigh. "How about we start with a few names. Burt, meet Kurt. Kurt, this is Burt."

Burt- who seemed kind of confused- offered Kurt a smile. Kurt just stared back wide-eyed. "Nice to meet you, Sir." He then stuck out a tiny, pale hand towards Burt.

Burt chuckled and shook hands, his hand mammoth campared to eight-year-old Kurt's.

"So, Marie. What's this about?"

Marie sighed again. "Burt, Kurt is your- your son."

Both Burt and Carole gasped audibly. Burt began to shake his head in disbelief.

"What?" He managed. "How- how is that possible?"

Marie bit her lip. "Burt, when did you and Elizabeth split up?"

Burt cringed. "About eight or nine years ago, why?"

Marie then turned to Kurt. "Kurt, tell Burt how old you are."

Kurt met his gaze with Burt. "I'm eight years old."

Burt covered his face and heaved a sigh. "I guess it makes sense, then," he mumbled from behind the security of his hands.

"What do you mean?" Marie asked gently.

"He looks so much like Elizabeth," Burt murmured, peeking up at Kurt one more time.

Carole piped up for the first time since Marie's revelation.

"Burt, what are we going to do?"

"I- I don't know," Burt admitted. Marie lifted an eyebrow at the two.

Carole continued, "We can't just give him up. It's not right. He's a year past the age of Adoption. He'd either become a servant or be k-killed."

Marie interrupted. "Why can't you just keep him? Wouldn't you like a child? What, ust because he's not biologically both of yours, you can't be full-on parents?!"

Burt looked as though he was going to say something, but he was interrupted again.

"Mommy! I tripped again!" A young voice came from the stairs as a skinny boy ame barreling down them. He had short, dark, spiky hair. His body seemed awkward and taller than normal Nonetheless, he was kind of adorable.

"Oh, Finn. Your knees are bleeding again. Go in the kitchen and wash up," Carole chastised him. She hoped to get him out of the room.

Marie looked at the receding back of the boy, her mouth in the shape of an 'o'.

"You have a child already," she stated solemnly. "Well, Kurt. How about we go now? They can't help."

Marie attempted to stand up smoothly, but it was difficult with her swollen belly. Eventually, she collapsed upon the couch with a groan.

"Gah, it's hard to get up. Kurt, please help me," Marie asked kindly, holding her hands out.

Kurt stood and held out his small hands, linking them with Marie's. He pulled her up slowly.

When the woman was up, she nodded towards Burt and Carole, who seemed to be talking.

"We'll be on our way. Sorry for bothering you. Come along, Kurt."

Suddenly, Burt stood. "No! No, sit down. Please."

Marie groaned. "I just got up." Nonetheless, she fell onto the couch.

"We're going to keep him," Burt said softly. "But only if he wants to stay."

Marie's eyes widened. "But- but it's illegal. I couldn't ask you to-"

"It's no problem," Carole smiled. "We'd love to add him to our family. But he must be willing to hide. We feel terrible that he will have to live the life of a shut-in, but we don't think we would be able to let him walk away. He's partly Burt's. He's Burt's child. I know that I'd love him like my own if he were to stay."

"Of course, he must be willing to follow strict rules to assure that he's not found. He will surely be killed then," Burt bit his lip.

Marie sighed and turned to Kurt. "Whadaya say, Kurt. You want to stay?"

All three of the adults smiled as Kurt nodded enthusiastically. "Yes, Aunt Marie. That'd be lovely."

Then, Kurt turned to Burt and Carole as the other boy- Finn- peeked over the back of the couch.

Finn studied Kurt for a second. "You look like a girl."

Carole's eyes widened as she turned to Finn. "Finn! Go to your room."

"Sorry," Finn mumbled as he trudged up the stairs.

"So, you're really willing to do this?" Marie asked Burt and Carole seriously.

Both shared a look before they nodded. "Of course."

Then, Burt stood and pulled Kurt into a huge, bear hug. "Welcome to the family, Ku- son."

Kurt remembered that as being the beginning of his oh-so-complicated life.

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