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SEE NOTE BELOW FOR EXPLANATION. ALL MY STORIES (including several not formerly on this profile) ARE NOW FOUND UNDER Chloe_at_Eleusis AT AO3 (archiveofourown[dot]org).


Bedside Conversation

It Feels Like This

Stranger Depths


Coincidence? I think not.


Those Whom True Love Has Held

Maiden, Maker, Monster


I've decided, as a matter of principle, to consolidate all my fic (including Caveat Inimici and The Stories That Weren't) on AO3.

I generally don't write 'adult' fic; and if I did, I wouldn't post it here. But I've been using this site for 10 years, and have observed a troubling pattern in's periodic "purges": They become more draconian with each iteration. This latest included material not considered 'adult' on any site but this--or indeed, in any bookstore. I disapprove of censorship in general, though I can understand why it might in some very limited circumstances be necessary; but it is, like fire, a dangerous and very destructive tool, and should be used with great caution and in small amounts. has repeatedly disregarded this truth.

This is not my site, and I have no control over its policies, but I am likewise not obligated to use it despite its disturbing practices. I'll be leaving my original profile (with its two fics) on, but this profile will shortly become a blank 'reader's profile'. Again, all my fic can be found on AO3 under this penname. Cheers.

Hello there. I'm not going to say "I'm Chloe" in introduction--locational bits of my pseudonym aside, you've probably guessed that my name's not actually Chloe.

In fact, I went by another name entirely on this site for something like eight years--if you've ever read the story "Caveat Inimici", you know what that name is--until a colleague found that profile and "outed" me. Since I didn't take kindly to what is essentially a diary of sorts being put on display to colleagues in a professional program (most of whom I don't know well enough to have them reading *any* of my writing, much less the stuff I post here) I promptly dismantled that profile, put up a notice, and took down all of my fics but two. If you wish to read those two, Google the title of the fic I mentioned above, or search it onsite, and you'll be able to look at the two I won't post here.

As far as the rest of the fics here go, this is fanfic that's been completed, or on hiatus, for a good long while, and will remain so while I finish med school and the novel(s--most likely a trilogy) I'm working on now. This profile is largely for those readers who had me on Favorites or Alerts under my other penname, or who've read the fic mentioned above and asked to read my other writing. That said, I won't rule out the possibility of additional one-shots; I seem to write at least one or two a year now.

You should also know that I'm something of a snob as a reader. The "Favorites" I have listed, both stories and authors, are good enough to warrant printed publication and/or a career as an author. My education in both the humanities and the sciences is extensive (unusual, yes, but then if one lives long enough as an inveterate student, one inevitably accumulates such knowledge), and I hold fic writers to high standards (though not as high as those to which I hold authors of printed works, which is why those writers represented in my "Favorites" are exceptional). If I read a work I find outstanding, I review--usually a once-a-fic deal, but it's lengthy, detailed, and positive.

Not too much more to say, at least not at this point; I'd best get to posting my one-shots and letting those who've requested the info know that I finally have another profile up. Cheers-


2/1/11: The two-day wait meant I had to wait till at least this past weekend before posting; my computer's unavailable right now, so the reposts are of stories I have up at other sites: for today, "Bedside Conversation" and "Those Whom True Love Has Held".

9/7/12: Am in the process of consolidating all my fiction on AO3 (Archive of Our Own) under this penname. It's a great site, and not subject to the somewhat arbitrary 'moderation' that takes place on this site. I encourage you to check it out.

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